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Pirates of the Caribbean ( Pirates of the Caribbean ), and Pirates of the Caribbean called, is an American pirate film series from Walt Disney Pictures , based on the same theme ride based. Many video games and two other attractions have also appeared in the Disney amusement parks for the film series. In the lead role of Captain Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp to see. Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer of the five-part series .

Disney attractions

Interactive figure on Tom Sawyer Island

The model for the series was the Pirates of the Caribbean themed cruise in the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts . Since the films were released, Disney has introduced two more attractions that draw on elements from the film franchise: Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island and Mickey's Pirate and Princess Party .

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is a dark ride that has been in four Disney parks since 1968. There are small differences, but the overall picture of the trips is almost identical: on a boat trip in the Caribbean, you drive through a lagoon over a labyrinth to a battle between a pirate ship and a Caribbean fort.

The theme song Yo Ho , which was later sung in all Pirates of the Caribbean films, found its origin in the theme trip. The attraction is not only the model for the film series of the same name, but also for the first two video games from Monkey Island .

Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island (German: Tom Sawyer Island ) is an artificial island in Disneyland California that was inaugurated in 1956, one year after the park opened. In addition to the theming based on the works of Mark Twain , the island with Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island (German pirate hideout on Tom Sawyer Island ) has since a redesign in 2007 also contains elements from the films Pirates of the Caribbean . This attraction is also present in Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland .

Mickey's Pirate and Princess Party

Mickey's Pirate and Princess Party (German: Mickey's Pirate and Princess Festival ) is an event that has been held at Walt Disney World Resort from January to June since 2007. Since 2011 it has also been carried out in a shortened version at Disneyland Resort Paris. In addition to the pirates, the event is thematically based on the various Disney princesses, many children dress up either as pirates or as princesses. Different islands called Adventureland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Mickey's Toontown Fair are being built.

Film series


No. premiere German title Original title Director script
1 28 Jun. 2003 pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Gore Verbinski Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio
Story: Stuart Beattie & Jay Wolpert
2 Jun 24, 2006 Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio
3 May 19, 2007 Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
4th May 7, 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Rob Marshall
5 May 11, 2017 Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Joachim Rønning &
Espen Sandberg
Jeff Nathanson
Story: Terry Rossio

The previous list is intended to provide an overview of the respective films. Except for the fourth film, which is based on Tim Powers novel In Stranger Tides , no film has a template.


The following is an overview of the plot of the individual films. For a detailed summary, see the respective main articles. The fictional plot takes place in the 18th century and repeatedly refers loosely to existing myths, as well as real places and organizations, such as the British East India Company . The world is ruled by the British Empire , while the pirates represent the fight for freedom against the elites.

pirates of the Caribbean

Due to a mutiny , Captain Jack Sparrow had lost his pirate ship, the Black Pearl , and was abandoned on a small island. Hector Barbossa became the new pirate captain. The pirates had found treasure on an island with a curse on it. He made his owners undead . They turned into skeletons under the moonlight until the treasure was completely returned to the place where it was found and everyone paid a blood price. When the pirates notice this, they bring the treasure back, but one coin is missing that the now deceased pirate William Turner had left for his son of the same name, who wears the coin as a medallion.

This is where the film begins.

One day, little William Turner is rescued from shipwreck by a British warship . Elizabeth Swann , the governor's daughter, steals the medallion from an unconscious Will.

Eight years later, both of them were living in the Caribbean port of Port Royal when Jack Sparrow appeared there and, revealed as a pirate, was captured. That same night, the Black Pearl comes to Port Royal and kidnaps Swann because of the medallion. Turner wants to find her again and therefore frees Sparrow, believing that this will help him. Together they sail to Treasure Island, where the medallion and Swann's blood are supposed to solve the curse. However, only the blood of one participant can solve the curse (or a blood relative). So William Turner is the person we are looking for. To save Swann, Turner reveals himself as the wanted one and is kidnapped instead of Swann. Sparrow and Swann are abandoned on a desert island.

You are discovered and rescued by a British ship chasing the Black Pearl . But instead of helping his rescuers, Sparrow betrays the British and is taken in by the Black Pearl . During the battle with the British ship, Will can put the medallion back with the treasure. That breaks the curse, and the pirates become mortal again. Sparrow can thus kill Barbossa in battle and becomes captain again. But the pirates surrender to the British and are captured. Jack is about to be executed, but is rescued from under the gallows by Swann and Turner and is able to flee.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and At World's End

During their wedding reception in Port Royal, Swann and Turner are arrested by Lord Cutler Beckett and reportedly hanged for helping Jack Sparrow escape. However, he does promise them freedom if they find Sparrow's mysterious compass, which always points in the direction of the owner's most wanted object.

At the same time, Sparrow is looking for the heart of Davy Jones , who should take care of the dead on the high seas with his team. He wants to kill him because he has promised him the crew membership. When he is discovered by Swann and Turner, they learn from Jones 'former wife, Tia Dalma, aka Calypso , the sea goddess , that Jones' heart is in a chest. Turner then steals the key from him on the Flying Dutchman , Jones 'ship, but also discovers his own father there and promises him to free him by stabbing Jones' heart. Meanwhile, Sparrow finds out the whereabouts of the chest thanks to Swann and takes James Norrington, a former Commodore in the Royal Navy, into his crew.

On Isla Cruces there is a conflict between Turner, Sparrow and Norrington, who have different plans with their hearts. Ultimately, Norrington succeeds in delivering Beckett's heart, while Sparrow and Turner flee from the approaching crew of the Flying Dutchman to the crew of the Black Pearl . There they meet a giant octopus called by Jones , who is supposed to kill Sparrow. So that he doesn't drag the others into the realm of Jones, Sparrow is chained to his ship by Swann, while the others flee to Tia Dalma, who tells them how to get into the realm of Jones to get Jack back. She makes Barbossa, who was previously shot by Sparrow, available to them as captain. To get the maps for Jones' empire and a ship with a crew, he travels with Will and Swann to Singapore , so that they can get them from the pirate lord Sao Feng. After this action and Sparrow's return to the living, the crew meets Feng and Lord Beckett again, and a dispute ensues, as a result of which Feng kidnaps Swann because he sees her as the sea goddess Calypso. Feng dies after an attack by the Flying Dutchman and makes Swann a pirate princess. Therefore she can take part in the gathering of pirate lords and is elected pirate queen there. In doing so, she decides to go to war with both Jones and Beckett. At the same time, Beckett goes out with the Endeavor to fight the pirates.

On the Black Pearl , calypso is freed from Dalma by a ritual. She learns from Turner that she got her body from Jones. She realizes her betrayal, and her anger causes a giant vortex into which both the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman get caught while the crews of the fleets fight each other. During the battle, Turner and Swann are married by Barbossa. Ultimately, Jones is able to stab Turner in the chest with a sword, but almost at the same time, with Sparrow's help, Turner stabs Jones's heart, so that Turner stays alive, he becomes captain of the Flying Dutchman and the whirlpool stops. Both ships go into battle against the approaching Endeavor and sink her. Swann and Turner, who, as the successor to Davy Jones, are only allowed to set foot on the mainland for one day every ten years, together have a descendant.

On stranger tides

The Spanish king learns of the source of eternal youth . You have to catch their water with two special cups, from which two different people have to drink. A mermaid's tear must be contained in a chalice . The person who drinks from the cup with the tear receives the life of the person who drinks from the other cup.

The British King George II asks Sparrow to find the source of eternal youth for him. But when he meets Barbossa, who is now working for the British fleet, who has lost his leg and the Black Pearl to Blackbeard , Sparrow refuses the king's offer and flees. He meets his former lover Angelica and is kidnapped by her on the Queen Anne's Revenge , whose captain is her father Blackbeard. He too is looking for the source of eternal youth. At about the same time, the Spaniards, Blackbeard and the British learn of the source's position.

Blackbeard forcibly kidnaps a mermaid and takes her to the island where the source of eternal youth is located. There Blackbeard coaxes a tear out of the mermaid while Sparrow steals the goblets from the Spaniards' camp. When the spring arrives, the British, Blackbeard and the Spanish fight to destroy the spring. Blackbeard and Angelica are mortally wounded in battle. Sparrow fills the goblets with the water from the spring. He uses a trick to get Blackbeard to drink from the goblet without a tear, and gives Angelica, who wanted to sacrifice herself for her father, the cup with the tear.

After Blackbeard's death, Barbossa becomes captain of Queen Anne's Revenge . Sparrow leaves Angelica alone on a desert island and ponders how he can free the miniature version of the Black Pearl .

Salazar's revenge

Sparrow steered the captain Armando Salazar and his crew into the Devil's Triangle at a young age, which gave them a curse. Only when Sparrow surrendered his compass could they, as undead , seek revenge against Sparrow and leave the Devil's Triangle.

With the help of the astronomer Carina Smiths, who, together with the son of William Turner (Henry Turner) , wants to find the trident of Poseidon and is based on Galileo's diary, they find the trident, but meet Salazar and Sparrow.

Barbossa, who has now become rich and wealthy, supports Carina, who turns out to be his daughter. The trident is destroyed, removing all the curses of the seas.

Barbossa sacrifices himself to destroy Salazar and his men. Henry Turner marries Carina and Sparrow is sailing the seas again on his freed Black Pearl.


The second , third and fourth parts tie in with the previous parts at the beginning or during their action, the fifth part always refers to the topic of parts two and three.

The film deals with the pirate myth and a. the themes of death and immortality. In the first part, for example, the crew of the pirate ship Black Pearl was cursed by Aztec gods with gold, which prevents them from dying. In the second and third part the crew of the Flying Dutchman is immortal until the death of Davy Jones in the third part, under whose command. In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides , the fourth part of the series, Blackbeard then tries to achieve this goal by searching for the fountain of youth and in the fifth part , Captain Salazar and his crew are undead and hunt Sparrow.


Since the second and third part of the series were shot at the same time for budget reasons, the same film staff is available there.

No. title Director script production music camera cut
1 pirates of the Caribbean Gore Verbinski Ted Elliott , Terry Rossio , Stuart Beattie , Jay Wolpert Jerry Bruckheimer Klaus Badelt Dariusz Wolski Stephen E. Rivkin , Arthur Schmidt , Craig Wood
2 Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio Hans Zimmer Craig Wood, Stephen E. Rivkin
3 Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End
4th Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Rob Marshall David Brenner , Michael Kahn , Wyatt Smith
5 Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge Joachim Rønning , Espen Sandberg Jeff Nathanson Geoff Zanelli Paul Cameron Roger Barton , Leigh Folsom Boyd


Overview of the characters and cast

The list shows that there was a major change in personnel, especially between the third and fourth part.

role Movie Voice actor
pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean 2 At the end of the world On stranger tides Salazar's revenge
Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp Marcus Off (1–3)
David Nathan (4–5)
Captain Hector Barbossa Geoffrey Rush Martin Umbach
Joshamee Gibbs Kevin McNally Bert Franzke
Captain Will Turner Orlando Bloom Orlando Bloom Matthias Deutelmoser
Captain Elizabeth Swann Keira Knightley Keira Knightley Giuliana Jakobeit
James Norrington Jack Davenport Thomas Nero Wolff
Governor Weatherby Swann Jonathan Pryce Lutz Riedel
Pintle Lee Arenberg Jan Spitzer
Ragetti Mackenzie Crook Stefan Krause
Marty Martin Klebba Martin Klebba Michael Iwannek
Cotton David Bailie
Scarlett Lauren Maher Sonja Spuhl
Giselle Vanessa Branch
Lieutenant Commander Theodore Groves Greg Ellis Greg Ellis Nicolas Boell
Murtogg Giles New Giles New Giles New Gerald Schaale
Mullroy Angus Barnett Angus Barnett Angus Barnett Stefan Fredrich
Lieutenant Gillette Damian O'Hare Damian O'Hare Viktor Neumann
Anamaria Zoë Saldaña Tanja Geke
Bo'sun Isaac C. Singleton Jr. Tilo Schmitz
Charcoal burner Treva Etienne Erich Rauker
Captain Davy Jones Bill Nighy Hans-Jürgen Dittberner
Lord Cutler Beckett Tom Hollander Axel Malzacher
Tia Dalma ( Calypso ) Naomie Harris Vera Teltz
Bootstrap Bill Turner just mentioned Stellan Skarsgård Roland Hemmo
Ian Mercer David Schofield Ernst Meincke
Maccus Dermot Keaney Axel Lutter
Captain Sao Feng Chow Yun-Fat Leon Boden
Captain Teague Keith Richards Pure beauty
Angelica Penelope Cruz Claudia Lössl
Blackbeard Ian McShane Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Scrum Stephen Graham Olaf Reichmann
Philip Swift Sam Claflin Norman Matt
Cabin boy Robbie Kay Nico Mamone
Syrena Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey Anna Grisebach
The Spaniard Óscar Jaenada Tobias Kluckert
Ferdinand VI. Sebastian Armesto Nico Mamone
George II Richard Griffiths Wolfgang Völz
Henry Pelham Roger Allam Helmut Gauss
John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville Anton Lesser Wolfgang number
Blackbeard's quartermaster Ian Mercer Karl Schulz
Gunner Deobia Oparei Tilo Schmitz
Gahreng Yuki Matsuzaki
Tamara Gemma Ward Ricarda Kinnen
Salaman Paul Bazely
Derrick Martin Thompson
Captain Armando Salazar Javier Bardem Carlos Lobo
Carina Smyth Kaya Scodelario Maximiliane Häcke
William "Henry" Turner Dominic Scott Kay (end scene) Brenton Thwaites Max fields
Cremble Adam Brown Nic Romm
Uncle "Jack" Paul McCartney Michael Tietz
Shansa Golshifteh Farahani Sanam Afrashteh
John Scarfield David Wenham Sven Hasper

main characters

Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow at Madame Tussauds (London)

Jack Sparrow is an eccentric , sometimes “ dull ” pirate who often tries in a sneaky and selfish way to save himself (at the expense of others), even though in rare cases he acts morally and honestly. The widely acclaimed portrayal of the pirate by actor Johnny Depp made Sparrow a world-famous film character. The character appears in all five films.

Sparrow became a pirate after Lord Cutler Beckett had him branded as such, as he can hardly go about honest business with such a mark. He does not seem to pursue piracy for money or survival concerns, but rather for fun and love of the sea. According to screenwriters Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott, Jack Sparrow is a crook who uses intelligence and betrayal to achieve his goals. When he leaves, it always looks like he's slightly drunk, which is supported by the slurred speech and sweeping hand movements. Will Turner initially says that Jack is suffering from heat stroke, but later notes that Sparrow is very well planning his actions. This tactic earned him the admiring comment of Lieutenant Groves, who asked Cutler Beckett: "Do you think he planned it all that way, or is he taking it as it comes?"

Sparrow usually prefers non-violent negotiation. He plays off his opponents - both his enemies and (if he sees fit) his friends - against each other. He cleverly uses his ability to confuse his counterpart with confused words. He invokes the right to negotiate and tries (usually successfully) to dissuade his enemies from their murderous intentions and to bring them closer to the bigger picture. Sparrow loves nothing more than his ship Black Pearl , which was sunk by Lord Beckett, but was later recovered by Davy Jones and later sunk again by Blackbeard. In the first part and the associated prehistory, he also shows a partially existing vengeance, as he kept a single pistol with the oath to murder Hector Barbossa with it, which he succeeds after ten years.

William "Will" Turner

William Turner II is the son of William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner and a main character in the series. He grew up with his mother in England and believed that his father worked in the Caribbean for the merchant marine (East India Trading Company). When his mother died, he himself traveled to the New World to look for his father, who had recently sent him a gold coin (one of the 882 cursed coins from the Aztec treasure of Cortes ). However, the crossing ship Princess was attacked by Hector Barbossa and Will was shipwrecked, but was fished up by the Dauntless and brought to Jamaica .

At Port Royal , Will was trained as an armourer by Mr. Brown . He also fell in love with Elizabeth Swann, but knew that his class would never allow him to marry her. However, when Elizabeth is kidnapped by Barbossa, he breaks his oath that he will never have anything to do with pirates and frees Jack Sparrow from prison in an attempt to save her. The two hijack the Interceptor and can finally free Elizabeth. Elizabeth then turns away from James Norrington to spend her life with Will. Governor Swann accepts this election, and mercy comes upon him when Turner rescues Sparrow from the gallows one more time.

Will Turner is a relatively reserved, humble man who, however, can muster tremendous courage. In order to save people who are close to him, he breaks the law, albeit reluctantly, and risks his own life. Turner is never selfish or selfish. In the two sequels to the series, Will disagrees as to whether to devote his attention to Elizabeth or his father, both of whom need to be saved. In the third part he enters into a secret deal with Sao Feng because he only wants to use the Black Pearl to free his father. When this bears no fruit and Sparrow has him locked up, Turner deserted to the EITC and left a trail of drifting barrels with corpses strapped to them. This should show Lord Beckett the way to the shipwreck bay.

When Turner is thrown overboard by Sparrow and fished up by the Endeavor , he gives Lord Beckett Sparrow's magical compass. On the sandbar in front of the shipwreck island, he is exchanged for Sparrow again and fights on the side of the pirates in the following battle. In the fray, he and Elizabeth get married too. Shortly afterwards, he dies on the Flying Dutchman as Davy Jones rams his sword into his chest just to prove how cruel he can be. Sparrow saves him by stabbing Jones in the heart with Turner's hand. Turner becomes the immortal captain of the Dutchman and has to devote himself to the same task that Davy Jones should have done: leading the deceased souls to the realm of the dead. Shortly afterwards, the ship detaches itself from all deposits of marine life, and the crew also regains their human appearance. Turner now has to cut out his heart and is only allowed on land once every ten years. Before he finally goes to Dutchman , he fathered a son, Elizabeth, who waited for him ten years later with his mother standing on the coast.

Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth Swann is the daughter of Weatherby Swann. Born in England , she moved to Jamaica with her parents . On this trip she lost her mother and began to dream of a pirate life. Her father became the governor of Jamaica when Elizabeth was twelve . She made friends with William "Will" Turner at a young age, whom she met on the drive to Port Royal and later, against the wishes of her own father, who preferred the Navy officer James Norrington, wants to marry him. Because she saved Jack Sparrow from execution in the course of the plot , Elizabeth Swann is sentenced to death for treason during her wedding to Will Turner with him, but can convince Lord Beckett to let her live and goes with Will to the crew of the Black Pearl over. There, Elizabeth is kidnapped by the pirate prince Sao Feng as a result of a dispute and becomes his inheritance after his death. She becomes the captain of the Empress , the pirate princess of Singapore and the South China Sea and later, as a result, the pirate queen. During a sea battle, she is married to Will Turner by Hector Barbossa, and she has a child named Henry Turner. and raises it on the mainland, far from the pirate life and her husband.

Elizabeth's personality is notable for being extremely rebellious and making rapid progress. She is developing from a graceful but reserved woman into a true and courageous pirate. Although she dreamed of being a pirate, she is often repulsed by their aggressive and wild nature. After becoming a pirate herself, she retains her sense of decency and her loyalty and passion for those she loves.

Swann mostly uses everyday objects as weapons; later, however, she also begins to carry an arsenal of firearms and hand grenades. Elizabeth proves skills in distracting men: She shows an affection for Jack Sparrow, but treacherously ties him to the Black Pearl so that she and the rest of the crew of the Black Pearl can save herself from death. Elizabeth appears in the first three films in the series and makes a brief appearance at the end of the fifth film.

Hector Barbossa

Captain Hector Barbossa is a bitter opponent of Jack Sparrow, and although he hardly appears in the second part, he can be counted among the protagonists. He is one of the nine pirate lords and ruler of the Caspian Sea .

Barbossa was a horse dealer in Eastern Europe before going to sea. He is skilled with the sword, has a dark and sinister demeanor and loves green apples. The capuchin monkey "Jack" is his constant companion.

Barbossa served as a boatswain under Jack Sparrow, but used this to start a mutiny and become captain himself. He and his crew stole the damned gold treasure from Isla de Muerta , which put a curse on the entire ship. From that moment on, the team was immortal, but could no longer experience any pleasure without sensation. That's why Barbossa and his crew begin to look for the remaining gold coins to break the curse, leaving a bloody trail behind.

Hector Barbossa does not shy away from leaving Jack Sparrow on a desert island, nor from condemning "Bootstrap Bill" to a life full of agony on the ocean floor. He also kidnaps Elizabeth Swann in Port Royal as he needs her for the ritual that can break the curse.

Barbossa dies at the end of the first part on Isla de Muerta when Jack Sparrow shoots him in the heart and Will Turner lifts the curse at the same time, making Barbossa mortal again. In the course of the second part of Tia Dalma, his corpse is resuscitated with a ritual that remains hidden from the viewer. Barbossa is tasked with helping carry out the same process on Jack Sparrow by leading the group that wants to sail to the ends of the earth and into the dead to get Jack back.

For the entire third film, Barbossa and Sparrow have a rather amusing argument about command of the Black Pearl . Barbossa wants to convince his old opponent to attend a meeting of the high council, which he has called. Barbossa wants to propose to the council to free the goddess Calypso and to hope for her as an ally in the fight against Davy Jones. When the time came, however, the proposal was rejected almost unanimously. Only the Spanish pirate Eduardo Villanueva and some supporters of the late Sao Feng agree. Nevertheless, Barbossa takes Jack's eight reals coin and uses it, as well as the personal utensils of the other pirate lords, to free Calypso. At first it seems as if the ritual is having no effect, apart from a huge number of crabs flooding the ship, but in the course of the battle Calypso still stands by the pirates' side.

Barbossa is at the helm of the Black Pearl during the fight . He also trusts Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner while fighting against Jelly, Urchin and several soldiers from the East India Trading Company. At the end of the film, Barbossa leaves Jack and Mr. Gibbs in a harbor (presumably Tortuga ) to find the fountain of youth on their own with the crew of the Pearl . Between the third and fourth part, Barbossa lost the Pearl and his leg in a fight against Blackbeard, which is why he wears a wooden leg (filled with rum) and, plagued by vindictiveness, went to the Royal Navy. Barbossa takes advantage of the search for the fountain of youth to kill Blackbeard, who foresees this through a prophecy. Barbossa's methods of searching oscillate between a new kind of loyalty to the crown and pirate-like reactions such as the unmoved observation of the destruction of his ship and the crew by mermaids. Once at the fountain of youth, Barbossa can fatally injure Blackbeard with a poisonous blade. He takes over his ship and deserted the Royal Navy, now the old pirate again.

Davy Jones

Davy Jones' story and past form the basis of the second and third parts of the series. Davy Jones originally comes from old sailor legends and is said to be a kind of devil of the seas. As Davy Jones' empire the place was called, come to the sailors after their demise. In the film, Davy Jones offers dying sailors the option to postpone death and instead be a slave to his crew for a hundred years.

Davy Jones is the captain of the Flying Dutchman , an old ghost ship, as well as the ruler of the octopus , a sea monster related to the cephalopods and once also called Leviathan by Bill Turner . Both have tremendous powers that Jones alone can use.

Davy Jones was once an ordinary sailor who fell in love with the sea goddess Calypso and was commissioned by her to guide the souls of deceased sailors safely into the realm of the dead. He is only allowed to go ashore every ten years. When the first decade was over and Calypso did not show up at the appointed meeting point, Davy Jones turned away from his task. The goddess then condemned him, and Davy became some kind of sea monster. He wears a shell-studded hat, under which his head has a sack-like bulge, similar to that of the cephalopods. A kind of beard sprouts in his face from countless tentacles that seem to have a life of their own, but can still be controlled by Jones. His right hand is also a tentacle. The left, less used one is crab claws . Jones' right leg is made from a pointed whale bone, but is still fully posable.

Davy Jones appears with sailors when they are about to die and offers them a job on the Flying Dutchman as an alternative. Most men agree to this, but whoever is accepted into the crew forgets everything from their previous life over time and also begins to change physically. Almost all of the Dutchman's crew have acquired the appearance or even the biological structure of a marine animal over time, have grown together with objects or even other sailors.

Davy Jones cut his living heart out of his body and stowed it in a chest. The hunt for the heart and the associated motivations of the individual protagonists form the main plot of the second part. Whoever has the heart is allowed to give orders to Davy Jones, which he must comply with without contradiction. When the heart is damaged, Davy Jones dies. In this case, the "killer" must remove his heart and take Jones' place. At the end of the second part, the heart falls into the hands of Lord Cutler Beckett, who forces Jones to attack and sink pirate ships. Jack Sparrow later kills Davy Jones using Turner's hand. Turner becomes the new captain and the ship and crew lose all sea creatures. Turner must now face the task of transferring the souls of the deceased, as Jones should have done.

At Jack Sparrow's request, Jones lifted the HMS Wicked Wench as Black Pearl from the ocean floor . In return, Sparrow had to hand over his soul to Jones 13 years later. Jones' assistant was for a long time the octopus, a sea monster that can pull ships into the depths and is summoned by the men of the Flying Dutchman turning the so-called "octopus hammer" on the deck of the ship into the air. Beckett, seeing the octopus as a potential threat, ordered Jones to kill the animal.

Jones helped the First High Council of the Brotherhood to bind Calypso to a mortal body in what he saw as revenge. When the goddess touched him in the third part, Jones briefly reassumed his human appearance. Jones likes to play his character theme on his coral-covered organ, using both "hands" and all of his tentacles. He hardly takes part in his team's dice games.

Davy Jones is portrayed using motion capture technology by British actor Bill Nighy . This technique was also used by the crew of his ship. In the short scene in which Jones looks human, he was of course also played by Nighy.

Cutler Beckett

The antagonist of the previous series is a respected British nobleman and chairman of the British East India Company . Influential and educated, he appears to have had a history with Governor Swann. It is known that before the prehistory of the first part, he hired Jack Sparrow to deliver goods from Africa to the New World . When Sparrow found out that these were colored slaves, he released them. This enraged Lord Beckett, so that he had Sparrow branded as a pirate and his ship "HMS Wicked Wench" burned and sunk.

Beckett first appears in the second part, in which he had Elizabeth Swann and William Turner arrested on their wedding day. He placed himself above Governor Swann and was thus able to gain control of Port Royal . He also asked (or forced) Will to bring him a compass, which belongs to Jack Sparrow. Beckett hoped to find the heart of Davy Jones in order to rule the oceans.

In the course of the film, Beckett stripped the governor of his authority and influence and finally got the heart himself handed over by James Norrington, whom he accepted for the East India Trading Company with the rank of admiral. Beckett then begins official and unofficial mass executions of pirates, the latter being carried out by the Flying Dutchman .

As Beckett had hoped, Hector Barbossa then convenes the High Council of the Brotherhood. Lord Beckett makes a deal with Sao Feng to get the Black Pearl and also calls Jack Sparrow into his captain's cabin. Together with the pirate who has just been reborn, he decides that Sparrow should hand over the pirate lords to the EITC and that Beckett should protect him from Davy Jones in return. In order not to get his fingers dirty, Sparrow lets Will Turner lay a trail that should lead Beckett to "Shipwreck Bay". When that doesn't work, Turner gives Beckett the magic compass that shows him the rest of the way.

In front of Shipwreck Island, Lord Beckett meets with the representatives of the High Council on a sandbar and reveals that Jack actually betrayed the pirates. He also announces that he will kill all pirates in battle.

After the Flying Dutchman sank after Davy Jones' death, Beckett takes off with his flagship Endeavor to sink the Black Pearl . However, the Dutchman reappears under Will Turner's command and attacks the Endeavor together with the Pearl . Lord Cutler Beckett is too surprised and terrified by the sudden turn of events to react and no longer gives orders. While the crew desperately give up the ship, he walks quietly down the companionway to the main deck in slow motion and accompanied by dramatic music, before an explosion of the powder magazine finally kills him. Beckett's body falls on an EITC flag floating in the water.

Joshamee Gibbs

The almost always only "Mr. Gibbs ”is a seasoned, rather superstitious sea ​​dog and best friend of Jack Sparrow. Gibbs often provides background information to the audience or other characters, for example the viewer of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is not fully informed about Davy Jones and the Kraken until Gibbs tells Will Turner about it.

Gibbs was originally a boatswain in the Royal Navy and also on the HMS Dauntless when she sailed from England to Jamaica. Elizabeth Swann, then a child, feared the old hoax who clung to his claim that a woman on board brought bad luck, no matter how young she was.

Sparrow and Turner visit Gibbs in Tortuga, where he puts together a crew for the Interceptors . He also accompanies them to Isla de Muerta and is involved in the battle against the Black Pearl . In the second and third parts of the series, Gibbs is first mate on the Black Pearl and still seems to have a good relationship with Sparrow and a strong superstition. With Marty, Pintel, Ragetti and Cotton, he forms a team that you can always rely on. Eventually he is left behind in a harbor with Jack. Sparrow then sets off without Gibbs to find the fountain of youth .

At the beginning of the fourth film, Gibbs meets Jack again in London, who still seems to be looking for the source. Gibbs is captured by the Royal Navy, but evades his execution by burning the nautical charts required, leaving only the course in his memory. Gibbs accompanies the current Marine Captain Barbossa on the search and is finally released with Jack's compass as he catches up with Sparrow and Blackbeard's group. Gibbs uses this to steal the Black Pearl and other ships in a bottle from Blackbeard's collection, and in the end forms a team again with Jack.

William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner

William Turner, known by most as “Bootstrap Bill”, is the father of the protagonist of the same name. He appears in the second and third parts after having already played an important role in the first film without appearing himself. Bill Turner is relatively well known among pirates. He served as a seaman under Jack Sparrow and also participated in the mutiny against him. However, he regretted this act and rebelled against the instigator Barbossa, who punished him by tying Bill to a cannon and sinking it in the sea.

Due to the curse, Bill Turner could not die and was in a state of permanent drowning. Sometime in the following ten-year period - when exactly is not known - Davy Jones turned up and made him the offer to join the crew of the Flying Dutchman . Bootstrap Bill accepted and was a slave on the Dutchman for a hundred years .

Like his shipmates, Bill has become more and more of a sea creature over time. Since he has not been serving on the Flying Dutchman for a long time , this transformation process has not yet progressed very much. Turner has seaweed in his hair, clams , sea ​​slugs and a starfish on his face, and coral on his shoulder. As the films progress, more and more sea creatures are deposited on Bill's body. Davy Jones sends Bill to Jack Sparrow to remind him of the joint deal that is due. Turner "brands" Sparrow with the "black mark", which sends the Kraken on a search for him.

Bill Turner is supposed to secure the mast rigging during a storm , but then unexpectedly meets his son and lets go of the rope, which leads to the crash of a cannon that was attached to cables. The boat master Jimmy Legs blames the younger William Turner and wants to punish him with five lashes. Bill then demands that he should be punished. Instead, Legs and Davy Jones force him to do the punches himself, which Bootstrap tries to gently do. He later explains that he acted out of pure charity , as Legs boasted of separating the meat from the bones with each stroke .

Bill Turner interferes in a high-stakes dice game between his son and Davy Jones and loses on purpose to save Will from eternal enslavement on the Flying Dutchman . He helps his son to escape and is therefore locked in a cell below deck, where Elizabeth finds him in the third part when she is also detained on the Dutchman . Turner is now overgrown with more coral, suffers from a loss of short-term memory and begins to merge with the ship's side, as happened with the old sailor Wyvern. He escapes the cell when Elizabeth's crew can also escape. Noticing their escape, Bill raises the alarm, and in a sudden fit of loyalty to Davy Jones, murders James Norrington.

When the Flying Dutchman is boarded as part of the great battle at the end of the film, Bootstrap attacks his own son, whom he no longer recognizes. But when Will Turner is killed by Davy Jones, Bill engages in a fight with the captain. After Jones dies, Bill gets his old form back. He receives an offer from his son to leave the Dutchman , but continues to serve voluntarily.

Pintel and Ragetti

Pintel and Ragetti are two somewhat stupid pirates who are among the followers of Hector Barbossa and, for a time, Jack Sparrow's.

The duo consists on the one hand of the young Ragetti, who is clearly dumber than his "colleague". Ragetti has a wooden eye that doesn't fit properly. There is at least one scene per film in which Ragetti pursues his eye rolling across the deck on all fours. Usually he has to deal with Barbossa's monkey Jack, who wants to steal the utensil. The eye turns out to be the object that proves Barbossa's membership in the High Council, his so-called "eight reales coin" . When the eye is burned in the course of a ritual, Ragetti puts on an eye patch . At the end of the third part, however, you can see him carving a new eye.

Pintel is an older, sullen curmudgeon and according to the statements of his actor Lee Arenberg Ragetti's uncle. Although he seems to be the more intelligent of the two, he too - especially in the third part - has a tendency to childish stupidity and provides a series of rather comical scenes.

Pintel and Ragetti were both involved in the mutiny against Jack Sparrow and were struck by the curse of Aztec gold as were their shipmates. When they first appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean , they were supposed to look scary, with the two kidnapping Elizabeth Swann and Pintel murdering the governor's servant. Later, their initial cruelty and their rather eerie appearances evaporate more and more.

The two are locked in the dungeon at Port Royal, but are able to escape and take the prison dog Poochie with them. They want to capture the Black Pearl , but it goes wrong. As Jack's team lacked members at the time, the two were accepted half-heartedly, but soon became one of the more important members and made friends with Joshamee Gibbs. They are remarkably friendly towards previous opponents like Will Turner. In the third part they are rather clumsy and are supposed to loosen up the drama.


With total grossing US $ 4,524.4 million , the Pirates of the Caribbean film series ranks 11th among the most successful film series of all time . Four of the films made it into the top 100 most financially successful films of all time . So there is Pirates of the Caribbean - Pirates of the Caribbean 2 at number 35 (as of: August 8, 2020), Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides at No. 38 (as of: August 8, 2020), Pirates of the Caribbean - At the end in the world at number 54 (as of August 8, 2020) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge at number 91 (as of August 8, 2020).

Movie Publication
Box office earnings in US dollars Budget
in US dollars
United States Germany Worldwide
pirates of the Caribbean Sep 2 2003 305.413.918 44.650.393 654.264.015 140 million
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Jul 27, 2006 423.315.812 61.389.002 1,066,179,7250 225 million
Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End May 24, 2007 309.420.425 59,421,928 963.420.425 300 million
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides May 19, 2011 241.071.802 62,438,491 1,045,713,8020 250 million
Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge May 25, 2017 172,558,876 31,526,868 794.861.794 230 million
Total (as of January 4, 2019) 1,451,780,833 259,426,682 4,524,439,761 1,145 million

Video games

Since 1990, at least 14 Pirates of the Caribbean video games have appeared. However, six games, based on the theme trip, are linked to other Disney themes and Disney characters, so that only eight games are based purely on Pirates of the Caribbean. The first three films each have an official game for the film, the official game for the fourth film has not yet appeared.

1990 appeared with the game Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom . There are six different stages in the game, one of which is the Pirates of the Caribbean, based on the themed ride. There it is the player's task to save six villages on an island from a pirate attack. In addition, the Disneyland attractions Autopia , The Haunted Mansion , Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain are integrated in the game . The sixth stage consists of a quiz in which the player is asked by children about Disney films or characters. The game can only be played with the Nintendo Entertainment System .

The first sole game for Pirates of the Caribbean appeared in 2003 under the name Pirates of the Caribbean . Developed by Akella and published by Bethesda Softworks , it is available for PC , Xbox and mobile phone platforms. The official game for Pirates of the Caribbean was released in 2003 under the same title as a prequel to the film and was only playable with the Game Boy Advance. The game was published by Disney Interactive Studios and TDK Mediactive .

In addition, the game Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was planned, which was to be developed by Propaganda Games and published by Disney Interactive Studios for Xbox 360 , PS3 and PC . However, the game was canceled in October 2010 and the music was later added in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game .

Overview of the games that have appeared on the various computer game platforms
title Year a developer editor SEGA
Nintendo Microsoft Sony Pc MAC Mobile
Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom b 1990 Capcom Capcom Yes
Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daiboken b 1994 GRC Takara Tomy Yes
Walt Disney World Explorer b 1996 Disney Interactive Studios Disney Interactive Studios Yes
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour b 2000 Crystal Dynamics Eidos Interactive Yes Yes Yes Yes
pirates of the Caribbean 2003 Akella Bethesda Softworks Yes Yes Yes
pirates of the Caribbean 2003 Disney Interactive Studios,
TDK Mediactive
Kingdom Hearts II b 2005 Square Enix Square Enix,
Disney Interactive Studios
Pirates of the Caribbean:
The Legend of Jack Sparrow
2006 7 Studios,
Disney Interactive Studios
Bethesda Softworks,
Yes Yes
Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplayer Mobile 2006 Floodgate Entertainment mDisney Yes
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 2006 Griptonite Games,
Amaze Entertainment
Disney Interactive Studios Yes Yes Yes
Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End 2007 Eurocom
(Amaze Entertainment for DS)
Disney Interactive Studios Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pirates of the Caribbean Online 2007 Disney Interactive Studios Disney Interactive Studios Yes Yes
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game 2011 Traveller's Tales Disney Interactive Studios Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kinect: Disneyland Adventures b 2011 Frontier Developments Microsoft Game Studios Yes
Kingdom Hearts III 2019 Square Enix Square Enix,

Disney Interactive Studios

Yes Yes
a Publishing year
b only elements from Pirates of the Caribbean

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