Smallville (TV series)

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Television series
German title Smallville
Original title Smallville
Smallville 2001 logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2001-2011
length 40 minutes
Episodes 217 or 218 in 10 seasons ( list )
genre Drama , action , mystery , fantasy , teenage series , science fiction
Theme music Remy Zero - Save Me
idea Alfred Gough ,
Miles Millar
Comic Art :
Joe Shuster & Jerry Siegel
music Mark Snow ,
Louis Febre
First broadcast October 16, 2001 (USA) on The WB
first broadcast
January 3, 2003 on ORF 1 , RTL

Smallville is an American television series based on the cartoon character Superman and was produced from 2001 to 2011.

The conception of the series provides for the narration of the youth of the hero, who grows up as Clark Kent in the fictional small town of Smallville in Kansas and only becomes aware of his abilities, origins and calling in the course of the series. Furthermore, the illumination of the relationship to the later adversary Lex Luthor takes a decisive role. In addition to new characters, well-known friends, enemies and other superheroes of the Superman universe are also reinterpreted.

Production and broadcast

The series was filmed in Vancouver , Canada from summer 2001 to spring 2011 . In the vicinity of Vancouver there are other places that were used for outdoor shots. The street scenes of Smallville and the exterior of the Talon were filmed in Cloverdale , British Columbia . The exterior of the Luthor Estate is actually Hatley Castle in Colwood , which is also used regularly for other film productions. The exterior shots of the Kent Farm were filmed on an inhabited farm in Aldergrove . The building was specially painted yellow.

The television series was originally produced and broadcast by the television network The WB . After The WB merged with the previously competing network UPN to form The CW in 2006 , production will continue. The series premiered on US television on October 16, 2001. The German first broadcast began on January 3, 2003 on RTL ; seasons 2 to 9 were shown for the first time on the station until 2011. Season 10 followed ProSieben Maxx in 2015 . In Austria the series ran on ORF 1 .



Information sign to the town of Cloverdale.
The City of Cloverdale welcome sign indicates Smallville .

The series begins with the arrival of the future Superman in a meteor shower on Earth (in Smallville, Kansas ) and his capture by the Kent couple. Each season describes a period in young Clark's life. He gets to know more and more of his superpowers and gradually discovers his destiny as the savior of the world.

An important theme of the series is fate and chance: Clark saves the life of young Lex Luthor with the help of his superpowers and, although the Luthors have a negative reputation in Smallville , becomes friends with him. However, Clark does not trust him or anyone else enough to reveal the truth about his origins. Lex tries again and again, at the expense of friendship, to find out Clark's secret, sometimes with unfair means. This secret, which is known to Clark's parents (and to a few friends over the course of the series), is also responsible for the increasing estrangement between Clark and Lana Lang, his school crush. Clark and Lex also try not to end up in enmity like their "fathers", but can not escape the predetermined story given by seventy years of Superman comics .

The series plot revolves at the beginning, in addition to keeping Clark's secret, mainly about stopping violent and criminal "meteorite freaks" who gain special abilities through the meteorite rock ( kryptonite ) after the two meteor showers on Smallville (beginning of the first and end of the fourth season) and be corrupted or driven mad as a result. The resulting curious forces are often reminiscent of the X-Files , especially in the early days of the series . Such characters in fantasy and science fiction are referred to by fans as Freak of the Week , as one of the freaks appears in each episode and has to be defeated in the weekly series.

While Clark's love for Lana comes to the fore in the first few seasons, it becomes increasingly clear in the course of the series that Lois Lane is the woman Clark is intended for. With Clark's move to Metropolis and the start of his work as a reporter for the Daily Planet , his true love for Lois and his destiny as a hero come to the fore. He assumes a secret heroic identity as Blur (Eng. "(Red-blue) spot"), which in the course of its development resembles his later identity as Superman more and more.

First season

The first season begins with the prehistory on October 7, 1989, with the main characters of the series being introduced: A spaceship, accompanied by a swarm of meteorites , is heading for Earth. Lionel Luthor came to Smallville to buy land and took his son Lex with him. Lana Lang is waiting with her aunt for her parents to return. Jonathan and Martha Kent are out shopping in town. The meteorites hit Smallville, destroying numerous buildings and cars and killing several residents. Lex gets caught in a blast from a meteor strike in a field and loses all of her hair. Lana has to watch a meteorite kill her parents. Jonathan and Martha Kent roll over their car when they are driving home when they have to avoid an impact. They spot a little boy next to their car and find his spaceship as they follow the impact trail.

This is followed by a jump of twelve years into the present series in 2001. The Kents adopted the boy and gave him the name Clark. The spaceship is hidden in the equipment basement. Clark is now attending the local Smallville High School with friends Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan . Over time he discovered some of his special abilities: he can move very quickly, has very high physical strength, withstands high physical forces and develops an X-ray vision with which he can see through solid objects. Only the meteorite rock weakens its forces.

Lex Luthor got the LuthorCorp factory in Smallville from his father Lionel. When he loses control of his car due to excessive speed, Clark drives off and falls off a bridge with him, Clark uses his superpowers to save Lex. Although the two of them are on friendly terms through this event, Lex cannot understand the mysterious circumstances of his rescue and begins to investigate Clark's background. At the same time he is playing power games with his father Lionel.

Lana Lang, who Clark secretly has special feelings for, is also a student at Smallville High School. She is friends with classmate and football player Whitney Fordman. When Lana learns that the Talon - a former cinema her parents liked to visit - is about to be closed, she decides to reopen it as a café with the help of Lex.

In addition to developing the basic plot, the first season largely follows the Freak of the Week scheme. In almost every episode, the focus is on a person who has acquired superhuman abilities through contact with the meteorite rock and thus threatens other people. Eventually these people are defeated by Clark. Some die, others are sent to a mental institution, and some lose their strength and return to normal life.

The season finale ends with a cliffhanger : Lana is pulled into a tornado with her car , and Clark rushes to her aid.

Second season

After Clark freed Lana from the car and life in Smallville resumed its normal course, he discovered his heat eye a short time later. The red kryptonite also appears for the first time . Clark discovers the Kawatchen Indian cave, where he learns more about his origins. During this time, Lex and Lionel also try to find out the secret of the cave. First the scientist Dr. Virgil Swann informs Clark about his origins from the planet Krypton .

In the meantime Martha starts working for Lionel and can thus help Clark protect him from a scientific investigation. It is learned that Whitney died as a soldier. Lana is able to track down her biological father, while Pete discovers Clark's secret when he finds his spaceship in a field. Lex can track down his missing brother Lucas, he also finds out that Lionel has already overcome a blindness he has suffered in the meantime and has only faked it in the end. For the first time, Clark has contact with his biological father, Jor-El. He demands of him to take over the world , but Clark decides against it because of his love for Lana and because of his parents. He destroys the spaceship with which he came to earth. Since Jor-El demands a sacrifice from Clark, Clark escapes to Metropolis and voluntarily exposes himself to the effects of red kryptonite, believing that this is the only way to solve his problem. Lex, who had previously married doctor Helen Bryce, crashes his plane on his honeymoon .

Third season

After Jor-El and Jonathan make a pact and Jonathan briefly gains the powers of a Kryptonian, the latter can persuade Clark to return after the red kryptonite has been destroyed. Clark had gone to Metropolis and accepted a job from gang boss Morgan Edge which was to steal his own blood sample from the LuthorCorp building. Lex survives the plane crash and finds out that his wife cheated on him and sought his influence. When Lex shows strange behavior due to a few weeks of loneliness on an island after his return, Lionel takes over the guardianship of him and sends him to the psychiatric hospital - also to study the Kawatchen's cave in peace. Lex tells Clark at the clinic that he knows his secret. When Lex discovers the mysterious circumstances of his grandparents' death, Lionel has his son treated so that he forgets seven weeks together with Clark's secret. Lex later tries to get back the lost time. He starts spying on Clark.

Lionel forces Chloe to investigate Clark, drawing her into his power game with Lex. This game culminates when first Clark, then Chloe, and later Lex learn that Lionel had his parents killed by Edge in order to run his company with their life insurance build up. Lex gives the FBI clues that Lionel will be arrested at the end of the season. It is learned that Lex's mental health problems can be traced back to the death of his brother Julian, who was killed by his mother Lilian. Lex takes the blame for the death on Lionel, whom he explains that he did so. He wants to protect Lilian with it.

Clark reluctantly ends his relationship with Lana, as he would only endanger her. She finds solace in one of Lionel's human subjects who moved to Smallville to spy on Clark, which Lana only learns later. She then ended the relationship and wants to study in Paris at the end of the season .

Pete moves away from Smallville with his mother at the end of the season after his parents divorce, because Clark's secret torments him and puts him in danger. The pact between Jor-El and Jonathan states that Jonathan will send Clark back. Clark is deeply disappointed in his friend Lex in the end when he learns from Lionel that Lex has a whole room for his Clark research and he ends the friendship with Lex, so that nothing keeps him on earth and he has Jor-El's reputation follows.

Chloe and Clark testify against Lionel, leaving Lionel in jail without bail. Jor-El forces Clark inside, causing Jonathan to fall into a coma. Lex is apparently poisoned and Chloe is surprised by a bomb at home and in the witness protection program .

Fourth season

The fourth season features Clarks in high school last year. In addition to various individual deals, the season pervades the search for three stones of power that are parts of an originally united Kryptonian crystal. Separately, they each have their own powers, but when combined they contain all of Krypton's knowledge. They are hidden across the earth in hard-to-reach places and bear the symbols of the elements water, air and fire.

Three months after his disappearance, Clark returns to earth in his Kryptonian identity Kal-El and with no memory of his earthly past. Lex finds a statue with Kryptonian characters in Egypt . On the way back she breaks in the plane and the stone of fire comes out, which Kal-El learns from a noise in his head. He flies towards the plane and grabs the crystal. In the Indian cave he opens a secret chamber and sets the crystal in a stone slab. As he leaves the chamber, Martha touches him with black kryptonite , separating the earthly Clark and the kryptonian Kal-El and fighting with each other. Clark defeats Kal-El using kryptonite, whereupon Jonathan wakes up from his coma. Lex is cured of his symptoms of poisoning by touching the stone of fire.

Lois Lane comes to Smallville to solve the death of her cousin Chloe. Clark meets Lois at Chloe's grave and uses his X-ray vision to see that the coffin is empty. Together they go in search of Chloe and finally find her. Lex had had her brought out of the house through a tunnel before the bomb explosion because he feared an attack. As a result of Chloe's testimony, Lionel is convicted of the murder of his parents.

Lana meets Jason Teague in Paris and falls in love with him. When she later touches a special symbol on the grave slab of Countess Isabelle in a church, a beam of light penetrates her, whereupon the symbol appears as a tattoo on her back. She returns to Smallville. Jason follows her and becomes the coach of the high school football team. Clark joins the team, which then wins the state championship. After the season, however, Clark Football gives up again as he does not want to be tempted to abuse his powers for it.

Lionel had found the stone of water in a Mayan statue in Honduras . Edgar, a fellow prisoner and decryption specialist, was able to decipher the symbols on the Mayan statue and explains to Lionel that this stone has the power to exchange souls. When Lex visits his father, Lionel tries to swap souls with him. Clark hears a noise in his head like at the stone of fire and rushes to prison. He tries to save Lex, but is touched by the stone, and he and Lionel exchange souls: Clark remains in prison in Lionel's body, while Lionel leaves prison in Clark's body. However, Clark manages to get Lionel to attempt his murder. He can touch Lionel with the stone and the souls are exchanged back. Through the stay of Clark's soul in Lionel's body, his incurable liver disease is cured. When Edgar is released, he takes the stone with him and gives it to Bridgette Crosby, Dr. Swanns.

Lana bought Countess Isabelle's magic book on eBay . When she touches the symbol of the tombstone in it, the soul of the countess awakens in her, who had already entered her in the church in Paris. Isabelle was an ancestor of Lana and had searched for the three stones of power before she was burned as a witch in 1604. She finds out the whereabouts of the Stone of Fire through magic and penetrates the secret chamber of the cave in order to steal it. Clark follows her and destroys Isabelle's spellbook with his heat eye. Lana then wakes up outside the chamber and is herself again.

Lionel is released from prison at the behest of Genevieve Teague, Jason's mother. She is a descendant of the Duchess Gertrude, who was also in search of the stones of power in the 17th century and who had Isabelle cremated. Genevieve had arranged the meeting between Jason and Lana in Paris and the visit to the church in order to awaken Isabelle and use her to get to the stones. She also wants to use Lionel to search for the stones.

Chloe sees on one occasion that Clark intercepts a runaway car with his bare hand and then disappears at superhuman speed. She thinks Clark is a meteorite freak, but keeps it to herself and tries to make it easier for Clark to talk about his secret on her own. When Clark later loses his memory, she discreetly helps him to rediscover his superpowers.

Clark receives after Dr. Swann's death from that one letter with an octagonal key. When he sticks this into a slot in the stone slab in the secret chamber of the cave, he hears Jor-El's voice asking him to look for the other two stones, otherwise someone else will find the stones and the world in hunger, war and Destruction would plunge.

Lex offers Jason a job at LuthorCorp. They fly to China to find the stone hidden there. Lana follows them and is accompanied by Clark. Lex and Jason are captured and tortured by the Chinese military to reveal where the stone is hidden. When Lana is also captured and tortured, Isabelle awakens inside her again, drugged the guards and the rushing Clark and flees. With the help of a card that she stole from Lex, she finds a figure and in it the stone of air. Clark, who has now awakened from his stupor and freed Lex and Jason, hears the noise in his head again and follows Isabelle. A fight ensues in which Isabelle loses the stone. When Clark and Isabelle reach for the stone at the same time, they both pass out. Lex and Jason find the two of them who will soon come to their senses. Lana is herself again, but the stone has disappeared.

Back in Smallville, Jason gives the stone to Lana. He was the first to reach the unconscious and had secretly taken the stone. Jason and Lana later discover that Lana's apartment has been ransacked and that the stone's hiding place is empty. Lana had already brought the stone to a safe place, which she is hiding from Jason.

Genevieve had Bridgette Crosby murdered to get the Stone of Water. She asks Lionel to get her the Stone of Air she suspects Lex is in return for his release from prison. Lionel realizes that Genevieve was behind Bridgette's murder. He receives the stone of water from her through blackmail. Lex and Lionel are kidnapped by Jason and Genevieve in a forest hut and tortured to get the stone back. Lionel says he gave it to Lana because she was the chosen one. Genevieve leaves the cabin, and when Jason goes out to get firewood, Lex and Lionel manage to escape.

Genevieve visits Lana in her apartment and demands the stone from her. Lana takes the Stone of Air out of her handbag. A fight ensues between the two, with Isabelle being awakened. She kills Genevieve with the stone of air. As this avenges her death, she leaves Lana and the tattoo on her back disappears.

Since Clark was having a nightmare, he goes into the cave and puts the key in the stone slab to speak to Jor-El. He explains to him that the staining of one of the stones with blood has awakened a great power from the darkness of space and that a new meteor shower is heading for Smallville. Clark now has to unite the three stones, as this is the only way to save the earth from total annihilation.

Lana gives Clark the Stone of Air because she feels that it is meant for him. Clark places the stone in the cave in the recess next to the stone of fire. Both stones immediately begin to shine. The stone of water in Lionel's jacket pocket also begins to shine, and Lionel falls into a coma. Lex locks the stone in his safe. Clark hears the noise in his head again. He penetrates Lex, rips out the safe door and takes the stone. Since there is also green kryptonite in the safe, he passes out. Chloe comes into the house looking for Lana and finds Clark. She pulls him away from the safe, whereupon he comes to again. He rushes to the cave and puts the stone in the recess next to the other two. The three stones then combine to form a transparent crystal.

Lex had Lana brought to safety from the meteor storm by helicopter. When he comes back, he finds Chloe and the broken safe. Since he realized that the caves have an important meaning for the stones, both go there. There Chloe stops Lex by pushing him against the wall of the cave and causing him to fall. She walks on and just sees Clark before he is taken away from the crystal and finds himself in an ice desert.

Jason found out that Clark was involved with the stones. He threatens Martha and Jonathan with a gun to find out where Clark is hiding the stones. A meteorite hits the house. The helicopter that was supposed to bring Lana to safety is hit by a meteor and crashes. Lana survives injured and crawls up an earth wall. Behind it she discovers a spaceship whose roof is just opening.

Fifth season

Clark finds himself (as well as Chloe) in the Arctic, where the fortress of loneliness emerges from the crystal after he has thrown it into the ice desert. After Lex saw Chloe in the cave of the Kawatchen Indians and they woke up in a hospital on the Yukon , Lex became increasingly suspicious of Clark. Chloe tells Clark that she knows his secret, and he tells her that he is from another planet. After two supporters of General Zod attack Smallville, Clark defeats them and sends them to the Phantom Zone . After Jor-El Clark has taken his powers, he dies from a gunshot wound. Jor-El gives Clark his powers back.

After Clark is back with Lana, he meets Arthur Curry, later Aquaman , whom he rescues from Lex's hands. Clark can't trust Lex either and the friendship finally breaks up. When Clark helps Jack Jennings, a Senator from Kansas, he does not run for re-election and proposes Jonathan as his successor, who has to face Lex with the help of Lionel. Meanwhile, Clark tells Lana about his secret. Lex wants to find out too, pursues Lana and causes a car accident in which Lana dies. Clark then asks Jor-El for her life. Jor-El then lets the day start again, but tells Clark that someone else will die for it. After Lionel tells Jonathan at a secret meeting that he knows Clark's secret, Jonathan, who won the election, dies of a heart attack shortly afterwards. After Clark decides, due to an affair under hypnosis, not to want to hurt Lana any further and breaks up with her, Lana enters into a relationship with Lex and becomes entangled in his business. Martha is later to take over Jonathan's post as senator.

In college , Clark meets history professor Milton Fine (aka Brainiac ), who later reveals himself to be a resident of Krypton who tries to turn Clark against Jor-El. When Clark is delusional from the influence of silver kryptonite , Milton rescues him using krypton technology. After Clark takes Milton to the Fortress of Solitude, Milton reveals himself to be a follower of Zod who wants to destroy the fortress. At the end of the season, Clark refuses to act as a container for Zod, so Brainiac takes over Lex's body and releases a kryptonic computer virus that causes chaos. Zod defeats Clark and sends him to the Phantom Zone .

Sixth season

Clark manages to escape from the Phantom Zone because he is a member of the El family and his father created the zone and provided it with an emergency exit. During his escape, however, he also sets several criminals trapped there free. In the course of the season he looks for these “phantoms” and destroys or imprisons them. After his return to earth, he succeeds, with the help of an amulet that comes from his father Jor-El, but which he received from Raya, another inmate of the Phantom Zone, to free Lex from his possession by General Zod and the destruction of the Avert earth.

Lana finally turns away from Clark and moves into Lex's mansion. Lana learns that she is pregnant. She does not initially share this information with Lex; instead, she confides in Chloe. Lex proposes to her and she finally reveals to him that she is pregnant, which he is very happy about. The two marry, although Lana, who is no longer sure because she has found out that Lex has forced the pregnancy through hormones, feels insecure. On the day of the wedding, Lana learns that Clark has special skills. To prevent worse and to get secret information at first hand, Lionel blackmailed Lana into marrying his son by threatening to kill Clark because he knew his weakness. Lana tells Clark that Lionel forced her to marry Lex. Clark then wants to kill Lionel, but is stopped at the last second by Martian Manhunter . Clark learns from this that Lionel is actually on his side.

Meanwhile, Lois tries to be a journalist - but her articles are initially only printed by the Inquisitor , a dubious tabloid. Later she meets Oliver Queen, a wealthy businessman and also a schoolmate of Lex in his childhood. Oliver soon turns out to be the mysterious Green Arrow , who more and more often helps Clark. Later he founded together with pulses (from Season 4), Aquaman and Cyborg (both from Season 5) the Justice League ( Justice League ). Jimmy Olsen , a Daily Planet employee , falls in love with Chloe.

In the final episode, Clark finally reveals his secret to Lana. Lana again makes the decision to part ways with Lex. Lex and Lana have a physical argument, whereupon Lana gets into her car, which explodes shortly afterwards. When Clark learns of Lana's death, he makes his way to Lex, as he suspects him of the murder of Lana. When Clark tries to confront Lex, both are interrupted by a being from the phantom zone. Lex takes the opportunity to escape, but is arrested shortly afterwards by police on charges of killing Lana.

The being from the phantom zone ( Bizarro ) seizes Clark's DNA and thereby assumes its shape and capabilities. There is a duel between the two, in which Clark initially seems to be defeated. Lionel, who comes to the rescue, then tries to weaken the evil double with green kryptonite, but the metorite material has exactly the opposite effect on Bizarro - instead of being weakened, his powers have now increased. In the further course of the fight, Clark and Bizarro clash at super speed, with Clark losing out and being thrown into a dam wall, which then breaks. The - in contrast to Clark - has the ability to fly Bizarro follows him. Lois is fatally injured. She is found and mourned by Chloe. Chloe had previously found out that she is also a meteorite freak, now her special ability is showing for the first time: however, her tears ensure that Lois' injuries heal and she is brought back to life. As a side effect of the resuscitation, Chloe now seems completely lifeless.

Seventh season

In the first episode, the duel between Clark and Bizarro finds its climax, when the Martian Manhunter gives Clark the decisive hint that the sunlight is Bizarro's weakness. At a later point in time there is a reunion with Bizarro: He takes over Clark's life for a short time and gets help from Milton Fine, who was believed to be dead. He tells him about a Kryptonian on earth who is said to have a technology that could prevent his face from petrifying when looking at the sun. Clark can identify the scientist beforehand and he gives him blue kryptonite, with which Bizarro can be finally destroyed.

Meanwhile, Chloe dies in the hospital. When she returns to the living shortly afterwards, she realizes what special ability she possesses as a meteorite freak: She has the ability to absorb the suffering of others or to heal their injuries and then regenerate herself. She lets Clark in on her secret.

The breach of the dam also exposed the spaceship of Clark's cousin Kara . Despite Jor-El's urgent warning, Clark takes his cousin on to his farm. It turns out that, on the one hand, she has significant problems keeping her abilities under control, and, on the other, that she is looking for a Kryptonian crystal to hold the DNA of Clark's biological mother, Lara. In fact, Clark has the crystal and he goes to the Fortress of Solitude to free Lara from the crystal. In this process not only Lara but also Clark's uncle and Kara's father Zor-El are freed.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Lana's death was faked using a clone's body . She goes into hiding in Shanghai , where she has archived important documents about Lex's secret projects. He in turn tracks her down, but offers her a safe return as well as a divorce settlement worth millions. Lana uses the severance payment to set up the Isis Foundation - an organization that ostensibly serves charitable purposes, but was actually set up to monitor Lex's activities. Clark and Lana finally get together. But happiness is tarnished by Lana's growing obsession with revenge directed at Lex: In order to learn secrets about him, she even has Lionel kidnapped. Lex has now acquired the Daily Planet and Grant Gabriel is the new head of the newspaper. He starts an affair with Lois. It is later revealed that he is a clone of Lex's late brother. When Grant reveals himself to Lionel as his son, Lex has him murdered.

The second half of the season is essentially about the Veritas association , which consists of Lionel Luthor, Robert Queen (father of Oliver Queen), Dr. Virgil Swann (whose daughter Patricia Swann only appears this season and is murdered on behalf of Lex) and Edward Teague (father of Jason Teague) existed. The association had set itself the task of protecting the "traveler" (Clark Kent / Kal-El). They were in possession of a crystal with which they should be able to give orders to the traveler. However, the crystal was hidden to prevent abuse. Lex is also interested in Veritas and therefore gets into such a heated argument with Lionel that he is thrown to death by Lex from the 40th floor of the LuthorCorps tower block. Brainiac, who has meanwhile banished Kara to the phantom zone and put Lana and Chloe into a coma, supports Lex in Kara's guise in the search for the crystal. Clark can defeat Brainiac, whereupon Chloe and Lana wake up again. Lana then says goodbye to Clark in a video message and Chloe is arrested for hacking a government server. Clark and Lex, who is now in possession of the crystal, meet in the fortress of solitude. However, the crystal causes the fortress to collapse and both of them buried under itself.

Eighth season

Clark lost his strength after the fortress collapsed and is being held in the Siberian city of Verkhoyansk ( Russia ). The Justice League is looking for Clark. Oliver can “buy him out” from the Russians. Chloe is being held in Montana. She will be run some tests and it will be found to be extremely intelligent. Together with Clark, Lois and Oliver, Chloe can be freed. Clark regains his powers, joins the Daily Planet , and Chloe accepts Jimmy's marriage proposal. Chloe is increasingly using the powers she received from Brainiac. Meanwhile, the wedding preparations are in full swing. Brainiac tries to clear Chloe's consciousness in order to control her. However, he fails for the time being because Clark can free her from him with Jor-El's help. Davis Bloom, a paramedic, learns from Faora, General Zod's partner, that he is Doomsday and should rule Earth. He is in love with Chloe and is increasingly losing control of himself. Davis attacks Chloe and Jimmy's wedding. Jimmy is seriously injured and several guests are killed. Doomsday kidnaps Chloe into the fortress which Brainiac has taken over.

Davis wakes up in the fortress and realizes that Chloe has changed, but still can't remember what he did as a Doomsday. In the meantime, Brainiac has taken over Chloe again and now wants Davis to be completely Doomsday and locks him in a crystal in the fortress of loneliness. Meanwhile, Brainiac, in the form of Chloe, hackers into the computer systems to absorb all of human knowledge, just as he did with the fortress before. Clark has since been attacked and injured by the Persuader, an ax-wielding giant from the 31st century. He owes the fact that he was not killed to three time travelers from the same century, members of the Legion : Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn), Lightning Lad (Garth Ranzz) and Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen). They help Clark free Chloe from Brainiac and shape him into a ball that they take with them into the future. Clark is given a ring with which he can travel in time, especially into the future, and is told that he will become a superhero who will make humanity welcome aliens. These time travelers are not from Earth either. Lana is said that not only will she be known for her love for Clark in a thousand years. A secret is also hinted at. The Legion also announces that they know Lois, Lana, and even Jimmy, but have never heard of a Chloe.

Tess Mercer, Lex Luthor's heir, learns that Lex took advantage of her by literally using her as his "eyes and ears." She interferes with the signal with a transmitter.

It is learned that Lana’s farewell video for Clark was forced by LuthorCorp employees and that Lana never wanted to leave Clark that way. Also, after a long period of training and reflection, she is undergoing treatment from a Professor LuthorCorps in which she is given the same powers as Clark, but this time she knows how to use it and has a plan to help the world.

It turns out that Lex isn't dead after all, and that Clark still wants to make life difficult. He assigns a bomber to detonate explosives with kryptonite. When Lana approaches one of these bombs, she absorbs the effects of the kryptonite. Clark has to decide: Does he want to be with Lana, or should she absorb the devastating effects of the kryptonite bomb, after which he can never approach her again. Lana opts for the human-saving variant and leaves Smallville. Lex dies for good in an explosion caused by Oliver seeking revenge for the murder of his parents.

Meanwhile, Doomsday becomes more active, and Davis realizes that Chloe is the only means of taming the monster inside him. Jimmy becomes more and more paranoid after injuring Doomsday at the wedding and leaves Chloe. Meanwhile, Tess Mercer - who now knows everything about Clark and his secret thanks to the records of Lionel and Lex - tries to track down and destroy Doomsday with a team of meteorites infected. When Clark and Chloe realize who Davis really is, Davis asks them to kill him with kryptonite. Like every major health hazard before, this only makes him more invulnerable, so that kryptonite is no longer a danger to him. Without telling Clark, Chloe Davis gives shelter to tame the monster inside him. She wants to leave Smallville with Davis, but only to protect Clark from Doomsday. Lois gets hold of Clark's ring from the Legion and then disappears without a trace.

The Justice League wants to kill Davis to get rid of Doomsday, however Clark believes in the good in Davis and wants to separate him from Doomsday with black kryptonite. In the end, he succeeds, and Clark is able to bury Doomsday alive with Oliver's help. Jimmy and Chloe find each other again, but Davis kills Jimmy after learning that Chloe was only with him to protect Clark. When he also wants to kill Chloe, the seriously injured Jimmy prevents it and impales Davis. Then both die.

After Jimmy's funeral, Clark visits Chloe and explains to her that he has renounced his human side because his human feelings saw the good in Davis that didn't exist. For them, Clark should be dead, whereupon he says goodbye.

The last scene shows how Zod appears as a figure with Kryptonian tattoos on the Luthor estate - where Tess Mercer now lives.

Ninth season

General Zod and other Kryptonians have come to earth from the crystal with which the traveler was supposed to be controlled and are staying on the Luthor estate. Although they are Kryptonians (from the city of Kandor), they do not initially have the same powers as Clark, but are like normal people. That's because they're just clones. Meanwhile, Clark continues his training with his father Jor-El. Another experience that happened to Clark is the appearance of his biological father Jor-El on earth; he also appears here as a clone who is seriously injured by a Kandorian woman and ultimately dies in Clark's arms.

Three weeks after Lois used the Legion's ring, she returns from the future, albeit with no memory of that time. Because Clark cannot concentrate on his training because of his feelings for Lois, he also wants to say goodbye to her. Since Tess wants to find out about Lois 'memories from the future, Clark begins to work at Lois' side as a reporter again to prevent this. Lois and Clark start dating and eventually admit their love for each other. Through a kiss that Clark gives her in the last episode of the season while she has closed her eyes, in his hero role as "Fleck", Lois realizes that the two men she loves are the same person. Oliver and Chloe also fall in love, but their relationship begins as a casual affair, only in the last episode do they admit their love.

When Clark saves the life of the dying Zod with his own blood, Zod receives the same powers as Clark. Zod wants to conquer the human world to create a new Krypton under his leadership. However, Clark succeeds in raising General Zod and the other Kryptonians to New Krypton and thus banishing them from Earth. This is achieved with the book of the RAO, the Kryptonian library, which Clark comes into possession of through the red queen, who, it turns out, is his earthly mother Martha. She assumed that identity to protect Clark. In the final scene, Clark is seriously injured by a sword made of blue kryptonite, but also weakened. As a result, he is the only Kryptonian who does not climb up, but falls from a high-rise building.

In the final episode of the ninth season, when Clark opens a package from his earthly adoptive mother, you can see the reflection of the Superman costume in Clark's eyes. It appears in the season for the first time kryptonite dust (gemstone kryptonite), through whose effect people obey Clark's will (once). The Justice Society of America appears, which u. a. from Hawkman and Dr. Fate exists. Dr. Fate reveals another part of his fate to Clark.

Tenth season

Lois saves Clark's life by pulling Zod's kryptonian dagger (made of blue kryptonite) from his body. Before Clark regains consciousness, however, she hides. Meanwhile, Tess wakes up in a laboratory where she meets a young clone of Lex whom she wants to raise and whose existence she wants to keep a secret. The clone approaches adulthood much faster than a normal human and not only becomes more similar to the real Lex, but also retains its memories.

Jor-El explains to Clark in the fortress of loneliness that with Darkseid a dark menace haunts the earth, wants to abuse Clark's powers for evil and that he is therefore not yet up to his destiny. This “dark force” came to earth when the portal to the ascent of the Kandorians was opened. After Clark tried to fly again several times without success, he flies on his own for the first time while dancing with Lois without even realizing it. When Clark still believes that Lois knows nothing of his secret, he tells her of his own free will that he is the stain. Shortly afterwards, Lois accepts Clark's marriage proposal.

Because Tess has realized that Lex's clone is becoming more and more similar to the real Lex, she wants to let the new Lex die instead of having him treated for an illness. She does not change this opinion when she learns that she is the illegitimate daughter of Lionel and thus the half-sister of Lex.

Using a kryptonian mirror box, Clark swaps places with his (evil) counterpart from a parallel universe. When he returns, the counterpart of Lionel, who lives there, can follow him. After Lionel tries to win the clone of Lex on his side, Tess tries unsuccessfully to kill her half-brother's clone.

Because Clark, as a stain, appears more and more frequently with his powers, his secret identity threatens to be exposed. When Lois asks him to mask himself, Clark decides not to put on a mask as a hero, but to wear glasses as Clark and to behave less self-confidently in his life as a reporter.

During the season, the effects of the “dark force” on people are increasingly noticeable. These become more suspicious of one another, which is particularly reflected in the so-called masked heroes. The radio announcer Gordon Godfrey carries out propaganda against the heroes and there is a vote on a registration law, according to which the heroes either cease their activities or have to reveal themselves openly. In the polls, however, the population rejects the law.

Tess finds out that she couldn't kill Lex's clone because it contains half of Clark's DNA. Although Lionel tries again with red kryptonite to get the clone of Lex and Clark on his side, Clark succeeds in preventing this. Clark registers the clone under the name Connor Kent (Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant / CNR, pronounced "Connor") at the high school he had attended himself.

Lois and Clark say yes at their wedding. Oliver, who is the best man, exchanges Clark's wedding ring for a ring made of golden kryptonite because Darkseid has taken possession of him. However, at the last moment, Oliver's wife Chloe is able to prevent Clark from touching the ring and losing his powers forever. In a fight between Clark and Oliver that interrupts the wedding, Clark is able to free Oliver from Darkseid's influence.

At the same time, Lionel has Tess kidnapped. He tells Tess that Lex managed to clone all of his organs. The copy of Lex just lacks a heart to live. After Lionel tells Tess that he wants to plant Lex's heart, Tess kills her father. The dying Lionel gives Darkseid his soul in exchange for bringing Lex to life. Darkseid fulfills his end of the bargain by implanting Lionel's heart on Lex's copy.

Meanwhile, Clark learns that Darkseid wants to bring about an apocalypse by causing another planet to fall to earth. The ghost of his adoptive father Jonathan appears to him, who explains to Clark that he is ready to fulfill his destiny. When Clark then goes looking for Tess, he meets Lex, who can remember everything. Lex tells him that Clark is the chosen one and the only one who can prevent the apocalypse. Clark replies that he is sorry that he couldn't save Lex from falling into evil.

Clark meets Darkseid in the barn at Kent Farm, who appears in the form of the soulless Lionel. When he is thrown through the air by Darkseid, he stops this slinging movement and consciously floats in the air by his own strength. With the help of his newly recognized flying skills, Clark defeats Darkseid and goes to his father Jor-El in the fortress of loneliness. Clark receives the Superman costume there. Meanwhile, Lois has snuck into Air Force One to warn the president of the apocalypse. When the plane threatens to crash, Clark as Superman brings Air Force One back into a stable position. Then the “man of steel” succeeds in stopping the celestial body shortly before it hits the earth.

At the same time, Tess meets her half-brother Lex. Lex kills Tess with a dagger and tells her that he wants to keep her from becoming like him. The dying Tess tells Lex that she has already been saved by Clark and smears a nano-chemical on her half-brother's face, which causes him to lose his memories and thus also to forget Clark's secret.

The last scene of the series finale takes place seven years in the future. The Daily Planet scene known from the comics shows up, including a choleric Perry White and news that shows Lex as the newly elected President of the United States . Clark shows Lois two wedding rings. When Lois asked if he was ready for their wedding, he said he had been ready for seven years. Then someone shouts that a bomb has been found in Metropolis. Clark tells Lois that he is coming to the wedding a few minutes later and reveals the Superman costume under his suit, musically supported by the Superman anthem from the movies.


role actor image Voice actor Period Further information
Clark Kent (Kal-El) Tom Welling Tom Welling (2009) Timmo Niesner Season 1–10 Only role that appears in all episodes. In four episodes (6.22, 7.01, 7.09 and 7.10) also in the role of Bizarro ( Phantom ), also in two episodes as Ultraman (10.10. And 10.17). See also section Clark Kent / Kal-El .
Chloe Sullivan Allison Mack Allison Mack (2009) Anja Stadlober Season 1–10 Participates in all seasons. See also section Chloe Sullivan .
Lois Lane Erica Durance Erica Durance (2008) Tanja Geke Seasons 5–10
(supporting role in season 4)
Oliver Queen ( Green Arrow ) Justin Hartley Justin Hartley (2017) Michael Deffert Seasons 8-10
(supporting role in season 6 and guest appearance in season 7)
Tess Mercer (Lutessa Lena Luthor) Cassidy Freeman Cassidy Freeman (2014) Melanie Pukass Season 8-10 Is killed by Lex Luthor in episode 10.22 after she erased his memories.
Davis Bloome ( Doomsday ) Sam widower Sam Witwer (2013) Karlo Hackenberger Season 8 Is killed by Jimmy in episode 8.22.
Henry James "Jimmy" Olsen Aaron Ashmore Aaron Ashmore (2007) Dominik Auer
Seasons 7, 8 (supporting role in season 6, appeared as his brother in episode 10.22)
Is killed by Davis in episode 8.22. Aaron Ashmore plays the role of James Bartholomew Olsen in the final episode .
Lana Lang Kristin Kreuk Kristin Kreuk (2012) Marie Bierstedt
(season 1–6)
Melanie Hinze
(season 7)
Seasons 1–7
(guest appearance in season 8)
After leaving Smallville at the end of season 7, returns in episode 8.10, but leaves Smallville again in episode 8.14.
Kara Kent (Kara Zor-El) Laura Vandervoort Laura Vandervoort (2010) Uschi Hugo Season 7
(guest appearances in episodes 8.08, 10.03 and 10.20)
Will be sent to the Phantom Zone by Brainiac in episode 7.20 . In episode 8.08 she is freed by Clark and then leaves earth. At the end of episode 10.20, she travels into the future.
Alexander "Lex" Luthor Michael Rosenbaum
Lucas Grabeel (6.05, 10.13, 10.16)
Connor Stanhope (Season 7, Episode 8.18)
Kevin Miller (8.14)
Michael Rosenbaum (2006) Björn Schalla
Seasons 1–7 (guest appearances in episodes 8.14 and 10.22)
Disappears when the Fortress of Solitude collapses in episode 7.20. He reappears in season 8, but is apparently killed in an explosion. In the series finale of Season 10, Darkseid brings Lex to life.
Lionel Luthor John Glover John Glover (1991) Klaus-Dieter Klebsch Seasons 2-7
(supporting role in season 1 and guest role in season 10)
Is pushed out of a window of LuthorCorp by Lex in episode 7.16 and dies. In season 10, its counterpart appears from a parallel universe in the series universe.
Martha Kent Annette O'Toole Annette O'Toole sings on Employee of the Month.jpg Isabella Grothe
Seasons 1–6 (guest appearances in episodes 9.20 and 9.21, 10.13 and 10.21 / 22)
Moves to Washington, DC at the end of Season 6. She returns to Smallville in Season 9.
Jonathan Kent John Schneider John Schneider (2007) Bernd Vollbrecht
Seasons 1–5 (guest appearances in episodes 10.01, 10.17 and 10.21 / 22)
Dies of a heart attack in episode 5.12 (Jor-El claimed his soul).
Jason Teague Jensen Ackles Jensen Ackles (2015) Julien Haggége Season 4 Dies in the second meteor shower in episode 4.22 or 5.01.
Genevieve Teague Jane Seymour Jane Seymour (2010) Traudel Haas Supporting role in season 4 Dies in an attack on Lana in episode 4.22.
Pete Ross Sam Jones III Image of none.svg Marcel Collé Season 1–3
(guest appearance in episode 7.13)
Moves to Wichita after parents divorce .
Whitney Fordman Eric Johnson Eric Johnson (2011) Marius Clarén Season 1
(guest appearances in episodes 2.11 and 4.03)
Dies fighting for his country; Guest appearances: flashback and figure of a shapeshifter.
Dr. Virgil Swann Christopher Reeve Christopher Reeve (2003) Hans-Jürgen Dittberner Supporting role in seasons 2, 3
(guest appearances in episodes 2.17 and 3.17)
After guest appearances in the 2nd and 3rd seasons, another appearance in season 4 was planned. However, Reeve died on October 10, 2004.
Jor-El Terence Stamp (voice)
Julian Sands (person)
Julian Sands (2011) Claus Wilcke
(seasons 2–3)
Christian Rode
(seasons 4–10)
Season 2–10 Appeared in two episodes of season 9 and looking back as a young man in one episode of season 3. See also section Jor-El .
Milton Fine (Brainiac) James Marsters James Marsters (2006) David Nathan Season 5, 7
(guest appearance in episode 10.04)
Taken from Chloe's body in season 8 and transported into the future, guest appearance in season 10 as Brainiac 5 .
General Zod Callum Blue Callum Blue (2012) Norman Matt Season 9
(guest appearance in episode 10.19)
Sent back to New Krypton at the end of Season 9 and banished to the Phantom Zone by the Kandorians .
Dr. Emil Hamilton Alessandro Juliani Alessandro Juliani (2007) Matthias Deutelmoser Supporting role seasons 8-10


Chloe Sullivan

Chloe is a school friend of Clark's and a computer genius. At high school, she runs the school newspaper Torch and, after finishing school, gets a job at the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Chloe observes Clark as he uses his powers and protects him from now on - initially without his knowledge. She fights the so-called meteorite freaks, but finds out that she is one herself. In the course of the series, her special abilities become apparent: she can heal people and even bring the dead back to life. Chloe's mother is also a "freak" (mind control of other people) and has therefore been held in a sanatorium for years by the Luthors for examination; When she is tracked down by her daughter, the reunion is only brief as she falls permanently into a coma .

The character who appears as the only character in all seasons besides Clark Kent is Allison Mack . Chloe Sullivan was created for the Smallville series , but has since been introduced into the "regular" DC universe (US Action Comics # 893, November 2010).

Clark Kent / Kal-El

Kal-El is Clark Kent's Kryptonian name and means "star child" in the series. Clark is the main character of the series and one of the few survivors of the Krypton explosion. The character is acting as Tom Welling .


Clark's powers are dependent on the sun in our planetary system . This became evident in season three when there was a giant magnetic storm affecting the sun. As a result, he no longer had the strength of his abilities under control and there were spontaneous bursts of strength on the one hand and spontaneous attacks of weakness on the other. At the beginning of the seventh season, Martian Manhunter points out to Clark that he gets his strength from the yellow sun. He uses this to face Bizzaro. In one episode, in connection with Kara, the importance and influence of the sun on the powers of Kryptonians is emphasized several times. Kara implies in a conversation with Manhunter (episode 7.03) that she did not have these super powers on Krypton.

  • Speed :
    Clark has the ability to run very quickly. For example, he succeeds in catching a rifle bullet from the air before it hits its target. It also allows it to quickly reach any location, for example to save people.
  • Strength :
    Clark has almost unlimited strength. This enables him to stop a falling elevator or catch a car from the air.
  • Invulnerability :
    Clark is almost invulnerable.
  • X-ray vision :
    Clark has an X-ray vision that allows him to
    see through objects, with lead being the only exception.
  • Heat vision :
    Clark can use his eyes to generate heat, ignite fires and melt metal.
  • Micro view :
    Clark can
    adjust the focal length of his lenses, visible by “zooming” the iris, almost at will and thus recognize microscopic things even from a great distance. This ability is presented for the first time in episode 10.14.
  • Hearing :
    Clark has excellent hearing with which he can perceive noises even over long distances.
  • Flying :
    In the course of the series, initially only limited
    flying skills are shown. Until the end of the ninth season, he can only fly on his own in his “evil” version as Kal-El. Apart from the second episode of the first season, in which Clark wakes up hovering over his bed and in the episode in which he uses his ability to fly to save Smallville from destruction by destroying the rocket that is supposed to destroy Smallville in space, Clark hovers for the first time in the fourth episode of the tenth and final season on their own.
  • Breath :
    Clark has the ability to take in enough air with his lung capacity to move objects. Clark can also freeze objects with his breath.


Clark's weaknesses are kryptonite in different colors (or things that contain kryptonite), kryptonian weapons and magic. He loses his strength under red sunlight.


Jor-El is Clark's biological father and a high Kryptonian dignitary who went down with his homeworld. In the spaceship with which Clark came to earth, the powers and thoughts of his biological father were stored. Clark can talk to Jor-El in the Solitude Fortress .

Jor-El wants to bring his son to fulfill his destiny and become ruler of the earth. Clark, however, has other plans. He has got used to the earth, his new family and friends too much and would rather lead a "normal" life. Jonathan enters into a pact with Jor-El, which is why Clark has to bow to Jor-El's will.

As the Smallville stories progress, Jor-El's image changes and it becomes doubtful that Clark should really rule the earth. Jor-El's ghost is transferred to the Indian caves after Clark destroys the spaceship.

In the Superman films, Jor-El is nothing more than a question-answering computer program with the voice of Clark's father. In Superman Returns , Jor-El does not recognize that the person standing in front of him is not Clark, but Lex Luthor. At Smallville, however, Jor-El is a highly developed artificial intelligence that intervenes directly in what is happening. He also has incredible skills. He can rob Kryptonians of their powers and equip people with Kryptonian powers. Furthermore, he can take possession of people and has clairvoyant abilities. He also has the power to undo what happened. He did this at Clark's request when Lana died. He provided Jonathan Kent with kryptonian skills to bring Clark to his senses when he intentionally exposed himself to the effects of red kryptonite. When Clark failed to keep his promise to return to Fortress of Solitude in time, Jor-El stole his strength.

Furthermore, he often takes possession of his earthly ally Lionel Luthor, who then also has Kryptonian abilities (but only as long as he is under the spell of Jor-El) in order to have even greater freedom of action and to convey Clark messages, hints and predictions . In the final episode, Jor-El declares his son's education over.

In the US original, Jor-El is spoken by Terence Stamp , who played the character of General Zod in Superman II - Alone Against All . Julian Sands plays the character in the series.

Justice League

Several characters with special abilities appear in the course of the series. In the fight against Lex Luthor and his inhuman attempts, they join forces and destroy or sabotage LuthorCorp plants around the world. The "masked heroes" also receive help from human supporters. The group is led by Oliver Queen, and in the last few seasons she receives her information from Chloe Sullivan from the watchtower .

In the series, the following people are temporarily members of the Hero Association :

Warrior Angel and Devilicus

Warrior Angel is a comic series in which the superhero of the same name has an opponent named Devilicus . This contrast between hero and villain alludes to the emerging and developing relationship between Clark Kent and his adversary Lex Luthor. In several episodes of Smallville, Lex Luthor is featured as one of the greatest collectors of comic books about Warrior Angel.

In episode 7.05 ( True Heroes ; OT : Action ), a Warrior Angel film is shot in Smallville or on the Kent Farm.


Daily Planet

Marine Building in Vancouver, British Columbia

The Daily Planet is a major Metropolis newspaper that features Chloe Sullivan, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane and Clark Kent over the course of the series. Lex Luthor is temporarily the owner of the newspaper.

Starting with the fifth season, more and more actions take place in the building and in the vicinity of the Daily Planet, so that the place becomes one of the main locations.

High school

Templeton Secondary School in Vancouver

Smallville students, including Clark and his friends, relatives, and acquaintances, attend and attend local high schools. Many of the episodes of the first four seasons of the series play there. Upon graduation, Clark leaves school and goes to college in Metropolis.

Kent Farm

The Kent family lives just outside Smallville . Clark grew up there and was able to keep his special abilities hidden from others more easily. Clark has his own room in the house, but spends more time in the barn, where he also has a retreat.

Krypton and the Fortress of Solitude

Krypton is Clark's planet of origin and was a world covered with a crystal desert in orbit of a red sun, which, unlike a yellow sun (as in the case of Earth ), does not give Kryptonians superpowers. Clark was sent to Earth by his father Jor-El to survive the Krypton explosion.

With the Fortress of Solitude, there is a Kryptonian crystal building on earth in the Arctic that Clark uses to talk to his biological father, who is stored as a voice in the fortress. Clark is trained by Jor-El with the Kryptonic knowledge stored here.

Luthor estate

Hatley Castle near Victoria

A villa from Scotland that Lionel Luthor had moved to Smallville. Lex Luther (and later Tess Mercer) lives and works here. In the 10th season the building burns down.

The Hatley Castle building near Victoria was also used for other film productions, including a. as a “school for talented young people” in the X-Men films (since 2000) and as the residence of Oliver Queen in the series Arrow (since 2012).


LuthorCorp truck with the company logo (filming in University Endowment Lands west of Vancouver, 2006)

LuthorCorp is a global corporation that was founded by Lionel Luthor and is active in a wide variety of business areas. In the series v. a. the technology area , as well as research and development (research especially on the meteorite freaks ). Since some of the research areas ignore human rights , the company is sabotaged or fought by some of the heroes .

The company is taken over by Lex Luthor, Tess Mercer and again in the final episode by Lex Luthor. In the Superman comics , the name is LexCorp .

Phantom zone

The Phantom Zone is an extra-dimensional prison for (Kryptonian) criminals. It was created by Jor-El. With the help of a crystal in the form of the Superman logo, Clark can ban someone there. A member of the El family can easily escape from there via a portal in the zone.


Clova Theater in Cloverdale

The Talon was formerly a movie theater and is now a Smallville coffee shop run by Lana Lang on the series but owned by Lex Luthor. Lana Lang, Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane live here throughout the series.


The watchtower in one of the tallest buildings in Metropolis serves as the headquarters of the Smallville version of the Justice League . From here, Chloe Sullivan (later Tess Mercer) supports the team around Clark Kent and Oliver Queen by sending them information by radio.



It is an octagonal metal disc with Kryptonian characters ("symbols"). In the series, it pops up a lot from the start and plays an important role. It is used to open and activate the spaceship in which Clark came to earth, and an adjoining room of the Kawatchen cave, from where it is possible to get into the fortress of solitude .


The meteorite rock, called kryptonite , comes from Clark's homeworld of Krypton. Seven different forms of kryptonite appear in the series:

  • Blue Kryptonite :
    The blue kryptonite robs Clark of his powers and appears for the first time in episode 3.10 Whisper .
  • Gemstone kryptonite :
    With this form of kryptonite, Clark has an influence on his fellow human beings. If he says what he wants from them, he can get them (once) to do exactly that (episode 9.13).
  • Golden kryptonite :
    This form of kryptonite appears in the final season and can deprive Clark of his powers if he comes into contact with the body - forever.
  • Green Kryptonite :
    The green kryptonite has changed many people there or given them strange abilities since the Metorite rain on Smallville. In addition, the rock can weaken Clark's superhuman strength and cause him great pain. It can kill him with long exposure.
  • Red Kryptonite :
    The red form of the meteorite rock is harmless to ordinary people, but it has serious effects for Clark. When he comes into contact with it, he becomes an uninhibited person, does not think about the consequences of his actions and only does things according to his mood. (Episode 2.04)
  • Black Kryptonite :
    When Clark's body was ruled by Kal-El, there was only one way to separate him from his alter ego: with black kryptonite. Black kryptonite is formed when the green kryptonite is heated very strongly. Instead of melting, it turns into black kryptonite when it explodes. When someone comes into contact with black kryptonite, that person is split into two parts: a “good” and a “bad”. This is compared with episode 4.01 Lana and Lois ( original title : Crusade ). This type of kryptonite was specially invented for the series.
  • Silver Kryptonite :
    The silver kryptonite can injure Clark and make him paranoid, he gets delusions that lead him to kill those he loves above all else. Milton Fine is able to prevent Clark from killing Lana at the last second by "sucking out" the splinter that got into Clark's bloodstream on contact with a Kryptonian device. A Kryptonian quickly loses his composure under the influence of the silver kryptonite and becomes aggressive. Appeared for the first time in episode 5.07 Silberwahn (original title: Splinter ).

Ring of the Legion

In episode 8.11 The Legion ( OT : Legion ), Clark receives a ring from the Legion of Super Heroes , with which it is possible to travel in time . Clark himself but also (unintentionally) Lois Lane use this possibility.

Mirror box

A kryptonian artifact that allows access to a parallel earth. The Clark there is "Ultraman". The Lionel Luthor, who appears in the final season, also came from there and reached the other earth using the mirror box.



DVD release

The table below shows the release dates for each season in the United States , United Kingdom, and Germany .

Season United States United Kingdom Germany
1 23 Sep 2003 Oct 13, 2003 0Oct 9, 2003
2 May 18, 2004 July 19, 2004 Oct 15, 2004
3 Nov 16, 2004 Apr 18, 2005 May 20, 2005
4th 13 Sep 2005 Oct 10, 2005 Apr 13, 2006
5 Sep 12 2006 Aug 28, 2006 Apr 13, 2007
6th Sep 18 2007 Oct 22, 2007 May 18, 2008
7th 0Sep 9 2008 Oct 13, 2008 27 Mar 2009
8th 25 Aug 2009 Oct 12, 2009 May 21, 2010
9 0Sep 7 2010 Oct 25, 2010 0Apr 1, 2011
10 Nov 29, 2011 Oct 31, 2011 Aug 30, 2013

Opening credits

  • The opening credits are about 50 seconds long. Starting with season 5, the design of the opening credits changes.
  • The theme music Save Me for the series was retained during all seasons and the part contained in the opening credits was not changed. The piece of music comes from the album The Golden Hum (2001) by Remy Zero .
  • During the first four seasons, the Smallville lettering begins to glow in yellow and changes to white with a yellow, ray-shaped border. From season five the lettering uses the color red and the letters are in 3D format.
  • The background during the fade-in of the actors will also have a red design from season five.
  • The font for the names of actors and series inventors was also changed, previously it was the same as for the lettering Smallville . The font is also bigger now.
  • The names of the actors are slowly faded in from seasons one to four and initially have a ray-shaped background. From season 5, the words fly into the picture in parts and complement each other to form a whole.
  • For each actor, one to three short excerpts from the series or the respective season are shown before the actor's name appears. During the first four seasons, these sequences only partially relate to the respective actor. Sometimes they only show a general plot. From season 5, these sequences are significantly shorter and have a direct relationship to the next actor shown.
  • In the first four seasons, the actors can only be seen with their faces when their names are faded in and do not look directly into the camera. These are probably also excerpts from the respective seasons. From season five, the actors can be seen in full, mostly with their faces and upper bodies, and some of them turn in profile. They also look directly into the camera. In both versions, a further section of the series is presented in addition to the face or profile.
  • A defining element for both versions is the crash of the comet pieces over and in Smallville. However, while these appear in seasons one to four only at the end of the lettering display Smallville , from season 5 they fly over the lettering.
  • The filler words (e.g. as or with ) are also shown in English as in the original.
  • All words use only capital letters, but filler words are smaller than the names of the actors and those in charge.


  • Annette O'Toole , who played Martha Kent in Smallville, was involved in the Superman myth before. She played Clark Kent's childhood sweetheart Lana Lang in the movie Superman III .
  • In the American original, Jor-El is spoken by Terence Stamp , who played the role of General Zod in Superman II - Alone Against All .
  • Christopher Reeve , arguably the best-known Superman actor, appeared in two episodes of the series as Dr. Virgil Swann up.
  • Reeves film partner, Margot Kidder, who took on the role of Lois Lane in Superman I to IV, had a guest appearance in two episodes of the fourth season as Bridgette Crosby, who was also directly connected to Reeves' role.
  • Also, Dean Cain , the Superman actor from the series Superman - The Adventures of Lois & Clark , has subsequently 7:04 an appearance as immortal Dr. Curtis Knox. The role name is an allusion to his role as Superman, because the initials are like Clark Kent C and K.
  • Justin Hartley , who starred in Oliver Queen, was originally cast as the leading man in the Smallville offshoot Aquaman . The pilot had even been shot. However, the broadcaster The CW decided not to broadcast them. After the sixth season there were again considerations of an offshoot. This time through Green Arrow and again Hartley was slated to lead, but he declined.
  • The result 10.4 afraid gases ( OT : Scare ) was in the DVD box accidentally as a coward specified.
  • Tom Welling , John Schneider , Allison Mack , Michael Rosenbaum and Justin Hartley are the only Smallville cast members who have directed in addition to their acting roles. Welling seven times, in the episodes 5.18 Shards ( OT : Fragile ), 6.10 Washed in all waters ... ( OT : Hydro ), 7.18 End of the world ( OT : Apocalypse ), 8.21 Secret Army ( OT : Injustice ), 9.11 Heroes of the Past ( OT : Absolute Justice ; Teildirection), 09/10 The Law ( OT : Patriot ) and 10.18 Booster Gold ( OT : Booster ). Schneider made his directorial debut in episode 3.20 The man who once fell from the sky ( OT : Talisman ). He was the first of the cast to sit in the director's chair. Mack directed episodes 8.13 Macht ( OT : Power ) and 9.12 The Birth of a Rogue ( OT : Warrior ). Rosenbaum made his directorial debut in episode 6.15 Freakville ( OT : Freak ). Justin Hartley made his directorial debut in episode 10.19 The Dark Force ( OT : Dominion ).
  • Helen Slater , who took over the role of Supergirl in the 1984 film of the same name , appeared in two episodes of season seven and one episode of season ten as Clark's birth mother.
  • The actor Marc McClure , who had taken on the role of Jimmy Olsen in Superman I to IV and Supergirl , also has a guest appearance as the kryptonian scientist Dax-Ur in the seventh season.
  • Several well-known bands made guest appearances on the series. These include One Republic , Remy Zero , Lifehouse, and The All American Rejects .
  • Various superheroes from the DC Universe appeared in the form of guest roles. For example Aquaman , Black Canary , The Flash , Hawkman , Cyborg and Supergirl .
  • Aaron Ashmore's (Jimmy Olsen) twin brother Shawn already starred in the first season (episode 1.12). He played Eric Summers, who had Clark's powers for a short time. He also played this role in episode 3.09.
  • In ep. 5.06, Tom Wopat plays Senator Jack Jennings. Tom Wopat and John Schneider played the leading roles in the series A Duke in the 1970s and 80s . There are some allusions in the following to: a. you can see the muscle car .
  • In episodes 6.18 and 6.19, Lex Luthor shows a preference for pieces from various Wagner operas. In episode eighteen, Lex Luthor listens to the prelude to The Flying Dutchman in the car just before Chloe rams him with a pickup. In episode nineteen, Lana turns the stereo to full volume to drown out shots. The stereo plays the prelude from Tannhäuser and the singer's war on Wartburg .
  • Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan are the only characters to appear in the entire series from season one to the last. Even if Chloe only made a few guest appearances in the tenth season, she remains a central person for the individual episodes.
  • Amy Adams , who (in the seventh episode of the first season to eat you ) Jodi Melville plays later took over the role of Lois Lane in the film adaptation Man of Steel (2013). Alessandro Juliani , who worked in Smallville with Dr. Embodied Emil Hamilton , had an appearance in Man of Steel as Officer Sekowsky.
  • In the movie Man of Steel , a truck with the LuthorCorp logo can be seen in Smallville in the background . There is also a workshop in town called Sullivan .
  • The rocket launch scenes at the end of the film Terminator 3 - Rebellion of the Machines were used again in the series in the episode Doomsday (episode 7.18; OT : Apocalypse ).
  • Teri Hatcher (Lois from Superman: The Adventures of Lois & Clark ) made a guest appearance on a video during season 10. She portrayed the late Ella Lane, the mother of Lois Lane.
  • In Arrow verses there are references to the series, so Chloe Sullivan is in the episode Once Upon a Time in Midvale (OT: Midvale ; 3. Season the Supergirl series ) mentions also the episode plays Anderswelten (1) (OT: Else Worlds, Part 1 ; 5th season of The Flash series ) in Smallville or on the Kent Farm ; in the location view, the theme music is played by Remy Zero.


DC Comics released a two-story comic book about the series prior to the start of the second season in 2002, and later started a bimonthly series of comics.

A sequel (11th season) has been released as a comic series from 2012.



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