The League of the Just

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Television series
German title The League of the Just
Original title Justice League Unlimited
Country of production United States
Year (s) 2004-2006
length 22 minutes
Episodes 39 episodes in 3 seasons
genre Action
idea Bruce Timm , Paul Dini
music Lolita Ritmanis ,
Kristopher Carter ,
Michael McCuistion
First broadcast July 31, 2004 on Cartoon Network
first broadcast
September 3, 2005 on kabel eins

The Justice League is the German title of the US cartoon series Justice League Unlimited , which was produced from 2004 to 2006.

Creation and conception

The animated series The Justice League is based on the Justice League comic series by the US comic book publisher DC Comics . As early as 1972 to 1985, the idea of ​​the Justice League was loosely adapted in the cartoon series Die Superfreunde (original: Super Friends ). Since 2001, the Justice League series , which has never been translated into German, and the Justice League (original: Justice League Unlimited 2004–2006) are a new and more precise adaptation of the post- crisis version of the comic series.

The series initially focused primarily on the heroes Superman , Batman , J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter) , Wonder Woman , Flash , Hawkgirl and Green Lantern . After Hawkgirl's departure in the previous series, the team expanded to include almost all heroes from the DC Universe .


The series begins with the expansion of the Justice League and the addition of new members, which also have their own stories as the series progresses, including Supergirl , Green Arrow and Black Canary , Huntress , Vixen, Vigilante and the Shining Knight, Stargirl and her father STRIPE , Booster Gold , and Fire and Ice.

The series ends with a story arc in season three in which Lex Luthor is hired by the intelligent, criminal gorilla Grodd as a member of his criminal organization. Luthor initially joins in because he tries to re-establish his broken connection with Brainiac, but eventually rebels and takes over the organization himself. His efforts to reconstruct Brainiac lead to Superman's old enemy Darkseid being brought back to life and attacking Earth. Superheroes and supervillains must pull together to avert the destruction of the earth, and ironically it is Luthor who saves the earth by transforming himself into a god-like being and giving Darkseid what he has long been looking for: the anti-life equation.


The German dubbed version of the series was created by Blackbird Music . Boris Tessmann was the director of the dialogue and dubbing . All 39 episodes of the Justice League Unlimited series were edited by Blackbird Music.

Since the previous series Justice League was never broadcast in Germany, there are noticeable gaps in the plot in several episodes, for example in “For the man who has everything”, “Kinderkram” and “Weck die Toten”, in which an earlier confrontation with the respective antagonists are addressed, or in the episode "Hunter's Moon", where the invasion of the Thanagarians is mentioned, which in the original US version filled the three final episodes of the second Justice League season.

Another significant chapter, but not dealt with in German, is the original double episode "A Better World" of the previous series, in which the Justice League meets its counterpart from another reality. This version, called the Justice Lords , had evolved into a despot group and seized power after its Flash was assassinated by Lex Luthor, who became President of the United States in that reality. Luthor was personally killed by Superman for this, making the Justice Lords a symbol of corruption in the name of justice and a cautionary example for the Justice League - one of the reasons why the Cadmus project was founded and the politically critical Green Arrow joined the Justice League was added. These background events are addressed in the penultimate episode of the German dubbing, "Together we are strong", and the nanoclones that Luthor / Brainiac creates to stop the Justice League are replicas of the Justice Lords, while Flash is a criminal counterpart from the DC Comics , Reverse Flash , needs to face.

In the double episode "The Time Shift" ( The Once And Future Thing ) appears a superhero named Static, the hero of a cartoon series called Static Shock (not yet published in German) , which ran in four seasons from 2000 to 2004 and also on a DC - Comics based superhero series. In different episodes of both series there are different crossovers with the series Justice League and (on the part of Static Shock s) with the Batman cartoon series , the Superman cartoon series and even the cartoon Batman of the Future .

role Original voice actor German voice actor
Superman / Clark Kent George Newbern Ingo Albrecht
Batman / Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroy Eberhard Haar
Wonder Woman / Diana Susan Eisenberg Arianne Borbach
Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz Carl Lumbly Jan Spitzer
The Flash / Wally West Michael Rosenbaum Marius Clarén
Green Lantern / John Stewart Phil LaMarr Tilo Schmitz
Hawkgirl / Shayera Hol Maria Canals Gundi Eberhard

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