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Television series
German title Law & Order,
The Upright - From the Files of the Street (1996-2004)
Original title Law & Order
Law & Order.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1990-2010
length 45 minutes
Episodes 456 in 20 seasons ( List )
genre Crime series , drama
idea Dick Wolf
music Mike Post
First broadcast September 13, 1990 (USA) on NBC
first broadcast
September 29, 1992 on RTL

Law & Order , formerly known in German-speaking countries as Die Aufrechte - Aus den Akten der Straße , is an American television series produced from 1990 to 2010 . It is set in New York City and realistically depicts the investigation of homicides and other violent crimes by homicide investigators from the New York City Police Department and the prosecution of the perpetrators by the prosecution . Most of the cases depicted were taken from the press headlines. The idea for the series came from Dick Wolf , who also acted as executive producer .

The awards include the Emmy Award in the "Best Drama Series" category in 1997. The series has so far produced four offshoots , of which only Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is still running. In addition, international television series based on her model were created. This makes it one of the most influential crime series. In terms of first airing time and number of episodes, it is also one of the longest prime-time drama series on US television.


"In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories. " German: “The legal system knows two important, independent authorities that serve to protect citizens: the police, who investigate crimes committed, and the public prosecutor, who accuse the perpetrators. These are their stories. "

Every episode of Law & Order begins with these words . This is often followed by the discovery of one or more corpses and the opening credits with melody and main cast. Then the homicide detectives try to find a suspect. The second part of the episode shows the efforts of the public prosecutor to obtain a conviction for the accused. The work of the police and the public prosecutor's office is presented in a factual and realistic way, only related to the case. The characters' private lives are almost entirely left out and only hinted at in subordinate clauses in the dialogues . In flashbacks and special effects is completely eliminated. Moreover, the viewer only ever knows as much as the police officers or public prosecutors; some cases can therefore not be cleared up unequivocally.

Cast and dubbing

Since the beginning of the series, the main cast of Law & Order has consisted of six characters, three of whom each belong to the police and the public prosecutor's office. You are always listed in the opening credits under Starring , i.e. as the main actor. Their roles are listed in the following table.

The most frequently used investigative duo was Briscoe and Green with 120 jointly disputed cases, followed by Briscoe / Curtis (94 cases) and Briscoe / Logan (59 cases). Lennie Briscoe became a figure of identification in the series alongside Jack McCoy. Among the other duos, the last Lupo / Bernard team achieved the most missions with 49 cases. Behind them are Fontana / Green (42 cases), Cerreta / Logan (30 cases), Green / Cassady & Greevey / Logan (22 cases each), as well as Green / Lupo (14 cases) and Fontana / Falco (4 cases).

On the prosecutor's side, McCoy and Southerlyn worked together most frequently (85 cases), followed by McCoy / Carmichael (72 cases), Stone / Robinette (66 cases), Cutter / Rubirosa (63 cases), McCoy / Ross (47 cases), McCoy / Kincaid (46 cases), McCoy / Borgia (33 cases), and Stone / Kincaid & McCoy / Rubirosa (22 cases each).

Ekkehardt Belle , Michael Moriarty's voice actor , also does the intro . The episodes were dubbed by Bavaria Synchron . Michael Brennicke wrote the dialogue books and directed the dialogue. Some members of the main cast played their role in the offshoots of Law & Order .

actor rank Role name Main role
Main role
Leading role
(∑ episodes)
Guest role
Guest role
German dubbing voice


George Dzundza Det. Sgt. Max Greevey 000000000000001.00000000001-22 000000000000001.00000000001 000000000000022.000000000022nd Mogens von Gadow
Chris Noth Jun. Det. Mike Logan 000000000000001.00000000001-111, F. 000000000000001.00000000001-5 000000000000111.0000000000111 Michael Schwarzmaier , Dirk Bublies (F)
Then Florek Capt. Donald "Don" Cragen 000000000000001.00000000001-66, F. 000000000000001.00000000001-3 000000000000066.000000000066 108, 219, 336 000000000000005.00000000005, 10, 15 Leon Rainer , Klaus Jepsen (F)
Paul Sorvino Det. Sgt. Phil Cerreta 000000000000023.000000000023-52 000000000000002.00000000002-3 000000000000030.000000000030th 000000000000053.000000000053 000000000000003.00000000003 Reinhard Brock
Jerry Orbach Sen. Det. Leonard "Lennie" Briscoe 000000000000053.000000000053-325 000000000000003.00000000003-14 000000000000273.0000000000273 F. Niels Clausnitzer , Reinhard Kuhnert (F)
S. Epatha Merkerson Lt. Anita van Buren 000000000000067.000000000067-456 000000000000004.00000000004-20 000000000000390.0000000000390 F. Dagmar Dempe , Sonja Deutsch (F)
Benjamin Bratt Jun. Det. Reynaldo "Rey" Curtis 112-205 000000000000006.00000000006-9 000000000000094.000000000094 F, 444 20th Ole Pfennig , Christoph Banken (F)
Jesse L. Martin Jun. Det., Sen. Det. Edward "Ed" Green 206-345, 350-407 10-18 000000000000198.0000000000198 Matthias Klie
Dennis Farina Sen. Det. Joe Fontana 326-371 15-16 000000000000046.000000000046 Christian Rode
Michael Imperioli Jun. Det. Nick Falco 346-349 15th 000000000000004.00000000004th 370 16 Konstantin Graudus
Milena Govich Jun. Det. Nina Cassady 372-393 17th 000000000000022.000000000022nd Stephanie waiter
Jeremy Sisto Jun. Det., Sen. Det. Cyrus "Lups" Lupo 394-456 18-20 000000000000063.000000000063 David Nathan
Anthony Anderson Jun. Det. Kevin Bernard 408-456 18-20 000000000000049.000000000049 407 18th Jan Odle
John Fiore Det. Tony Profaci F. 000000000000003.00000000003-184 000000000000001.00000000001-9 Gerhard Acktun

Ulf Jürgen Söhmisch

Franjo Marincic

Christoph Krix

Jürgen Jung

Willi Roebke

Wolfgang Schatz

Christian Weygand

Dabney Coleman Lt. Kevin stumble F. Frank-Otto Schenk
Dana Eskelson Det. Frankie Silvera F. Debora refuses

Public prosecutor

Michael Moriarty EADA Benjamin Stone 000000000000001.00000000001-88 000000000000001.00000000001-4 000000000000088.000000000088 Ekkehardt Belle
Richard Brooks ADA Paul Robinette 000000000000001.00000000001-66 000000000000001.00000000001-3 000000000000066.000000000066 125, 355, 375 000000000000006.00000000006, 16, 17 Fabian von Klitzing
Steven Hill THERE Adam Schiff 000000000000001.00000000001-5, 7-229 000000000000001.00000000001-10 000000000000228.0000000000228 Klaus Höhne
Jill Hennessy ADA Claire Kincaid 000000000000067.000000000067-134 000000000000004.00000000004-6 000000000000068.000000000068 Uta Kienemann-Zaradic
Sam Waterston EADA, DA Jack McCoy 000000000000089.000000000089-456, F. 000000000000005.00000000005-20 000000000000368.0000000000368 Randolf Kronberg , Ernst Meincke ,
Jürgen Heinrich , Rüdiger Evers (F)
Carey Lowell ADA Jamie Ross 135-181 000000000000007.00000000007-8 000000000000047.000000000047 210, 251 10, 11 Martina Duncker
Angie Harmon ADA Abbie Carmichael 182-253 000000000000009.00000000009-11 000000000000072.000000000072 Elisabeth Günther
Dianne Wiest THERE Nora Lewin 230-277 11-12 000000000000048.000000000048 Maddalena Kerrh
Elisabeth Röhm ADA Serena Southerlyn 254-338 12-15 000000000000085.000000000085 Anke Korte
Fred Dalton Thompson THERE Arthur Branch 278-393 13-17 000000000000116.0000000000116 Michael Gahr
Annie Parisse ADA Alexandra Borgia 339-371 15-16 000000000000033.000000000033 Natascha Geisler
Alana de la Garza ADA Consuela "Connie" Rubirosa 372-456 17-20 000000000000085.000000000085 Dascha Lehmann
Linus Roache EADA Michael Cutter 394-456 18-20 000000000000063.000000000063 Tobias Lelle

Coroners and psychologists

Carolyn McCormick Dr. Elizabeth Olivet 000000000000045.000000000045-88 000000000000003.00000000003-4 000000000000044.000000000044 23-39, 91-152,
204, 207, 278-439
000000000000002.00000000002, 5-7,
9-10, 13-20
Daniela Arden

Ute Brankatsch

Leslie Hendrix Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers 41-456 000000000000002.00000000002-20, F. Bettina Kenter
JK Simmons Dr. Emil Skoda 159-327, 446-456 000000000000008.00000000008-15, 20 Walter von Hauff


  1. The rank within the police station or the public prosecutor's office, which the depicted figure has:
    Jun. Det. = Junior Detective
    Sen. Det. = Senior Detective
    Det. Sgt. = Detective Sergeant
    EADA = Executive Assistant District Attorney (Deputy District Public Prosecutor / -anwältin)
    ADA = Assistant District Attorney (District Attorney Assistant)
    DA = District Attorney (
    District Attorney )
  2. a b F = TV film Strafversetzt - Mord in Manhattan ( Exiled - A Law & Order Movie , 1998)
  3. Jun. Det. From seasons 10 to 17, Sen. Det. From seasons 17 to 18
  4. in season 18 from Jun. Det. To Sen. Det.
  5. EADA from seasons 5 to 17, DA seasons 18 to 20
  6. No appearance in episode 422
  7. to season 12
  8. ↑ Seasons 13 to 20 (episode 6)
  9. Season 20, from episode 7
  10. a b c d e f Actors did not appear in all episodes.

Television broadcast

United States

Law & Order launched in the United States in September 1990 on NBC . The seasons each comprise between 22 and 24 episodes. An exception to this is the 18th season, which only lasted 18 episodes due to a strike by the scriptwriters. On May 14, 2010, NBC announced that Law & Order would be discontinued after season 20. As a result, inventor Dick Wolf fought to accommodate the series on the cable broadcaster TNT . On July 6, AMC showed interest in the series. On July 30, 2010, Dick Wolf finally confirmed as part of the TCA Summer Press Tour that the series would not be continued on another station. He also rejected speculations about a graduation film, which had arisen because the series only ended in a conventional season finale due to the short-term cancellation.


In Germany, the first 60 episodes were first broadcast by RTL in 1992 and 1993 under the original title Law & Order . In the following years, both RTL and RTL II and VOX broadcast the series under the German title Die Aufrechte - Aus den Akten der Straße . The eighth season started under this name on RTL in 2000, which was canceled again after eight episodes. It was not until September 2004 that the station continued the series, on a weekly basis and again under the original title. Episodes from seasons 8 to 12 were broadcast, although some of seasons 8 and 9 were initially withheld and later, mixed with repetitions, were submitted. Between October 2005 and October 2006, RTL broadcast two episodes a week. The 13th season began in September 2006, followed by the 14th season in March 2007, which was interrupted for four weeks in the summer. In September 2007, the 15th season joined; the 16th started in April 2008 and the 17th in September 2008.

From October 2006 to June 2008, the station repeated the fourth episodes of seasons 1 to 3.

Seasons 1 through 9 of the pay TV channel 13th Street were shown between March and June 2004. In Premiere Start also the created in 1998 was TV movie Criminal Puts - murder in Manhattan ( English Exiled: A Law & Order Movie ), appear together in the six former part main characters, premiered. This was first seen on RTL on March 17, 2007.


From 2004 to 2007 the television series was broadcast by ORF Eins . From May 22 to November 2, 2009 the 13th season was broadcast on the channel Puls 4 , from November 9, 2009 to May 10, 2010 the 14th season and from May 17 to December 22, 2010 with a Interruption of the 15th season. Not all seasons were fully broadcast on Austrian channels.

DVD availability

Season 1 was released on June 19, 2003 on DVDs with country code (RC) 2. It is available as a box containing three Amarays with two DVDs each. These have both the English original sound and the German soundtrack. On January 31, 2013, the first season was re-released. Further seasons have not yet appeared on DVD in Germany. The episodes The Imperium ( Empire , Season 9) and Corruption ( Corruption , Season 7) were published in 2007 under the title Law & Order - The Witness (alternatively, Law & Order - Corruption Empire ).

For Law & Order 's 20th anniversary , Universal released all 20 seasons in a box with 104 discs on November 8, 2011 in the US.

Special episodes

Serial stories

There were at Law & Order three told in the series sequel stories, stories that span multiple episodes. The first of these was a double episode in the 1st season and is called Jagdfieber (Episodes 15 and 16). The only three-part story was seen in the 7th season and consists of the episodes 149 (The Dead in the East River) , 150 (Exchange of blows) and 151 (Psychiatrists in the twilight) . The second and final double episode, consisting of episodes 204 and 205 (The Only Witness) , formed the conclusion of the 9th season and included the final appearances of Benjamin Bratt in his leading role as Detective Rey Curtis.


In addition, there were several crossovers with other TV series over the years . In these cross-series sequels, only one part is shown as an episode of Law & Order , while the other part was shown as an episode of another television series. Episodes 124 ( The Poison Gas Attack , Season 6), 163 ( Abyss of the Heart , Season 8) and 195 ( Caution, Special Investigators ; Season 9) are each the first parts of three double episodes that were continued in the crime series Homicide . Episodes 219 ( Victims of Fame , Season 10) and 351 (Season 16) are each continuations of two episodes broadcast in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit . Episode 345 (15th season) is the first part of a double episode, the second part of which can be seen in the branch Law & Order: Trial by Jury .

TV movie

The TV movie Criminal Puts - murder in Manhattan (1998, English Exiled: A Law & Order Movie , Original D RTL on 18 March 2007) is to act as standard between the disciplinary transfer of Detective Mike Logan (sacking Chris Noth in 1995 from the series) and the entry in Spin-off Criminal Intent 2005 (episode 4.13: Behind bars , regular from season 5).


Press quotes

"[...] a singular oasis of creative stability in a notoriously fickle television world."

"[...] a single oasis of creative stability in the notoriously volatile television world."

- Reuters / The Hollywood Reporter , September 22, 2006


Season 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 10 11 12 13 14-20
Nominations 1 6th 6th 3 1 2 5 4th 10 7th 4th 2 1 -
Awards - 1 2 - - - 2 1 - - - - - -

Between 1991 and 2003, Law & Order was nominated 52 times for the Emmy - an award given annually in several categories for US television programs - and was able to win the trophy six times during this period. From 1992 to 2002 - from the second to the twelfth season - Law & Order was each nominated in the category “Best Drama Series”, in which the series also received an award in 1997 - for the seventh season. There were also six nominations for the Golden Globe between 1992 and 1999 .


The success of Law & Order resulted in more television series set in the same television universe.

The resulting television series include four offshoots:

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–) started in the USA in September 1999 as the first offshoot. The special unit "Special Victims Unit" clarifies sexual crimes. Here Dann Florek resumed his role as Captain Donald Cragen. From the beginning of the series up to episode 324 in season 15, there is also aseries character knownfrom Homicide : Detective John Munch. The native New Yorker was transferred to the special unit in his hometown after another failure of a marriage from Baltimore.
  • Criminal Intent (2001-2011) started in the US in September 2001 as a second offshoot. The series describes the psychological background of the crime and the work of a police team. In the fifth season, Chris Noth took up hiswell-known rolefrom Law & Order as Det. Mike Loganto relieve Vincent D'Onofrio .
  • Law & Order: Trial by Jury (2005) started in the USA in March 2005. The main theme of the episodes is the work of the juries in legal proceedings. Before Jerry Orbach died, he portrayed his well-known character Lennie Briscoe in two episodes of this series. NBC discontinued the series after only three months and 12 episodes due to low ratings. A thirteenth episode, initially withheld, was shown for the first time in January 2006.
  • Law & Order: LA (2010–2011) started on September 29, 2010 in the USA and is the first offshoot that is not set in New York but, as the title suggests, in Los Angeles .

Other shows include Homicide (1993–1999) (through three crossovers and John Munch, who played a leading role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in episodes 1–324 ), New York Undercover (1994–1998), Deadline ( 2000–2001), Conviction (2006) (through Alexandra Cabot, who starred in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit before and after ), In Plain Sight (2008–2012) (through a crossover with criminal intent - Crime in the sights ) and Chicago Fire (2012–) and its offshoot Chicago PD (2014–) (through a crossover of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Chicago PD) to the series universe.

The programs Law & Order: UK and Law & Order Paris are called Law & Order, but do not contain any crossovers or characters from other Law & Order series and therefore do not belong to the franchise or series universe.

The series Crime & Punishment , sometimes referred to as the fifth offshoot, is also known as Law & Order: Crime & Punishment does not have this designation as an official title. It shows the work of prosecutors in a San Diego law firm . All 24 episodes of the series were made between 2002 and 2004 in the form of reality TV .

Law & Order was also the model for the series In the Name of the Law, which started on RTL in 1994 .

Further information

  • Since 2005, three computer games from Law & Order have also been on the market.
  • Several actors had guest roles on Law & Order prior to their leading role , but in which they played a different person. Jerry Orbach played a lawyer, S. Epatha Merkerson played a mother whose son had been killed. Jill Hennessy played a witness in an earlier episode before taking on her role as ADA Claire Kincaid. Annie Parisse played a stripper named Jasmine Blake prior to her role as ADA Alexandra Borgia on an episode. Before Jeremy Sisto took on the role of Det. Cyrus Lupo, he was seen in an episode as attorney Clint Glover. Michael Imperioli was seen as the chauffeur who had committed a murder, later he played Jun. Det. Nick Falco.
  • In the series some well-known movie stars played with, among others, Samuel L. Jackson , who played a lawyer, and Julia Roberts (20 S9xFolge "The Empire" (Empire) ). Well-known figures from television also took on guest roles, for example Erick Avari , who became known as Kasuf from Stargate ; Fritz Weaver Holocaust - The story of the Weiß family and Courtney B. Vance , who later played a prosecutor in the offshoot series Law & Order: Criminal Intent .
  • Law & Order ranks 24th in the list of the 50 most entertaining or influential television series in American pop culture , published in 2002 by TV Guide .
  • Although Elisabeth Röhm (ADA Serena Southerlyn) speaks fluent German and is also a German citizen, she is dubbed in the series by Anke Korte.
  • Law & Order has been running on RTL Nitro and 13th Street since 2012 and is broadcast there regularly in night and early morning programs.

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