A Colt just in case

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Television series
German title A Colt just in case
Original title The Fall Guy
Case Guy.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1981-1986
20th Century Fox Television
length 45 minutes
Episodes 112 in 5 seasons ( list )
genre Action series
Theme music Lee Majors - The Unknown Stuntman
idea Glen A. Larson
music Glen A. Larson ,
Gail Jensen
First broadcast November 4, 1981 (USA) on ABC
first broadcast
March 8, 1983 on ZDF

Main actor:

Supporting cast:


A Colt for all cases (original title: The Fall Guy , German about "whipping boy", but literally "the (down) fall type", as an allusion to the stuntman and detective work of the protagonist Colt Seavers) is an American television series starring Lee Majors , Douglas Barr and Heather Thomas , which was produced from 1981 to 1986 with 112 episodes.


Colt Seavers is a stuntman and also works as a bounty hunter for a company that provides bail for defendants. He is supported by his cousin , the clumsy handsome Howie Munson, known as "Little", and his assistant Jody Banks, a blond Californian beauty with stunt ambitions. The three bail officers Samantha and Terri get most of their jobs.


The German synchronization for the TV version was created for a dialogue book by Andreas Pollak under dialogue director of Thomas Dannenberg on behalf of the Arena synchronous in Berlin . The German dubbing for the DVD version was based on a dubbing book by Lutz Riedel and Marianne Groß under Riedel's dialogue direction on behalf of Interopa Film in Berlin.

Role name actor Voice actor (TV) Voice actor (DVD) Main role
Supporting role
Colt Seavers Lee majors Hans-Werner Bussinger Hans-Werner Bussinger 1-5
Howie Munson Douglas Barr Thomas Danneberg Thomas Danneberg 1-5
Jody Banks Heather Thomas Susanna Bonaséwicz
Maud Ackermann
Susanna Bonaséwicz 1-5
Samantha "Big" Jack Jo Ann Plow Barbara Adolph Katja Nottke 1
Terri Michaels Markie Post Traudel Haas Traudel Haas 2-4
Pearl sparrow Nedra Volz 5
Edmund Trench Robert Donner Wolfgang Spier 5
Bonnie Carlson Erin Gray Uschi Wolff 1


Opening credits

The opening credits were determined by stunt scenes that seem to show the hero of the series at work. In addition, individual shots from spectacular stunts from films of the time were cut, quasi as quotes on the job or as a suggestion that Colt Seavers could have done these:

Theme music

The theme song The Unknown Stuntman was sung by Lee Majors himself. It was composed by Glen A. Larson , Gail Jensen and David Sommerville and reached number 11 in the German charts. Volker Lechtenbrink recorded a German version of the song called Der Stuntman . Another German version is entitled He is an unknown stuntman and is sung by Tom Astor .

Colt Seavers' cars

The Colt Seavers pick-up was a 1980 to 1984 GMC Sierra Grande . GMC contractually agreed to always deliver the same car for the stunts (in which many of the cars were scrapped). So many pick-ups broke during the recording (especially during jump scenes) that GMC made a conversion and re-installed the engine under the respective driver's seat.

Lee Majors starred in a commercial for the 2007 Honda CR-V , which is based on the series title sequence. Majors refrains from repeating previous stunts when driving the Honda and prefers to take a leisurely ride home. The music is a version of the theme song The Unknown Stuntman by Smokestack Lightnin ' .

Tricks and stunts

As in the opening credits sequences from other films were used, especially in the episode Trappers of the third season, the central chase from the 1978 film The Driver was re-edited and used as the main part of the episode. Only the recordings with the main actors in the car were fitted in front of a "rolling screen". Time-lapse effects were also used in all seasons to simulate higher speeds in car chases. Lee Majors was doubled by the American stuntman Vince Deadrick senior (1932-2017), who had already worked as a stunt double for Majors in the television series The Six Million Dollar Man .

Episode list


The series won the Stuntman Award in 1985.


The German-language first broadcast started on March 8, 1983 with a double episode on ZDF .

Renewed television exploitation in Germany

From November 5, 2007 to December 5, 2007, the first season of the series was re-dubbed and shown on the station Das Vierte . Three episodes that have never been shown in Germany were also broadcast for the first time.


The first season of the series has been available on DVD since January 14, 2008 . The first season of the series was re-dubbed for this, and the film negatives were cleaned, repaired and re-scanned. In addition, a total of eight pieces of music including the mention as a guest star or the credits for the music were removed from the episodes of the first season and replaced by works by other artists, in the pilot episode a scene with Paul Williams was also made unrecognizable. The second season has also been available on DVD since November 28, 2008.

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