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The presentation of the German Acting Award 2021 took place on September 3rd at Spindler & Klatt in Berlin , moderated by Nadine Heidenreich and Jochen Schropp . The nomination jury consisted of Sarah Alles , Therese Hämer , Katharina Nesytowa , Murali Perumal , Sebastian Stielke , Gregory B. Waldis and Gustav Peter Wöhler . The nominations were announced on June 9, 2021. The previous “Theater Prize” will be awarded as the Therese Giehse Prize from 2021 in honor of the actress Therese Giehse .

Nominees and award winners

Actress in a leading role

Maria Hofstätter for Fuchs under construction

Petra Schmidt-Schaller for Die Toten von Marnow
Luise Heyer for police call 110: Sabine

Actor in a leading role

Eugene Boateng for Borga

Matthias Brandt for The Secret of the Dead Forest
Jens Harzer for calm! Lothar dies here

Supporting actress

Laura Tonke for Police Call 110: The Condemned

Lena Stolze for Tatort: ​​Borowski and the shadow of the moon
Barbara Krzoska for calm

Actor in a supporting role

Tristan Seith for the driven ones

Mirco Kreibich for The Secret of the Dead Forest
Bernd Hölscher for We Children from Zoo Station

Actress in a comedic role

Katrin Wichmann for Sörensen is afraid

Claudia Rieschel for Merz against Merz (season 2)
Gaby Dohm for dance tango with me

Actor in a comedic role

Serkan Kaya for KBV - No special incidents

Michael A. Grimm for dance tango with me
Guido Renner for Merz against Merz (season 2)


Hannah Schiller for Tatort: ​​Parasomnia

Mohammad Eliraqui for A Wet Dog
Tonio Schneider for And tomorrow the whole world
Lea Drinda for We Children from Bahnhof Zoo

Strong appearance

Walfriede Schmitt for Forever Summer 90

Anica Dobra for Fuchs under construction
Max Thommes for Commissioner Heller: Panic
Božidar Kocevski for Forever Summer 90

Therese Giehse Prize

for the actor and author Klaus Pohl for his audio book "To be or not to be"


for print (5th and 6th season), casting Angelika Buschina, Raquel Kishori Dukpa, Melek Yaprak

Dubbing Prize "The Voice"

for Nicola Devico Mamone

Honorary award "Lifetime Achievement"

for Cornelia Froboess

"Inspiration" honorary award

for the # ActOut initiative

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