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Black Canary (German: "Black Canary ") is the name of a cartoon character owned by the US entertainment company Time Warner . The character, also known in Germany as the lightning swallow , was invented in 1947 by the author Robert Kanigher and the illustrator Carmine Infantino and has since been used in comic book publications by DC Comics , a subsidiary of Time Warner.


Black Canary is a female heroine, usually portrayed as a blonde in fishnet tights and a tight black outfit. The first version of the character had no supernatural powers and mostly mastered their adventures with the help of strong martial arts skills. Later, the authors added the blood-curdling sonar scream that had become their trademark .

A constant theme in many Black Canary stories is the character's relationship with fellow superhero Green Arrow .

Release history

The character Black Canary, with real identity Dinah Drake, was originally developed as a supporting character for the stories about the clumsy Johnny Thunder published in the booklets of the American comic series Flash Comics in the 1940s . The character appeared for the first time in the August 1947 issue of Flash Comics # 86. This story was authored by the science fiction writer Robert Kanigher, who also wrote most of the early Black Canary stories. The visual design of the figure, which despite some optical variations has been largely retained until today, was developed by the draftsman Carmine Infantino.

Since the character proved to be extremely popular right away, Black Canary was put at the center of some stories from issue # 92 onwards. Here her companion was the private detective Larry Lance. In 1965, some of her adventures appeared in The Brave and the Bold , in which she appeared with the superhero Starman. Soon after, the character was also used as a member of the Justice Society of America superhero team in the comic series of the same name. In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, Black Canary was incorporated as a character in the series Green Arrow and Justice League of America . In addition, the character has appeared from time to time in solo stories on series such as World's Finest Comics and Adventure Comics .

Confronted with the problem that the character has been active since the 40s, and therefore should have been around 60 years old in the 80s, a background story was introduced in 1983 that ensures the continuity of the narratives. Since then there have been two different characters, mother and daughter, with the real identities Dinah Drake Lance (the original Black Canary) and Dinah Laurel Lance. The younger Dinah Lance has played Black Canary ever since.

In the early 1990s, DC Comics featured Black Canary as the main character in two series of comics named after her. First, the series Black Canary appeared from November 1991 to February 1992 . From January 1993 to December 1993 another Black Canary series, reaching twelve issues, followed . Sarah E. Byam was hired to write this series, and Trevor von Eeden was the draftsman .

The character also played an important role in the publications of the Birds of Prey series, where he is one of the three main characters alongside Huntress and Barbara Gordon and appeared in more than 100 issues.

In film and television

The role of Black Canary was first taken on by an actress in 1979: Danuta Rylko Soderman, who did not appear any further, embodied the character in the TV production Legends of the Superheroes on NBC .

From 2002, Lori Loughlin played the character in the series Birds of Prey .

In 2008 Black Canary, played by Alaina Kalanj , made two guest appearances in the 7th and 8th seasons of the Smallville series .

In 2012 Katie Cassidy took on the role of Dinah Laurel Lance in the US TV series Arrow and later in The Flash . However, this Laurel Lance did not have the alter ego Black Canary . Black Canary is only introduced as a supporting character in the second season of the series, played by Caity Lotz , but only under the name Canary , with the real identity of Sara Lance, the missing sister of Laurel. Canary is on the run from Ra's al Ghul, who apparently trained her. However, since Sara is killed, the older sister later takes over the alter ego Black Canary . Sara Lance is brought back to life in the Lazarus Pit by Ra's al Ghul and takes over the alter ego White Canary in the spin-off of Arrow , DC's Legends of Tomorrow .

The animated versions of the character, which appeared in the series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited at the beginning of the 21st century , were dubbed by Jennifer Hale ( Justice League ) and Morena Baccarin ( Justice League Unlimited ). They bring together features from different comic book versions of the character.

In video games

In the Beat 'em up Injustice 2 developed by Netherrealm Studios , Black Canary is included as a playable character.

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