Football coach Wulff

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Television series
Original title Football coach Wulff
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1972-1973
length 25 minutes
Episodes 26th
genre Family series
First broadcast October 27, 1972 to April 1973 on First German Television
and: Detlev Eckstein , Gernot Endemann , Arthur Brauss , Wolfgang Jansen , Henning Gissel , Georg Hartmann , Franz Mosthav , Otto Stern , Viktoria Brams and others

Football coach Wulff was a German family series that ran on ARD's evening program in 1972 and 1973 .
The series gives an insight into football in the early 1970s , when league football was far less commercial than it is today.


Harry Wulff is a football coach with body and soul. He takes over the fictional club FC Neuenberg , which has been promoted to the Bundesliga . The team is on a relegation zone when coach Wulff takes them over. Ultimately, however, Wulff cannot prevent the team from relegating and is released at the end of the first season. In the second season he is engaged again by the club, which is now playing in the Regionalliga Südwest. He struggles with many difficulties, especially with club management. However, his team stands by him.


  1. Error, Professor
  2. Bread or games
  3. Reserve has anger
  4. From the best family
  5. Behind the dead
  6. 45 horses
  7. For fishing to Split
  8. Come on, come Casanova
  9. The cuckoo's egg
  10. Dead capital
  11. Shorty's quick bottle
  12. Wake up, captain!
  13. The scapegoat
  14. Restless retirement
  15. Onions from Holland
  16. A castle in Bavaria
  17. Traded in lemons
  18. 1-0 for Eva
  19. Eisenmax has to give way
  20. What can you?
  21. Legacy with two legs
  22. bribery
  23. Off to Avignon
  24. Bewitched Midsummer Night
  25. Swedish curtains
  26. The ax in the forest

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