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A supergroup or superband (English; German supergroup ; from Latin-English super , 'about') is a well-known band or musical formation whose members have previously become known as soloists or members in another well-known formation.

The term is widespread in popular music ; Examples are Cream and the Traveling Wilburys . The term is also used in serious music ; an example of this are The Three Tenors .


Jann Wenner , the editor of " Rolling Stone ", attributed the title of the first supergroup in the field of pop music to the band Cream, founded in 1966 by Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker .

Many supergroups are based on ideas from record companies and managers who primarily pursue commercial interests. Therefore, most “supergroup projects” are very short-lived: The band Blind Faith , founded by managers Robert Stigwood and Chris Blackwell , only released one album; The band GTR , based on an idea of ​​former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett and Yes and Asia manager Brian Lane , broke up while working on their second album. A number of such projects even failed before the new band could release an album, including XYZ , a band with Chris Squire and Alan White from Yes and Jimmy Page and Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin .

Delimitation problems

In some music genres or scenes it is common for musicians to change bands frequently. For example, bassist and singer John Wetton played with Mogul Thrash , King Crimson , Roxy Music , Uriah Heep , Family , U. K. , Wishbone Ash and Asia , of which only U. K. and Asia can be considered supergroups. The other bands had already existed before and were not explicitly founded as a supergroup at the time of his admission as a band member.

There are also points of contact with the numerous duet projects by well-known singers as well as short-term collaborations between well-known musicians, which are limited in time from the outset ( e.g. Liquid Tension Experiment by musicians from Dream Theater and King Crimson ). Neither of these can be counted among the supergroups.


"Supergroups" have been called since the second half of the 1960s:

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