In Plain Sight - In the line of fire

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Television series
German title In Plain Sight - In the line of fire
Original title In plain sight
Logo inplainsight.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2008–2012
Universal Cable Productions ,
McNamara Paper Products
length approx. 43 minutes
Episodes 61 in 5 seasons ( list )
genre drama
production David Maples
Paul Stupine
music Jeff Beal
First broadcast June 1, 2008 (USA) on USA Network
first broadcast
October 10, 2009 on 3+

In Plain Sight is an American television series that was broadcast on the USA Network between June 1, 2008 and May 4, 2012 in the United States . Thanks to a crossover with the Criminal Intent series , the series belongs to the Law & Order universe


Mary works as the Deputy US Marshal . As part of the US witness protection program, it is your job to protect important witnesses in the judiciary, help them to re-identify and protect them from possible danger. She is supported by her colleague Marshall Mann. While Mary has little control of her own private life, she has to rearrange the life of strangers.


The series was set to music by Dubbing Brothers Germany. Maren Rainer and Mike Betz wrote the dialogue books, Stephan Kleinschmidt, Michael Brennicke and Betz directed the dialogue.

role actor Voice actor Main role Supporting role
Inspector Mary Shannon Mary McCormack Carin C. Tietze 1.01-5.08
Inspector Marshall Mann Fred Weller Philipp Moog 1.01-5.08
Brandi Shannon Nichole Hiltz Maren Rainer 1.01-5.08
Jinx Shannon Lesley Ann Warren Viktoria Brams 1.01-2.15 3.01-5.08
Chief Inspector Stan McQueen Paul Ben-Victor Gudo Hoegel 2.01-5.08 1.01–1.12
Raphael Ramirez Cristián de la Fuente Manou Lubowski 2.01-2.15 1.01-1.12, 3.01-3.15, 5.05
Detective Robert Dershowitz Todd Williams Ole Pfennig 1.01-2.15
Peter Alpert Joshua Malina Stefan Krause 2.03-5.08
FBI Special Agent Mike Faber Steven Weber Marcus Off 3.04-5.08
Scott Griffin Aaron Ashmore Julian Manuel 3.08-5.08
FBI Special Agent Robert O'Connor Will McCormack Torben Liebrecht 1.11–2.09, 5.06–5.07
Officer Manager Eleanor Prince Holly Maples Elisabeth von Koch 2.01-2.15


United States

In the United States, the series can be seen on the cable broadcaster USA Network . This broadcasts the drama series in the summer months every year. The first season ran from June 1, 2008 to August 27, 2008, the second season from April 19, 2009 to August 9, 2009. On August 2, 2009, USA Network extended the series for a third season, which ran from August 31, 2009. March 2010 to June 30, 2010 aired.

On July 28, USA Network extended the series for two more seasons. The fourth season aired from May 1 to August 7, 2011. The fifth season, which started on March 16, 2012, is also the last season of the series. The series finale was shown for the first time on May 4, 2012.


In Germany, the series can be seen on the free TV channel ZDFneo and on the pay TV channel 13th Street . ZDFneo broadcast the first season from November 3, 2009 to January 19, 2010 on Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. The second season was on ZDFneo between January 26 and May 4, 2010. Since the series on ZDfneo got above-average ratings, it was also broadcast on ZDF on Saturday at 02:30 on March 2 . The first broadcasts continued to take place on ZDFneo.

The third season was on the channel 13th Street from May 2, 2011, while the fourth season began on June 7, 2012. The fifth season was broadcast from September 12 to October 3, 2013 on the station.


In Switzerland, the series can be seen on 3+ . This aired the first season except for the last episode from October 10 to December 21, 2009. Only when the first season was repeated in October / November 2010 was the last episode of the first season broadcast on November 20, 2010.


In Austria, the series can be seen on ORF one . From June 9 to August 4, 2010, the first eight episodes of the first season were broadcast. From January 3 to January 17, 2013, the remaining four episodes were shown; the broadcast slot was in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. From January 24 to May 9, 2013, the station also broadcast the second season on this slot.

DVD release

  • Season 1 was released on May 5, 2011
  • Season 2 was released on April 10, 2014

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