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TV station ( public limited company (semi-public))
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Start of transmission 1995
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owner Russian State Asset Management and other shareholders
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Perwy kanal ( Russian Первый канал , transliteration Pervyj kanal , official English self-designation Channel One Russia , German first channel ; until 2002 ORT ) is a semi-public television station in Russia and the most popular in the country. It is the indirect successor to the first program on Soviet state television. The station's headquarters are in the Ostankino television center not far from the Moscow television tower , which is why the name Ostankino RT was in use for the station until 2002 . Perwy Kanal broadcasts a full TV program . About the digital cable television and the television satellite Hot Bird 6 is an international channel of the broadcaster u. a. to receive in Central Europe. Formally, the Russian government controls 51% of the station's shares, 49% are privately owned.

In terms of political reporting, the channel follows a course that is strictly loyal to the government .


The journalist Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Posner in an interview with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in March 2010

The station was founded in 1994 as the successor to the First Program of the Soviet Broadcasting Corporation, which was to be received in all Soviet republics . As a result of this situation, the channel was in a market-leading position from the start, which it has retained to this day despite a growing number of TV stations. In 1995 he was given the name Ostankino rossijskoje telewidenije (ORT, "Ostankino Russian TV").

From its founding until the end of the 1990s, the station belonged to the company empire of the oligarch Boris Abramowitsch Berezovsky . After Vladimir Putin came to power and his falling out with Berezovsky, the station became the property of the state or a holding company close to the government. In 2002 the station was renamed again and received its current name Perwy kanal .

Perwy kanal has also been broadcasting in HD since December 24, 2012 .

Known employees and broadcasts

Konstantin Ernst has been the general director of Perwy kanal since 1999 (with the station or its predecessors since 1988).

The "political face" of the station is Mikhail Vladimirovich Leontjew , who moderates the daily television program Odnako ("However"). The station's employees also include the internationally known Vladimir Posner .

From 2005 to 2011, the Federalny Sudja court show was broadcast.

Demonstration in Warsaw in memory of the Jury Sacharanka, Viktor Gonchar, Anatoli Krassowski and Dmitri Sawadski

The cameraman Dmitri Sawadski was working for the Pervy predecessor ORT when he wanted to meet his ORT colleague Pawel Sheremet at Minsk Airport on July 7, 2000 and disappeared without a trace. He was later pronounced dead. Amnesty International suspected high-ranking politicians from the successor states of the Soviet Union to be responsible. His colleague at the time, the renowned journalist and Lukashenka critic Pawel Sheremet, worked for ORT in Minsk from 1995 and in Russia from 2000. In 2014 he left Russia to protest against the annexation of Crimea and was murdered in Kiev on July 20, 2016 with a car bomb .

Fake news

In connection with the war in Ukraine , the station aired allegations by a woman on the evening news in July 2014 that Ukrainian soldiers rounded up women, children and old people in Slovyansk and crucified a three-year-old boy. The information was presented as facts in the broadcast. A number of politicians and journalists in Russia accused the station of propaganda and violations of professional ethics. Nobody in Slavyansk heard of crucifixions, and the story broadcast on the Pervy Canal contained several errors. B. the main square described in it not. Even some media loyal to the Kremlin criticized the station. The story about the " crucified boy " was later exposed as a deception and the alleged eyewitness as a Russian actress. The fabricated atrocity is often cited as an example of the Russian information war against Ukraine.

The Perwy Kanal attracted attention through its false reports about the Lisa case in January 2016. The broadcaster alleged that a 13-year-old girl with Russian roots was raped by refugees in Berlin and that the police and German judiciary tried to cover up the case. "This is the new order in Germany," said the moderator. The false reports from the station and other state media from Russia have led to protests by Russian Germans and caused political upheaval between Germany and Russia.

In October 2016, the broadcaster reported that the Supreme Court in Austria had allegedly acquitted a refugee charged with rape and serious sexual abuse of a boy. The article also stated that the judges based their decision on the accused's “sexual plight” and displayed “outrageous tolerance”. In that case, however, there was no acquittal. The perpetrator has been found guilty of sexual abuse and is in custody.

On the occasion of the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland , the Pervy Canal broadcast scenes from the computer game ArmA 3 in February 2018 and claimed that it was footage of combat by Russian forces in Syria .

On the fifth anniversary of the Euromaidan protest movement, the Pervy Canal showed a program in November 2018 about a disappointed Ukrainian who regrets participating in the protests. Russian bloggers exposed the man as a Belarusian actor who never participated in the Euromaidan. The broadcast was recorded in Minsk and not as claimed in Kryvyi Rih . The Perwy Kanal stated that the broadcaster was deceived during the shooting. The actor said he was ashamed to work on the show.

Market shares

Perwy kanal is the broadest broadcaster in the country and can be received by 99.8% of the Russian population, while the weekly audience for the broadcaster reaches over 80% of the population. In a 2003 survey, it also took first place nationwide for the number of viewers with just under 25%, which shows its outstanding position among the Russian media .

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