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Proposal by the Standing Committee on Geographical Names to delimit Eastern Europe
The former Eastern Bloc countries in red

With Eastern Europe , the eastern, is Central Europe adjacently located part of Europe called. A more specific definition of the term Eastern Europe depends on the context in which this term is used:

The Eastern European and Central Eastern European countries are often considered together for political reasons. In the EU - jargon the acronym is for CEEC .

  • In the statistical sense of the United Nations , Eastern Europe includes : Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Belarus. The Baltic states are already part of northern Europe .
  • In the linguistic and geographical sense of the United Nations, the Department for Eastern Europe, North and Central Asia comprises the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

Eastern Europe was a major area of Eastern Research , which has its beginning in the eastern part of Germany. Many Eastern European countries use Eastern European Time (EET)

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