The Dark Knight Rises

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German title The Dark Knight Rises
Original title The Dark Knight Rises
Country of production United States ,
United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 2012
length 164 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 14
Director Christopher Nolan
script Christopher Nolan,
Jonathan Nolan
production Christopher Nolan,
Emma Thomas ,
Charles Roven
music Hans Zimmer
camera Wally Pfister
cut Lee Smith

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The Dark Knight Rises ( English for The Dark Knight rises ) is a US-American - British Action - Drama and a comic book adaptation directed by Christopher Nolan from the year 2012 , the on of Bob Kane created Batman based -Comicserie. After Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008), it is the third and final film in Nolan's Batman trilogy. In Germany , the film was released on July 25, 2012, and in the United States on July 20, 2012.


After prosecutor Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face , died, Batman took the blame for his crimes in order to protect Dent's work. He was hunted by the Gotham City Police Department and so retired as Bruce Wayne to his rebuilt Wayne Manor .

The plot of the film begins eight years later. Notorious terrorist Bane is in constant pain from a previous injury and wears a mask that supplies him with a drug for the pain. In Uzbekistan , he kidnaps the nuclear physicist Dr. Leonid Pavel from a CIA plane . While still on the plane, he has Pavel transfused his blood into a corpse so that it will be thought dead.

Noticeably aged and physically debilitated, Bruce Wayne holds a banquet at Wayne Manor on Harvey Dent Memorial Day, but avoids company. During the ceremony, Selina Kyle, a thief disguised as a maid, breaks into his private quarters to steal his mother's pearl necklace and take Wayne's fingerprints on the safe door. Although he catches her in the act, his constitution makes him unable to stop her. Kyle hands the fingerprints over to a Bane negotiator. At the handover, he tries to shoot her. But Kyle expected this situation. She lets the negotiator use the mobile phone of a member of parliament whom she has kidnapped, which the police are now intensively looking for. A short time later, police storm the bar and Kyle flees in the fray. The police followed Bane's men into the sewers, where he tried to kill Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. At the last moment he crashes into a raging sewer and escapes. Before that, Bane takes a document from him: a speech prepared by Gordon that tells the truth about Harvey Dent.

Young cop John Blake finds Gordon and takes him to the hospital. Gordon reports that Bane is preparing an offensive under the city. Blake, who found out Batman's identity, then tries to persuade Wayne to become active again as the protector of the city. This and Selina Kyle's break-in lead Wayne to go public again. He realizes that his company has made huge losses as it invested in the development of a fusion reactor based on the plans of board member Miranda Tate. However, when it became known that it could be manipulated into an atomic bomb, the project was abandoned.

Wayne decides to put Batman's costume back on. His old butler, Alfred Pennyworth, believes that he is simply looking for death and leaves him. Meanwhile, Bane throws in a raid on the Gotham City Stock Exchange and uses Wayne's fingerprints to place securities orders that destroy almost all of his capital. Wayne correctly suspects that his business rival John Daggett hired Bane to take over the company and therefore puts the management of his company in the hands of Tate in good time. When Daggett complains to Bane that the plan has failed, Bane kills him.

Wayne spends a night of love with Tate and then lets Kyle lead him to Bane. He defeats Wayne in a head-to-head fight, breaks his spine and reveals the location of his hiding place in the sewers as a final humiliation: directly under the applied science department of Wayne Enterprises. To do this, he blasts the ground to the hidden place, Bane's mercenaries climb up and steal some military equipment from the pool. Bane has Wayne arrested in a foreign underground prison (the "pit") in which he himself was once imprisoned. From this location Wayne is said to be watching the fall of Gotham on television.

Bane kidnaps three Wayne Enterprises board members and takes them down the sewers. He needs it to activate the fusion reactor. The core of the reactor is built by Dr. Leonid Pavel to a four Mega tons - atomic order which can be triggered by remote ignition, but is also at the same time due to the nuclear disintegration time bomb. Almost all of the city's police officers, around three thousand men, rush into the sewer under the pretext of an emergency drill. However, Bane installed explosives throughout the city's underground in advance; John Daggett had made his construction crews from Daggett Industries available for this. The explosion spills the entrances and the police are trapped in the sewers. All bridges leading out of the city, except one, will also be blown up and are therefore impassable.

Bane announces to the citizens of Gotham City from a football stadium that they are now in control of the city and should get back what is due to them. He has the atom bomb brought into the stadium and kills Dr. Pavel, who was the only one who could have deactivated the bomb. Bane places the atomic bomb in one of three trucks that drive non-stop around the city so that the bomb cannot be located and begins to take control of the city with what appears to be a revolutionary civil movement. Outside Blackgate Prison , Bane reads Gordon's speech in front of television cameras and exposes Harvey Dent as a murderer. Then Bane storms the prison and arm the 1,000 felons imprisoned under the Dent Act and joins his underground army. For three months Bane ruled Gotham City with his army as a dictator. The formerly rich and powerful of Gotham are being dragged out of their villas and apartments and brought before a court martial presided over by Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow . There they are sentenced to death or exiled - in both cases they have to go into exile on the brittle ice of the city river, where they all ultimately find their death.

During this time Bruce Wayne tries to get back to his previous form and escape from captivity. A fellow prisoner tells him about a legend according to which a soldier in the service of a warlord secretly married his daughter. However, he found out about it and threw the soldier into the underground prison. A short time later he was released, but learned the price for it: his wife had stood up for him out of love and took his place in prison. There she gave birth to a child who grew up in the darkness of the prison. In a vision, Wayne appears a few days later Ra's al Ghul and it becomes clear that this is the soldier from the legend. Wayne concludes from this that Bane is his son.

After a long period of physical training, Wayne can have his spine straightened by a fellow prisoner who is knowledgeable about healing, and after several failed attempts to climb outside through the shaft of the underground prison, he finally succeeds. When Batman is back in Gotham, he and the morally ambivalent Catwoman alias Selina Kyle and the police take on Bane and his accomplices. Batman defeated Bane this time in a duel. Finally he hits him on the mask a few times with full force, which is damaged and Bane can no longer supply her with her anesthetic gas. Batman asks the now incapacitated Bane to name the person who carries the detonator of the bomb. Miranda approaches Tate and stabs Batman in the ribs from behind with a knife. She reveals that she is Ra's al Ghul's daughter Talia and that Bane is her ally. She, not Bane, was the child who once escaped from the underground dungeon. As the new leader of the Society of Shadows, planning to complete her father's job and destroy Gotham, she reveals to Batman that she is the citizen with the remote detonator. She puts the loose tubes back into Bane's mask, whereupon Bane regains his strength. Then she detonates the bomb, which fails, however, because Gordon was able to place a jammer on the bomb in the meantime, which blocks the signal. Before fleeing in a tumbler stolen from Wayne Enterprises , an armored vehicle of the type Batman previously used as a Batmobile , she orders Bane not to kill Batman, as he should watch as Gotham is destroyed. However, Bane disregards the order and is about to shoot Batman when Catwoman appears unexpectedly and shoots Bane at the last second with the Batpod.

The armored truck that holds the bomb is put under fire by Batman's Batwing , known as The Bat . As a result, the truck deviates from its planned route and crashes into the ground through a hole in the road. As a result of the impact, Talia is trapped behind the wheel and fatally injured. Shortly before her death, she succeeds in initiating the flooding of the reactor room, as a result of which she dies convinced that the bomb can no longer be stopped because it has made defusing it impossible. Batman hangs the bomb on his flight van and flies with it into the bay in front of Gotham City, where the bomb finally detonates, apparently killing him. The world is led to believe that Batman died as a hero when the atom bomb exploded over the open sea. Originally the aircraft did not have a functioning autopilot ; However, Fox later finds out that Wayne managed to complete autopilot development.

After the apparent death of Batman and the funeral and the promulgation of the will of Bruce Wayne, his former butler Alfred can be seen in the closing sequence in a café in Florence , where he sees Wayne sitting at a table with Selina Kyle. Meanwhile, in Gotham, Batmans is believed to be a martyr , while Bruce Wayne is believed to be dead. John Blake is disappointed that Wayne isn't being celebrated for who he was. He is given a bag from Wayne's estate at a law office and has coordinates on it. It turns out that Blake's middle name is " Robin ". While Gordon discovers that the bat signal on the roof of the Police Department has been repaired, Blake goes to the coordinates and discovers the bath cave.



Warner Bros. was hoping to release a sequel to The Dark Knight in 2011 or 2012. But after the sudden death of Heath Ledger , the Joker actor from The Dark Knight , director Christopher Nolan hesitated to shoot a third part of the franchise series . He also asked how many good second franchises there could be. Only after creating a coherent plot did actor Gary Oldman confirm that Nolan would also direct The Dark Knight Rises . Nolan himself only confirmed on February 9, 2010 that he would be directing again.

First, David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan wrote the script for the third Batman film together. When it became known that a new Superman movie entitled Man of Steel was in the works, the production of which was taken over by Christopher Nolan, Goyer turned his back on the last part of the Batman franchise and devoted himself to the Superman script. Nolan's brother Jonathan Nolan took over his place in the Batman script . The plot of The Dark Knight Rises is based on the stories of Batman - The Return of the Dark Knight , The Fall of the Dark Knight and No Man's Land .

With a budget of $ 250 million, The Dark Knight Rises is more expensive than its predecessor.


Christian Bale , who had signed a contract for three Batman films, returned to the role of Bruce Wayne aka Batman for the last time . Even Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon , Michael Caine as his trusted butler Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox are back in the occupation. Although the Joker survived in the last film, this character doesn't play a role in the third film due to Ledger's death.

The villain was played by actor Tom Hardy , who portrays the muscular Bane . Hardy, who already weighed 90 kilograms, trained an additional 14 kilograms of muscles. In the DC Universe, however, his figure is 2.03 m tall and weighs 159 kg. At 1.75 m, Hardy is also shorter than Batman actor Christian Bale (1.83 m). In contrast to Batman & Robin , in which Bane also appeared, his character in The Dark Knight Rises is much more threatening. Nolan chose Bane as Batman's opponent because the director wanted a character different from the villain than the Joker.

As another character in The Dark Knight Rises , Anne Hathaway slipped into the role of the mysterious Selina Kyle aka Catwoman . Josh Pence and Liam Neeson also appear in flashbacks as Ra's al Ghul , the adversary from Batman Begins , and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate alias Talia al Ghul , Ra's' daughter. Also Cillian Murphy returns in a smaller role as Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow back. Five actors who previously made Inception with Nolan also star in this film (Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard and Cillian Murphy).

As Cameo are many players of the Pittsburgh Steelers , including the current quarterback of the Steelers Ben Roethlisberger and former wide receiver Hines Ward , the fictional American football -Verein Gotham Rogues to see. In addition, former head coach Bill Cowher plays the team's coach. The mayor of Pittsburgh , Luke Ravenstahl , also appears as an opponent.


Location of the airship hangars in Cardington

Before filming, Nolan decided not to produce the film in 3D , but instead in IMAX format. While only forty minutes were filmed in IMAX format for the predecessor The Dark Knight , thanks to the much higher budget for The Dark Knight Rises it was now seventy minutes.

Shooting started on May 6, 2011 in the Meherangarh fortress in the Indian city ​​of Jodhpur . After that, filming in Pittsburgh continued under the project name Magnus Rex . The Heinz Field Stadium there served as the backdrop for an American football game in which part of the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Gotham football team Gotham Rogues . The Software Engineering Institute and Carnegie Mellon University served as additional Pittsburgh locations . After a three-week stay, the Pittsburgh part of the shooting ended on August 21, 2011 and then continued in Los Angeles and New York . Other locations in November Newark in the City Hall and the Military Park . In addition, Glasgow and London served as backdrops for "additional outdoor scenes", for example at London Stansted Airport . Wollaton Hall in Nottingham served as the backdrop for Wayne Manor . Exterior scenes of the attack on the CIA plane and its crash were filmed over the Scottish Highlands . The studio recordings took place in Hangar 2 in Cardington , Bedfordshire and in California at Warner Studios in Burbank , Sony Studios in Culver City and MGM Studios in Hollywood . As planned, filming ended on November 14, 2011.

The former Batmobile : The tumbler in military paint

In Pittsburgh, a new tumbler in the form of a Batmobile stolen by Batman's adversaries was used again after it had previously been destroyed in The Dark Knight and converted into a Batpod .

There were several minor accidents during filming, but no one was seriously injured. During filming, for example, a tractor-trailer crashed into the main entrance of Wollaton Hall and a stuntman crashed through a roof of the Cairngorm Gliding Club while skydiving and was slightly injured. In addition, a stunt woman who doubled Hathaway drove the batpod against an IMAX camera and destroyed it in the process.


The official website went online in May 2011. Two months later, when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 launched, the first teaser trailer was released. The first full trailer, which runs for two minutes, was shown at the release of Sherlock Holmes: Game in the Shadows . Like the teaser before, the actual trailer was initially published online.

Since the American national anthem is sung in the trailer , critics saw a political undertone.

After the trailer was available for download on iTunes for the first day , it replaced the trailer of Marvel's The Avengers as the most downloaded trailer within 24 hours. This record was later set again by the second Avengers trailer. The next trailer for The Dark Knight Rises appeared at the premiere of Marvel's The Avengers on May 1, 2012 in the United States .


In July 2012, Titan Books published an adaptation of a novel written by Greg Cox entitled The Dark Knight Rises: The Official Movie Novelization .


role actor Voice actor
Bruce Wayne / Batman Christian Bale David Nathan
Alfred Pennyworth Michael Caine Jürgen Thormann
Lucius Fox Morgan Freeman Klaus Sunshine
James Gordon Gary Oldman Udo Schenk
Miranda Tate / Talia al Ghul Marion Cotillard Maud Ackermann
Bane Tom Hardy Tobias Kluckert
Selina Kyle / Catwoman Anne Hathaway Marie Bierstedt
John Blake Joseph Gordon-Levitt Robin Kahnmeyer
Dr. Jonathan Crane / The Scarecrow Cillian Murphy Norman Matt



In addition to much praise for the deep and realistic interpretation of the Batman figure and the quality of the craftsmanship and innovative processing of the trilogy by director Nolan, the third part, The Dark Knight Rises, also received negative criticism because it is too ambitious and the story is too many Lose details. The protest movement triggered by the terrorist Bane in the film was variously understood as a rejection of the Occupy movement .

The lexicon of international films commented on the film: “The exciting new edition of the DC universe, which recalls current political upheavals, suffers from a few incoherent plot tensions; At the end of the 'hero's journey' of its title character, the film nevertheless offers a rousing mixture of emotional pathos and brilliant action. "

Grossing results

In the United States, where the film first opened in theaters, it had its second best opening night to date, with revenues of $ 30.6 million. Only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was far more successful. The starting weekend was a little more successful than the previous one. While this had brought in around 158 million US dollars, The Dark Knight Rises came to 160 million US dollars. This made him the third best start after Marvel's The Avengers and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 , both of which could, however , be seen in 3D . In its first week in Germany, 852,000 viewers saw the film in cinemas, just a little less than The Dark Knight , who at the same time drew 870,000 people to the big screens. With 3,251,896 visitors it currently ranks 7th among the most visited films in Germany in 2012. The Dark Knight Rises thus leaves its Marvel competitors Marvel's The Avengers (2.23 million visitors) and The Amazing Spider-Man (1 , 54 million visitors), both of which run in 3D, behind them. Its direct predecessor The Dark Knight attracted a total of 2.8 million viewers to German cinemas in 2008.

The film grossed over US $ 1.081 billion worldwide to date. The Dark Knight Rises is more successful than The Dark Knight , which grossed $ 1.003 billion. The American numbers are much lower than their predecessor (533.3 million to 444.5 million US dollars), but worldwide revenues have increased sharply. The Dark Knight trilogy has grossed $ 2.45 billion worldwide to date. This makes it the second most successful superhero trilogy; only Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films, which grossed nearly 2.5 billion US dollars, are more successful.

In addition to the Pirates of the Caribbean films, the Batman films are part of the only franchise film series in which two parts have cracked the one billion US dollar mark. It is also the second film after Avatar, to gross more than 100 million US dollars in IMAX theaters worldwide. It ranks 30th (as of August 8, 2020) among the most successful films of all time .


Grammy Awards 2013

  • Nomination in the category “Best composed soundtrack album for film, television or visual media” for Hans Zimmer

BAFTA 2013

  • Nomination in the "Best Visual Effects" category

Similarities and differences within the trilogy

The Dark Knight Rises has more in common with Batman Begins than with its direct predecessor. In both films it takes at least thirty minutes for Batman to appear, while in the second part he can be seen after a short time. At the beginning of both films, Bruce Wayne's withdrawn lifestyle is thematized, and the society of the shadows tries, as in the first part, to destroy the city here too.

In all three parts, Batman gets a new means of transport. There are two main opponents each ( Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul , Joker and Two-Face , Talia al Ghul and Bane ). As the only villain, Scarecrow makes an appearance in every part. The Joker, on the other hand, although he survived in the second film, is no longer a theme in this final part of the series (there are no flashbacks from him, nor is he mentioned).

A major difference between the third film and its two predecessors is the visual appearance of Gotham City, which sometimes looks different. This is because the exterior shots of the metropolis in The Dark Knight Rises were mostly filmed in New York City , in contrast to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight , where Chicago was largely used as the location.

Film and comic

The film is largely based on the Knightfall saga, with Christopher Nolan not fully implementing the comic. So Bane and his people freed the inmates of Arkham (who also included the Joker in the comic) at the beginning in order to physically and mentally challenge Batman. Nor is it Commissioner Gordon who is dragged into the sewer in the comic, but Robin whom Bane wants to question about Batman. Both in the film and in the comic, Batman is physically and mentally badly damaged, which is why Bane was able to defeat him easily. In both cases, Bane breaks the Dark Knight's spine, but leaves him in Gotham in the comic, believing that he is no longer a threat to him. Bane was ultimately defeated by Batman - but not by Bruce Wayne, who is meanwhile still from the injuries had to recover, but by Jean-Paul Valley, who was appointed Batman's successor until he returned. By the time of the Knightfall saga, Batman had a long-standing, risky relationship with Talia al Ghul; However, she was still unknown to Bane at the time.

Rampage at film premiere in Colorado

On July 20, 2012, there was a killing spree at a midnight premiere of the film in Aurora , Colorado . Twelve moviegoers were shot dead and over fifty others were injured, some seriously. The alleged perpetrator was arrested immediately after the crime.

Due to the incident, the film premiere in Paris was canceled, for which director Christopher Nolan and the leading actors Christian Bale , Anne Hathaway , Marion Cotillard and Morgan Freeman were announced. For the same reason, all interview dates were canceled without replacement. The premieres in Tokyo and Mexico City have also been canceled. Warner Bros. and director Christopher Nolan offered condolences to the victims and their families.

Various broadcasters in the US decided to stop broadcasting commercials for The Dark Knight Rises . The film production company Warner advocated that AMC Theaters expressly forbade moviegoers to appear in Batman costumes to the cinema screen. Due to the rampage, Warner initially refrained from publishing the box office figures.

Christian Bale visited the victims of the rampage in the clinic and talked to them for two hours. He announced that this was on his own initiative and that Warner Bros. had nothing to do with the gesture.

On August 6, 2012, a freelancer from the Aurora attack was arrested at 16 Regal Cinemas in Crocker Park , Cleveland . The perpetrator was found with a stabbing and a firearm at a Batman performance.


  • Jim Gordon's obituary for Bruce Wayne at the end of the film is excerpted from the end of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities : “I see a beautiful city and a beautiful people rise from this abyss. […] I see the lives for which I have sacrificed mine, in peace and prosperity, useful and happy. […] I see that I have built a sanctuary in their hearts and in the hearts of their descendants for generations to come. [...] What I do is far, far better than what I have ever done and the calm that I enter is far, far better than I was ever given. "
  • Christopher Nolan is, after Sam Raimi ( Spider-Man ), the second director to have filmed a complete trilogy of superheroes.
  • Anne Hathaway was also slated for the role of Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) in Spider-Man 4 , but this was never filmed because it was decided to restart.
  • Nolan offered James Newton Howard to compose the soundtrack for the film together with Hans Zimmer, as they did for the two previous films. But Howard declined because Nolan and Zimmer had developed such excellent chemistry while working on Inception that it felt superfluous.
  • All three Dark Knight films are represented in the IMDb Top 250 charts. Batman Begins is number 124, The Dark Knight is number 4 and The Dark Knight Rises is number 70 (as of October 6, 2019).


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