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Television series
German title The nanny
Original title The nanny
The Nanny - Logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1993-1999
length 22 minutes
Episodes 146 in 6 seasons ( List )
genre Sitcom
Theme music Ann Hampton Callaway - The Nanny Named Fran
idea Peter Marc Jacobson
Fran Drescher
production Robert Sternin, Prudence Fraser, Frank Lombardi, Caryn Lucas
music Timothy Thompson
First broadcast November 3, 1993 (USA) on CBS
first broadcast
May 21, 1995 on RTL Television
7 East 75th Street on the Upper East Side was used as the Sheffield home for exterior shots

The Nanny (original title: The Nanny ) is an American sitcom that was produced from 1993 to 1999 by the broadcaster CBS and broadcast in a total of over a hundred countries.


Flushing , Queens , bridal saleswoman Francine "Fran" Joy Fine loses both her home and job when her long-term fiancé and boss Danny Imperiali cheats on her with high school rival Heather Biblow and finally throws her out. When she shortly thereafter as the seller of make-up by chance in a job interview for the position of nanny (Engl. Nanny ) taps, Fran takes her chance and advertises itself as such in the house of widowed Broadway -Produzenten Maxwell Sheffield, which they lack of alternatives and also accommodates in his house. Although Mr. Sheffield at first hardly knows how to deal with the casual way of life of his new employees and Fran is constantly offended by the fine New York society, in the course of time she succeeds in getting the three children Maggie, Brighton and Gracie as well as Mr. Sheffield from hers To convince her qualities, abilities and her charm and finally to marry Sheffield after five years, although of course this does not happen without problems.

Fran finds an ally in the Sheffield household in Niles, the very curious and sharp-tongued butler of the family. Above all, they both have one thing in common: a deep dislike for Maxwell's long-standing business partner Chastity Claire "C. C. “Babcock, a haughty as well as unscrupulous heiress of millions, who initially has no more than sarcasm for Niles and sees in Fran just another rival in the fight for the place at Maxwell's side.

More or less welcome guests in the Sheffield house include Fran's food addict mother Sylvia, her senile grandmother Yetta, who lives in the nursing home, and Fran's naive childhood friend, Valerie "Val" Toriello.


main characters

Fran Fine

Francine "Fran" Joy Fine (later Francine Sheffield ) is the main character of the series. Fran is visually distinguished by her teased hair and her provocative and extravagant clothes. The extremely short mini-skirts that she often even wears in the Sheffield home are typical of her. Another characteristic is her shrill, nasal voice (easier to hear in the English original than in German, which is underlined by her New York dialect) and her habit of talking a lot.

Most of her time when she should work, she spends drinking tea or taking care of her own problems. Nevertheless, she manages to raise the shy and cheeky children in such a way that they become self-confident. Her greatest hobby is to shop extensively in New York's boutiques and shopping malls, which often leads to one of her credit cards being blocked. She has a pronounced weakness for celebrities from film, television and music, and in particular she almost idolizes Barbra Streisand .

Fran struggles to build a steady relationship after breaking up with her fiancé Danny, although she meets a number of men over the course of the series. Often at the beginning it seems that Fran and her respective boyfriend get on well, but then Fran learns something about him that she did not want to know, which ultimately leads to the separation. Plus, Fran falls in love with Mr. Sheffield from the first episode on, but doesn't have the courage to admit it. In the course of the series, the two get closer, eventually marry and have twins.

Fran's family is Jewish , which is repeatedly emphasized. She doesn't live kosher , but celebrates the festivals.

Fran tries by all means to cover up her real age. Although Fran's real age is apparently never really mentioned, the attentive viewer often receives hints. In the pilot episode, Fran claims to be 29 years old, but this is acknowledged by the butler Niles with a doubtful smile. In the episode "Never Marry a Younger!" (Season 5, Episode 9), however, her age is unequivocally revealed when she claims to have been born in 1970 and adds a muttered "six years more or less". Measured at the time of shooting, Fran is 33 (± six) years old in this episode, which in turn indicates that she was 29 at the beginning of the series (but ± six years). Actress Fran Drescher's real year of birth is 1957, so she was about 36 years old at the start of the shooting.

Maxwell Sheffield

Maxwell "Max" Beverly Sheffield is the boss of Fran and Niles and the father of Maggie, Brighton and Gracie and thus the head of the family. Mr. Sheffield came from a good English family and enjoyed an elite education in Eton , but received little love from his parents. His wife Sara died shortly after giving birth to their last child, Gracie. Mr. Sheffield has trouble getting over the loss; He wears his wedding ring long after his wife's death and does not want to enter into a new relationship, which is why he refuses to admit his feelings for Fran for a long time, only begins a relationship with her after almost five years and finally marries her. Mr. Sheffield is characteristically the typical Englishman: he is fussy, often annoyed and sticks to his opinion, no matter who tries to change his mind. As a result, his actions are often predictable and other people know beforehand how he will react.

Mr. Sheffield is a full-time Broadway producer, but because of his job, he has little time for his family. He is wealthy and lives with his children, Fran and Niles, in a luxurious house on the Upper East Side , one of New York's most expensive neighborhoods. The big breakthrough as a producer, however, is denied him, also because he rejected famous musicals like " Cats ", which is held against him throughout the series. In the competition with Andrew Lloyd Webber, he regularly loses out. Last season he received an offer to produce a television series in California , which is why he and his family moved there.

Margaret Sheffield

Margaret "Maggie" Sheffield is Mr. Sheffield's oldest daughter. She is very pretty, but extremely shy and scared, and at the beginning of the series she has no personality of her own, no opinions of her own, and no friends. Later, however, due to the influence of Fran, she becomes self-confident and also has several relationships. These always lead to disagreements between Fran, who tolerates the relationship, and Mr. Sheffield, who still sees Maggie as the little girl. In episode 6.19, she marries the underwear model Michael (played by Andrew Levitas ), with whom she moves to Europe.

Brighton Sheffield

Brighton Milhouse Sheffield is Mr. Sheffield's second child. In the first few episodes, Brighton is a naughty, naughty kid whose favorite pastime is faking suicides and teasing his sisters. He didn't get along with the former nannies in the Sheffield house, whereas he immediately fell in love with Fran. Like Margaret, Brighton has great difficulty making friends. Over time, his behavior improves. But Brighton does not find a friend over the entire series. At the end of the last season he decided to travel through France for a year , despite the availability of a university place at Harvard .

Grace Sheffield

Grace "Gracie" Sheffield is the youngest daughter of Mr. Sheffield. At first, Gracie is in therapeutic treatment and like her siblings has no friends. As a result, Gracie even makes up an imaginary girlfriend. After Fran spent a lot of time with her, Gracie leaves therapy and can better adapt to her surroundings. Gracie is very intelligent, which Fran often takes advantage of. She ends up moving to California.


Niles is the butler and occasional chauffeur in the Sheffield household, but he prefers to poke his nose into Sheffield and Fines affairs by spying through keyholes or turning on the intercom to hear what they're talking about talk to other residents. As a result, Niles is almost always aware of what is going on in the Sheffield house. Like Fran, he lives in the Sheffield home. Niles and Mr. Sheffield have known each other since childhood as Niles' father was the butler of Mr. Sheffield's parents. Niles' childhood dream was to become a lawyer; but that didn't work, so Mr. Sheffield took him off the street and hired him. Due to the common past between Niles and Mr. Sheffield, a friendship develops between the two, in which both seek advice from the other and try to help each other. Niles has also wanted to bring Mr. Sheffield and Fran together since the first season by repeatedly making little hints, which the two never notice or understand. Niles hates his job and his bad salary, which becomes more and more evident in the later seasons and which is often a template for CC insults. Arguing and insulting CC is one of Niles' favorite pastimes, but it's a kind of love-hate relationship . Niles is good friends with Fran. His last name is never mentioned. In the final episode, Niles and CC get married and it turns out that Niles' CC is pregnant. Niles accompanies the Sheffields to California with CC.

CC Babcock

Chastity Claire "CC" Babcock is Maxwell Sheffield's business partner. Like Mr. Sheffield, she comes from a wealthy family and is a millionaire. She is often arrogant, selfish and malicious and is unable to show any kind of compassion, which makes her unpopular in her community. She owns a Spitz named Chester, whom Mr. Sheffield gives her in season one because he thinks CC is lonely. However, Chester hates her, but has a very good relationship with Fran. CC often forgets this (intentionally and unintentionally). Her parents are separated and she does not have an easy relationship with her father, who is the complete opposite of CC. Due to her character, she is also unsuccessful in love, but tries everything to get a man, sometimes even in New York taverns. Her main focus, however, is clearly Mr. Sheffield, whom she regularly tries to charm, which he also blocks regularly, although he appreciates her as a business partner. CC regards the attractive Fran as a bitter rival and never misses an opportunity to make her bad in front of Mr. Sheffield, who usually takes Fran's side. When she learns that Mr. Sheffield is about to marry Fran, she has a breakdown and is admitted to a mental hospital.

She leads a love-hate relationship with the butler Niles. The two play pranks on each other and insult each other, but as the series progresses it becomes more and more clear that feelings are hidden behind the insulting words. Her full name is only mentioned in the last episode, before she is called either CC (by Mr. Sheffield) or Miss Babcock (by everyone else). CC and Niles get married in the final episode and it turns out that Niles' CC is pregnant. CC accompanies the Sheffields to California with Niles.

Supporting characters

Valerie Toriello

Valerie "Val" Toriello is Fran's best friend, whom she has known since school. Val is stupid and naive, sometimes does not understand the simplest connections and often overlooks obvious irony. Val works odd jobs and is still living with her mother when she is over 30. Similar to Fran, Val also has trouble making friends and has been single for a long time. Towards the end of the series, she meets Fred, a pharmacy clerk with whom she begins a relationship. Val and Fred move to California with the Sheffields.

Sylvia Fine

Sylvia Fine is Fran's mother and stands out (like Fran) with her teased hair and colorful clothes. Sylvia is addicted to food and overweight. She is a good-natured person, but at the same time she is penetrative in that she regularly invites herself to Fran and the Sheffields and eats their meals there extensively. Her biggest concern is that her sugar level could get too low, which is why she has chocolates close at hand. Sylvia's great wish is that Fran finally marries a rich man and has a child with him.

Morty Fine

Morty Fine is Fran's father and Sylvia's husband. Up to and including episode 6.09 he can only be seen from behind, if at all. However, it is mentioned several times when z. B. Sylvia calls for him. Morty can only be seen in full in episodes 6.09, 6.15 and 6.21. Morty is a retiree and a huge football fan . He spends a lot of time in front of the television. He also wears a toupee . After he and Sylvia made interim plans to move to Florida as a retirement home, they decide to move to California with Fran and her family.

Yetta Rosenberg

Yetta Rosenberg is Sylvia's mother and therefore Fran's grandmother. She lives in a retirement home , which Fran visits with the Sheffields often, but often stays in the Sheffield home. Yetta is senile and forgetful. For example, she thinks Mr. Sheffield is Fran's husband, CC is an affair with Maxwell and his children, whose names she also forgets, are her great-grandchildren. She was married for a long time, but her husband choked on a chicken bone (before the series began). Later in the course of the service she met Sammy, whom she married. She also moves to California with the Sheffields.

Cast and dubbing

The series was set to music at the Plaza Synchron in Munich . Matthias von Stegmann and Carina Krause wrote the dialogue books. Gert-Günther Hoffmann directed the dialogue for the first season; this task was taken over by Susanna Bonaséwicz for the 2nd and 3rd seasons. The dialogue directors of the remaining seasons were Axel Malzacher and Matthias von Stegmann.

role actor German voice actor Main role
Supporting role
Fran Fine / Sheffield Fran Drescher Susanna Bonaséwicz 1.01-6.22
Maxwell Sheffield Charles Shaughnessy Thomas Fritsch
Niles Daniel Davis Horst Sachtleben
CC Babcock Lauren Lane Christina Hoeltel
Maggie Sheffield Nicholle Tom Stefanie von Lerchenfeld
Brighton Sheffield Benjamin Salisbury Tobias Großkopf
Gracie Sheffield Madeline Zima Farina Brock
Sylvia Fine Renée Taylor Marianne Wischmann 6.01-6.22 1.01-5.23
Morty Fine Morty Drescher, later Steve Lawrence Various (before 6.13); Norbert Gastell (from 6.13)
Yetta Rosenberg Ann Guilbert Haide Lorenz (seasons 1–3)
Ingeborg Lapsien (seasons 4–6)
6.03-6.22 1.02-5.23
Val Toriello Rachel Chagall Maria Boehme 6.02-6.22 1.01-5.23

Guest appearances



(Than herself)

Episode list

Main article: The Nanny / Episode List


The series is characterized by a number of successful running gags , which - depending on the character or pairing (mostly Fran and Maxwell, Niles and C. C. or Maggie and Brighton) - also served as satirical models for other characters in the show. These include:

  • Fran's reports on her quirky relatives
  • her shrill voice (especially in the original English version)
  • her inability to admit her real age and her extraordinary talent for covering it up
  • their unusually colorful clothes; Often Fran, Sylvia and Yetta wear similar clothes. Occasionally other guest stars, such as Joan Collins
  • her preference for Barbra Streisand
  • her unbridled urge to interfere in everything
  • her exclamation “Oh my God!” when she surprises others in embarrassing situations
  • Silvia's groaning exclamation "Oy!" When she realizes something terrible
  • Fran's appeal “O Mr. Sheffiiiield!” Combined with Sheffield's furious “Ms. Fiiine! "
  • Her statement about every famous guest star: "I am your absolute biggest fan!"
  • The chase that Mr. Sheffield starts at the end of numerous scenes by running out of the picture behind the fleeing Fran
  • Mr. Sheffield's rivalry with Andrew Lloyd Webber and the musical Cats , which Sheffield rejected
  • Gracie's psychological analysis of various situations and her enthusiasm for The Scream by Edvard Munch
  • Niles' and Miss Babcock's exchange of blows, which often have the low social position of the butler or the age and celibacy of Miss Babcock on the subject, even when the two are already engaged
  • Niles' self-pity and low salary
  • Niles' curiosity and inability to keep secrets to himself
  • Miss Babcock's lack of understanding of empathy and her inability to remember children's names
  • The dog Chester, who hates his mistress Miss Babcock profoundly and loves Fran idolatrously
  • Sylvia's preference for spontaneous and frequent visits to Sheffield's villa and for the food served there
  • Sylvia's diet attempts
  • Yetta's senility
  • Yetta's love life that dwarfs that of her granddaughter; later even her old age engagement to Sammy ( Ray Charles )
  • Vals naivety and stupidity
  • Fran's father - Mortimer Fine - never saw his face until the last season, only his back or his toupee
  • Fran's habit of rubbing her teeth to remove any lipstick residue.
  • Frans panic attacks when she discovers parallels to herself or her own past in the life story of a person who is currently in a precarious situation (e.g. professional unsuccessfulness, midlife crisis , relationship problems), these circumstances as a bad omen for their own future, and now everything is trying to avert their supposed fate.

In addition, it is a special feature of the humor of this series that any utterances of the characters are often refuted by an action at the same time or immediately afterwards. This also includes statements by the characters about what they consider to be negative character traits of other people, although they fit this description exactly, or Fran's description of her dream man, which applies to Maxwell without her noticing.

DVD publications

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has released seasons 1, 2 and 3 of "The Nanny" on DVD in regions 1, 2 and 4. Season 3 was released in Region 3 on March 17, 2009, more than 3 years after Season 2 was released.

On August 27, 2013, it was announced that Mill Creek Entertainment had acquired the rights to several series from Sony, including The Nanny .

On January 12, 2015, Shout! Factory the rights for Region 1 (USA & CA) to the series. A complete box was released in the USA and Canada on May 26, 2015 . Shout! Factory has no rights to the series for other regions. Shout! Factory also seems to be releasing the previously unreleased seasons individually, starting with season 4 on September 22, 2015, and then continuing every two months.

DVD name
Number of episodes
Region 1
Region 2
Region 4
The complete first season 22nd July 12, 2005 August 9, 2005 July 13, 2005
  • Comments from Fran Drescher
  • The making-of of Die Nanny
The complete 2nd season 26th May 2, 2006 June 8, 2006 May 10, 2006
The complete 3rd season 27 March 17, 2009 March 5, 2009 March 11, 2009
The complete 4th season 26th 22nd September 2015 to be announced to be announced
The complete 5th season 23 December 22, 2015
The complete 6th season 22nd 15th March 2016
The complete series 146 May 26, 2015
  • Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson tell the true story of how the nanny came about in an interview that has never been shown before
  • 1x01 The new nanny (pilot) - Commented by Fran Drescher
  • 1x07 The Imaginary Friend - Commented by Fran Drescher
  • 1x22 Mother's Day (I Don't Remember Mama) - Commented by Fran Drescher
  • The making-of of Die Nanny



Rose d'Or

  • FRAPA Scripted Format - Sony Pictures Television International (2006)

Young Artist Awards

  • Best Performance by a Young Actor: TV Comedy Series - Benjamin Salisbury (1996)

Emmy Awards

  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series - Brenda Cooper (1995)


Golden Globe Awards

  • Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy / Musical - Fran Drescher (1996)
  • Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy / Musical - Fran Drescher (1997)

Emmy Awards

  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series - Dugg Kirkpatrick (1995)
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing for a Comedy Series - Lee Shallat Chemel (1995)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series - Renée Taylor (1996)
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - Fran Drescher (1996)
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series - Brenda Cooper (1996)
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - Fran Drescher (1997)
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series - Brenda Cooper (1997)
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series - Shawn Holly Cookson & Terry Gordon (1997)
  • Outstanding Lighting Direction (Electronic) for a Comedy Series - Jimmy E. Jensen (1998)
  • Outstanding Costuming for a Series - Shawn Holly Cookson & Terry Gordon (1998)
  • Outstanding Costuming for a Series - Shawn Holly Cookson & Terry Gordon (1999)


Despite broadcasting the original series in a total of more than ninety countries, various “local” versions of the series have been re-produced since 2001 (starting with the Turkish production Dadı ), including in particular a large number of independent versions for the South American and Eastern European regions. The broadcasts are based on the original scripts, both literally and in terms of content, with fundamental deviations in favor of cultural and country-specific adaptations.

Countries with their own version of The Nanny


  • Drescher developed the idea for the series after a cruise with the family of her British friend Twiggy .
  • Drescher's styling as Fran Fine was inspired by her appearance in Weird Al Yankovic's film UHF , in which she had played an outside television host four years earlier.
  • In addition to her portrayal of Fran Fine, Drescher made other appearances over the course of the series, including in her role as Bobbi Flekman (a character from the 1984 film This Is Spinal Tap ) and a cameo as herself.
  • Lauren Lane (C. C.) and Rachel Chagall (Val) were both temporarily written off the scripts due to their pregnancies while filming the sixth and final season.
  • In order to generate greater audience interest, Die Nanny (or rather La Tata ) was completely rewritten in Italy before it was first broadcast. For example, Fran bears the name "Francesca Cacace", while her roots do not come from the Jewish but from the Italian province.
  • Fran's father Morty was never seen from the front for the first five seasons of the series. The audience saw him from behind every now and then, and sometimes his toupees served as placeholders when he was needed in a scene. It was only in the sixth and final season that Morty "really" appeared in the series and was played by Steve Lawrence .
  • Fran Drescher's real parents are Morty and Sylvia. Her father Morty had a few guest appearances as Fran's uncle Stanley Rosenberg, and both were seen in a final scene talking about restaurants on television. In addition, the two sit in the waiting room of Gracie's therapist in the first season.
  • The sets of Max's house in the pilot episode differ enormously from the sets that were used in the further course: The entrance door and the stairs are on the left, but from the second episode on they are on the right.
  • In the opening credits of the German version, the original English title song The Nanny Named Fran was initially used, but after a short time RTL decided to synchronize it. Today RTL broadcasts the German opening credits, while the VOX and Super RTL repeats almost exclusively contain the English original. Only the English original can be heard on zdf neo and currently on the Disney Channel (Germany) .
  • Fran Drescher wore her own wedding ring on her thumb while filming, as she played the (for the time being) unmarried nanny in the series.
  • In one episode (the wedding), Frank Sinatra's “divine” status is discussed. This episode first aired on May 13, 1998. Sinatra died the following day.
  • The actual owner of C. C's dog "Chester" was the leading actress Fran Drescher.
  • Barbra Streisand never appeared on "The Nanny" herself. In the episode "Maggies Wedding", however, Loren Michaels played the double. Streisand's half-sister Roslyn Kind made a guest appearance in the episode "All About Cars".
  • In the 13th episode of the series Love must be crazy Charles Shaughnessy appears in his role as Maxwell Sheffield and in the fourth episode of the series Sara's exciting country life Renée Taylor can be seen as Sylvia Fine . In The Nanny, on the other hand, Ray Romano makes a guest appearance as Ray Barone , the leading role in Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 5, Episode 19). Ray and Fran went to school together. This makes The Nanny the oldest series in the common series universe of Everyone loves Raymond , Becker , Cosby , Love must be crazy , The Nanny , King of Queens and Sara's exciting country life as well as the feature film This Is Spinal Tap , in which the role of Bobbi Flekman ( Season 5, Episode 3) was first seen.

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