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TV 2 is a Danish television station . It has six television channels and also makes broadcast content available on the Internet. The main program is the most watched TV channel in Denmark with a market share of 24 percent of all viewers from midnight to midnight. The station produces news, documentaries, entertainment programs, sports broadcasts, breakfast television and children's programs.

TV 2 is organized as a state stock corporation; privatization has been discussed repeatedly since 2001, but never carried out. The operation is financed by advertising income and subscription fees ( pay TV ).

The annual turnover is around 2 billion crowns (268 million euros). The head office is in Odense, with a capital city studio in Copenhagen. A total of around 1050 employees (2015) are employed by the station.


As one of the two Danish public broadcasters, TV 2 is intended to help ensure program diversity. The TV2 news programs with sign language are among the must-carry programs, which means that cable providers and community reception systems must transmit them. The program can be received terrestrially and via cable. It is broadcast nationwide on numerous basic network stations.

Cable reception in Schleswig-Holstein

TV 2 (Syd) is fed into the network by the cable provider Vodafone Kabel Deutschland (until 2015 under the name Kabel Deutschland ) at the cable head offices in Flensburg , Heide , Kiel and Neustadt in Holstein (digital channel S03).

Specialized channels

There are five special interest channels: TV 2 News, TV 2 Zulu, TV 2 Charlie, TV 2 Sport and TV 2 FRI. The offer for the Internet, mobile phone and tablet is called TV 2 Play.


TV 2 started on October 1, 1988 as a semi-private, semi-state mixed broadcaster and was financed by fees and advertising. Within three years, TV 2 became the most watched TV channel in Denmark. From 2004 to 2012 TV 2 was financed entirely from advertising revenues and fees for feeding into cable networks and satellite reception. Since 2012, the main program has been partially financed by viewer subscriptions.

Regional broadcasters

TV 2 regional

In January / February 2012 eight independent regional companies were set up. You work journalistically and financially independently. The regional news programs are shown on the main channel several times a day.

Channel Name / logo Seat Transmission area
TV2 north TV2 N Aabybro North Jutland
TV Midt-Vest tvmv Holstebro Central and West Jutland
TV2 Østjylland TV2 OJ Aarhus East Jutland
TV Syd tvs Kolding Southern Jutland
TV2 Fyn TV2 Fyn Odense Funen
TV Øst TV Øst Vordingborg West Zealand , Lolland , Falster and Mön (approximately Sjælland region )
TV2 Lorry TV2 Lorry Frederiksberg Copenhagen and the surrounding area ( Hovedstadsområdet )
TV2 Bornholm TVB Aakirkeby Bornholm

TV 2 radio (2006-2008)

In 2006, TV 2 won an auction for the frequencies of the fifth Danish FM radio station chain. The capacities had become free again after Sky Radio had stopped broadcasting due to a lack of profitability. TV 2 Radio could also be heard in northern Germany, especially via the Rangstrup (89.3 MHz / 3 kW) and Mögeltondern (92.4 MHz / 0.5 kW) stations. TV 2 radio could also be received on Fehmarn and in the north of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania . In the course of austerity measures, all moderators were released with immediate effect on April 28, 2008. Until June 30, 2008, music and short messages were broadcast without moderation. According to market surveys, this increased the listener quota by a fifth.

SBS Broadcasting Group ( ProSiebenSat.1 Media ) took over channels and frequencies in 2008 , which had acquired 80 percent of the company while 20 percent remained with TV 2. The radio station was named Nova FM . TV 2 contributed news until November 2014. Then this cooperation was ended; since then Berlingske Nyhedsbureau ( Berlingske Media ) has been responsible for the short messages.

Known employees (selection)

  • Hans Engell : Commentator on Danish domestic politics
  • Flemming Toft : Commentator for sports broadcasts (especially for international matches)
  • Jes Dorph-Petersen : News anchor 1991–2012
  • Johannes Langkilde: News anchor 2006–2013

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