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The Justice Society of America ( JSA for short ; in German about "Justice Society of America") is a team of superheroes from the US comic publisher DC Comics and is based in its superhero multiverse . They were invented in 1940 by Sheldon Mayer , and they first appeared in issue no. 3 of All Star Comics magazine . It was the first superhero team in comic history and the setting in which many new characters were created, including Wonder Woman .

Development and Background

The league was developed in 1940 by illustrator Sheldon Mayer , who was the editor of the All Star Comics . In doing so, he countered the problem that arose from the fact that significantly more superheroes were supposed to appear than would fit in the story booklet. The introduction of the Justice Society of America allowed multiple superheroes to appear in a story and new characters to be tested as part of the group. Successful new heroes then got their own series and new characters took their place on the team. This also had a constantly changing line-up.

Content development

The JSA was initially led by Superman . Other members included Batman , Green Lantern , Wonder Woman , The Flash and Hourman . In the early days, the JSA fought for the United States in World War II . The more well-known superheroes who got their own series usually do not appear or only appear in supporting roles. The Society's headquarters were in New York City during the war , then Gotham City and later Civic City.

After the Second World War, the members of the JSA were asked by the Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) to reveal their secret identities . After the JSA refused to accept this request, the group disbanded at the end of the so-called Golden Age .

In more recent stories, the JSA is back in Manhattan and there have been regular shared stories with the Justice League . Until the Crisis on Infinite Earths event , in the course of which the group temporarily disappeared into the limbus , the members of the JSA also aged.

In the early 1990s, a newly formed team, introduced in the Zero Hour: Crisis in Time event , continued the Justice Society .

Publication history

The Justice Society of America stories first appeared from 1940 to 1951 in issues 3 to 57 of All Star Comics magazine . Author at that time was Gardner Fox , draftsmen were among others Jack Burnley , Jack Kirby and Joe Kubert . After that, they appeared only sporadically and were largely replaced by the Justice League . Also in series of its members, such as Green Lantern and The Flash , which entered Society on.

From 1976 the team appeared again more often, first in the magazine All Star Comics , then sporadically in other magazines such as Adventure Comics . The authors of this time were Gerry Conway and Paul Levitz , the drawings are by Wally Wood , Joe Staton , Keith Giffen and Bob Layton , among others . With the event Crisis on Infinite Earths , the publication of stories with the Justice Society initially also ended .

From 1992 the Justice Society of America was published in its own issue; it reached 18 booklets with two story arcs by the time it was discontinued in May 1993. Len Strazewski was the lead author . From 1999 to 2006 the publication JSA followed with 87 editions, some of which Panini brought out in German. The spin-off JSA: Classified reached 39 issues. From 2006 to 2011 a continuation of the title Justice Society of America was published in 54 issues, which are also published in German by Panini. JSA All-Stars appeared from 2009 to 2011 as a sequel to JSA .

Appearances in other media

The JSA appears several times in the animated series Batman: The Brave And The Bold . The Justice Society of America also appears in the ninth and tenth seasons of the television series Smallville . She included Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson), Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton), The Atom (Al Pratt), Sandman (Wesley Dodds), Specter (Jim Corrigan), Hawkgirl (Shayera Hall), Hourman (Rex Tyler), Doctor Mid-Nite (Charles McNider), Black Canary (Dinah Drake-Lance) and Mister Terrific (Terry Sloane) and Wildcat (Ted Grant). Because the Justice Society of America refused to cooperate with the police, they were all sent to jail. Only Hawkman (Carter Hall, the leader of the JSA ), Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), The Flash (Jay Garrick) and Wildcat (Ted Grant) still live in Smallville's present . The character The Flash also exists in Smallville, but this is the fourth incarnation of Bart Allen. In the double episode Absolute Justice , the remaining JSA members team up with the Justice League of Martian Manhunter , Green Arrow and Clark Kent .

The JSA also appears in the final episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow , in which Captain Rip Hunter and his team are warned to enter their spaceship. In the second season, the JSA appears in the second episode.

In the new US science fiction - television series Star Girl , which on the same figure from DC Comics is based, has been eliminated, the JSA and re-launched by a teenager from the 21st century


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