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A crossover is the media term for the appearance of two or more characters, locations or other unique elements from independent works in a story. A crossover thus forms the counterpart to an offshoot . Crossovers are most common in TV series and comics, but literary characters are also used more often.

In comics

At the US publishers DC Comics , Marvel Comics and Image Comics , such overlaps take place very often, either with heroes from their own publishing house, with characters from other publishers or even film characters such as the Predators ( Superman vs. Predator , Batman vs. Aliens ). These overlaps are often used as special projects for trade shows or promotions. They also serve to let the characters of different artists compete against each other and thus offer the fans a special event.

So-called mega-crossovers are a special case . A large number of different comic book characters from a publisher, who normally appear in their own series, appear in a common story. The main plot is often told in its own mini-series, while individual issues from the series of the respective characters contain stories that take place during or in close proximity to the plot of the mini-series, so-called tie-ins .

There is also rarely overlap in Disney comics . The strictly separate “worlds” of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck merge here into one. In German-language editions and those from Northern European countries, both characters officially live in the same city ( Duckburg ), but in the original they expressly live in separate places, which explains this strict separation. The Duck family lives in the American original in Duckburg, Mickey Mouse and his people, however, in Mouseton. This spatial separation is also used in some other translations, e.g. B. in French and Italian , retained.

The series Futurama and The Simpsons , which are otherwise located in different series universes , came together in the comic The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis .



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  • In the Sandman Puppet Series Around the World in 80 Days from the 1970s Phileas Fogg and Passepartout in America visit Cindy from the Western City puppet show . This crossover offered itself because both series came from the same production.
  • In the series of magazines, Geisterjäger John Sinclair , there were several crossovers with other heroes from the Bastei-Verlag . Professor Zamorra , Tony Ballard , Damona King and The Witcher of Salem, among others, are set in the same universe and occasionally overlap with the Sinclair series.
  • The radio play Benjamin and Bibi Blocksberg (episode 20 of the Benjamin Blümchen series ) is - as the title suggests - a crossover of both radio play characters. It is the first, but not the only meeting of the two heroes, who also experience shared adventures in other episodes, e.g. B. in "Benjamin and Bibi in India", "The Flea Market" and "Benjamin is bewitched".
  • In 2003 a crossover short film was made under the title: Batman Dead End . In this film, Batman not only had to fight the Joker, who had run away from Arkham, but also had to deal with some aliens from the Alien series and a clan Predators from the Predator series.

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