Poseidon's journey into hell

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German title Poseidon's journey into hell
Original title The Poseidon Adventure
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1972
length 112 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Ronald Neame
script Paul Gallico
Wendell Mayes
Stirling Silliphant
production Irwin Allen et al
music John Williams
Al Kasha
Joel Hirschhorn
camera Harold E. Stine
cut Harold F. Kress

The Poseidon Inferno , also known as Poseidon Inferno , is a disaster film from 1972. The film is based on the novel Der Untergang der Poseidon (The Poseidon Adventure) by Paul Gallico from 1969. Directed by Ronald Neame . The remake of Poseidon starring Kurt Russell and Josh Lucas was released in mid-2006 .


The passenger steamer Poseidon, which is about to be decommissioned and scrapped, is on its last voyage from New York to Athens when Captain Harrison receives the message that there has been a strong seaquake near Crete . The ship is very heavy at this point . The shipowner's representative on board, Mr. Linarcos, had previously ordered the captain to run the ship at full power without first taking on additional ballast. At a New Year's Eve party on board the luxury liner, the ship is hit by a monster wave and capsizes shortly after the turn of the year . After violent explosions, the wreck drifts keel up in the Mediterranean. The film is about the survivors' attempt to escape from the ship and the adventures and social conflicts they have to deal with.

First, the main character of the film, Rev. Dr. Frank C. Scott, to convince the party locked in the ballroom to make the way up, i.e. to the hull. However, most of the survivors trust the purser, who claims that this is the only place where search parties can find them. A small, mixed group (police officer Mike Rogo and his wife Linda, businessman James Martin, singer Nonnie Parry, the old couple Manny and Belle Rosen, the two siblings Susan and Robin Shelby and the steward Acres) follows Rev. Scott. Shortly after leaving the ballroom over a several-meter-high Christmas tree, water seeps in, and everyone who remains in the ballroom dies.

The group consults on its strategy. Before the accident, the young passenger Robin Shelby had a crew member tell him that at the point in the shaft tunnel where the propeller drive shaft leaves the hull, the keel is only 2.5 instead of 5 centimeters thick. ( "Two and a half centimeters! Do you know how thick two and a half centimeters of steel is ?? !!" Scott's answer: "Only half as thick as five centimeters." ). So they try to get there. On the way they meet a second group of survivors led by the on-board doctor Dr. Caravello and sister Gina Rowe, who in turn would like to go to the bow of the ship and does not join Scott's advice - and is not saved later either. The small group reaches the ship's propeller area, albeit reduced to six (Mr. Rogo, Mr. Martin, Mr. Rosen, Nonnie, Susan and Robin), where they are rescued by a helicopter crew with a cutting torch.


The Poseidon is portrayed in the film by a model of the RMS Queen Mary . Some exterior shots were taken on the real Queen Mary .



“The 'Poseidon' was the ' Titanic ' of the 1970s. Filmed for the then quite high sum of five million dollars, the film turned out to be the most successful production of 1973 at the box office and promptly triggered a flood of further disaster films: in the form of burning skyscrapers, crashing planes or the biting shark in the world spoiling the way to the canvas. Ronald Neames Opus received numerous nominations, for example for camera, equipment and editing, a special Oscar for the special effects and one for the song 'The Morning After'. "

"A disaster spectacle staged with great technical effort, the effects of which result more from a sophisticated increase in shocks and effects than from the cliché description of human behavior in deadly borderline situations."


For the 1973 Oscar , Die Höllenfahrt der Poseidon was nominated eight times, but only won the award for Best Song (The Morning After) by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn . LB Abbott and AD Flowers received the Special Achievement Award for the visual effects .

Shelley Winters received a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Belle Rosen . When British Film Award won Gene Hackman the award for Best Actor .


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Sequels and remakes


The film was dubbed by Berliner Synchron GmbH. Werner Uschkurat wrote the dialogue book and Dietmar Behnke directed the dialogue.

figure actor Voice actor
Mike Rogo Ernest Borgnine Hans-Dieter Zeidler
Reverend Frank Scott Gene Hackman Rolf Schult
Belle roses Shelley Winters Inge Estate
Captain Harrison Leslie Nielsen Heinz Petruo
Acres Roddy McDowall Randolf Kronberg
James Martin Red buttons Siegmar Schneider
John (chaplain) Arthur O'Connell Friedrich W. Building School
Linacros Fred Sadoff Friedrich Georg Beckhaus
Linda Rogo Stella Stevens Ursula Herwig
Manny roses Jack Albertson Konrad Wagner
Nonnie Carol Lynley Traudel Haas
Robin Shelby Eric Shea Stefan Krause
Susan Pamela Sue Martin Joseline Gassen
Paymaster Byron Webster Klaus Miedel

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