A home for animals

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Television series
German title A home for animals
Original title A home for animals
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1984-1991
length 45 minutes
Episodes 80 in 8 seasons
Theme music Alain Goraguer and his orchestra - A home for animals
first broadcast
January 23, 1985 on ZDF

A home for animals is an 80-part television series that was broadcast from 1985 to 1992 in the evening program on ZDF . The episodes lasted 45 minutes each. The first broadcast started on January 23, 1985, the last part was shown on March 19, 1992.


The series is about a veterinary practice on a farm in the town of Adelsheim , where Dr. Willi Bayer , played by Siegfried Wischnewski, lives with his daughter Lisa ( Marion Kracht ) and many abandoned pets and wild animals. The vet prefers to drive through town in a carriage pulled by his pony Blondie. The doctor's assistant is Dr. Horst Nenner ( Michael Lesch ). Later the doctor's sister Martha ( Angela Pschigode ) moves into the household and takes over the household.

The individual episodes always deal with the suffering of the animals and their treatment within the farm, and also with the pets of the villagers. In addition to the storyline of the episode, the following storylines also play out:

  • Willi befriends the doctor Ingrid Probst ( Loni von Friedl ).
  • Lisa and Horst get married and later divorce.
  • Alwin Bunte ( Kurt Schmidtchen ) loves Martha in vain.
  • Lisa suffers a car accident and is recovering in Canada.
  • Willi can no longer operate the practice because of a heart attack, and Martha's brother Dr. Hannes Bayer ( Hans Heinz Moser ) takes over with the new physician assistant Stefanie Sommer ( Bettina Spier ).
  • The friend Dr. Erich Dinter ( Tobias Meister ) marries the office assistant Stefanie.
  • Christina Dudek ( Kristina Böhm ) becomes the new office assistant, later leaves the practice and is replaced by Sabine Kupfer ( Jeannine Burch ).
  • Gudrun Reichert ( Eleonore Weisgerber ) moves into the neighboring house with her ten-year-old daughter Claudia ( Sabine Pfeifer ) and becomes the new friend of the veterinarian.


The first author of this family series production was Ted Willis . Later, Inge Dorska , Jochen Wedegärtner , Anita Mally , Gerd Oelschlegel and Alexander Rentsch , who also wrote the novels for the series, wrote the episodes.

As directors recorded Kai Borschemich , Werner Dauth , Rainer Klingenfuss , Thomas Nikel and Sigi Rothemund responsible.

Under the title The Adventures of Dr. Bayer partially broadcast the series in the United States and under L'ami des bêtes in France.

Episodes of the eight seasons

1st season

  1. Mikki
  2. Mohrle
  3. comet
  4. Caesar
  5. Ally
  6. Erna
  7. Aki
  8. Rudi
  9. Rikki
  10. Hasso

2nd season

  1. My dog, my friend
  2. Donkey Egon
  3. A shock for Willi
  4. Martha and Co.
  5. Sad sunday
  6. A relatively minor misfortune
  7. Dr. Bayer's secret
  8. Fear for Lilli Blue
  9. Rex needs them
  10. misfortunes never come singly

3rd season

  1. The secret of the forest
  2. The move
  3. By a hair's breadth
  4. Benjamin the monkey
  5. Thank you, Caruso
  6. The mother cat
  7. Arco in danger
  8. Does Sascha have to die?
  9. New friends
  10. The wild boar

4th season

  1. Expensive grapes
  2. Ronny, the runaway
  3. Samson and Susi
  4. Lots of emergencies
  5. The four-legged rival
  6. Toni and the kid
  7. Timmy and the hedgehog
  8. All because of the Dachshund Anton
  9. A smart dog
  10. Franziska, the truffle pig

5th season

  1. The shared Peterle
  2. The Sunday Hunter
  3. Richie and Bobby
  4. Peggy's double
  5. Sebastian and the swan
  6. Max the marten
  7. Poachers
  8. Sagittarius and Pisces
  9. Like cats and dogs
  10. Aunt Martha and the little elephant

6th season

  1. Animals sense that
  2. The winged guard dog
  3. What's wrong with Ira?
  4. Adoptable
  5. Juliet's dog
  6. Beelzebub
  7. The double lucky
  8. Mrs. Stenzel's will
  9. The frogs and the composer
  10. The raven and the monkey

7th season

  1. The new neighbor
  2. Limbo and the kitten
  3. Shiran the peacock
  4. Wrong dog
  5. A raven in mourning
  6. Spatzi, the pot-bellied pig
  7. Flotsam
  8. If dogs could talk
  9. One bird too many
  10. infidelity

8th season

  1. Limbo is the best
  2. The promenade mix
  3. The rookie
  4. Risk of contagion
  5. The fawn
  6. The birthday animal
  7. Velvet paws
  8. Star and Starlings
  9. Bully in silk fur
  10. The shelter is on strike


The cars used in the series had the fictitious license plate AD for Adelsheim, although Adelsheim actually has the license plate for Mosbach (MOS, BCH).

The villa shown in the later seasons was later also used as a veterinary practice in Unser Charly .

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