King of Queens

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Television series
German title King of Queens
Original title The King of Queens
King of queens logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1998-2007
length 22 minutes
Episodes 207 in 9 seasons ( List )
genre Sitcom
Theme music Billy Vera - Baby All My Life
idea Michael J. Weithorn
production Josh Goldsmith ,
Cathy Yuspa ,
Kevin James
music Josh Goldsmith,
Cathy Yuspa
First broadcast September 21, 1998 (USA) on CBS
first broadcast
March 26, 2001 on RTL II

King of Queens (Original title: The King of Queens ) is an American sitcom , which ran from 1998 to 2007 on the American television network CBS . In German-speaking television, the series was first broadcast under this title on RTL 2 (seasons 1–5) and then on kabel eins (seasons 6–9). Repetitions were shown on Comedy Central , VIVA , TNT series and in Austria on ATV . Since 2016, reruns have been broadcast on German broadcaster RTL Nitro and TNT Comedy .


The series is about Douglas Heffernan, an overweight courier driver for the fictional logistics company IPS from the New York borough of Queens , and his wife Carrie, a paralegal who works in Manhattan . After Carrie's father Arthur accidentally burned down his house in the pilot , the Heffernans are forced to let him live in the basement of their own house. Arthur's stubbornness and nagging, Doug's excess and infantilism and the everyday problems of their marriage are the themes of the series.

The shooting took place largely in the studios of Sony Pictures Entertainment in Culver City in the US state of California instead.

Cast and dubbing

The series was set to music in the Hamburger Synchron studio . The dialogue books were written by Sygun Liewald and Michael Weckler , among others . Dialogue directing was done by Peter Minges (seasons 1 to 5), Florian Kühne (season 6) and Michael Weckler (seasons 7 to 9).

role actor Voice actor Episodes
Doug Heffernan Kevin James Thomas Karallus 207 episodes (all)
Douglas "Doug" Steven Heffernan, the "King of Queens", embodies the simple average American. Born on February 9, 1965 in Montreal , Canada , he works as a courier driver for IPS (International Parcel Service) and is a huge fan of football , baseball , basketball , ice hockey , Bruce Springsteen and Neil Diamond . Although Doug was a good football player in high school , he now prefers to watch those sports on TV. Before he started driving, he worked as a doorman for a while .

Doug usually strives for at least superficial harmony . If necessary, he gets entangled in lies , which in most cases are revealed after a short time. In discussions with his wife Carrie he often gets the short straw because he has a very gentle disposition and can easily be confused and influenced. Discussing more serious topics is less possible with the fooling around Doug, who can rarely concentrate on one thing for long periods of time. His greatest passions are eating and hanging out with friends. Doug can often be seen sitting in front of the television with his friends, and conversations and discussions often develop from this situation. At upscale events, e.g. B. at Carrie's bosses, he feels uncomfortable and behaves very awkwardly. Thus, he often puts himself and his wife in embarrassing situations without bad intentions. In contrast to his wife Carrie, Doug is rather lazy and simple-minded. Doug has little interest in education . His character traits are underlined by his appearance; You can often see him in sweatpants and a T-shirt or in IPS uniforms, but rarely in a shirt or even in a suit. He is also quite satisfied with his life and shows no ambition to change his social or professional situation.

Carrie Heffernan Leah Remini Christine Pappert 207 episodes (all)
Carrie is Doug's wife. In the Heffernans' house, she's basically the sensible one, and her advice mostly turns out to be correct. Nevertheless, she sometimes appears quick-tempered and selfish and shares the stubbornness and quarrelsome nature of her father Arthur, who lives in the same household. Due to her argumentative nature, she has few girlfriends, although in some episodes she meets some equally argumentative women. Carrie used to be a smoker, but had already given up this at the beginning of the series. However, she smokes sporadically on various occasions, sometimes just to provoke Doug.

Her mother Sophia died when she was still a teenager. Carrie wanted to go to college , but her father prevented this by withholding the letter of acceptance, otherwise he would have been home alone and would have to look after himself. In the first few seasons she works in a law firm in Manhattan, where she has to deal with her boss and his extravagant wishes. After she and her boss are laid off, she is unemployed for a while until she finds a job in a real estate company.

Carrie is very ambitious and is constantly trying to change things in her professional or personal life. It is important to her to exercise regularly, eat healthily, and educate herself. She is seldom successful because Doug is far too lazy and she never implements her plans permanently. Often she envies other people's success. When new neighbors move in alongside the Heffernans, who both studied at Harvard , Carrie is embarrassed that she is a paralegal and Doug is a truck driver. For a short time she tried to pursue an academic career after all .

After some reservations, she joins her husband's desire to have children, but the two only become parents in the last episode of the series. In the double episode Children's Theater , she becomes pregnant, but loses the child. She later learns that she only has one functioning ovary . Due to the pregnancy of the actress Leah Remini during the shooting (from the sixth season), fluctuations in weight and figure can also be seen in the Carrie embodied by her.

Arthur Spooner Jerry Stiller Eckart Dux 174 episodes
The third member is Carrie's eccentric father Arthur Eugene Spooner. In the first episode, he accidentally burns down his house after the death of his last wife, then moves into the basement of his daughter and son-in-law Doug, changing their lives forever. Arthur is loud, grumpy, and gets on Doug and his wife's nerves. Doug and Carrie think several times about alternative accommodation for Arthur, for example in a senior citizens' residence , without actually doing so. Arthur has practically no income of his own (in the following The Bigamist is talking about twelve dollars annual income "after taxes").

His first wife, Carrie's mother, died early. After that he had short relationships with various women and was married again; with Lilian, who appears in a flashback of the episode Once and Not Again , but from whom he then divorces, and with Tessie, who dies in the pilot episode. At the end of the series, he marries Spence's mother Veronica, who has always had a weakness for him. However, he separates from her soon after, which can be seen at the end of the last episode.

Arthur Spooner had to endure many adversities as a child. He has a half-brother named Skitch whom he has hated since childhood because he was teased at the time. Nevertheless, he moves in together with Skitch in one episode. In the course of his life Arthur worked in many different jobs, none of which he kept for long because of his difficult character. Arthur was a soldier in the 71st Infantry Division in World War II and often describes war experiences, including a. how comrades were shot next to him or that he saw Mussolini dead in Italy .

In the second season Arthur looks for a job. He briefly takes a job as a pretzel seller and helps out at Carrie's law office for a few days. In the house of the Heffernans he is mostly occupied with the most nonsensical problems, e.g. B. he claims that Charles M. Schulz drew the comic series The Peanuts after his model and abstracted the name "Snoopy" from his last name. He and Spence Olchin brood over bizarre business ideas more often, for example a backpack with a built-in umbrella. In several episodes, Arthur claims he is a communist . Occasionally he indicates to Doug and Carrie that he is dissatisfied with his basement accommodation. During the entire series nothing really changes in his living situation in the Heffernan house.

The otherwise rather lonely Arthur finds variety and a few friends in a senior citizen's center, where he a. takes part in game afternoons and parties.

In a few episodes, Arthur confesses to cannabis use . So when Carrie's sister wants to move out of his house in the pilot film, he plans to use her room to grow marijuana (quote: "something for household use"). In one of the early Christmas episodes, he serves hash cookies to Doug and Carrie . Arthur was also addicted to nasal spray and had a brief relapse in it.

Deacon Palmer Victor Williams Charles Rettinghaus 155 episodes
Deacon John Palmer is Doug's best friend and like him works as a courier driver at IPS. The tall and sporty African American is a rather calm person with a dry sense of humor. He is married to Kelly, but the relationship temporarily breaks up after Deacon's almost fling. Deacon often seems more sensible compared to Doug, although occasionally he can also display infantile features.

Deacon is the father of two sons: Kirby, who is mentioned in the episode Old, Fat and Ugly (Season 1) as "Hoover" (but only in the German dubbing) and Major. During the separation from his wife, Deacon suffers from the impression that Kirby will not be raised to be a man without male role models. After a previous seven-hour discussion with his father, he dresses up as a Powerpuff Girl for Halloween , puts on Carrie's make-up, listens to songs by Dan Fogelberg and describes his football dress as a “costume”.

Spence Olchin Patton Oswalt Jens Wawrczeck 122 episodes
Spencer "Spence" Olchin has been friends with Doug since school days, but at the same time is always exposed to his mockery. Even in his youth, the small Spence with the strongly developed hips had problems with his classmates and was teased by them. He embodies the intellectual part of the circle of friends and often meets with incomprehension with his clever statements. Spence works in a subway ticket office and lives with his mother until he is 32, until after a short time with the Heffernans he rents his own apartment. He later founds a flat share with Doug's cousin Danny. An integral part of the series will be the episodes in which the two behave like a married couple and even subsequently get married all for free because of a television.

Spence rarely has relationships with women, and most of the time only briefly. This provides material for various paradoxical situations. For example, in one episode he has an appointment forced by Arthur with a woman of around 70. In later episodes he seeks - purely platonic - relationships with men, which also fails. To his chagrin, most of the women he wants to do something with think they should introduce him to other men.

In the first season, Spence has a relationship with Carrie's work colleague Jenny after Doug and Carrie set them up. In the fifth season he is with Denise, who works in a bowling center. His passion for fantasy (The Warriors of Green) and science fiction of all kinds meets with incomprehension among his friends. In addition, Spence has physical weaknesses such as obesity, asthma and allergies of all kinds (including peanuts ). Spence is of Albanian descent and his birthday is on Valentine's Day . In the episode Crisis to Order, Spence says he'd love to be a writer .

Danny Heffernan Gary Valentine Robert Missler 81 episodes
Daniel "Danny" Heffernan is Doug's cousin and, for a short time, his work colleague. He is the owner of a pizza bakery that goes bankrupt as the series progresses. He then opened a shop with his father Stu. Danny was married, but the marriage broke up after a short time. His cousin Doug often describes him as annoying and intrusive, but Carrie often defends Danny and supports him in some of his projects, such as his short career as a landscaper . Before that, Doug found him a job as a driver at IPS with some obstacles and concerns. Again, it's Carrie who convinces Doug to help Danny after all.

At first, Danny only makes brief appearances. However, later in the series, Richie was replaced as a "permanent" friend by Danny. Despite initial differences of opinion with Spence, he gets along very well with Spence, which leads to the fact that the two found a shared flat. Danny suffers from being seen by Douglas only as an annoying failure and tries constantly to prove him wrong.

Holly Shumpert Nicole Sullivan Marion Elskis 51 episodes
Holly Shumpert is dogkeeper from season 4 and shows Arthur around the dog park during the week to relieve Doug and Carrie. She is popular with men, and Danny and Spence in particular are looking for a relationship with her. The dog sitter is blessed with childlike naivete and constantly has financial problems, which is why she lets herself be paid for any nonsense. Holly loves to gossip and is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous . Her good nature is often taken advantage of without her noticing. She only found recognition with Carrie when she met a wealthy limousine rental company and moved with him to Manhattan. She can only be seen once again in the last episode of the series, in which she is abandoned and looking for a place to stay, heavily pregnant .
Kelly Palmer Merrin Dungey Eva Kryll 40 episodes
Kelly Palmer is Deacon's wife and Carrie's best friend. Kelly has two children with Deacon. Their relationship isn't going well, even leading to the two temporarily breaking up. Kelly seems humorless. As a separated person, Deacon cannot find a photo with a smile of his wife during a “photo project”. Just the day before, when Deacon meets a beautiful stewardess at home, Kelly comes back and both start their relationship again without talking about their experiences.
Richie Iannucci Larry Romano Mark Seidenberg 32 episodes
Richie Iannucci used to live with Doug and is one of his best friends. He is a firefighter by profession. He only appears until season 3 on the series.
Janet Heffernan Jenny O'Hara Ursula Vogel (seasons 3–7)
Isabella Grothe (seasons 8–9)
15 episodes
Supervisor O'Boyle Sam McMurray Marco Kröger (seasons 3–8)
Jürgen Holdorf (seasons 8–9)
15 episodes
Joe Heffernan Dakin Matthews Harald Halgardt 13 episodes
Mr. Kaplan / Kaufman Victor Raider-Wexler Michael Weckler 10 episodes
Lou Ferrigno Lou Ferrigno Thomas student 10 episodes
Denise Battaglia Rachel Dratch Dagmar Dreke 6 episodes
Sara Spooner Lisa Rieffel Tanja Schumann 4 episodes
Tim Sacksky Bryan Cranston Holger Mahlich 4 episodes
Dorothy Sacksky Dee Dee Rescher Katja Brugger 4 episodes

Minor characters

  • Veronica Olchin is Spence's mother. She lives in an apartment with her son for most of the show. Veronica is very attached to her son and always wants to patronize him. In the course of her life, Veronica had many affairs, such as B. with the shuffleboard trainer from Spence. She has a very keen interest in Arthur Spooner (which Arthur does not reply to). Even so, she and Arthur often end up in bed; In the last season the two even get married. The actress of Veronica Olchin, Anne Meara (except first season) was also privately married to the actor of Arthur Spooner, Jerry Stiller , until her death in May 2015 . In the first season, Veronica Olchin is played by Grace Zabriskie .
  • Joe and Janet Heffernan ( Dakin Matthews & Jenny O'Hara ), Doug's parents, are retiring in Florida. Doug's father used to run his own hardware store in New York. Joe is an avid model railroader and Miami Dolphins fan, which Doug finds less great since he is a Jets fan. Janet looks after her son as if he still lives at home and bakes his beloved lemon wedges for him. In Doug's upbringing, they tried to keep everything bad from him as much as possible, which explains both his inability to live and his tendency to lie . During a visit to Florida, Doug's parents explain to him within a few minutes that his kindergarten (which he already had to repeat) was not an elite kindergarten, that his beloved dog Rocky has since died three times and has been replaced (once even by a bitch) and that Doug on the occasion was born at a wedding reception in Canada and therefore could not have become US President. Kevin James ' parents are also named Joe and Janet.
  • Sheila Rednester ( Brenda Vaccaro ) is Doug's aunt and his mother's sister. She only appears in one episode in which she has an affair with Arthur. In the same episode, she leaves Doug's uncle, her husband Hank. Upon learning of their split, Doug said the two were like second parents to him.
  • Richie Iannucci , played by Larry Romano , used to live with Doug and is one of his best friends. He is a firefighter by profession . Richie only appears on the series until season 3. In return, Doug's cousin Danny appears more often. Richie had two affairs with Doug's sister.
  • Lou Ferrigno , an actor and bodybuilder (known from the television series The Incredible Hulk, among others) plays himself in the series. He moves into Doug and Carrie's house next door. He is regularly annoyed by the Hulk jokes that are made about him. He is very good-natured and friendly and occasionally settles disputes. Still, behind the backs of others, he likes to gossip about the entire neighborhood. He considers the overly fantasizing Arthurto be incompetentas a screenwriter .
  • Sara Spooner , played by Lisa Rieffel , is Carrie's sister. However, she only made four appearances in the first season, then she disappears from the series.
  • Stephanie Heffernan is Doug's sister. She works as a physical education teacher (Stephanie is of Ricki Lake , a well-known in the US talk show - presenter , played). She had an affair with Carrie's boss and two with Richie. She moves across the United States several times and plays football.
  • Douglas Pruzan is played by Alex Skuby . He's Carrie's annoying and strange boss and secretly loves her. He has a thing for puppets . He dated Doug's sister Stephanie for a short time. He is fired from the series, after which Carrie also becomes unemployed.
  • Supervisor Patrick O'Boyle , played by Sam McMurray , is Dannys, Dougs and Deacon's boss at IPS. He's divorced, addicted to gambling, and a dry alcoholic . He was also a former driver at IPS but was almost fired for parking in front of an emergency room . Until episode 18 the role of John F. O'Donohue was played. In the course of the last season, O'Boyle begins to drink again and is therefore on leave of absence from the management of IPS.
  • Stu Heffernan ( Gavin MacLeod , also known as Captain Stubing from the television series Love Boat ) is the uncle of Douglas and Danny's father. In one episode, Stu wants to support Doug financially because he wants to open a sandwich shop. However, when Carrie persuades him, he eventually supports his own son Danny so that he can sell photos of customers on baseball caps , although he thinks he is stupid and useless.
  • Skitch Spooner (Shelley Berman) is the half-brother of Arthur. He abhorred him because his father always preferred Skitch. In a flashback he can be seen as a spoiled boy (Kevin G. Smidt) who steals his brother's "X-ray glasses". In one episode, he and Arthur move into a house that they have inherited from their aunt. This doesn't go well for long as Skitch is constantly suppressing Arthur. Skitch works at a toll station on the George Washington Bridge .
  • Raymond "Ray" Barone ( Ray Romano ) is a friend of Doug's and a sports reporter . He enjoys playing golf and has made a few guest appearances (crossover to the sitcom Everyone Loves Raymond ).
  • Sue (Steffiana De La Cruz) has made a few guest appearances as Carrie's nail groom.
  • Mickey ( Ford Rainey ) is a friend of Arthur from the senior center. In seasons 1–6, he repeatedly made short appearances. Arthur usually tries to inspire Mickey for his bizarre ideas.
  • Mookie Barker (born as Jim Myers) appeared between 1999 and 2007 in a total of 18 episodes in short, rather curious guest roles such as Coach Wallace , Eugene von Wimmel , Heindrich and Klaus , although he has no direct reference to the Heffernans within the series.

Guest appearances

actor Episode (s)
Donny Osmond Episode 1.10: "Turkey à la Mama" and Episode 2.17: "Doug meets Carrie"
William Hurt Episode 4.25: "Psycho boxes"
Ben Stiller Episode 4.25: "Psycho boxes"
Julie Benz Episode 1.20: "The new colleague"
Robert Klein Episode 2.11: "The Bowling War"
Erik Per Sullivan Episode 4.25: "Psycho boxes"
Florence Henderson Episode 3.08: "Once and never again"
Eric Roberts Episode 3.14: "Battle of the Giants"
Pat Sajak Episode 3.17: "Full program"
Vanna White Episode 3.17: "Full program"
Gavin MacLeod Episode 3.23: "Unloved Relatives" and Episode 4.18: "The King of Sandwich"
Chris Elliott Episode 4.07: "Arthur's secret" and Episode 8.15: "On the wall, on the lookout ..."
Janeane Garofalo Episode 6.15: "The pain in the ass"
Judge Reinhold Episode 6.07: "Three women and a doctor"
Jon Favreau Episode 6.18: "Heffer Tonne"
Todd line Episode 9.04: "An uncle to fear"
Burt Reynolds Episode 7.14: "Finally back to school!"
Bas Rutten Episode 7.15: "Zickenalarm"
Adam Sandler Episode 9.09: "Wild and Dangerous"
Ray Romano as Ray Barone in episodes 1.09: "Traffic Problems", 1.19: "Friendship Services" 2.08: "Beautiful Views" and 8.10: "Wild Bulls"
Brad Garrett as Robert Barone in episode 1.09: "Verkehrsprobleme"
Peter Boyle as Frank Barone in episode 1.09: "Traffic Problems"
Doris Roberts as Marie Barone in episode 1.19: "Friendship Services"
Patricia Heaton as Debra Barone in episode 2.08: "Beautiful prospects"
Adam West Episode 8.06: "Lori with the scissor hands"
Robert Goulet Episode 8.18: "Rapunzel's wig"
Huey Lewis Episode 8.21: "Ladies' Night"
Kirstie Alley Episode 8.14 "Second home, happiness alone"
Steve Schirripa Episode 1.16: "Valentine's Day"
Eddie Money Episode 4.23: "Get rich for a day"
Tucker Carlson Episode 9.10: "Manhattan Project"
Lainie Kazan Episodes 9.10: "Manhattan Project" and 9.12: "The China Syndrome"
Shelley Berman Episode 5.22: "The Monkey Boy"
Dan Henderson Episode 8.22: "Battle of the Giants"
Quinton Rampage Jackson Episode 8.22: "Battle of the Giants"
Randy Couture Episode 8.22: "Battle of the Giants"
Frank Trigg Episode 8.22: "Battle of the Giants"
William Daniels Episode 6.23: "Battle of the Seniors"
Eddie McClintock Episode 5.09: "Carrie Frankenstein"
Marcia Cross Episode 5.02: "One man's suffering ..." and 5.16: "Moldy vacation"
Hal Linden Episode 7.20: "Elvis and his hairdresser"

International charisma

DVD and Blu-ray

All nine seasons have been released in stores on DVD. A DVD season consists of four or, for the ninth season, three DVDs with all episodes of the respective season. Each episode has the original English and German soundtrack as well as German subtitles for the hearing impaired. Koch Media did not use the widescreen versions of the episodes and 2.0 Dolby Digital sound available in the USA . The last season appeared in Germany in October 2007.

The DVD box with all seasons (1–9) was released in Germany in March 2008 and is called IPS Superbox . This is available both in a simpler version on a small wooden pallet and in the "luxury version" limited to 20,000 pieces in a small IPS truck with accompanying book. At the end of 2009 a third version appeared in the form of a bowling ball. In October 2010 a DVD box in the form of the Heffernans refrigerator and in October 2011 in the form of a letterbox came onto the market.

Since the end of 2008, King of Queens has also been available on BD . Koch Media published the second and third season on two BDs each in high definition quality. In contrast to the DVD versions, the 16: 9 widescreen format was used here. 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound was dispensed with. On November 16, 2012, a “King of Queens” complete box appeared on BD for the first time, which in addition to all seasons (1–9) also contains a number of extras. It is sold exclusively through and has the shape of a pizza box. The first season is only available in SD 4: 3 format, all others in a high-resolution 16: 9 widescreen format. All seasons are in Dolby Digital 2.0 sound.

In November 2014, all 9 seasons were again released by Koch Media as a strictly limited HD Superbox on Blu-Ray. This was also sold exclusively through Amazon. For the first time in this version, a new scan of the 1st season can be seen in 16: 9 widescreen format, which was already seen in January 2014 in the USA.


Emmy Awards
  • Nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Kevin James (2006)
Image Awards
  • Nomination in the category Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Victor Williams (2007)
People's Choice Awards
  • Nomination in the Favorite TV Comedy category (2007)
  • Nomination in the Favorite TV Comedy category (2008)


  • On May 14, 2007, the last episode of King of Queens ran in the USA . In Germany, the last double episode was broadcast on October 15, 2007 on Kabel Eins . At the end of the English original edition, a compilation of some scenes from previous seasons was shown and at the end the sentence “ Thanks for the ride… ” (“Thank you for your company”) was faded in. This cut was not broadcast on German TV.
  • Anne Meara , featured on the series as Spence's mother, Veronica, was married to Jerry Stiller in real life. The son of the two is the actor Ben Stiller . This also had a guest appearance as Arthur's father in the episode "Psychokisten". In the last episode of the series, Spence's mother marries Arthur. In the first season she plays in episode 16 (Spence's mother was played by Grace Zabriskie, Anne Meara was only seen later as Spence's mother) a woman who Arthur meets on Valentine's Day in the senior citizen's center and with whom he is planning an affair which does not come).
  • Gary Valentine, who plays Doug's cousin Danny on the series, is the older brother of Doug actor Kevin James in real life.
  • Kevin James's parents are named Janet and Joe, as are Douglas Heffernan's parents on the series.
  • There are several overlaps between King of Queens and the Everybody Loves Raymond series : Doug Heffernan and Ray Barone live in New York, love golf and also meet every now and then. Much of the characters from Everybody Loves Raymond have guest appearances on King of Queens . Doug Heffernan appears in episodes 9 and 18 of the third season of Everybody Loves Raymond . (Previously, Kevin James was already seen in six episodes as Kevin Daniels .) James also made guest appearances as Doug in the series Cosby (season 3, episode 9) and Becker (season 1, episode 20) . Through crossover in the context of the other series mentioned, King of Queens is part of the series universe of Everyone loves Raymond , Becker , Cosby , Love must be crazy , The Nanny , King of Queens and Sara's exciting country life and the feature film This Is Spinal Tap .
  • Leah Remini is married to Angelo Pagan, who occasionally plays a guest role in the series, for the first time in the episode Finally alone as a customer in the pizzeria, but also longer scenes, for example as Rico (colleague of Doug Heffernan). Kevin James' wife, Steffiana De La Cruz, has made several guest appearances as Carrie's nail groom. There are also various hints in the series, so in one episode Doug replies to the question "Who is yours?" (Dream woman) asked by Carrie with: "I guess I'll take your nail care professional." Carrie, in turn, speaks Ricos name with one erotic undertone. In the 16th episode of the 6th season ("Kill Carrie" / "Damned Yankee") both Angelo Pagan (as Dr. Garcia) and Steffiana De La Cruz (as Tina) can be seen. Doug dreams of an erotic affair with Tina while Carrie has fantasies with Dr. Garcia surrenders.
  • Nick Bakay is a producer and writer of several episodes. He is also known as the English voice of the cat Salem Saberhagen on the sitcom Sabrina - Totally Verhext! of which he is also a producer and writer.
  • Kevin James was nominated for the 2006 American Emmy Film and Television Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series . This went to Tony Shalhoub for the title role in the television series Monk ( see also: Primetime Emmy Awards 2006 ).
  • Nicole Sullivan , who will play the role of Holly Shumpert from the fourth season, had previously appeared in another role. In season three, episode 25, she plays the saleswoman in a children's shop who advises pregnant Carrie. After the eighth season, Sullivan got out for the series Hot Properties - Well built and still available , which, however, flopped.
  • Sara Spooner was removed from the scripts after only a few episodes because the television station could not come up with a definition for this person and the budget was too tight for another role at the time. She is no longer mentioned as Carrie's sister in later seasons either. B. in the episode Wild Bulls in season 8, when only Carrie (or Simone, since Arthur lost Carries real first name in poker) is named as the daughter of Carrie's mother.
  • Despite its great success, the most important television awards such as the Emmy and the Golden Globe did not materialize.
  • The Desperate Housewives- - Actress Marcia Cross was in Episodes One man ... and Moldy leave a guest appearance as Debi .
  • The rock singer Eddie Money plays himself in the episode Reich for one day . His successes Two Tickets To Paradise and Shakin appear in the episode. He is hired by Doug and Deacon to play in the Heffernans' living room because there is still a lot of money to be gotten from a sports bet that they don't want their wives to know about.
  • Amy Stiller , the daughter of Jerry Stiller and sister of Ben Stiller, played several times the waitress in a café (where Arthur Spooner wants to be customer of the month) and in the last season the video lender in the episode, in which Adam Sandler also made his guest appearance Has. She also played other small roles on the series. In the first season she made a brief appearance as the daughter of Anne Meara in the Valentine's Day episode .
  • With the last episode (broadcast in Germany on October 15, 2007 on Kabel Eins), the series achieved its highest audience rating in Germany. The audience rating was 2.49 million viewers (this meant 8 percent of the total viewers and 16.4 percent in the advertising-relevant target group of 14 to 49 year old viewers). This was the highest rate that day and one of the best results overall for Kabel Eins.
  • In the ninth episode of the ninth season ( Wild & Dangerous ), Doug's friend is Jeff Sussman (Adam Sandler). In reality, one of the co-executive producers is named Jeff Sussman.
  • As a result of The Termination, Carrie and Doug would like to privately discuss Doug's possible move from IPS to FedEx. Lou Ferrigno, who is also present, gives both of them to understand that he does not hear well and does not understand what the two are talking about. In fact, when he was 3 years old, Ferrigno suffered an otitis media, in which he lost 80% of his hearing.
  • Kevin James paid $ 500,000 per episode for the last three seasons. Leah Remini threatened to quit the series because she felt underpaid, but then agreed with the producers on a fee of 400,000 US dollars per episode.
  • In the German version, two episodes are titled Battle of the Giants . Once episode 064 (season 3, original title: Paint Misbehavin ' ) and episode 193 (season 8, original title: Fight Schlub )
  • In some episodes you can see the name "Knipfing" on a board in Supervisor O'Boyle's IPS office. This is Kevin James' real last name.
  • In the episode He Didn't Drill , Doug is treated by his dentist in the Weithorn Medical Building . Michael J. Weithorn had the idea for the series, in the episode The Haunted House is Arthur by a Dr. Weithorn treated.
  • In the episode Small But Nice , Doug and Carrie can be seen several times in a dealership called Sahakian Motors . In the episode Yellow with Envy , Holly and Arthur stand in front of the entrance to the Sahakian Real Estate Company . Annette Sahakian Davis is one of the producers on the series.
  • In the episode Latin Lover , Carrie is lying on the bed watching TV when Doug walks into the room and turns off the TV. Then she says: "Hey, it's NYPD Blue , I want to see that". In this series, Carrie's actress Leah Remini had a guest appearance in an episode.
  • In the episode The Chainsaw Theater (a flashback to the time before Carrie and Doug bought their house) Doug stands in front of a cloakroom at his workplace. A name tag with the inscription Danny Heffernan can be seen on a locker next to him . Danny didn't get the job at IPS until years later.
  • Although the living room studio set has always remained unchanged, there are different front views of the house. A simple staircase, a veranda and a side staircase in the entrance area to the living room alternate in some episodes.
  • The address of the Heffernans, according to Doug, is 3121 Aberdeen Road, Queens, NY. In reality, the house used for the exterior view is in New Jersey : 519 Longview Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010 . The interior shots were shot in the studio.
  • The address of the ice cream parlor in the intro is: Lemon Ice King of Corona on 108th St, Queens, New York.
  • The address of Deacons and Kelly's apartment is: LeFrak City, Building 6, Apartment 16 C (heard in a conversation with Holly, season 4, episode 17, "The Funny Quartet" (English: "Missing Links"), at 08 : 58 min.)
  • Up until the last episode of the third season, the intro showed the towers of the World Trade Center . After the towers collapsed due to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 , they were replaced by a New York street scene from season four.
  • Only Doug and Carrie appear in each episode.
  • The pilot episode was filmed back in 1997. The series was originally intended to be produced for NBC television, but fell victim to a budget cut and was sold to CBS. The scenes with Arthur Spooner, played by Jerry Stiller, had to be re-shot because the character was played by Jack Carter in the first version .
  • In the episode Raven godparents , Doug and Carrie are asked to godparents of Deacons and Kelly's child and are invited to their christening. The Church mentions that the Palmers belong to the Baptist faith , but it is a common characteristic of Baptists not to baptize infants, only adults ( believer baptism ). There is a translation error in the German version because the original only speaks of "Baptism" and not of the Baptist denomination. When translated it became "Baptists".
  • In the episode Old, Fat and Ugly , Deacon's mother complains about the name of her grandchild (that of a vacuum cleaner), which she uses as Hoover instead of Kirby. Since the Kirby vacuum cleaner brand is only known in America, the decision was made to synchronize the episode with the Hoover brand, which is better known in Germany. In the remaining episodes, Kirby was also used as a name in the German version.
  • In episode 2.21 "The Godfather Brother" the middle names are mentioned when Doug fills out the registration form for the sponsorship: Doug S. (Steven) Heffernan + Deacon J. (John) Palmer
  • In the episode Drivers from Passion (season 5, episode 20), a car race with the company trucks takes place between Doug and Danny, and Carrie gives the starting signal. This is an exact copy of the start of the car race from the film Grease, in which the actress Annette Charles gives the start signal. Carrie also holds a towel in her right hand, raises both arms and takes the same pose as she drives off. In contrast to the original, however, the cloth falls on the floor when you start driving.

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