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Radio transmitter ( private law )
reception analog terrestrial , cable & satellite
Reception area France , Monaco
Start of transmission July 1, 1943
owner NextRadioTV , Principality of Monaco
executive Director Frank Lanoux
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RMC ( Radio Monte Carlo ) is a French-speaking radio broadcaster . It is broadcast terrestrially in analogue format in Monaco and France . The station began broadcasting on July 1, 1943, making it the second oldest private broadcaster in Europe. The current owners are 83.33% NextRadioTV and 16.67% the Principality of Monaco .

There are also stations with the name RMC in various countries, but these are not legally related to NextRadioTV.


RMC began broadcasting on July 1, 1943. The German troops wanted a propaganda radio in the south of France . It was operated by the radio company SOFIRA . After the occupation, the French Republic became 83.33% and the Principality of Monaco 16.67% owners. From 1945 onwards, the broadcast was from Fontbonne on the northern slope of the Agel mountain , and from 1965 from the Col de la Madone north of Fontbonne. In 1974 the construction work for a large transmitter in Roumoules was finished; in the same year RMC began distributing its program from there. In 1998 the French Republic sold its stake to Groupe Fabre . Two years later, Groupe Fabre sold its stake in NextRadioTV . In 2001 RMC changed its name to RMC Info . One began to rely more on information programs and talk shows. The renaming was reversed a year later. RMC had acquired several sports rights and has been broadcasting the World Cup and Formula 1 ever since .

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