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The So Fluid
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Live in San Antonio (2008)
Live in San Antonio (2008)
General information
origin London , England
Genre (s) Hard rock , alternative rock , alternative metal
founding 2001
Current occupation
Grog (Georgina Prebble)
Drew Richards
Al Fletcher

So Fluid is a British hard rock , alternative metal and alternative rock music group that was founded in London in 2001.


So Fluid was launched in 2001 by the Kent native singer and bassist Grog (actually Georgina Prebble), who has been making music and singing since she was a child. Her mother is a piano teacher, she grew up with her older brothers' rock band and attended art school. The other two band members, Drew Richards and Al Fletcher, were previously involved in other music projects, such as Miranda Sex Garden or Lee Perry . Grog once sang and played in her band Flinch . This was considered one of the most promising English rock groups of 1994. After the band broke up, they founded the rock band Feline in 1995 , which existed until 1999. Drew Richards already played guitar with Feline , as well as in Grog's follow-up band Ultraviolet . Afterwards, Die So Fluid was launched.

The band name is said to be ambiguous and poetic, according to Grog. The front woman, whose nickname has been around since she was a child, thinks that the moment she is born, death begins and the need to leave something behind and to perpetuate, which the name Die So Fluid is supposed to express.

In 2001 the band released the EP Operation Hypocrite . Numerous concerts as a support act for bands like Drowning Pool , Vex Red , Clawfinger or Feeder followed. In order to keep Die So Fluid alive financially and to increase its own level of awareness, front woman Grog hired herself in the early years as a bassist for the live bands of Mel C and Kelly Osbourne and sometimes sang in the background.

In 2004 the band Spawn of Dysfunction released their debut album in Great Britain . In 2005 it was also released in Finland and the USA, where So Fluid , next to their home country, was able to gain a considerable degree of popularity. In 2005, Gang of One , in which Grog processed her traumatic experiences with alcohol poisoning, was the first song of the follow-up album to be written. This, called Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending , was released in 2008. Due to the band's growing popularity in Germany, Spawn of Dysfunction , which was previously only available as an import, was officially released under the label Tiefdruck-Musik here at the end of 2008 Land published. Both albums also received critical acclaim in Germany. In June 2010 the band released their third studio album entitled The World Is Too Big for One Lifetime .



  • 2004: Spawn of Dysfunction
  • 2008: Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending
  • 2010: The World Is Too Big for One Lifetime
  • 2014: The Opposites of Light
  • 2018: One Bullet From Paradise


  • 2001: Operation Hypocrite
  • 2001: Suck Me Dry
  • 2002: Disconnected


  • 2001: Suck Me Dry
  • 2002: Disconnected
  • 2005: Spawn of Dysfunction
  • 2007: Happy Hallowe'en (download only)
  • 2008: Existential Baby (download only)
  • 2010: Mercury (download only)
  • 2016: Dead Twin Sister (download only)
  • 2018: Tomorrow doesn't always come (download only)

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