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Rex Gildo, 1975

Rex Gildo (* July 2, 1936 as Ludwig Franz Hirtreiter in Straubing , † October 26, 1999 in Munich ) was a German actor and pop singer . One of his most famous songs is Fiesta Mexicana from 1972.


Rex Gildo was the fourth and youngest child of a Munich merchant and his wife.


Rex Gildo, 1964


He worked as an extra until he got his first supporting role at the Münchner Kammerspiele in 1956 . The manager Ada Chekhova signed him as Alexander Gildo and got him his first film role in Whenever the day begins . In 1958 he got his first leading role alongside the then teenage idol Conny Froboess in the film Hula-Hopp, Conny . In 1961 he played the role of Freddy in the German version of the musical My Fair Lady in Berlin. In total he worked in over thirty feature films and television films.


In 1959 he received a contract with the record company Electrola through his later producer Nils Nobach and took the stage name Rex Gildo . He had his first musical success under the new name in early 1960 with the title Seven Weeks After Bombay , which reached number 13 in the German charts. In 1961, 1963, 1964 and 1966 he received the bronze Bravo Otto .

In the 1960s he sang duets with colleagues, such as Conny Froboess, Vivi Bach or Angèle Durand , the wife of his producer. In 1960 he took part in a duet with Angèle Durand and the song Abitur der Liebe in the German preliminary decision for the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson . He was particularly successful with Gitte Hænning as the duo Gitte and Rex Gildo . In 1972 he had his greatest commercial success with the song Fiesta Mexicana .

In 1969 he took part again in the German preliminary decision for the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson , this time with three titles - like his two colleagues Siw Malmkvist and Peggy March : The jurors chose the latter from Lady Julia , Festival of Young Love and The Best Idea of ​​My Life Title as a favorite, which qualified for the final round, but received no vote there. In 1981 Gildo got his first TV show on ZDF under the title Permit: Rex Gildo .

In the 1980s, Dieter Bohlen and Gildo produced the Modern Talking cover version Du ich lieb 'dich (Original: Do You Wanna ), which was not commercially successful. After that, Gildo changed record labels several times and, in collaboration with the Flippers producers Uwe Busse and Karlheinz Rupprich, had minor successes such as Mexican Night or Was ist schon ein Nacht .

In the 1990s, Gildo had several smaller successes with the record companies Dino Music , Bellaphon , Koch Music and Ariola , with pieces such as Crazy, In Love and Breathless , Toujours Amour or Bella Madalena , but these did not come close to his big hits from the 1970s. In 1993 the MDR recorded the show Fiesta Rexicana ; Guest appearances in music programs and series followed. After that, its popularity waned. He now performed mostly at popular festivals and in shopping malls, and alcohol and drug problems were reported.


Rex Gildo's grave site

Gildo had his last public appearance on October 23, 1999 in Bad Vilbel in a furniture store in front of 3000 visitors. That same evening he fell out of a window on the second floor of his Munich apartment. He died three days later from internal injuries. Based on the circumstances and the testimony of witnesses, a suicide is assumed. He was buried in Munich's Ostfriedhof at the side of his former manager and former partner Fred Miekley, who died in 1988.

Private life

Rex Gildo was married to a cousin . The couple had no children, separated but remained married.


Walk of Fame in Rotterdam (2008)


Studio albums

year title Top ranking, total weeks / months, awardChart placementsChart placementsTemplate: chart table / maintenance / monthly data
(Year, title, rankings, weeks / months, awards, notes)
1966 Rex gildo DE13 (4 months)
- -
First published: 1966
1967 Schlager rendezvous with Rex Gildo - - -
First published: 1967
1969 Rex - - -
First published: 1969
1970 I go with you - - -
First published: 1970
1971 Rex Gildo (1971) - - -
First published: 1971
1972 My autograph - - -
First published: 1972
1973 In love… - - -
First published: 1973
My songs at Christmas time - - -
First published: 1973
1975 In love with South America - - -
First published: 1975
The last Sirtaki - hit rendezvous with Rex Gildo - - -
First published: 1975
1976 Songs are best friends - - -
First published: 1976
Take the time for love - - -
First published: 1976
This is what it sounds like with Rex - - -
First published: 1976
1977 La Fiesta - Rex Gildo in South America - - -
First published: 1977
New songs - - -
First published: 1977
1978 Come home - - -
First published: 1978
1980 Fire in the wind - - -
First published: 1980
Hello Jamaica - - -
First published: 1980
1981 Allow me, Rex Gildo - - -
First publication: 1981
1982 Understand each other - - -
First published: 1982
1989 Reminder of your tenderness - - -
First published: 1989
1994 In the name of longing - - -
First published: 1994
1996 Feelings of life - - -
First published: January 1, 1996
1997 Absolute love - - -
First published: July 21, 1997
2000 …nothing else - - -
First published: April 7, 2000
Number one albums DE-DE AT-AT CH-CH
Top 10 albums DE-DE AT-AT CH-CH
Albums in the charts DE1DE AT-AT CH-CH

gray hatching : no chart data available for this year


movie theater

Television (selection)

TV films and TV series

  • 1958: Juchten and Lavender (television musical)
  • 1960: It happened at the border (TV series, episode: The boat in the reeds)
  • 1971: The Flower of Hawaii (TV Version)


  • 2003: Rex Gildo - The Fall of a Pop King. Zeppers Film & TV
  • 2009: legends. Film by Ulrike Bremer. Season 10, episode 4: Rex Gildo, first broadcast on ARD on June 29, 2009


  • Nessa Notedigo: Rex Gildo. A life between secrecy and applause. Books On Demand, 2013. ISBN 978-3-73229-170-0 .

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