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A rock band is a band that plays rock music . The oldest rock band in the world is the British group The Rolling Stones .

History of origin

From around 1964, rock music developed from beat music . Werner Faulstich sees the climax of rock music between 1964 and 1968, both lyrically and musically much more complex and demanding than beat music. The single loses its importance and is surpassed by the carefully constructed, harmoniously composed LP , the thematically conceived concept album and the rock opera . The term rock band only came up with the beginning of rock music. With the transformation of rock 'n' roll to a harder, more electric sound, the first rock bands emerged from around 1964. The Byrds , The Doors , Grateful Dead , Velvet Underground , Jefferson Airplane and Steppenwolf were pioneers of this music . Psychedelic dance halls first appeared in San Francisco in 1966, according to the Billboard , and spread to other cities.

When rock music differentiated itself into different musical styles , from 1967 the music groups that preferred these musical styles were given appropriate names such as hard rock , heavy metal , underground , funk or punk band .


The model of the rock band with regard to their line- up was the beat bands, especially the Beatles . The classic rock band consists of a singer , electric guitar , bass guitar and drums , whereby the singer can also take over one of the instruments, often the rhythm guitar . This basic instrumentation is often supported by keyboard instruments such as keyboard , Hammond organ , Mellotron and, above all, synthesizers . In addition, all other musical instruments such as wind instruments , strings , folk percussion , string and wind instruments , electronic and percussion instruments can be used. One or more main voices are often supported by backing vocals or choir .

Power trio

According to the definition of a band, a rock band usually consists of at least four people. The term power trio, on the other hand, describes a rock band with just three members, mostly consisting of guitar, bass and drums. This line-up only became possible in the late 1960s, when the amplifiers had become powerful enough to do without a second guitar. Usually the guitarist or bassist is also the lead singer, the other musicians often sing the backing vocals . Examples are Cream , The Police , Nirvana or Green Day .

A band of only two artists is called a rock duo; The White Stripes are an example .

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