Now the world is all about you

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Original title Now the world is all about you
Country of production Austria
original language German
Publishing year 1964
length 91 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Wolfgang Liebeneiner
script Janne Furch
Paul Terpe
production Wiener Stadthalle
music Heinz Gietz
camera Franz X. Lederle
cut Annemarie Reisebauer

Now the world turns only around you is an Austrian hit film by Wolfgang Liebeneiner from 1964. Gitte Hænning and Rex Gildo play the leading roles, while Gustav Knuth , Ruth Stephan , Gunther Philipp , Hans Söhnker and Claus Biederstaedt play the leading roles .

The film poster had the headline: "A color film comedy with romance, lots of temperament and even more music!"


Lilian, the daughter of the Danish newspaper king Holger Andreesen, is crazy about music. Her father has just brought her back to Denmark from boarding school in Lausanne when Lilian surprised him with the news that she had received an engagement at the Tivoli nightclub. When Andreesen threatens to send her back to boarding school immediately, Lilian flees to Germany in her aunt Henriette's car. It broke down not far from Heidelberg and was towed away by Martin Fischer at night. Although he is actually a law student, he earns his money for his studies as a car mechanic at Autozentrale Vogt.

Martin is initially critical of Lilian, but his boss, playboy Stefan Vogt, takes a liking to the young woman. He puts her in an inn in a room that was actually intended for his American love affair, Baby Bird, which, however, does not appear until the following day. Since Baby Bird needs Stefan's full attention, he has no more time for Lilian. Martin steps in and spends a day with Lilian in Heidelberg. They look at all the sights and in the evening go to a club where they sing a song together. Baby Bird and Stefan also join and Baby Bird forces Martin to dance with her. Lilian leaves the club disappointed. Stefan senses his chance with Lilian and invites her to a big party, to which, according to his statement, around 20 people are expected. In reality, however, he only invited Lilian to seduce her.

Martin learns that the police are looking for Lilian's car because it actually belongs to her aunt Henriette. Henriette, on the other hand, is on her way to Heidelberg because her car was spotted there. On the way she takes the charming Richard Fischer with her, who turns out to be Martin's father. Henriette and Richard find the car in Stefan's car center and learn that Lilian is with Stefan's house. Meanwhile, the latter tries to repel his advances. Martin appears in time to warn Lilian about the police, and Henriette also comes and makes it clear to Stefan that Lilian is not a thief, but the daughter of a very rich man. Martin, in turn, realizes that as a daughter from a good family she cannot be a match for him. To make matters worse, Martin is also fired by Stefan.

Martin meets his father, who has fallen in love with Henriette. Lilian wants to become more down-to-earth and enrolls in law school in Heidelberg. Although Lilian is now his fellow student, Martin largely ignores her. With Henriettes and Richard's help, Lilian succeeds in testing him: She pretends to be addicted to alcohol from grief, and Martin wants to help her immediately without taking advantage of the situation. A reconciliation brings them closer together again. However, Stefan has not given up yet. He wants to marry Lilian and sends a corresponding telegram to the newspaper magnate. Lilian also writes to her father that she has become engaged. Holger Andreesen is now angry and goes to Heidelberg. Here Martin can prevent Stefan from using a trick to extort a promise from Lilian. Stefan in turn is visited by Holger Andreesen and almost beaten up because he does not want to lose his daughter to a well-known playboy. In his distress, Stefan has to give Baby Bird a marriage vows. Holger Andreesen goes to Henriette and Lilian in the hotel. This is where the couples can be found. Henriette tells her brother that she and Richard are going to get married. Holger's marriage candidate for Lilian, the reporter Peter, has already married in Japan and appears with his wife in the hotel - whereupon he is spontaneously dismissed by him without notice. Lilian and Martin got engaged, but Holger Andreesen does not want to allow a marriage. Only when Peter threatens to immediately write a sensational article about the unrealizable love of Lilian and Martin and takes a corresponding photo of the couple, the newspaper king gives in: He blesses the connection between the two and the photo will appear - in his newspaper, as an engagement picture .


Production notes, music in the film

Now the world turns only around you was filmed in Heidelberg and in the Rosenhügel film studios. It is a film by Wiener Stadthallen-Produktion and distributed by Constantin Film . The film structures were designed by Leo Metzenbauer . For Rex Gildo and Gitte it was their first film together. Gitte also had an appearance in Schlagerparade 1960 , in which Rex Gildo played a leading role, but only as a singer.

Various hits can be heard in the film:

  • Gitte and Rex Gildo : Now the world is all about you
  • Gitte and Rex Gildo: The hocus-pocus that is called love
  • Gitte: If you are musical
  • Rex Gildo: You kiss wonderful and Bravo, Bambina


It's All About You Now was mass-launched in cinemas on September 11, 1964. In Denmark the film was released on December 3, 1964 under the title Gitte og Rex .

Alive released the film on October 30, 2015 as part of the "Jewels of Film History" series on DVD.


The film observer found that “the level of this cheap entertainment is a few centimeters higher than the general mediocrity of popular hit films”.

The film service called Now the world revolves around you, an “undemanding musician.” For Cinema , the film was “strangely stuffy, rarely fun. Conclusion: At that time a hit - today a failure ”and in a later review a“ stuffy Trallala with a 'dream couple' of the sixties hit ”. Conclusion: "Dumb beating with a thick layer of dust."

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