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Horst Hermann Heinrich Niendorf (born June 28, 1926 in Piesteritz , Germany, † June 17, 1999 in Jávea , Spain ) was a German actor , theater director and voice actor .


Theater, film and television

Horst Niendorf attended the German Drama School for Stage and Film in Berlin in 1946 and 1947. A year later he made his stage debut as Leander in Franz Grillparzer's Des Meeres und der Liebe Wellen at the Bad Godesberg City Theater . After a short theater engagement in Bad Godesberg, he found his artistic home on the stages of Berlin. In addition to his lively stage work, he took over the management of the Hansa-Theater in Berlin in 1981, succeeding Paul Esser , which he directed until 1994 and for which he played and staged plays himself. From 1949 he also appeared as a cabaret artist , among other things in the ensemble of porcupines .

In the same year Horst Niendorf also made his debut in front of the camera. In his more than 40 years long film and television career, he often embodied sympathetic and down-to-earth types "with heart and soul" like the father of a family in the ZDF series of the same name , one of his last roles. He played the head of the FBI in the Jerry Cotton thriller Dynamite in Green Silk , in Wolfgang Staudte's drama Kirmes , in Am Green Beach of the Spree by Hans Scholz , in the television game The Revolution releases its children after Wolfgang Leonhard , alongside Harald Juhnke in the adventure film The Last Three of the Albatros and in the Dieter Hallervorden comedy Onkel & Co. In addition, he investigated as inspector Halm in the crime series Das Kriminalmuseum and acted as football coach Wulff in a series leading role. He took on other leading roles in the ARD series Captains of the Landstrasse (1963) and Der Staudamm (1969). In addition, he made numerous guest appearances in television series such as Ein Fall für Zwei , Die Fifth Kolonne , Café Wernicke , Der Alte und Beschlossen und Verketzt .


In addition, Horst Niendorf worked extensively in dubbing from 1952 until shortly before his death . With leading dubbing roles in over 500 productions, he was one of the busiest German-speaking voice actors. He often lent his deep and distinctive voice to Lex Barker (including The Treasure in Silver Lake and Tarzan Breaking the Chains ), Gene Hackman (including the French Connection and Superman II ), Charlton Heston (including the Omega Man and Far Land ), Burt Lancaster ( inter alia Airport and the Crimson Pirate ), Rod Taylor (u a.. Hotel International and L - the Silent ) and Peter Ustinov .. (u a death on the Nile , We're no angels and Topkapi ).

He also dubbed internationally known fellow actors such as Marlon Brando in Julius Caesar , Charles Bronson in Haunted by the Police , Van Johnson in The Caine Was Her Destiny , Yul Brynner in The Snake , Richard Burton in The Great Rain , James Cagney in The Man With The 1000 faces , James Coburn in Death Melody , Kirk Douglas in Strangers, when we meet , Glenn Ford in Burning Paris? , James Garner in What This Woman Is Up To , Richard Harris in Mutiny on the Bounty , William Holden in Damien-Omen II , Rock Hudson in The Vultures Are Waiting , Dean Martin in El Capitano , Lee Marvin in The Wild , Robert Mitchum in Angel face , Michel Piccoli in a maid's diary , Burt Reynolds in Sam Whiskey , Telly Savalas in Brutal City , Omar Sharif in The Yellow Rolls-Royce , Robert Shaw in James Bond 007 - From Moscow with Love , James Stewart in Naked Violence and Lino Ventura in I - number one .

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