Fargo (TV series)

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Television series
German title Fargo
Original title Fargo
Fargo (TV logo) .png
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) since 2014
26 Keys Productions,
The Littlefield Company,
FX Productions
length 47–63 minutes
pilot episode: 68 minutes
Episodes 30 in 3+ seasons ( list )
genre Crime , drama , black comedy
idea Noah Hawley
production Kim Todd,
Chad Oakes,
Michael Frislev
music Jeff Russo
First broadcast April 15, 2014 (USA) on FX

First publication in German
September 16, 2014 on Netflix

Fargo is an American crime series created and written by Noah Hawley . The series is both a loose adaptation and a spin-off of the 1996 film of the same name by Ethan and Joel Coen . The Coen brothers are executive producers on the series. In the United States, the series opened on April 15, 2014 on FX television ; in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in September 2014 on Netflix .

The first airing of the second season took place in the USA on October 12, 2015 and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on October 14, 2015. In November 2015, FX extended the series by a third season, which was broadcast in the USA from April 19, 2017 and in German-speaking countries from April 20, 2017. The fourth season with eleven episodes, in which Chris Rock in the lead role plays the head of a gang of criminals, takes place in Kansas City, Missouri , in the 1950s . The broadcast on FX begins on September 21, 2020.


season 1

Location of some Season 1 locations in Minnesota , North Dakota, and Nevada

January 2006

In mid-January 2006, Phil McCormick was locked in the trunk of his car by Lorne Malvo during the day in his office in Saint Paul and kidnapped, presumably because of gambling debts. During the night, Lorne Malvo's car came to rest on a country road near Bemidji after colliding with a deer. Phil McCormick, dressed only in underpants, escapes from the trunk into the snowy forest and freezes to death.

In town, insurance worker Lester Nygaard meets his former tyrannical high school classmate Sam Hess. Sam intimidates Lester so that Lester accidentally breaks his own nose because of his nervousness. Lester goes to the emergency room and meets the professional killer Malvo, who was slightly injured in a car accident. The two talk about Sam Hess, with Malvo suggesting that he defend himself and suggesting that Sam be killed. Lester does not reply to this repeatedly made suggestion. Soon after, Sam is killed by Malvo. Malvo blames Lester for not rejecting the "proposal".

The next day, Police Chief Vern Thurman and Deputy Molly Solverson examine Lorne Malvo's wrecked car and find Phil McCormick, who was frozen to death, in the nearby woods. They are also investigating the murder of Sam Hess and learn from a witness that Lester and Malvo had previously discussed Hess in the hospital. Police Chief Vern Thurman drives to the Nygaard house to question Lester. Little does he know that Lester has meanwhile killed his wife Pearl, who had humiliated him and did not trust him to defend herself, with a hammer. Malvo, who was called by Lester to help him clear up the traces, enters the house through the back entrance and shoots Vern with a shotgun . Malvo then disappears with Lester's car, and Lester inflicts a head injury to himself to make the murder look like a burglary that escalated in the course of the crime. Malvo is later stopped in Duluth by Police Officer Gus Grimly for driving too fast . Malvo confronts Grimly with two options: to live or to die. Malvo drives on, Grimly looks confused and does not report the incident.

A few days later, Mr. Numbers and the deaf Mr. Wrench, sent by the Fargo Syndicate, arrive in Bemidji to track down the murderer of Sam Hess - Sam Hess was apparently doing business with the Fargo Syndicate . Max Gold, Sam Hess' lawyer, directs the two of them with a description of Malvo to the Lucky Penny strip club , where Hess was murdered. However, they take the wrong man - Lenny Potts - for the perpetrator, kidnap him and, although he was exonerated, later drown him in a frozen lake. Meanwhile, Bill Oswalt has been promoted to the new police chief. He and Molly discuss possible suspects. She suspects that Lester is the crucial link to the wanted motorist - Lorne Malvo - and to the murders of Sam Hess, Pearl Nygaard and Vern Thurman. Oswalt does not trust his former student Lester to use violence; he can only imagine that a tramp was responsible for the incident. Meanwhile, Malvo is hired by Stavros Milos ( Greek : Σταύρος Μίλος), the very wealthy owner of the supermarket chain "Phoenix Farms". He is supposed to find out who is blackmailing the supermarket owner for 43,613 US dollars . News of the Bemidji murders reaches Duluth Police Department, and Officer Grimly, who noted the license plate number of the vehicle he stopped and registered on Lester, realizes that the driver he stopped the night of the murder (Malvo) has to do with the incidents.

Molly continues to search for evidence of the murders in her town. She goes to Saint Paul and questions Phil McCormick's colleagues. A still image from the surveillance cameras shows the kidnapper's face out of focus. Meanwhile, Lester visits Sam's widow Gina Hess to clarify Sam's life insurance policy and notices that he is being watched by Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench. Later, the two of them visit Lester in his office and want to get information about Malvo from him, but Molly unexpectedly enters the office and they disappear. Molly lets Lester look by chance at the still image of the surveillance camera on which Lorne Malvo can be recognized. Lester's reaction to this convinces her that he must know him. Meanwhile, Grimly confesses to his Lieutenant Ben Schmidt that he stopped Malvo for driving too fast, but let him get away unpunished. Grimly visits the Bemidji Police Department to report the incident and speaks to Molly about the murders. Meanwhile, Malvo finds out that Don Chumph, the fitness trainer of Stavros Milo's wife Helena, is Stavros' blackmailer. From now on, Malvo is planning the blackmail himself - he is now asking for 1 million US dollars - and makes Don Chumph his accomplice. Malvo kills Milo's dog and replaces his pain relievers with the amphetamine Adderall . He takes advantage of Milo's religious beliefs and sabotages his sanitary facilities, causing pig blood to flow out of the shower head. Don Chumph, disguised as a plumber, checks the plumbing and mentions that the blood flowing out reminds him of a biblical plague .

Grimly arrests Malvo near Milo's estate. During the interrogation, Malvo pretends to be Frank Peterson, a pastor from Baudette , and - with the help of forged papers - can show a solid alibi. Meanwhile, Molly calls Grimly after learning Malvo's name. Before Malvo leaves the police station, Grimly calls after him "Lorne Malvo" to show Malvo that he knows his real identity. A few hours later, Malvo and Chumph release hundreds of crickets in Milos' supermarket, imitating a plague of locusts to further intimidate Stavros Milos. Milos seems mentally battered and loses more and more strength. He is ready to give in to the blackmail and pay the required amount. Malvo locks Chump in a pantry overnight so that he doesn't ruin his plan.

Meanwhile, Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench have kidnapped Lester. However, he manages to escape with the help of a taser . While escaping, he meets Deputy Knudsen and hits him in the face in order to be arrested and brought to safety. Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench later fake a fight in a bar, are arrested for the subsequent brawl, and put in the same prison cell that Lester is in. There they learn Malvo's identity by using force. They are released while Lester is hospitalized for a serious infection. A shotgun struck Lester's hand when Vern Thurman was shot by Malvo. Lester hid the wound, knowing it could prove he was in the room when Thurman was murdered. With this new evidence, Molly convinces Chief Oswalt that recent events are linked.

Chump is released from his pantry and is supposed to call Milos in a disguised voice, who is ready to hand over the ransom. Malvo then knocks Chump down and ties him to a training device in the entrance area with adhesive tape. An unloaded shotgun is also tied to Chump's hands. Malvo shoots wildly in the neighborhood and leaves Chump's house before the police arrive. After a short siege, the police storm the house and shoot Chump down, believing he is a gunman. In Duluth, Molly and Grimly discuss the recent murders when gunfire is reported nearby. They rush to the scene and find an accident vehicle that Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench had stopped earlier to kill Malvo, the driver of the car. An upcoming snow storm ensures that visibility is reduced. An exchange of fire ensues during the snowy whiteout . Malvo ambushes Mr. Numbers and asks who hired him and Mr. Wrench for the job. Numbers names the client from Fargo and is then killed by Malvo with a knife. In the whiteout, Molly and Grimly split up. Grimly, who can hardly see anything because of the limited visibility, hears gunfire, sees a shadow and accidentally shoots Molly. She is taken to a hospital.

Meanwhile, Milos is returning to the place where, 19 years earlier, he found a bag filled with money under a blanket of snow, which was marked by a red ice scraper and drew his attention to the treasure. In the same place he now buries the ransom, covers it with snow and marks the place of discovery with the same red ice scraper. He believes that God will forgive him now for taking the bag back then. On the way back, he discovers his bodyguard and his son Dimitri on the side of the road, who have died in a strange car accident - at the scene of the accident there was a rain of fish , a rare meteorological phenomenon. Meanwhile, after a brief recovery, Lester sneaks out of the Bemidji hospital and puts the murder weapon and other incriminating evidence in his brother Chazz's gun locker, who previously denied him. He also puts an unloaded revolver in his nephew Gordo's backpack and then returns to his hospital room undetected. The next morning Gordo goes to school. In the classroom, the revolver falls out of his backpack, shortly afterwards the police search Chazz Nygaard's property and find alleged evidence in the gun cabinet that is a heavy burden on Chazz. Lester hatches a new story for the police, claiming that Chazz and his wife, Pearl, were having an affair. Chazz killed Pearl during a heated argument. Furthermore, his brother shot Vern Thurman and he only covered him because he feared retaliation from his hot-headed brother. Lester is released from prison while Chazz is locked up.

Molly questions Mr. Wrench, who was admitted to the same hospital, and tells him that Mr. Numbers has died. Wrench refuses to cooperate with the police. Molly is released from the hospital and is appalled to learn that Chazz Nygaard has been arrested for murder. Meanwhile, in Fargo, the two monitor FBI - agents Budge and Pepper the headquarters of the Fargo-syndicate. Little did they notice that Lorne Malvo broke into the house and murdered 22 Syndicate members, including Mafia boss Moses Tripoli. The two FBI agents are demoted to low-level jobs in the archives after the incident.

Lester seduces greedy widow Gina Hess by promising to bribe some insurance agents to get the $ 2 million cash from Sam Hess' life insurance policy as soon as possible. He does not tell her that Sam had not paid any contributions for some time and that the application to pay out the insurance policy had already been rejected.

The next day, Lester comforts his sister-in-law Kitty, who thinks her husband is guilty. Shortly afterwards, Lester throws Pearls away and starts a new life. Gina Hess later storms into Lester's office furiously, having learned that the insurance policy's payout has been declined. Lester defends himself, which impresses his colleague Linda Park, as he now exudes self-confidence. Meanwhile, at Duluth Hospital, Malvo kills the police station and tells Mr. Wrench that he killed Mr. Numbers. Malvo gives Mr. Wrench the handcuff key and invites him over in case he still can't find peace after his recovery about the murder of Mr. Numbers.

January 2007

A year later, Grimly works as a postman and is happily married to Molly. He, his daughter and Molly live and work in Bemidji. Malvo works as a dentist in Kansas City under the name Mick Mike and is engaged to his medical assistant. Lester married his colleague Linda Park and received an award for "Insurance Clerk of the Year" in Las Vegas . At the hotel bar, Lester recognizes Malvo, who has changed his appearance and is sitting at a table with three people. He speaks to him, follows him and his companions into the elevator and annoys the demanding Malvo. Malvo then kills his "dentist colleague" Burt Canton, Burt's wife Louise and then his own fiancée Jemma. Malvo tells Lester that he has long been tired of posing as a dentist to murder Burt's brother, who is under witness protection . Lester hits Malvo's head with his trophy and flees back to his hotel room. He wakes Linda and insists on flying back home immediately. In Fargo, Agent Budge and Agent Pepper, who are still in charge of archival work, respond to a new clue about Fargo's wanted shooter and travel to Bemidji to meet with Molly. Both are impressed by the evidence gathered. They ignore Chief Oswalt's plea to drop the investigation and compliment Molly on her hard work. While distributing letters, Grimly notices a red BMW and its driver, but does not recognize Malvo due to his changed appearance. Malvo drives to Bemidji and stops at Lou's Coffee Shop . There he tries to find out Lester's address, but meets with resistance from Molly's father Lou Solverson, the owner of the coffee shop, and receives little information.

Lester has meanwhile returned to his new house, but wants to leave as soon as possible and orders a trip to Acapulco with Linda at short notice . They stop in front of his own office in the evening to pick up their passports and money from the safe. But Lester gets nervous. Fearing that Malvo might ambush him in the office, he lets Linda put on his red coat and sends her to the office. He sees that Malvo is executing Linda with a head shot. Then Malvo realizes that he didn't kill Lester but Linda and leaves the office. He looks at Lester's car, but Lester can hide in the car and is not spotted. Immediately after Linda's murder, Lester goes to Lou's Coffee Shop and orders a dinner for two. He pretends to be waiting for her.

After Linda's body is discovered, Lester is interrogated at the police station and later released. Meanwhile, Lou informs his son-in-law Gus Grimly that Malvo is back in Bemidji. While Gus rushes to the police station to see his wife, he sees the red BMW on a remote house and suspects that it could be Malvo's house. He approaches the shelter. Grimly sees Malvo leave the house and drive away in the car. Malvo drives into town and visits a car dealership. He asks for a test drive and tells the car salesman that one vehicle looks like an FBI car. Meanwhile, Oswalt informs Molly of his resignation and wants her to be promoted to chief of police.

Agent Pepper and Agent Budge escort Lester home. They don't realize that Malvo is chasing them. A little later a car pulls up at Lester's property. The two FBI agents grow suspicious, pull out their pistols and approach the car. The car salesman sits in the driver's seat, but both of his hands are tied with adhesive tape. Malvo shoots the two FBI agents from ambush. Lester notices the incident and desperately calls the police. Malvo breaks into the house, enters the bedroom, where he suspects Lester. He steps on a bear trap that Lester has hidden under a pile of clothes. There is an exchange of fire between Lester and Malvo, but both miss their target. Malvo flees to his hiding place to treat his broken leg. There Malvo is surprised by Grimly and shot. Grimly later shows Molly a suitcase containing Malvo's collected tapes, including Lester's phone conversation about the murder of Pearl. Two weeks later, Lester is followed by police on snowmobiles in Glacier National Park . Lester takes refuge in a frozen lake, ignores the warnings about the thin ice cover, collapses into the lake and dies. Molly receives a call at home about the search for Lester's body. Grimly, in turn, tells Molly that he will receive an award for bravery.

season 2

Location of some Season 2 locations in Minnesota , North and South Dakota, and Missouri

Set in 1979 in Sioux Falls , South Dakota , Luverne , Minnesota and Fargo , North Dakota, Season 2 is about Peggy Blumquist and her husband Ed Blumquist, who try to cover up the accident and the killing of Rye Gerhardt. Unfortunately, however, Rye is the son of Floyd Gerhardt, the matriarch of a criminal family syndicate from Fargo. Floyd tries to find out everything about the whereabouts of her youngest son. Meanwhile, Lou Solverson, a Minnesota State trooper and Vietnam War veteran , and Rock County Sheriff Hank Larsson are investigating three murders Rye Gerhardt committed in a diner .

Saturday 17th March 1979

The Gerhardt family of German descent is the largest organized crime syndicate in Fargo, which has built up and secured its influence in the northern Midwest over the years - but its influence is threatened by two events. The patriarch Otto Gerhardt suffers a stroke , so that the leadership of the family dynasty is uncertain, as his sons Dodd, Bear and Rye now also vie for the vacant leadership position. Meanwhile, Rye tries to put the judge Mundt in the Diner Waffle Hut , near Luverne, under pressure - because the typewriter salesman Skip gave him the order - but this ends in a massacre: Rye shoots the judge and the cook and the waitress. Outside again, he is distracted by the appearance of a UFO and runs carelessly onto the snow-covered street. There he was hit by a passing car and hit the windshield. The driver, Peggy Blumquist, stops briefly, but then escapes in an accident. Believing that the man is dead, she drives him home to her garage, even though he's still stuck in the windshield. Her husband Ed, a butcher by trade, later clashes with the meanwhile awakened Rye in his garage. The bleeding, injured gangster attacks him and Ed kills him in self-defense . Peggy persuades the traumatized Ed to keep the incident a secret, and they hide the body in their freezer. State trooper Lou Solverson - the father of Molly Solverson from the first season - and his father-in-law , Sheriff Hank Larsson, investigate the crime scene in and around the Waffle Hut . At home, Lou worries that his wife Betsy, who recently started chemotherapy , is getting cancerous .

Sunday March 18, 1979

Meanwhile, a competing syndicate from Kansas City has noticed Otto Gerhardt's stroke and is aiming to take over the Gerhardt empire and its business areas. Joe Bulo of the Kansas City Syndicate arrives at the Gerhardts' home with Mike Milligan and the Kitchen twins. Bulo offers Floyd Gerhardt a takeover, but with the option of continuing the business. As an alternative, he threatens a life and death gang war. After the Kansas City Syndicate members leave, Floyd informs her sons present of the meeting. Dodd is reluctant that his mother wants to temporarily take over the current business - the father has been paralyzed since the stroke and is unable to act. But she promises him that if he stands by his mother, he can take over the family empire as soon as the precarious situation calms down. After that, they instructed the Lakota - Sioux - Indian Hanzee Dent, the clever and unscrupulous henchmen Dodd, to find her missing son Rye. Mike and the Kitchen twins also start looking for Rye. Meanwhile, Peggy is working at the hair salon again, while Ed stays at home. Ed tidies up the garage, cleans the car, removes traces of blood, and takes the body to the butcher shop to dispose of it. Meanwhile, Lou visits the crime scene again with his family, where Betsy finds Rye's gun in a bush. Later that night, Lou notices the lights are still on in the closed butcher's shop and finds Ed there. Lou asks Ed to buy bacon to surprise his wife Betsy with. Ed struggles not to let Lou notice that the body is being disposed of - Rye's body parts have been chopping up with the meat grinder for several hours and Lou almost steps on one of Rye's last fingers that Ed had overlooked.

Monday March 19, 1979

After the murder weapon has been found and fingerprints have been compared, a manhunt for Rye begins. At the same time, both Dodd and Hanzee and Mike Milligan set out to find Rye.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Hank Larsson visits the hair salon to hang up a mug shot of Rye, where he meets his daughter Betsy. The two have a conversation about the case, in which Betsy in particular speculates about Rye's whereabouts. She thinks Rye may have been hit and missed. Peggy overhears their conversation and convinces Ed to fake another crash with her car in order to cover up the previous accident damage. Meanwhile, Lou visits the Gerhardts on their property and experiences a threatening situation there.

He then visits Skip's typewriter shop after overhearing a nervous appearance by Skip in front of Judge Mundt's office that morning - Skip has not yet known about the judge's murder. In the store, Lou meets Mike Milligan and the Kitchen twins, who are also looking for clues about Rye's whereabouts. This leads to a confrontation that ends in a stalemate . In the meantime, Hanzee has received a tip from Dodd's daughter Simone, who knows Rye's secret apartment in town, and they both track Skip there. They take him to Dodd, who finds out during interrogation that Skip has no information about Rye's possible whereabouts. Hanzee and Dodd force him to jump into an open grave and bury him alive with hot asphalt. Dodd orders Hanzee to go to Luverne to find Rye there.

Tuesday March 20, 1979

The next day, Hanzee reaches the small town of Luverne. First he drives to the Diner Waffle Hut , where he finds the broken glass from a vehicle headlight at the scene of the accident . Then he drives on through Luverne and sees Peggy's accident car in a garage. He inspects the car and finds that the broken glass matches the car and that there is a bit of blood on the passenger seat. From the car papers and from the mechanic Sonny, he learns the owner of the car. In the evening he searches the Blumquist's house and finds Rye's belt buckle in the fireplace - Ed had burned Ryes and his own clothes after cleaning the crime scene. Lou Solverson also has the Blumquists in his sights, since he remembers Ed's nervousness in the butcher's shop, and visits them in their house in the evening. Lou tries to convince the Blumquists to admit the crime and offers them help. At the same time he warns them of the reaction of the Gerhardt Syndicate to the murder of Rye. The Blumquists, however, deny any involvement in the crime and reject the offer.

While Otto Gerhardt is being taken to a doctor, his granddaughter Simone Gerhardt has sex with Mike Milligan and tells him about her grandfather's doctor's appointment. Shortly afterwards, Mike and the Kitchen twins kill Otto's bodyguards and a nurse in the doctor's office parking lot. Only Otto Gerhardt himself is left alive. Meanwhile, the Gerhardts meet with Joe Bulo of the Kansas City Syndicate at a hotel to negotiate the takeover. The Gerhardts refuse to take over and instead offer a partnership. Joe Bulo is opposed to this idea because Dodd had attacked two of his men shortly before. In addition, he is informed of the successful attack - in the parking lot of the doctor's practice - and reduces his takeover offer; then he ends the meeting. At home, Floyd tells her family, "It's war".

Betsy is participating in a clinical trial to fight cancer. She does not know whether she will be given placebo tablets or medication.

Wednesday March 21, 1979

One day later, Ronald Reagan comes to Luverne to campaign there for the upcoming presidential election . Lou is responsible for the escort and has to accompany him to the state border. Meanwhile, Hanzee comes back from Luverne and hands Rye's belt buckle to Floyd. Dodd and Hanzee lie to Floyd about Ed: He is a contract killer named "The Butcher of Luverne", who was hired by the Kansas City Syndicate to kill Rye - especially Dodd hoped that Floyd will act and attack. Floyd falls for the story and wants revenge. Hanzee and other accomplices ambush the members of the Kansas City Syndicate. Hanzee kills Wayne Kitchen from the Kitchen twins and Joe Bulo and sends his head to Mike Milligan. Shortly afterwards Simone visits Mike in his hotel room. He threatens her and demands that she spy on her family for him. Meanwhile, Dodd hires his henchman Virgil to kill Ed in Luverne. Bear's son Charlie, who has suffered from cerebral palsy since birth but can shoot well and now wants to prove himself as a killer for the first time, is allowed to accompany him.

Meanwhile, Peggy takes Lou's warning to heart and plans to move to California . But Ed insists on staying in Luverne because he wants to start a family there and run the butcher shop. When the skeptical Peggy is alone in the house, she packs her things, goes to the garage to pick up the repaired car and wants to drive to California without Ed. Once in the car, she changes her mind and sells the car to Sonny so that Ed can use the proceeds to run the butcher's shop.

During the day Virgil and Charlie reach the small town of Luverne and park opposite the butcher shop. The plan to finish off Ed and possible witnesses goes completely wrong: Virgil is killed by Ed, Charlie ends up in jail and the butcher's shop goes up in flames. In the evening Ed comes home and tries to convince Peggy that they both have to leave town as soon as possible. At that moment the police arrive in front of her house.

Wednesday night March 21, 1979

Ed is taken to the police station and interrogated there , but he doesn't want to talk without a lawyer. He is assigned a public defender: The only lawyer in and around Luverne is the always drunk Karl Weathers. Charlie was arrested and sitting since then in detention on the same grounds. Meanwhile, Floyd orders that Ed be killed and Charlie released from prison. Dodd drives to the Blumquist house and Bear to the police station. Meanwhile, Hank tries to convince Peggy that she should finally tell the truth. But Peggy is not prepared to then mentioned Hank that the new car owners - Sonny - has agreed that the car from the crime scene can be examined. A few seconds later, Dodd and his henchmen arrive at the Blumquist house. Hank is dejected. However, Peggy manages to escape to the basement, where she can overpower Dodd with his own stun gun .

Simone informs Mike about the Gerhardts plan - at the same time she wants to get revenge on her father Dodd. Shortly afterwards, the Kansas City Syndicate attacks the Gerhardts' barely protected property, where Simone, Floyd and Otto are currently located. Otto is killed in the robbery, but Simone and Floyd were unharmed.

Bear and his men arrive at the police station at the same time to rescue Charlie. Lou suspects that Ed will be shot immediately if he is found in the police station, and hatches a plan: Karl pretends to be Charlie's lawyer and has to convince Bear that they shouldn't get Charlie out of jail. He actually persuades Bear to withdraw, as it is the best option for everyone to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and promises an early release of Charlie. Meanwhile Lou and Ed sneak out of the police station and run into the woods. They run into the injured Hank by chance on a street. There Ed takes flight. But Hanzee is right on his heels.

Ed reaches his house and finds his wife and tied Dodd in the basement. Ed puts Dodd in the trunk. The Blumquists flee to a hunting lodge west of Sioux Falls with Dodd in the trunk. Shortly after the escape, Hank and Lou arrive at the Blumquist estate, but disappear after a few moments. Hanzee also inspects the house and finds a clue: Peggy has booked a hotel room in Sioux Falls over the weekend, where she and her friend Constance want to take part in a lifespring seminar.

Thursday March 22nd 1979

The next morning, Rye and Otto are buried on the Gerhardts' estate. Then Lou and Ben Schmidt take Floyd to the police station for questioning. At about the same time, Ed and Peggy arrive at the hunting lodge at Canistota. Ed finds a phone booth at a small gas station and tries unsuccessfully to speak to the Gerhardts several times to negotiate Dodd's release. Meanwhile, Simone visits Mike Milligan in his hotel room and blames him for killing Otto and not Dodd. Mike wants to capture her, maybe even kill her, but this is thwarted when Lou and Ben storm the hotel room. When leaving the hotel, Simone is intercepted by her uncle Bear. He takes her to a secluded wooded area and aligns them go there because with the Kansas City Syndicate collaborated have.

Looking for information about the whereabouts of the Blumquists, Hanzee reached a bar in Sioux Falls during the day, where he found a plaque parking next to a pub stating that 22 Sioux Indians were once killed there. When he was racially insulted by both the innkeeper and several bar guests, Hanzee took up arms: he shot the bar guests in the legs, the innkeeper and two police officers rushing to him.

Towards evening Floyd can no longer resist the questioning and accepts a deal: The Gerhardts are not charged for past crimes, but Floyd reveals to the police how the Kansas City Syndicate organizes drug smuggling. Meanwhile, Constance is tracked down by Hanzee in the hotel in Sioux Falls, where he suspected Peggy. Hanzee forces Constanze to have a phone call with Peggy, during which she is supposed to find out where the Blumquists are hiding, but without success. After all, Peggy mentions a gas station that is near her. Constance is also killed by Hanzee.

Friday March 23, 1979

The next day, Mike receives the message that the undertaker (in the original: The Undertaker ) is being sent to him because the Kansas City headquarters are dissatisfied with their work. When the undertaker arrives in the hotel room, Mike and Gale Kitchen kill him and his two companions and lie to headquarters that no one has arrived. Meanwhile, Ed tries to speak to the Gerhardts again from the gas station, but fails to reach anyone and is resigned. However, he reads in a local newspaper that Mike Milligan is staying at the Pearl Hotel and calls him. He negotiates a deal with Milligan: Dodd gets Dodd and in return is supposed to keep the Gerhardts away from him. They want to meet the next day at the Motor Motel in Sioux Falls. Then he leaves the gas station. A little later, Hanzee reaches the gas station. He learns from the gas station attendant the approximate location of the shelter where the Blumquists are supposed to be. When Hanzee drives away, the gas station attendant recognizes him in a mug shot and informs the police.

In the meantime, Dodd was able to free himself from the bondage and overpower Peggy. When Ed comes back from the gas station, Dodd tries to hang him. Ed barely survives the killing attempt, as Peggy again knocks down Dodd and frees Ed from the noose. Then Hanzee reaches the hunting lodge, surprisingly shoots his boss Dodd in the head and keeps the Blumquists in check with his gun. Hanzee asks Peggy to give him a professional haircut on the grounds that it should be a fresh start. But it doesn't come to that anymore, because suddenly Lou and Hank are standing in front of the hunting lodge. There is an exchange of fire. Just as Hanzee is about to shoot Ed, he runs out of ammunition; Peggy injures Hanzee on the back with her scissors, but he manages to flee and reaches the small gas station a little later. Once there, he kills the gas station attendant, treats his wound and drives away in the gas station attendant's car.

After Ed and Peggy are re-apprehended, Lou and Hank have to submit the case to the South Dakota State Police , as the arrest took place in South Dakota, where the State Police are responsible. When Ed reveals his upcoming meeting with Mike Milligan to the officers present, State Police Captain Cheney hatches a plan. The Blumquists are said to be wired for the meeting in hopes of incriminating Mike Milligan and the Kansas City Syndicate. The Blumquists agree to the plan, but Lou is strictly against it and thinks it is too dangerous - so far, the Blumquists have just been lucky. Cheney orders Lou to leave the state and only allows Hank to stay. On the way back, Lou stops again at the gas station to call his family. Lou discovers the murdered gas station attendant. He tries to warn the other police officers about Hanzee's possible plan, but falls on deaf ears. Lou is escorted to the state border. At the same time, Betsy suffers an acute attack of weakness at home due to her serious illness, but Lou does not hear about it.

During the day the police officers arrive at the motel with the Blumquists. They do not notice that they are already expected and observed by Hanzee. Hanzee phones the Gerhardts. He lies to her by saying Dodd is still alive and in the Motor Motel . There, in turn, the Kansas City people can be found who allegedly have Dodd under their control. Meanwhile, Lou reaches the state border with Minnesota. As soon as his escort has disappeared again, a radio message comes from his control center that Constanze's body has been found. Lou hesitates briefly, but then turns and drives back.

In the evening, Lou reaches Sioux Falls and looks at Constanze's hotel room. Some time later he comes to the Motor Motel, but is unable to intervene in time. The Gerhardts ambushed Cheney's squad and murdered most of the police, but Hank and Ben Schmidt and Ed and Peggy survived the attack. Meanwhile, Hanzee kills Floyd with a knife. Bear notices this and wants to kill Hanzee. However, Lou shoots several times at Bear from an ambush, who in turn threatens to strangle Lou in a rage. Hanzee meanwhile concentrates on shooting a dozen Gerhardt members. Just as Lou has almost passed out, a UFO appears and hovers directly over the motel. This distracts Bear, Lou gets his gun and can shoot him. Ed and Peggy are chased by Hanzee. Hank, who had recently been shot by Hanzee, orders Lou to pursue the Blumquists and Hanzee. Shortly afterwards, Mike and Gale Kitchen arrive at the motel, see the Gerhardts who have been killed and immediately leave town, just before more police officers arrive to reinforce them. Since then, this incident at the Motor Motel has been known as the "Sioux Falls Massacre".

During the Blumquists' attempt to escape, Ed is seriously injured by a shot by Hanzee. The couple find refuge in a supermarket. There they hide in the meat refrigerator and lock the door from the inside. Ed confides in Peggy that he doesn't feel like they are made for each other. Nevertheless, he loves her and wants nothing back more than the time before the accident with Rye Gerhardt. Shortly afterwards he dies of his blood loss. Peggy has a nervous breakdown and hallucinates that Hanzee is trying to smoke out the refrigerator - similar to a scene that Peggy saw that morning in an old feature film with Ronald Reagan ( Operation: Eagle's Nest ). Lou and Ben Schmidt arrive at the supermarket and arrest the completely distraught Peggy. They tell her that Hanzee wasn't even in the supermarket.

Saturday March 24, 1979

Lou brings Peggy back to Minnesota. During the journey, the two talk about life and death. Peggy still seems mentally battered and - because of the better view - wants a prison in California. Lou talks about the evacuation of Saigon during the final phase of the Vietnam War and his experiences on the USS Kirk . Peggy surrenders to her fate. Meanwhile, Hanzee meets with a person of trust who gives him a new identity as Moses Tripoli - the mafia boss who is killed by Lorne Malvo in the first season. Hanzee is finally breaking away from his old identity and intending to have plastic surgery. He wants to build his own criminal empire and seeks revenge on those who have offended him. In the same park he meets two children who are known from the first season as Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers .

Mike Milligan meets with his boss Hamish Broker and hopes he can take over the control center in Fargo, but his wishes are not fulfilled. In recognition of his services, he is instead promoted to the lowest management level of the criminal organization and takes on a pure desk function in a tiny office space at corporate headquarters.

Meanwhile, Betsy has recovered from her breakdown; According to her doctor, the cause was the new cancer drug. Lou and Hank return home, the family is reunited. Betsy asks Hank about the many pieces of paper with strange symbols that she saw days before in his office. Hank explains that it is his attempt to develop a universal imagery to enable better communication and to eliminate misunderstandings.

season 3

Location of some of the scenes in Season 3 in Minnesota , California and the GDR

The third season takes place in 2010 in the three cities of St. Cloud , Eden Valley and Eden Prairie in Minnesota . The story is about the couple Ray Stussy and Nikki Swango who, after an unsuccessful attempt to steal from Ray's brother Emmit, become involved in a double homicide case involving an old man with a mysterious past whose stepdaughter Gloria Burgle is investigating the murder case as a police officer. Meanwhile, Emmit tries to cut ties with a dubious company from which he had borrowed two years earlier. However, this has other plans for him, which is why he now has to deal with VM Varga and his henchmen.

East Berlin, 1988

A man named Jacob Ungerleider is of NVA - Colonel interrogated Horst Lagerfeld in a sparsely furnished office. He is accused of being really called Yuri Gurka and of having murdered his girlfriend Helga Albracht. But Ungerleider insists on being mistaken for being married and having a wife at home who also has the first name Helga.

Minnesota, 2010

Probation officer Ray Stussy wants to marry his ex-client and girlfriend Nikki Swango and asks his older brother Emmit at a party for money for a ring. When the latter refuses, the old discussion flares up between the two brothers about the unjust distribution of their father's inheritance. At that time Emmit received a valuable stamp collection, while Ray received a Corvette C3 . With the help of a positive drug test, Ray then blackmailed another client, Maurice LaFay, and asked him to steal a valuable postage stamp from Emmit's possession. Emmit had sold the stamp collection and kept a special stamp for sentimental reasons. In return for the theft, Stussy would refer a negative drug test to prosecutors. Meanwhile, Emmit meets with a man named VM Varga, from whom he had paid millions two years earlier for his company Stussy Lots Ltd. had borrowed. However, Varga informs him that there is no need for repayment because it was in fact an investment by a mysterious company to buy into the company. Police chief Gloria Burgle of the Eden Valley Police Department finds her stepfather Ennis Stussy murdered in his house together with her son. The shopkeeper was mistakenly murdered by Maurice LaFay because he lost Ray's slip of paper with the details for his order. He could only remember one man named Stussy and mistakenly went to Ennis Stussy in Eden Valley, whereas he was supposed to break into Emmit Stussy's house in Eden Prairie. He ultimately pays for this mistake with his life when, after an attempt at blackmail on his part, he is killed by Nikki and Ray with the help of an air conditioner let into the window of Nikki's apartment .

Emmit hires his lawyer to investigate the opaque VM Varga, which is noticed and causes the firm's entire network to collapse. Later, Meemo and Yuri Gurka, two of Varga's closest collaborators, bump into the lawyer from the level of a parking garage. In addition, Varga is now beginning to settle into Emmit's company and move into offices for himself and his confidants. Gloria Burgle meanwhile has to come to terms with the fact that Moe Dammick should take her place as head of the police in the course of a merger of the authorities and that she will be demoted to deputy . As part of their murder investigation finds both out that her stepfather apparently under the pseudonym Thaddeus Mobley Pulp -like science fiction novels has written, as well as that of her at that time not yet known as a murderer Lafay at a gas station the side of a Ripped out the phone book containing her stepfather's address. Ray meets with Emmit on the pretext of making peace while Nikki secretly tries to steal the stamp Ray wants. When she can't find it, because Emmit left it in a locker to change the frame, she angrily leaves a bloody tampon in a drawer in Emmit's study. In revenge, Emmit incites his business partner Sy Feltz on his brother, who first threatens him in a diner and then damages Ray's Corvette with his company car, a Hummer .

Los Angeles, 1975/2010

At a hotel bar, the writer Thaddeus Mobley and the film producer Howard Zimmerman negotiate the film adaptation of the bestseller The Planet Wyh . Mobley is introduced to future leading actress Vivian Lord, who is supposed to seduce him and get him to use part of his royalties to finance the film, which will never be shot. When Mobley finally finds out that he has been betrayed, he confronts Zimmerman in a motel room and cripples him with a series of heavy blows. Back in his own room, he vomits and sees the name of the toilet manufacturer, Dennis Stussy and Sons , with the D almost completely peeled off. He understands the resulting name as a sign of fate and comes up with the plan to start over as Ennis Stussy in another city.
Back in the present, Gloria Burgle also visits LA and goes on the trail of her late stepfather, where she accidentally stays in the same motel room as Mobley back then. She can find both the bedridden carpenter and Vivian Lord, who is now working as a waitress. The latter finally tells her the whole story about the writer Mobley. When she realizes that none of this seems to have anything to do with Ennis' death, she leaves again, but not without noticing the name in the bathroom as well.

Minnesota, 2010

Upon her return home in Minnesota, Gloria learns that the fingerprints found at the crime scene in Ennis' house belong to the now-dead Maurice LaFay. Ray adapts his appearance to that of his brother in a few simple steps, withdraws $ 10,000 from Emmit's account at the bank and gains access to the locker that is supposed to contain the stamp - but he only finds the ashes of a burned dog in it. Meanwhile, Emmit receives a visit from Varga, who is attending the family dinner. Using his manipulative skills, he gets Emmit to confirm him as a partner and promises him to make him a billionaire. Gloria interrogates Ray Stussy for the first time in the death of Maurice LaFay as his probation officer and namesake of her late stepfather. To make matters worse, Sy manages to inform Ray's manager of the relationship between Ray and Nikki, which leads to Ray losing his job. That Sy, in turn, is questioned by Officer Winnie Lopez of the St. Cloud Police Department about the damage to Ray's car and the ensuing hit-and-run . Winnie gets to know Gloria and the two decide to shed some light on the strange events surrounding the three Stussys.

Ray proposes to his girlfriend Nikki, which she happily accepts. Ray then disguises himself as Emmit again and the two shoot a sex tape in order to extort $ 100,000 from him. However, Emmit's wife Stella sees the video in front of her husband and then leaves him with her mother and their children. Varga punishes Sy for talking to the police by urinating in a coffee mug and then forcing Sy to drink the urine. Sy goes to dinner with the widow Ruby Goldfarb, who is also interested in the company. The conversation comes to an abrupt end, however, when Emmit bursts in and, on the advice of Varga, urges his partner to get rid of the problem with Ray at all costs. Sy contacts Nikki by phone and meets with her in one of the company's parking lots. Suddenly Meemo and Yuri appear and beat Nikki badly, Sy leaves the young woman and drives away in shock.

Nikki, who survived badly damaged, and her boyfriend forge a plan to get revenge on Meemo, Yuri and Varga. After the interrogation of Emmit by Gloria and Winnie is unsatisfactory due to Vargas' interference, the two officers go to Ray's house. However, Ray and Nikki escape undetected, not knowing that Varga is already after both of their lives. Ray has to go back to the house because he forgot the $ 10,000 escape allowance. Once there, Emmit appears and the two go into the house to make peace. Emmit wants to hand over the picture frame with the 2- cent stamp inside to his brother , but he refuses. While the two brothers keep pushing the frame towards each other, it ultimately breaks and a shard slits Ray's carotid artery . In front of Emmit's eyes, Ray finally bleeds to death on the floor. Emmit desperately notifies his new partner VM Varga, who is keen to see Nikki being suspected of defending herself against the alleged tormentor Ray because of her injuries.

Gloria and Winnie find the dead Ray and the plan works, Nikki is stopped on the run in a motel room and arrested, Meemo watches the whole scene. Chief Dammick interrogates Nikki and accuses her of murdering her friend Ray in revenge for the beating. Winnie is now supposed to investigate traffic offenses again and Gloria is ordered back to Eden Valley as she is not responsible in St. Cloud. Emmit and Sy meet again with the widow Goldfarb when Winnie enters the dining room and informs Emmit of his brother's death. Although Winnie does not say anything about the circumstances, Emmit immediately mentions that Nikki would certainly have murdered her boyfriend. In the detention cell at the police station, Vargas, disguised as a police officer, tries to kill Nikki with an injection . Gloria arrives at the last second, but Golem manages to escape. Nikki is grateful and tells Dammick and Gloria to “follow the money”. Since she violated her probation , Nikki is put on a bus that is supposed to take her to the state prison . However, the transport is stopped by Meemo, Yuri and Golem and the bus overturns using a ramp placed by the three.

With the help of a man to whom Nikki is chained, she gets off the bus through the emergency exit. The man turns out to be the deaf killer Mr. Wrench, already known from the two previous seasons. In a forest, the two are caught on the run by their captors and injured. However, they manage to behead Golem with the chain that connects them and cut off one ear of Yuri with an ax, whereupon he disappears bleeding heavily. Both escape to a bowling alley , where Nikki meets the inconspicuous Paul Marrane over a drink. This conjures her to fight against the evil in the world and tells her that a getaway car is waiting for her and her accomplice Mr. Wrench outside. Before she turns away, she is allowed to hold Marrane's kitten Ray in her arms, in whom she suspects the reincarnated soul of her deceased fiancé. A little later, Yuri also arrives, who is confronted by Marrane with his past sins, keyword East Berlin 1988. On Christmas morning Sy is admitted to the hospital after being poisoned by Varga, Gloria is called to the site of the bus accident.
Two and a half months later, Nikki and Mr. Wrench are still on the run, Yuri has disappeared. Gloria is now finally Deputy and Varga is an equal partner of Emmit. Sy, who is still in the hospital, is visited by Emmit, who on leaving the clinic first has to find out that his dead brother's Corvette is suddenly in his parking lot and then in his office in each picture frame an enlarged copy of the famous 2- Cent postage stamp discovered. In addition, he wakes up a day later and suddenly has a fake mustache that makes him look like Ray. Plagued by deep feelings of guilt, Emmit goes to Gloria Burgle's police station and wants to confess his deeds.

Marvin Stussy, a St. Cloud dentist, is killed in the same way as Ray Stussy. Emmit admits his involvement in his brother's death and how he manipulated him back then to get the more precious part of the inheritance by making Ray believe he would be a women's favorite with a Corvette. Meemo should then Emmit from the remand free, but is stopped by Nikki and Mr. Wrench using a false grenade. The two then steal incriminating documents from the mobile command center truck that Meemo drove to extort $ 2 million from Varga. Meanwhile, Winnie informs Gloria about the death of another Stussy, more precisely George Stussy, who, like Ennis, died of suffocation in his kitchen . The front man Donald Woo used by Varga finally succeeds in being arrested and prosecuted for the murders of all the Stussys, whereupon Chief Dammick closes the case and releases Emmit. Varga meets with Nikki to recruit her for his services and to avoid blackmail. However, the emergency sniper Meemo is stopped by Mr. Wrench, whereupon Nikki Varga gives an ultimatum of 24 hours for the payment of the 2 million. The released Emmit is picked up by Varga and his people. Winnie and Gloria go for a drink together and Winnie urges her colleague, whose investigative approaches are always undermined by Chief Dammick, to stay on the ball anyway. An anonymous package that Stussy Lots Ltd. contains incriminating information from Vargas Truck, the recipient Larue Dollard, an employee of the IRS tax authority .

Dollard finds a slip of paper with the name Gloria Burgles and her phone number in the middle of the documents. Gloria, who has already placed her resignation on her boss's desk, receives a call from Dollard, but denies having sent him the files. At the mention of the name VM Vargas, however, she pricks up the ears and decides to meet Dollard, newly motivated she destroys her letter of resignation before Dammick can find it. In a conversation between Dollard and Burgle, the two find out that the takeover of Emmit's company by Varga is intended to evade taxpayers' money and divert corporate assets. At the same moment that Varga forces Emmit to sign a number of documents in his house. Emmit feels betrayed and suddenly appropriates Meemo's weapon. Since Varga makes Emmit believe that she has a fingerprint sensor, Emmit does not pull the trigger and is knocked down by Meemo. Varga and his team meet with Nikki and Wrench in an empty building in order to receive a series of hard drives containing compromising material in exchange for the money asked . Varga and his men are ambushed and Mr. Wrench shoots everyone except Varga, who escapes through an elevator shaft. Nikki then leaves the looted money to her companion except for two bundles, after which they part ways. Meanwhile, Emmit, who has now woken up again, has to find out in the office that Ruby Goldfarb was in league with Varga and is currently setting up the company that she now owns. Ruby points out to Emmit the millions in foreign accounts he is supposed to have and advises him to file for bankruptcy about his debts . Emmit's BMW finally breaks down on a country road . Suddenly a pickup truck pulls up behind him, and Nikki gets out of it with a rifled shotgun. Before she can shoot her future brother-in-law, she recites a line that Marrane had given her for such a situation, but is interrupted by an emerging state trooper who controls Emmit and Nikki. Before the shocked Emmit can warn the police officer, Nikki pulls out the shotgun hidden behind Emmit's car and shoots the officer, who in turn kills Nikki with a head shot. Emmit flees from the crime scene and Gloria arrives a little later.

Minnesota, 2016

Emmit, who returned to his wife crying after the gruesome incident, is reunited with his family and enjoys a meal with her and his friend Sy, who is now in a wheelchair. When he is about to get salad in the kitchen, Mr. Wrench suddenly appears and executes him with a silenced pistol.

Three months later, Gloria Burgle, meanwhile an agent for the Ministry of Internal Security , interrogates a certain Daniel Rand, who VM Varga claims to be. Gloria lets it be known that she knows his true identity and reveals to him that in five minutes he would be taken away for money laundering and conspiracy to murder six times and go to jail. Rand alias Varga replies that Gloria's superiors would appear in five minutes to give him his freedom. You can see how Gloria counts the minutes, but in the end it is not shown what fate Varga is in bloom.


Like the first season, all subsequent seasons should also be self-contained narratives and only make limited reference to each other.

The opening credits of each episode contain the same hint that the plot is based on a true story as the film. In fact, like the film, the plot is fictitious. The hint that the events took place in 2006, which was retained throughout the first season, is wrong in that there is a time jump of one year from episode 8 onwards.

Cast and dubbing

The dubbing company Studio Funk GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg is responsible for the German dubbing of the first season under the dialogue book by Jesse Grimm and the dialogue direction by Florian Kühne . From the second season onwards, Berliner Synchron GmbH is responsible for this under the dialogue script and direction by Werner Böhnke .

season 1

role actor Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Lorne Malvo Billy Bob Thornton 1.01–1.10 Stephan Benson
Lester Nygaard Martin Freeman 1.01–1.10 Michael Lott
Molly Solverson Allison Tolman 1.01–1.10 2.10 Kristina von Weltzien
Gus Grimly Colin Hanks 1.01–1.10 2.10 Christian Stark
Bill Oswalt Bob Odenkirk 1.01–1.05, 1.07–1.10 Reent Reins
Greta Grimly Joey King 1.01-1.03, 1.05, 1.07-1.10, 2.10 Florentine Draeger
Lou Solverson Keith Carradine 1.01-1.04, 1.07-1.10, 2.10 Bernd Stephan
Gina Hess Kate Walsh 1.01, 1.03, 1.07-1.08 Marion von Stengel
Mickey Hess Atticus Mitchell 1.01, 1.03, 1.08 Tim Kreuer
Moe Hess Liam Green 1.01, 1.03, 1.08 Flemming stone
Ida Thurman Julie Ann Emery 1.01-1.02, 1.05, 1.08 Merete Brettschneider
Bo Munk Tom Musgrave 1.01-1.03, 1.07-1.08 Mark Bremer
Kitty Nygaard Rachel Blanchard 1.01-1.02, 1.08-1.10 Mareike Fell
Chaz Nygaard Joshua Close 1.01-1.04, 1.06-1.07 Martin Lohmann
Linda Park Susan Park 1.01, 1.03, 1.08-1.10 Esra Vural
Mr. Wrench Russell Harvard 1.02-1.08
Mr. Numbers Adam Goldberg 1.02-1.06
Stavros Milos Oliver Platt 1.02-1.06 Holger Mahlich
Don Chumph Glenn Howerton 1.02-1.06 Oliver Boettcher
Deputy Knudsen Gary Valentine 1.04–1.08, 1.10 Robert Missler
Webb Pepper Jordan Peele 1.07-1.10
Bill Budge Keegan-Michael Key 1.07-1.10 Sascha Draeger

season 2

role actor Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Lou Solverson Patrick Wilson 2.01-2.10 Alexander Doering
Peggy Blumquist Kirsten Dunst 2.01-2.06 (a) , 2.08-2.10 Marie Bierstedt
Ed Blumquist Jesse Plemons 2.01-2.10 Bastian Sierich
Hank Larsson Ted Danson 2.01-2.10 Peter Reinhardt
Floyd Gerhardt Jean Smart 2.01-2.07 (b) , 2.09-2.10 Heike Schroetter
Hanzee Dent Tooth McClarnon 2.01-2.10 Jörg Pintsch
Dodd Gerhardt Jeffrey Donovan 2.01-2.06, 2.08, 2.10 Werner Böhnke
Bear Gerhardt Angus Sampson 2.01-2.07, 2.09-2.10 Klaus Lochthove
Rye Gerhardt Kieran Culkin 2.01 Arne Stephan
Simone Gerhardt Rachel Keller 2.02-2.07, 2.10 Sarah Everything
Charlie Gerhardt Allan Dobrescu 2.02-2.06 Marcel Mann
Joe Bulo Brad Garrett 2.01-2.05 Jan Spitzer
Mike Milligan Bokeem Woodbine 2.01-2.10 Sebastian Christoph Jacob
Gale Kitchen Brad man 2.01-2.10
Wayne Kitchen Todd Mann 2.01-2.05
Betsy Solverson Cristin Milioti 2.01-2.07, 2.09-2.10 Melanie Isakowitz
Karl Weathers Nick Offerman 2.01, 2.04-2.07 Andreas Hosang
Ben Schmidt Keir O'Donnell 2.03, 2.05, 2.07, 2.09, 2.10 Dirk Mueller
Molly Solverson Raven Stewart 2.01-2.03, 2.05, 2.07, 2.09-2.10
Constance Heck Elizabeth Marvel 2.02-2.05, 2.08 Cornelia Waibel
Noreen Vanderslice Emily Haine 2.01-2.03, 2.05-2.07, 2.09, 2.10 Friedel Morgenstern
Sonny Greer Dan Beirne 2.01, 2.04-2.07 Tim Sander
Otto Gerhardt Michael Hogan 2.01-2.04, 2.06, 2.10 Uli Krohm
Ronald Reagan Bruce Campbell 2.05, 2.08 Ronald Nitschke
teller Martin Freeman 2.09 Marco Wittorf
(a)In addition, she is in the credit in the seventh episode Did you do that? No she! (Original title: Did You Do This? No, You Did It! ) Mentioned, but without an appearance.
(b)She is also mentioned in the credit in the eighth episode Loplop , but without an appearance.

season 3

role actor Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Emmit Stussy Ewan McGregor 3.01-3.10 Philipp Moog
Ray Stussy 3.01-3.06 3.07
Gloria Burgle Carrie Coon 3.01-3.10 Carmen Katt
Nikki Swango Mary Elizabeth Winstead 3.01-3.10 Tanya Kahana
VM Varga David Thewlis 3.01-3.10 Frank Röth
Yuri Gurka Goran Bogdan 3.01-3.08 Artur Weimann
Sy Feltz Michael Stuhlbarg 3.01-3.10 Axel Malzacher
Donny Mashman Mark Forward 3.02-3.05, 3.07-3.09 Daniel Gardener
Maurice LeFay Scoot McNairy 3.01 Robert Glatzeder
Winnie Lopez Olivia Sandoval 3.04-3.10 Nadine Heidenreich
Larue Dollard Hamish Linklater 3.05, 3.06, 3.09, 3.10 Jörg Hengstler
Mr. Wrench Russell Harvard 3.07-3.10
Moe Dammick Shea Whigham 3.02, 3.04, 3.05, 3.07, 3.09 Michael Deffert
Meemo Andy Yu 3.02, 3.04, 3.05-3.10 Jörn Linnenbröker
Golem DJ Qualls 3.07-3.08 Bernd Egger
Thaddeus Mobley Thomas Mann 3.03 Johannes Walenta
Paul Marrane Ray Wise 3.03, 3.08 Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Ruby gold color Mary McDonnell 3.05, 3.07, 3.09, 3.10 Kornelia buoy
Stella Stussy Linda Kash 3.01, 3.04, 3.05, 3.10 Silvia Missbach
Horst Lagerfeld Sylvester Groth 3.01 Sylvester Groth
Jakob Ungerleider Fabian Busch 3.01 Fabian Busch
teller Billy Bob Thornton 3.04 Joachim Tennstedt

Meanings of the episode titles

All episode titles of the first season refer to either kōans , parables or paradoxes . In the second season, the episode titles refer to artistic works of the 19th and 20th centuries: literary works, graphic works and plays.

The following explanations refer to the English original titles.

season 1

  • Episode 1 - The Crocodile's Dilemma refers to a paradox known in German-speaking countries as the crocodile closure.
  • Episode 2 - The Rooster Prince refers to a Jewish parable by Rabbi Nachman von Brazlaw and is about a prince who believes he is a turkey and behaves like it, sitting naked under the dining room table and feeding on the crumbs and bones, falling to the ground Nobody can stop him until a wise man appears who convinces him that he can slip into the role of a prince as a turkey, so that after a while he is healed again. In the German-speaking world, the parable is known as "[story] Vom Truthahn".
  • Episode 3 - A Muddy Road refers to the Zen Kōan "[The] Dirty Road".
  • Episode 4 - Eating the Blame refers to the Zen-Koan of the same name, which u. a. known as "The Snakehead" or "Swallowing the Snake". A cook had not prepared in time, but was supposed to prepare a meal for a Zen master and his students. He quickly went into the garden, cut vegetables and made soup out of them. But unnoticed and in a hurry, he also added chopped pieces of a snake to the soup. The students loved the soup, but the Zen master found the head of the snake in his soup. The Zen master called the cook and asked the cook, "What is this?" The cook replied "Thank you, Master", took the snake head and quickly ate it.
  • Episode 5 - The Six Ungraspables refers to a Zen-Kōan by Yúnmén Wényǎn and the Buddhist concept of Dharmakāya - the five senses and the mind.
  • Episode 6 - Buridan's Ass refers to a paradox, also known in German-speaking countries as Buridan's ass .
  • Episode 7 - Who Shaves the Barber? refers to the barber paradox .
  • Episode 8 - The Heap refers to the paradox of the heap .
  • Episode 9 - A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage refers to a variant of the river crossing puzzle , better known in German-speaking countries as wolf, goat and cabbage .
  • Episode 10 - Morton's Fork refers to a dilemma known in German-speaking countries as Morton's fork . Morton's fork is a situation where you have to choose between two unpleasant things, with the two conflicting arguments leading to the same unpleasant end. In the episode of the same name, Lester is confronted with Morton's fork when he flees from the police and goes onto the frozen lake. If Lester surrenders, he is arrested and given a long prison term. But if Lester continues to stay on the frozen lake and flees from the authorities, he will break through the thin ice cover into the lake and drown. Either way, Lester will be punished for his actions.

season 2

  • Episode 1 - Waiting for Dutch refers to the play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett , in which two characters wait for a person named Godot, who have a dialogue while waiting. Dutch is Ronald Reagan's nickname. In the first scene of the episode, the actors freeze and upset because they have to wait for Reagan to finish his makeup so that a scene for the fictional western film "Massacre at Sioux Falls" can be shot.
  • Episode 2 - Before the Law refers to the prose text Before the Law by Franz Kafka . The plot consists of a "country man" trying in vain to gain entry into the law, which is guarded by a doorkeeper.
  • Episode 3 - The Myth of Sisyphus refers to the philosophical essay The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus , about human existence as a hopeless absurdity. In one scene you can see Ed's colleague Noreen holding Camus' essay and reading it. In addition, in the sixth episode, Ed tells in a funny and non-self-confident way about the mythological figure of Sisyphus when he is interrogated by Lou. He interprets his actions in Camu's vision of Sisyphus.
  • Episode 4 - Fear and Trembling refers to the philosophical treatise Fear und Trembling by Søren Kierkegaard .
  • Episode 5 - The Gift of the Magi refers to the short story The Gift of the Wise Men by O. Henry . The story is about a young married couple with little money who want to surprise each other with a Christmas present. They both decide, independently of each other, to sacrifice what is most dear to them, only that in the end they can no longer use each other's gift. At the beginning of this episode, Ed refuses to leave town with his wife Peggy because he wants to stay in Luverne. However, he changes his mind after Virgil and Charlie tried to kill him and at the end of the episode he wants to leave town with Peggy as soon as possible. However, the police have just arrived in front of her house and it is impossible to escape. Before that, Peggy picks up her car from the workshop and wants to leave town - without Ed - but she changes her mind and sells the car so Ed can buy the butcher's shop. In the end, the gifts and the sacrifices are useless to each other.
  • Episode 6 - Rhinoceros refers to the play The Rhinos by Eugène Ionesco . In terms of content, Ionesco describes a progressive transformation of people into rhinos in a fictional society, although this process is only perceived by a few and which ultimately encompasses everyone - except for the protagonist. It's about issues like conformity, culture, mass movements and the mob mentality. In this episode, Nick Offerman appears to take on the role of the protagonist Behringer, who is bored of his work, alienated from society and inclined to alcohol, but seems to be the only rational person who can keep a cool head in the entire situation. The Gerhardts and the Kansas City Syndicate embody the role of the rhinos, who are portrayed as rampaging herd animals.
  • Episode 7 - Did You Do This? No, You Did It! relates to a true story: in 1944, the following dialogue between the artist and a German soldier took place in Pablo Picasso's Paris studio in the Rue des Grands Augustins. The soldier saw a reduced reproduction of the Guernica and asked: “Did you do that?” To which Picasso replied with “No, you!”.
  • Episode 8 - Loplop refers to the figure of the same name from Max Ernst's alter ego , a mythical bird.
  • Episode 9 - The Castle refers to the unfinished novel Das Schloss by Franz Kafka.
  • Episode 10 - Palindrome is the English word for palindrome and refers to a word, a series of words or a sentence that has the same or at least a meaningful meaning when read both forwards and backwards. In terms of the series, at the end of the season the characters have ended up where they started at the beginning of the season or ended up in a place that reflects their situation from the beginning of the season. This is how the last episode ends with Mr. and Mrs. Solverson who, like in the first episode of the season, are lying in bed together and Lou says to his wife: “Good night, Mrs. Solverson. And all ships on the sea. " Ed Blumquist, on the other hand, who hid Rye's body in his freezer at the beginning of the season, dies in the end in the meat refrigerator of a supermarket. Mike Milligan came to Fargo from Kansas City, believing that if he worked successfully, he would be allowed to take over the control center in Fargo and thereby rise within the syndicate. In the end, however, he lands back in Kansas City and continues to only take orders.

season 3

  • Episode 1 - The Law of Vacant Places refers to the principle of so-called "vacant places" that can be used in bridge . It names a simple method with the help of which one can more easily assess which of the four hands a particular card is in.
  • Episode 2 - The Principle of Restricted Choice refers to the principle of the so-called "limited possibilities", which also comes into play when playing bridge. It says that playing a certain card will reduce the chances of the player holding a similarly strong one.
  • Episode 3 - The Law of Non-Contradiction refers to the principle of contradiction . This states that two mutually contradicting statements cannot both be correct at the same time.
  • Episode 4 - The Narrow Escape Problem refers to a problem in biology , biophysics, and cell biology that describes the time it takes for a particle to emerge from an opening that is too narrow.
  • Episode 5 - The House of Special Purpose refers to the so-called Ipatyev House ( Russian Дом Ипатьева ) in Yekaterinburg , Russia , where Tsar Nicholas II and his family were imprisoned and murdered in 1918 .
  • Episode 7 - The Law of Inevitability refers to the First Law of Inevitability . It says that every action has to be followed by a consequence, for example a coin tossed in the air will inevitably land on one of the two sides ( heads or tails ).
  • Episode 9 - Aporia refers to the ancient Greek term aporia , which in philosophy describes an almost insoluble puzzle and in rhetoric the state of human indecision or doubt.
  • Episode 10 - Somebody to Love refers to the song title Somebody to Love , which was given for example by the groups Jefferson Airplane and Queen . The lyrics of both songs deal with human doubts and their disillusionment.

Production and broadcast

In 2012, FX announced that it was working with the Coen brothers on a series adaptation of their 1996 Oscar-winning film Fargo . In March 2013, the broadcaster ordered ten episodes of the series as a kind of miniseries . In August 2013, Billy Bob Thornton was engaged for a leading role in the series, a month later Martin Freeman and in early October Colin Hanks . Series creator Noah Hawley was the sole writer for the first season, while Adam Bernstein , Randall Einhorn , Colin Bucksey , Scott Winant and Matt Shakman directed. The first season is said to have been inspired by films like A Serious Man , Fargo and No Country for Old Men . The production of the first season began in the fall of 2013 in Calgary in the Canadian province of Alberta . The first season aired on FX between April 15 and June 17, 2014. The German premiere of the first season took place on September 16, 2014 with the launch of the VoD platform Netflix in Germany. The series has been running on free-to-air television in Switzerland ( SRF 2 ) and Austria ( ORF 1 ) since September 2016 and from November 3 in Germany ( ZDF neo ).

In July 2014, FX extended the series with a ten-part second season. Noah Hawley announced that this 1979 season will be set in Sioux Falls and will be about 33-year-old Lou Solverson. Well-known actors could be engaged for the main roles of the second season: Patrick Wilson , Kirsten Dunst , Jesse Plemons , Ted Danson and Jean Smart . Kirsten Dunst became aware of the second season on the advice of her agency. She then watched the first season and was impressed with the style and script of the series. When she read the scripts of the first two episodes of the second season, she was so excited that she asked the series creator Noah Hawley to give her the role of Peggy Blumquist, which she finally got. Noah Hawley was dying to get Jesse Plemons to play Ed Blumquist because he was impressed with Plemon's acting in Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad . Performing actors who do not come from the northern Midwest had to learn the local dialect with the help of a dialect trainer. According to Noah Hawley, the second season is said to be influenced by films like Fargo , Miller's Crossing and The Man Who Wasn't There . The second season was filmed from January 19 to May 20, 2015. Her German premiere was on October 14, 2015 on Netflix.

In May 2016, the actor Ewan McGregor, best known from the movies, was hired for a double role in the third season. In July, Carrie Coon , who plays a newly divorced mother and the Eden Valley Police Chief, was hired . The third season has been broadcast in the USA since April 19, 2017 and on Netflix in German-speaking countries since April 20, 2017.


  • The character of Mr. Wrench is the only one who appears in all seasons.
  • In 2003 there were already plans for a series adaptation of the film. The one-hour pilot film with Edie Falco in the role of the policewoman Marge Gunderson, who is known from the same, was convincing, but the planned series was never shot.
  • The character of Deputy Knudsen of the Bemidji Police Department is a reference to the character Bunny from the movie The Big Lebowski , which also comes from the pen of the Coen brothers . The wife of millionaire Jeffrey Lebowski was called Knudsen before she married and comes from Minnesota.
  • The character of Lester Nygaard wears a deerstalker cap , which is often used to depict the character of the novel, Sherlock Holmes . Martin Freeman plays both Lester and Dr. Watson in the British series Sherlock .
  • Each season has at least one actor who was also in a Coens film.



The first season of the series received a Metascore of 85/100 on Metacritic based on 40 reviews, on Rotten Tomatoes 94 out of 100 points, based on 84 evaluated reviews. In summary, it says there that the series was "masterfully made, full of black humor and bizarre twists."

Gian-Philip Andreas from wunschliste.de wrote in his review: “ Fargo [tells] a completely new story, which is surprisingly ingeniously based on the original in style and atmosphere. [...] Fargo works excellently both as a black type comedy and as a bloody thriller . "

The second season received consistently positive reviews and achieved a rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 58 reviews, and formulated as a synopsis : “The second season of Fargo retains all the elements that make the series an award-winning hit. Another outstanding saga, implemented through fascinating characters, cheeky cynicism and a touch of the absurd ”. At Metacritic, the second season scored a Metascore 96/100 based on 33 reviews.

The third season received a score of 89/100 on Metacritic, based on 32 reviews, and 93% and 8.55 / 10 on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 49 reviews. Metacritic gives the third season “general recognition”, whereas the critical consensus of Rotten Tomatoes says that “[...] thanks to the proportionately outstanding double performance of Ewan McGregor, the third season also convey the clever wit and the deranged sensitivity of the characters could."

Awards and nominations (selection)

American Film Institute Awards

  • 2015: Award in the category Best Series of the Year for the second season

Critics' Choice Television Award


  • 2014 : Award in the Best Miniseries category
  • 2014: Award for Best Director in a Miniseries or TV Movie for Colin Bucksey (episode Buridan's Ass )
  • 2014: Nomination for Best Director in a Miniseries or TV Movie for Adam Bernstein (episode The Crocodile's Dilemma )
  • 2014: Nomination for Best Screenplay in a Miniseries or TV Movie for Noah Hawley (episode The Crocodile's Dilemma )
  • 2014: Nomination for Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie for Billy Bob Thornton
  • 2014: Nomination for Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie for Martin Freeman
  • 2014: Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie for Colin Hanks
  • 2014: Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie for Allison Tolman

Golden Globe Award

  • 2015 : Award in the category of best mini series or TV film
  • 2015: Award for Best Actor - Mini-Series or TV Movie for Billy Bob Thornton
  • 2015: Nomination for Best Actress - Mini-Series or TV Movie for Allison Tolman
  • 2015: Nomination in the category of Best Actor - Mini-Series or TV Movie for Martin Freeman
  • 2015: Nomination for Best Supporting Actor - Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie for Colin Hanks
  • 2016 : Nomination in the category Best Miniseries or TV Movie for the second season
  • 2016: Nomination for Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie for Patrick Wilson
  • 2016: Nomination in the category Best Actress - Miniseries or TV Film for Kirsten Dunst
  • 2018 : Award for Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie for Ewan McGregor
  • 2018: Nomination in the category Best Miniseries or TV Movie for the third season
  • 2018: Nomination for Best Supporting Actor - Series, Mini-Series or TV Movie for David Thewlis

Satellite Awards

  • 2015 : Nomination in the category Best TV Series (Drama) for the second season
  • 2015: Nomination in the category Best Actress in a Series (Drama) for Kirsten Dunst

TCA Award

  • 2014: Nomination in the Best New Show category
  • 2014: Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in a Movie, Miniseries, and Specials
  • 2016: Nomination in the category Best TV Program of the Year
  • 2016: Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in a Film, Miniseries and Specials
  • 2017: Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in a Movie, Miniseries and Specials
  • 2017: Nomination in the Individual Achievement Drama category for Carrie Coon

Writers Guild of America Award

  • 2016: Nomination in the Long Form Adapted category for Steve Blackman, Bob DeLaurentis, Noah Hawley, Ben Nedivi and Matt Wolpert

DVD and Blu-ray publishing

United States

  • Season 1 was released on October 14, 2014
  • Season 2 was released on February 23, 2016
  • Season 3 (DVD only) was released on December 5, 2017


  • Season 1 was released on May 7, 2015
  • Season 2 was released on May 12, 2016
  • Season 3 (DVD only) was released on March 15, 2018

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