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Vivienne "Vivi" Bach ; actually: Vivi Bak (born September 3, 1939 in Copenhagen ; † April 22, 2013 in Santa Eulària , Ibiza , Spain ), was a Danish singer , actress , television presenter and writer .


Even as a child, the baker's daughter was enthusiastic about singing and dancing; so she performed as a high school student in a jazz cellar. After school she began training as a makeup artist, but broke it off and took singing and acting lessons. A first tour as a singer in a band followed. In Copenhagen she was hired for smaller theater roles, which the press received positively. Her first marriage was to Heinz Sebeck from Vienna.

In 1956, Bach received her first film role, which was soon followed by others. The young Danish woman was also noticed in Germany; together with Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff she played for the first time in a German film in 1959. This was mainly followed by shallow music films in which she was seen alongside Peter Alexander , Rex Gildo , Bill Ramsey , Fred Bertelmann and Gus Backus, among others. She also appeared in several international films like the spaghetti westerns bullets do not argue ( Le Pistol non discutono on, 1964).

Bach's German singing career began in 1960 with a duet with Rex Gildo at Electrola ; In the same year, however, she switched to the Philips company , which produced eleven records with her by 1964. Another duet was most successful, this time with Gerhard Wendland : the German version of the US hit “Hey Paula” by Paul & Paula was entitled “Hey Vivi - Hey Gerhard”. It was Bach's only title that made it into the German charts. The switch to Ariola in 1965 did not bring any chart success either.

The attempt to start his own film company was a complete failure. Bach produced the crime thriller The Secret of the Red Tassel , which flopped. The positive thing about this company was the meeting with the actor Dietmar Schönherr (1926–2014) in 1963 . The two married in 1965. She then made two films with him: A vacation bed with 100 hp and blonde freight for Zanzibar . Even in the wake battle for the sun of science fiction - television series Space Patrol , she appeared on the side Schönherrs.

Together with him, Bach began a new career as a television presenter. With the television series Gala-Abend der Schallplatte and 24 episodes of the game show Wünsch Dir was (1969–1972), the “Danish Bardot” became a television favorite in Germany. In 1969 she also had success alongside Luis Trenker and Toni Sailer in the entertainment series Air Jumps .

In 1973 the WDR produced a personality show entitled Vivat Vivi , in which Bach showed himself to be very versatile, but which was unsuccessful in the long run. In 1976 she released her last record, a duet with Dietmar Schönherr ("Life means well with Danes and with those who Danes are close to"). Then she withdrew into private life.

Later she worked as a painter, designer, illustrator and author of children's books and supported Schönherr in his social engagements. From 1990 she lived with him in Santa Eulària , Ibiza, where she died of heart failure on April 22, 2013 . According to Schönherr's last will, who died in 2014, his ashes were scattered in the Mediterranean along with those of his two wives.

Vivi Bach and Dietmar Schönherr's legacy, including some of the private ones, was handed over by the couple's heir to the WaRis - Tyrolean Film Archive . The heir has also decided to auction the Bach-Schönherr couple's private collection of paintings for the benefit of the cultural project founded by Dietmar Schönherr, the “Casa de los Tres Mundos” in Nicaragua . The collection was viewed and cataloged in collaboration with the artist Wolfgang Hunecke, one of Schönherr's companions during his engagement in Nicaragua. These included works of art by Vivi Bach, Arik Brauer , Gottfried Helnwein , Rudolf Hausner , Tomi Ungerer and Friedensreich Hundertwasser . The auction of around 200 works in November 2015 brought in between 100,000 and 120,000 euros, around half of which was a watercolor by Hundertwasser.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Hey Vivi - Hey Gerhard! (with Gerhard Wendland )
  DE 16 05/01/1963 (12 weeks)
From page released Record company
Sing - Swing / The Cowboys from the Silver Ranch 08/1960 Electrola
All men are robbers / Mi scusi, mi scusi, Signor 10/1960 Philips
Voulez-vous Monsieur / Playboy 01/1961 Philips
In Ko-Ko-Copenhagen / Do what you want 07/1961 Philips
A little Indian girl / seven sweet kisses 01/1962 Philips
When the music is playing on Lake Wörthersee / The sweet life 05/1962 Philips
Where is the man with the beard / There came a young man 08/1962 Philips
Hey Vivi - Hey Gerhard / Small house 05/1963 Philips
King-Hully-Gully / Music and love 11/1963 Philips
Yes, if it weren't for the moonlight / Tivoli twist 12/1963 Philips
Sole, sole, sole / At night kisses are like that again 02/1964 Philips
Let's Shake / Dreamy Boy 06/1964 Philips
It's not just small fish that bite me / where are the hours 00 /1964 Prom
Hey boy, go your way / everyone calls me baby 03/1965 Ariola
Snib Snab Snob / Put the gun down 08/1965 Ariola
Oh Mr. Brown / When you kiss me in the evening 11/1965 Ariola
Hvad Gør En Teenager Med Kærlighed (Teenager In Love) 00 /1977 KMF
Hva 'Gør Det (Living Doll) 00 /1977 KMF
  1. with Rex Gildo
  2. with Gerhard Wendland
  3. a b with Dietmar Schönherr

Later publications

  • after 1967: The color television couple (fontana, LP)
  • 1967: Gala evening of the record (Teldec, LP)
  • 1968: Famous parents tell fairy tales (Poly, LP)
  • 1968: You and I (Cornet, LP, with Dietmar Schönherr)
  • 1969: Summ, Summ, Summ
  • 1969: Gala evening of the record (Teldec, LP)
  • 1971: Keep Swinging
  • 1971 ?: Make a wish (Elektrola)
  • 1975: Songs for women at 30 (LP)
  • 000?: Two (BASF, LP)
  • 1976: The scent of the big world / In the good old days (Prom, Single, with Dietmar Schönherr)
  • 1980: Vores gade ( Ed.Wilhelm Hansen, LP, with Otto Brandenburg)
  • 2006: Sins of Youth (Bear, CD)
  • 2014: In Ko-Ko-Copenhagen - The great successes (CD)



  • Vivi Bach: A child from Copenhagen - pictures and stories, painted and told by myself. Marion von Schröder Verlag, Düsseldorf 1971, ISBN 3-547-71105-3 .

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