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Fans in Green Arrow I (left) and Red Arrow costumes (right) doing cosplay (2008)

Green Arrow (formerly in German-speaking Green Arrow ) is one of the super heroes from the DC Universe . It was conceived by the author Mort Weisinger and draftsman George Papp . Green Arrow first appeared in the USA in 1941 together with his partner Speedy (Roy Harper) in US More Fun Comics # 73.

In Germany, the series was first brought out by ehapa and later by Hethke in the 1980s . Panini currently offers comics from Green Arrow .


Green Arrow is dressed like Robin Hood and his goal is to help the poor. His specialty is fighting with a bow and arrow. As a member of the Justice League , his area of ​​operation is the fictional Star City . Originally, the archer was little more than a more positive version of Batman . He even had an Arrow car , an Arrow plane, and an Arrow signal and, like Bruce Wayne, is a superpowered person who only relies on his superior skills and technological aids. Another parallel to Wayne is the origins of Green Arrows: He grew up under the name Oliver Queen as a son from a wealthy family. Green Arrow had a long relationship with Dinah Lance alias Black Canary and he has two sons, the adopted Roy Harper (his old companion Speedy) and the biological Connor Hawke, who had meanwhile followed in his father's footsteps (Green Arrow II).

Over time, Green Arrow became more important and independent as a liberal voice in the Justice League, and he had now lost all of his money. In particular author Dennis O'Neil and artist Neal Adams created a historical cycle by Green Arrow and Green Lantern (Green Lantern), than in the Oliver Queen liberalster was positioned superhero in the DC Universe, which in strict contrast to the more conservative acted setting of the Green Lantern . It was also Neal Adams who gave Green Arrow its characteristic yellow mustache.

In Frank Miller's Return of the Dark Knight , Green Arrow only has his right arm. In a conversation between Batman and Superman it becomes clear - if not explicitly mentioned - that Oliver lost his arm in the fight against Superman and was arrested and locked away after the fight. Instead, he now uses his teeth to shoot the arrows.

The different arrows

Green Arrow I

The original Green Arrow is Oliver Queen. He is the Robin Hood of the DC Universe . He uses a normal bow, but his arrows are usually unusual trick arrows, such as a handcuff arrow, an explosion arrow, a boomerang arrow and the most famous of them all, the boxing glove arrow.

He was killed in a plane crash but was brought back to life by Hal Jordan .

Green Arrow II

The second Green Arrow is Connor Hawke. He is the son of Oliver Queens and grew up in a monastery under monks.

Red Arrow

This is the name of Roy Harper in the comics for a while, who was independent as a junior partner of Oliver Queen and later as Arsenal . In the television series Arrow , this name is also used briefly by Oliver Queen's sister Thea, called Speedy.

In other media

  • Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) appears sporadically in the animated series The Justice League ; the series is an animation adaptation of the Justice League.
  • Green Arrow or Oliver Queen can be seen as a supporting character in the 6th season of the television series Smallville , where he is briefly with Lois Lane . He returns in the 11th episode of the 7th season and has been part of the permanent cast since the 8th season. Last season he married Chloe Sullivan. The character is portrayed by Justin Hartley .
  • Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) appears as a supporting character in the English cartoon series Young Justice . There he is the trainer of Roy Harper aka. Arsenal, which later changes its name to Red Arrow.
  • Green Arrow is the title character in the television series Arrow , which has aired on The CW since October 2012 . Stephen Amell plays him in the series , Red Arrow is portrayed by Willa Holland , and briefly also by Colton Haynes, whose character is later named Arsenal . Green Arrow also appears in the spin-off series The Flash , Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl .

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