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Kurt Schmidtchen (born April 19, 1930 in Berlin ; † March 28, 2003 there ) was a German actor and comedian .


After finishing school, Schmidtchen took private acting lessons from Otto Stoeckel . At first Schmidtchen worked on various stages in the east of Berlin. There he was discovered for the film in 1956 and played the title role in the DEFA fairytale film The Brave Little Tailor . In the following years he played in other DEFA productions, among others alongside Götz George in Alter Kahn and Junge Liebe .

After the Wall was built in 1961, Schmidtchen moved to West Berlin, where he initially played primarily in the theater again. From the beginning of the 1970s , Schmidtchen increasingly turned to television, with the small and skinny actor often tied to comic characters. He played a continuous role as Shorty Timmermann in the previous evening series football coach Wulff (with Horst Niendorf ) as well as guest roles in television series such as Kommissariat 9 , Der Alte and Derrick .

Schmidtchen became known to a wide audience primarily through his collaboration with the cabaret artist and actor Dieter Hallervorden . From 1975 to 1980 he belonged to the ensemble of Hallervordens sketch series Nonstop Nonsens , from 1983 to 1984 to the follow-up show Zelleriesalat . Also in other television productions by Hallervord such as Mein Gott, Willi! and Onkel & Co. could be seen Schmidtchen. He was also involved in programs for Hallervordens cabaret Die Wühlmäuse . He took on one last major role in 1986 as Alwin Bunte in the ZDF early evening series Ein Heim für Tiere . As an eternal admirer of Aunt Martha ( Angela Pschigode ), he initially only had sporadic appearances, later regular appearances until the end of the series in 1992.

Schmidtchen died in Berlin in 2003.

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