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Raised ground floor and windowed basement in Groningen , Netherlands

The basement (of French sous-terrain for, underground ') or basement is a synonym for the under- or basement - basement of a building , if the floor below the ground lies on the side of the road facade and the respective spaces for residential or the permanent residence of people and are designed accordingly.

The floor is just a part basement below street level, there is the overlying ground floor and mezzanine floor to the other floor part of it and requires as access stairs or ramp. In this case, the basement usually has normal-sized windows .

If the ground level is lower on the back of the building than on the street side, for example on a hillside or on a backfilled road, ground level access to the ground floor is possible as well as windows in the basement up to a level access or exit on the back of the building. In the opposite case, i.e. higher ground at the rear, the ground floor can have the characteristics of a basement without being considered as such.

The term basement can be used as a euphemism in advertisements for cellar-like, completely below ground level apartments with a glossing over function , if the relevant building regulations allow this. In the Heuberg area , small business entrepreneurs are jokingly referred to by home weavers in the basement of their home as basement manufacturers.

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