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Ernst Meincke (born January 5, 1942 in Feldsberg , Reichsgau Niederdonau ) is a German actor and voice actor .

life and work

From 1962 to 1965 Ernst Meincke studied acting at the University of Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg . While still a student at the film school, he received the first two leading roles in the DFF television productions Bitter ist der Haß (1964) and Die Heinitzer (1965). At this time he began to work as a dubbing, radio play and documentary speaker. He had a permanent engagement from 1969 to 1972 at the Kleist Theater in Frankfurt (Oder) . Since then he has been working as a freelance actor and speaker.

X-mas Party 2015 of the "Star Trek Fan Club Enterprise Germany" (STFCEG) from 11.-13. December 2015 in the Mannheim Rheingoldhalle. V. l. To the right: Raimund Krone , Hubert Zitt , Fan, Bill Blair and Ernst Meincke

Ernst Meincke can be heard in over 1,000 DEFA dubbing, in which he lent his voice to Gregory Peck , Timothy Dalton , Jean-Louis Trintignant and Franco Nero, among others . Even after the reunification he is a popular voice actor. In 1992 he took on the role of Captain Picard ( Patrick Stewart ) in the series Star Trek - The Next Century , which was previously dubbed by Rolf Schult . He also spoke u. a. Kenneth Welsh in The Day After Tomorrow and Aviator , Bob Gunton in The Condemned , Michael Moriarty in Courage to Truth , Geoffrey Rush in Elizabeth , Carmen Argenziano in Password: Swordfish and in the television series Stargate - SG-1 . He is also the German voice of James Brolin , for example in Pensacola - wings made of steel and in X-Factor: The Unbelievable . The actor Terry O'Quinn , whom Meincke already dubbed in JAG - On behalf of the honor , he has also been speaking in the series Lost since the third season . From the 13th to the 6th episode of the 20th season, he replaced Randolf Kronberg as the dubbing voice of Sam Waterston in the series Law & Order . In the last season he had given his dubbing work to Jürgen Heinrich for health reasons . Since 2005 he has also lent his voice to Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan .

In addition, Ernst Meincke acted as “ Station Voice ” for the radio news program hr-info . In the radio play series Gabriel Burns he has been speaking the character of Bakerman since 2003. This character also made a crossover appearance in the radio play series Point Whitmark . Ernst Meincke later appeared in this series in various other supporting roles. In 2005 he worked as a speaker for the Schiller album Day and Night .

From 2007 to 2009 he was the German dubbing voice of the devil, played by Ray Wise , in the US television series Reaper - A Devilish Job .


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Radio plays

  • 1973: Hans Siebe : In Matters Rogge (Rogge) - Director: Fritz-Ernst Fechner (Radio play series: Offense No. 2 - Broadcasting of the GDR )
  • 1976: Rudolf Bartsch : The gifted murderer (Bernd) - director: Fritz-Ernst Fechner (detective radio play (part 1) - radio of the GDR)
  • 1976: Hans Siebe : The Death of Reinhard Kunelka (civil servant) - Director: Fritz-Ernst Fechner (detective radio play - Broadcasting of the GDR)
  • 1977: Rudolf Elter : Die Kronzeugin (Leutnant Mai) - Director: Fritz-Ernst Fechner (radio play - Broadcasting of the GDR)
  • 1980: Lia Pirskawetz : Stille Post - Director: Horst Liepach (Biography - Broadcasting of the GDR)
  • 1980: Fritz Rudolf Fries : The Flying Man - Director: Horst Liepach (Biography - Broadcasting of the GDR)
  • 1984: Wilhelm Hampel : Die Karriere (Harry) - Director: Joachim Gürtner (radio play from the series Waldstraße 7 - Rundfunk der DDR)

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