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The Bulgarian National Radio (also: Bulgarian National Radio , Bulgarian : Българско национално радио / Balgarsko nazionalno radio; БНР / BNR) is next BNT second public service broadcaster in Bulgaria with headquarters in Sofia .


In 1930 the foundation stone was laid with the radio station Rodno radio in Sofia. The BNR now operates two national ( Chorisont and Christo Botew ) and seven regional channels as well as one international channel. The station has been part of the European Broadcasting Union since 1993 .

The Bulgarian National Radio is a national autonomous information and cultural institution in accordance with the Bulgarian Radio and Television Act of September 10, 1996. With this law, Bulgaria followed a request from the EU . BNR finances its program primarily from advertising revenues and government funds. A law to introduce a license fee has not yet been passed.

Despite competition from many private radio stations, the Bulgarian National Radio programs continue to lead in terms of listeners. Since 1998 the program of the Bulgarian National Radio has also been broadcast live on the Internet.

Due to a dispute over increased license fees with the collecting society Musicautor, the public-law BNR only played pieces of music by performers who are at least 70 years old and for whom the copyright in Europe has expired, including above all classical music, jazz, Bulgarian folklore or for example oldies by Glenn Miller and The Andrews Sisters . As the polling institute Ipsos found, the number of listeners increased by 20 percent in January 2017 compared to the contemporary pop music previously broadcast. In June 2017, BNR announced the agreement with the music author and the resumption of modern music in the program.


  • national programs
    • Chorisont program (Програма "Хоризонт")
    • Program Christo Botew (Програма "Христо Ботев")
  • regional programs
    • Radio Varna
    • Radio Stara Sagora
    • Radio Plovdiv
    • Radio Shumen
    • Radio Blagoevgrad
    • Radio Sofia
    • Radio Vidin
    • Radio Burgas
  • International broadcasting

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