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Burt Reynolds (1991)

Burton Leon Milo "Burt" Reynolds (born February 11, 1936 in Lansing , Michigan ; † September 6, 2018 in Jupiter , Florida ) was an American actor . One of his best-known roles was the character of the bandit in the film Ein auskochtes Schlitzohr (1977).

life and work

Early life and beginnings

Burt Reynolds had Irish ancestors on his father's side . His paternal grandmother was a Cherokee Indian. His maternal ancestors were mostly Italian . His parents were Burton Milo Reynolds (1906-2002), police chief at Riviera Beach , and Harriette Fernette ("Fern") Reynolds (née Miller; 1902-1992).

The 1.80 meter tall Reynolds received a college football - Fellowship of Florida State University , where he in an All-Star was elected team. After a knee injury in 1955 and a car accident that made his physical condition even worse, Reynolds switched from sports to acting and won the 1956 Florida State Drama Award . While the Baltimore Colts football team remained interested in signing him as a player, Reynolds never played as a professional.

Reynolds won an acting scholarship at the Hyde Park Playhouse and moved to New York . He had brief engagements as a stuntman for television before being noticed by the film Mister Roberts and he was given a contract as an actor with television. He made his Broadway debut in the play Look, We've Come Through .

Acting career

He had his first television appearance in the television series Riverboat and his first film role in 1961 in Angel Baby . Until the early 1970s Reynolds was seen in numerous TV roles, then he made his breakthrough as a film actor in 1972 with When Everyone Is Dying . John Boorman's dark action drama, in which a group of adventurous city dwellers embarks on a nightmare canoe tour, became a classic. Everyone to Die in Die is very successful with critics and audiences and is widely considered Reynolds' best film. In the early 1970s, Reynolds was also under discussion for the role of James Bond .

Reynolds became even more famous when he posed nude for the April 1972 issue of Cosmopolitan . Reynolds lay casually on a bearskin, covering his more intimate parts with his left arm. The photo is considered the first fold-out photo (center fold ) of a naked man, became known worldwide and made the number of his admirers skyrocket. As a charming and quick-witted talk show guest on American television, Reynolds consolidated his fame, he became a sex symbol and top star. In an interview on his 80th birthday, he regretted several of his actions at a young age, including appearing naked. He had brought nothing to his career.

Reynolds has also worked as a director since the mid-1960s. In 1966 he appeared as such for the first time and directed an episode of the series Hawk , in which he also played the lead role. From 1976 some feature films followed, including the one shot in 1985 They called him Stick . He then directed various television productions, including more than 30 episodes of the series Daddy creates us all between 1990 and 1994 . The movie Last Exit Hollywood in 2000 was his last production as a director.

From the mid-1970s onwards he switched to rather undemanding action comedies with great success, such as Ein auskochtes Schlitzohr (1977) or Hell's Going On Highway (1981), in which he raced over the American highways. With these films, in which the mustached actor cultivated the image of the self-deprecating adventurer and modern outlaw, Reynolds established himself as one of the most popular and - with four to five million dollars per film - highest paid stars of his time. However, his image had solidified so much that the audience did not accept him as an actor in films with more ambitious content, such as Auf ein Neues (1979), which is why Reynolds mainly shot sequels of his successful films until the mid-1980s. Quigley Publications listed him as the most commercially successful film actor between 1978 and 1982. Reynolds is the only actor next to Bing Crosby who has managed to maintain this status for five years in a row. In 1976 Reynolds made a cameo in Mel Brooks ' silent comedy Silent Movie, parodying himself as a vain superstar.

In 1984 there was a collaboration with another of the biggest box office magnets in Hollywood of the 1970s and early 1980s: Clint Eastwood and Reynolds gave City Heat - The Bull and the Snoop the "Bull" and the "Snoop". Eastwood received the record fee of five million US dollars for his role and the coveted first billing, Reynolds had to settle for a fee of four million US dollars. During the filming, Reynolds suffered a complicated broken jaw which made him addicted to pain pills for a short time.

His Hollywood career stalled. Reynolds could no longer build on his earlier successes, especially since he could hardly be used in his well-known role due to his age and younger stars like Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise had established themselves in the meantime. In contrast to, for example, Clint Eastwood or Sean Connery, Reynolds did not manage to distinguish himself in character roles that were appropriate for his age, which is why his films from 1985 onwards hardly found an audience. Eventually the actor returned to television: During the first half of the 1990s, Reynolds starred on the CBS series Daddy Creates Us All , for which he won an Emmy for Leading Actor in Comedy and a Golden Globe in 1991 .

In the cinema he has played in B-category productions since the late 1980s . He occasionally took on supporting roles in more lavish cinema films, which, however, rarely attracted attention - an exception was his portrayal of a porn film producer in Boogie Nights from 1997, which earned him an Oscar nomination. Reynolds played a supporting role in the third part of the action game Saints Row . He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .

Private life

Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds

Reynolds was married to actress Judy Carne from 1963 to 1965 and to actress Loni Anderson from 1988 to 1993 , with whom he adopted son Quinton in 1988. He had other relationships with Sally Field , tennis star Chris Evert and Dinah Shore . His divorce from Loni Anderson turned into a mudfight and hit the media.

After his career had gone steeply downhill from the mid-1980s, Reynolds had to file for bankruptcy in 1996 ; he owed $ 10 million. In the same year, however, he made a comeback with the film striptease . A year later, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Boogie Nights and received another Golden Globe. In 2000 he toured with his Burt Reynolds' One-Man Show . His autobiography , entitled My Life , was published in 1994. In August 2011, Reynolds went bankrupt again after unable to pay the mortgage on his Florida home.

In North Palm Beach , he ran the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theater .

Reynolds died on September 6, 2018 at the age of 82 of complications from a heart attack .

Filmography (selection)

Feature films

watch TV

Burt Reynolds (2011)
  • 1959: M Squad (episode The Teacher )
  • 1959: Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars (episode You Can't Win 'Em All )
  • 1959: The Lawless Years (episode The Payoff )
  • 1959-1960: Riverboat (21 episodes)
  • 1960: Playhouse 90 (Follow The Velvet Alley and Alas, Babylon )
  • 1960: Johnny Ringo (episode The stranger )
  • 1960: Alfred Hitchcock presents ( Alfred Hitchcock presents , episode Escape To Sonoita )
  • 1960: Lock Up (episode The Case Of Alexis George )
  • 1960–1961: The Blue Angels (episodes Fire Flight and Powder Puff Pilot )
  • 1960–1961: The Aquanauts (episodes The Big Swim and The Kidnap Adventure )
  • 1961: A Case for Michael Shayne ( Michael Shayne , 1 episode)
  • 1961: Adventures in the Wild West ( Zane Gray Theater , episode Man From Everywhere )
  • 1961: The Brothers Brannagan (episode Bordertown )
  • 1961: Naked City (episode Requiem For A Sunday Afternoon )
  • 1961–1962: Everglades (episodes Greed of The Glades and Friday's Children )
  • 1962: Route 66 (episode Love Is A Skinny Kid )
  • 1962: Perry Mason (episode The Case Of The Counterfeit Crank )
  • 1962–1965: Smoking Colts ( Gunsmoke , 50 episodes)
  • 1963: Incredible Tales ( The Twilight Zone , episode The Bard )
  • 1965: Branded (episode Now Join The Human Race )
  • 1965: Flipper (Follows Dolphin In Pursuit Part 1 and Dolphin In Pursuit Part 2 )
  • 1965: 12 O'Clock High (episodes Show Me A Hero, I'll Show You A Bum and The Jones Boys )
  • 1965–1968: The FBI (Follow All The Streets Are Silent and Act Of Violence )
  • 1966: Hawk (17 episodes)
  • 1967: Gentle Ben (episode Voice From The Wilderness )
  • 1968: Fade-In
  • 1968: Premiere (episode Lassiter )
  • 1970: Double Jeopardy
  • 1970: Love, American Style (episode Love and the Banned Book / Love and the First Nighters / Love and the King )
  • 1970: Hunters Are For Killing
  • 1970: My Brother's Killer (Run, Simon, Run)
  • 1970–1971: Dan Oakland (26 episodes)
  • 1981-2010: Entertainment Tonight
  • 1986: Golden Girls (episode Die Damen der Nacht / Ladies Of The Evening )
  • 1986: Shattered If Your Kid's On Drugs
  • 1987–1991: My father is an alien ( Out Of This World , voice only)
  • 1989–1990: BL Stryker (12 episodes, including 3 episodes as director, also executive producer)
  • 1990–1994: Daddy creates us all (80 episodes, 34 episodes directing, 1 episode executive producer, 3 episodes story template)
  • 1993: Wind In The Wire
  • 1993: Our Coach is the Best (The Man From Left Field) (also direction and production)
  • 1994: The Great Battles of the Civil War (voice)
  • 1996: The Cherokee Kid
  • 1997: Raven
  • 1997: Duckman: Private Dick / Family Man (episode Das Sub , voice)
  • 1997: King Of The Hill (episode The Company Man , voice)
  • 1998 Universal Soldier 2 : Brothers in Arms
  • 1998: Universal Soldier 3 : Unfinished Business
  • 1998: Logan - A Cop Under Suspicion (Hard Times) (also directing and casting)
  • 1999: Logan - The Second Face (Hard Time: The Premonition)
  • 1999: Logan (Hard Time: Hostage Hotel)
  • 2000: History vs. Hollywood (3 episodes)
  • 2002: The X Files - The Scary Cases of the FBI ( The X Files , episode Improbable , German six and nine )
  • 2002: Johnson County War
  • 2002: Miss Lettie and Me
  • 2003: Hard Ground
  • 2003-2004: Ed - The Bowling Lawyer ( Ed , Follow The Proposal and Pressure Points )
  • 2005: King of Queens ( The King of Queens , episode Hi, School )
  • 2005: Duck Dodgers (episode Master & Disaster / All in the Crime Family , voice)
  • 2006: Freddie (episode Mother of All Grandfathers )
  • 2006–2009: My Name Is Earl (episode Jump for Joy )
  • 2010: Burn Notice (episode Past & Future Tense )
  • 2011: Hollywood's Top Ten
  • 2011: Love and Other Obstacles (Reel Love)
  • 2013: Fast N 'Loud (double episode Gas Monkey Bandit Car )

Awards and nominations

  • 1971 Golden Globe nomination for "Best Actor in a Series - Drama" in Dan Oakland
  • 1975 Golden Globe nomination for “Best Actor - Comedy or Musical” in The Hardest Mile
  • 1979 People's Choice Award as "Most Popular Entertainer"
  • 1979 People's Choice Award as "Most Popular Film Actor"
  • 1980 American Movie Award as "Most Popular Film Actor"
  • 1980 Golden Globe nomination for “Best Actor - Comedy or Musical” in Auf ein Neues
  • 1980 People's Choice Award as "Most Popular Film Actor"
  • 1982 People's Choice Award as "Most Popular Entertainer"
  • 1982 People's Choice Award as "Most Popular Film Actor"
  • 1983 People's Choice Award as "Most Popular Entertainer"
  • 1983 People's Choice Award as "Most Popular Film Actor"
  • 1984: Nomination for the Golden Raspberry as "Worst Actor" for On the Highway all hell is going on and City Heat
  • 1984 People's Choice Award for "Favorite Film Actor" (with Clint Eastwood )
  • 1989: Nomination for the Golden Raspberry as "Worst Actor" for Rent-a-Cop and A Woman Is Her Husband
  • 1991 Emmy for "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series" in Daddy Creates Us All (Evening Shade)
  • 1991 Golden Globe nomination for "Best Actor in a Series - Comedy or Musical" in Daddy makes us all
  • 1991 People's Choice Award for "Most Popular Actor in a New TV Series"
  • 1992 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in Daddy Got Us All
  • 1992 Golden Globe as "Best Actor in a Series - Comedy or Musical" in Daddy makes us all
  • 1993 Golden Globe nomination for "Best Actor in a Series - Comedy or Musical" in Daddy makes us all
  • 1994 Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor in A Cop and a Half
  • 1997: Nomination for the Golden Raspberry as "Worst Supporting Actor" for striptease
  • 1997 Golden Raspberry as "worst screen couple" in striptease (together with Demi Moore )
  • 1998 Oscar nomination for “Best Supporting Actor” in Boogie Nights
  • 1998 BAFTA nomination for “Best Supporting Actor” in Boogie Nights
  • 1998 Golden Globe for “Best Supporting Actor” in Boogie Nights
  • 1998 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor in Boogie Nights
  • 1998 National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor in Boogie Nights
  • 1998 Satellite Award for “Best Supporting Actor” in Boogie Nights
  • 2002: Nomination for the Golden Raspberry as “Worst Supporting Actor” for Driven
  • 2002: Nomination for the Golden Raspberry as "worst screen couple" for Driven (together with Sylvester Stallone )
  • 2006 Golden Raspberry nomination for “Worst Supporting Actor” in A Duke rarely comes alone and game without rules
  • 2007 World Stunt Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • 2009 Golden Raspberry nomination for “Worst Supporting Actor” in All In - All or Nothing and Swords of the King - Dungeon Siege

German dubbing voices

In the German versions of his films, he is predominantly spoken by Norbert Langer . In recent decades, however, it has often been dubbed by other speakers, including Manfred Seipold , Christian Brückner , Rolf Schult , Thomas Fritsch , Manfred Schott and Gert Günther Hoffmann .


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Let's Do Something Cheap and Superficial
  US 88 11/08/1980 (5 weeks)


  • 1973: Ask Me What I Am


  • 1973: Till I Get It Right / A Room For A Boy Never Used
  • 1973: I Like Having You Around / She's Taken A Gentle Lover
  • 1980: Let's Do Something Cheap & Superficial / Pickin 'Lone Star Style


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