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Klaus-Dieter Klebsch (born April 4, 1949 in Potsdam ), also K. Dieter Klebsch , is a German actor and voice actor .


Klaus-Dieter Klebsch completed an acting training from 1970 to 1973 at what was then the State Drama School in Berlin (today: Academy for Dramatic Art "Ernst Busch" Berlin ). From 1973 to 1995 he worked in various theater productions in Cottbus, Senftenberg, Potsdam and Berlin. From 1973 he also played in television and cinema productions. He has been working as a voice actor since 1976, initially only for radio play productions and documentaries, since 1991 also for advertising and television dubbing.

Klebsch played in RTL - soap opera Gute Zeiten from 2002 to early 2007, the role of John "Hannes" Bachmann. He left the television series because RTL wanted to rejuvenate the family structure in the series. From 2006 to 2012, Klebsch was the dubbing voice of Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House) in the series Dr. House to hear. From October 2010 to April 2012 he was seen as Bruno Lanford in the telenovela Anna und die Liebe .

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Alec Baldwin
Ben Cross
Danny Huston
Gabriel Byrne
Ian McShane
Josh Brolin
Naseeruddin Shah
  • 2006: Krrish , role: Dr. Siddhant Arya
  • 2016: Bombay to Bangkok, role: Jamal Khan
Peter Stormare
Stephen Lang
Stephen McHattie





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