Duna Média

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Duna Média Rt.

legal form public law
founding July 1, 2015
Seat Budapest HungaryHungaryHungary 
management Dobos Menyhért
Branch media
Website http://www.mediaklikk.hu

The Duna Médiaszolgáltató Zártkörűen Működő Nonprofit Részvénytársaság (short: Duna Média , dt. Danube Media Service GmbH) is the central public broadcasting company in Hungary . It was founded on July 1, 2015 and has been the country's only public service provider ever since.

Duna Média was created through the merger of Duna Televízió , Magyar Rádió and Magyar Televízió . The reasons given were the elimination of duplicate structures in the public service media and the coordination by a central administration of the Hungarian radio.


According to independent media workers in Hungary, the Orbán government completely restructured the public media. Several thousand employees were laid off in total. Since then, political issues have followed the line of the ruling party. The situation in the countryside is particularly worrying. In small-town and village surroundings, the public media, which includes MTV and the public news broadcaster Kossuth Rádió , are in fact no alternative. There is almost no more critical media here. This would lead to de facto co-ordination across the board.

The North German Broadcasting Corporation pointed out that in the programs of Magyar Televízió Germany was portrayed as a “highly dangerous plaster”. Reports on suspected violent migrants and therefore frightened German citizens would be broadcast weekly. It has been proven that Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) politicians appeared on Hungarian television several times and reported on the alleged tense situation in Germany. They presented themselves as "normal" German citizens and withheld their commitment to the right-wing populist party.

Merger of the three major broadcasting companies in Hungary.

Media overview

TV channel

The TV programs are made up of the former broadcasters Magyar Televízió and Duna Televízió as follows:

  • M1 - information program
  • M2 - children's and entertainment program
  • M3 archival broadcasts
  • M4 - sports program
  • M5 - cultural program
  • Duna - program for Hungarian minorities
  • Duna World - program for Hungarian minorities

Radio station

Most of the radio programs were taken over by the former radio company Magyar Rádió and some new stations were added:

  • Kossuth - Information (formerly MR1-Kossuth Rádió )
  • Petőfi - rock, pop (formerly MR2-Petőfi Rádió )
  • Bartók - classical, jazz (formerly MR3-Bartók Rádió )
  • Nemzetiségi - minorities (formerly MR4-Nemzetiségi adások )
  • Parlamenti - Politics (formerly MR5-Parlamenti adások )
  • Dankó - (formerly Dankó Rádió )
  • Duna World (radio)

Web links

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