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Gary Valentine (actually Gary Joseph Knipfing ; born November 22, 1961 in New York City ) is an American comedian and actor and the brother of actor Kevin James ( King of Queens ), at whose side he often appears in films.

In the American hit sitcom King of Queens , he plays the role of Danny Heffernan , who is a cousin of Doug Heffernan (Kevin James). Valentine only made a few minor appearances in the first four seasons of King of Queens . From the fifth season, however, his presence was created much stronger. He takes a job at the parcel delivery company, which Doug Heffernan also works for. He also lives in an apartment with Spence ( Patton Oswalt ).

Valentine also played a supporting role as a firefighter in the movie Chuck and Larry - Like Fire and Flame with Kevin James. His brother's role is Larry Valentine . The name is based on his last name and the first name of actor Larry Romano from King of Queens .

In 2009 he got a supporting role in the movie The Department Store Cop , also with Kevin James, in which he played a karaoke singer.

In the series Kevin Can Wait (2016-2018) he was seen at the side of Kevin James as his brother, again as a firefighter.


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