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Television series
German title American dad
Original title American Dad!
American dad logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) since 2005
20th Century Fox ,
Fuzzy Door Productions ,
Underdog Productions
length 22 minutes
Episodes 289+ in 17+ seasons ( list )
genre Comedy , satire
Theme music Good morning, USA! by Walter Murphy
idea Seth MacFarlane
Mike Barker
Matt Weitzman
First broadcast February 6, 2005 (USA) on Fox
first broadcast
May 3, 2006 on MTV

American Dad (Original Title: American Dad! ) Is an animated series by Seth MacFarlane that started on US television in 2005 . The plot follows the family man Stanley Smith, his work for the US secret service CIA and his family with all beings living there.

The pilot episode was broadcast on February 6, 2005 on the American television station Fox following the 39th Super Bowl . It had around 15 million viewers. Regular airtime began on May 1, 2005, after the first episode of the current Family Guy season. By May 2014, ten seasons with over 170 episodes had aired on Fox. At the beginning of the eleventh season, the series switched to the cable channel TBS . The first three episodes of the eleventh season were broadcast on Fox before the regular broadcast on TBS on October 20, 2014. In November, the broadcaster extended the series for a twelfth season. On January 11, 2018, it was renewed for a 16th and 17th season.

The series ran in Germany since May 3, 2006 on MTV , in 2010 the show ran on VIVA and returned there on October 15, 2012. It ran on Comedy Central from January 3, 2011 to October 15, 2012 and returned in July 2013. The program has also been broadcast by RTL Nitro since autumn 2012 . In Austria , the program is broadcast by Comedy Central Austria . In Switzerland, the program has been running on SF two since November 27, 2006 . In England the series of is ITV2 and Fox (UK) aired in Russia on 2x2 in Denmark on TV 2 Zulu and in the Netherlands on Comedy Central Nederland .


Main characters (Smith family)

Stanley Smith

Stanley "Stan" Smith is 47 years old and works as an agent for the CIA . He advocates capitalism , is very religious, conservative and a supporter of the Republican Party ; he adores Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush . He also had a hatred of homosexuals , which shows, among other things, the fact that he did not want them to join the Republican Party. His worst fear is that of a terrorist attack ; He shows his family the likelihood of an attack using the color scheme for classifying terrorist threats on the refrigerator at home. In his youth he was a test subject for an acne drug . However, this resulted in hair loss , so that Stan has a bald head that is not visible due to a wig . Stan Smith often uses his status and technical resources with the CIA to gain advantage or to deceive or control his family. In his endeavors to protect his country and his family from the threat of terrorism, Stan often resorts to radical means and often overshoots the mark. Stan is very fixated on his mother, so his influence with the CIA made many of her admirers disappear. Stan's father is a jewel thief who led Stan to believe he was a member of a secret organization called the Scarlet Alliance . In episode 72 he is released from prison on bail. He gets along with his son again and is found guilty at his trial, which is why he has to go back to prison. Stan also has a wealthy half-brother of Indian descent. In his department at the CIA, Stan holds the rank of Vice Sub-Director for Missing Foreign Agents.

Francine Smith

Stan's wife, Francine, is 43 years old. After leading a life as a groupie with numerous casual love affairs in her younger years , she has become an experienced housewife since her wedding to Stan and the birth of the children. Nevertheless, Francine often tries to break out of this life, for example by implementing her own business ideas. She often tries to tone down Stan's methods of dealing with family and neighbors and to bring Stan to reason. She herself hates George Clooney after he stole the scene from her in a television series, and dreams of causing him harm. As a result of Gay Pregnancy , she carries a child for Greg and Terry. Interestingly, in a later episode, Roger says that Francine would look quite good for three births, which Francine indignantly corrects to two. Francine grew up in an orphanage before being adopted by parents of Chinese descent. She therefore speaks fluent Chinese . She is actually left-handed, but since the nuns in the orphanage had punished her for it, she saw this fact as a gift from the devil and only wrote with her right hand until she changed her mind in episode 58.

Hayley Smith

Hayley Dreamsmasher (German dream destroyer) Smith is Stan's and Francine's daughter and, much to the chagrin of her father, left-wing liberal . She is 19 years old and is studying at the local college. Hayley is a vegetarian (at least at times) , in favor of rigid gun laws, women's, immigrant and gay rights, and believes the government's terror warnings are exaggerated. She never got over George W. Bush's becoming president, and she blames him for everything bad in America. Stan distrusts her simply because of her always contrary views. According to the hippie image , like her friend Jeff Fischer, she is a stoner. At one point in the series, for example, she was said to have no objection to a joint . Again in another episode (in which Stan becomes addicted to crack and has to go into rehab), she reveals this addiction to her family and says that she would also have to go into rehab, but her mother does not see this as a serious drug and health risk and she waves it away. Hayley is rather hostile to religions, so she is an atheist by her own admission . Her father's mania for control does not spare her life outside the home. Hayley has a tendency to constantly changing male acquaintances.

According to Seth MacFarlane, she is kind of a radical hippie .

Steve Smith

Steven “Steve” Anita Smith is Hayley's younger brother, 15 years old, a geek who tries by all means to improve his social status and to have a girlfriend. He often seeks advice from his father or Roger. His character is rather fearful, calm and easily influenced. Steve goes to Pearl Bailey High School . For a while, Steve had a friend named Debbie, but Stan refused to accept her because of her excessive weight. In several episodes he is about to lose his innocence to a (usually older) girl, but that doesn't happen every time.

Steve's appearance was a little dumbass at first and he was voiced by Ricky Blitt . Halfway through production, Scott Grimes took over and Steve became more attractive so that he became less comparable to Neil Goldman from Family Guy .

Klaus Heissler

Klaus is a talking goldfish whose brain was exchanged by the CIA for that of an East German Olympic ski jumper so that he could not win the gold medal. Klaus now lives with the Smiths and is in love with Francine. He doesn't miss a chance to get closer to her or to attract her attention, e. B. by frivolous remarks or self-importance. In the English original he speaks with a strong German accent and regularly uses German terms; in the German version he speaks in the Saxon dialect . While Klaus repeatedly speaks with pride in the English version about the Second World War and the Germans' “heroic defense” against the Allies, these statements were sometimes replaced in the German-language dubbing by allusions to the GDR and the Stasi .

He has a human body again in three episodes: the episode in which Francine discovers baking for himself, the episode set in 2045 in which he tells stories about the Smiths to his grandson and the one in which he is in Stan's body got to ski again.


Roger is a pansexual 1601-year-old alien who saved Stan's life in Area 51 and has lived in the family's attic ever since. He crashed in a UFO in Roswell , New Mexico in 1947 and has lived on Earth ever since. Roger loves television, fast food, alcohol, smoking, cocaine, and all kinds of intoxicants . He says he is immune to all human diseases. In addition, the alien is ready for anything that could spice up his boring life. He is also never averse to good business, although he does not always do his part and tries to gain advantages. After a spicy meal, he produces a heap of excrement made of pure gold, which is studded with precious stones, although he is not aware of the value of his excretions. Roger has to dress up when he wants to leave the house or when the Smiths have a visit. He has a variety of unusual costumes for this purpose, but one of his characters in the episode A Roger sees red develops a life of its own. He often tries to manipulate his environment in order to gain advantages for himself. Likewise, he seems to like to act out of pleasure, whim and sometimes out of pure arbitrariness . Not infrequently he tramples on the feelings of others. However, he himself is very unstable emotionally, for example when he feels ignored or neglected. He is then prone to outbursts of anger and retreats to the attic to get drunk or to watch TV. Roger is educated in a number of areas. So he wrote several term papers for Hayley. Roger originally lives in the belief that he was sent to earth by his species to decide as the "decision maker" about its continued existence. In season 5, however, it turns out that he was only used as a crash test dummy for the technical demonstration of a spaceship and was actually supposed to perish on impact with earth. Roger can change his entire personality within seconds and, surprisingly, also brings with him all sorts of qualifications, such as a studied psychologist or a successful wedding planner. He's also crazy about wigs, and lots of them in his attic.

Minor characters

Avery Bullock

Bullock is the deputy director of the CIA and Stan's boss. In the original it is spoken by Patrick Stewart and is also based on his appearance. He is considered very factual and briefly had a relationship with Hayley. He adopts a baby in a later episode because he feels lonely and wants to start a family of his own. His wife is held captive by terrorists in Fallujah , but he makes no move to free her as he does not negotiate with terrorists. When Stan took this on, it became clear that while in captivity she converted to Islam and became an anti-American fanatic.

Greg and Terry

Greg Corbin and Terry Bates are local news anchors. They are a homosexual couple, live together in one household, and are neighbors to the Smiths. They bought their house from Francine when she was briefly working as a real estate agent . Terry's father was once a well-known football player. He doesn't like that his son is gay. Terry suspected this even before he came out and therefore did not tell him about his sexual orientation. They also have a child that Francine carried for them.

Jeff Fischer

Jeff Fischer is Hayley's friend. Sometimes she finds him boring because he never contradicts her and agrees with everything. Like Hayley, Jeff is politically more of a left-wing alternative. He appears stoned several times in the series. Since he does not have a good relationship with his father and his mother has left the family, he lives in a mobile home that is parked in front of the Smiths' house in some episodes. Jeff was caught in Florida with drugs his father grew. That's why a bounty was placed on him there. Jeff's father, however, turned out to be the real culprit. In the course of the series, Jeff married Hayley and later moved in with the Smiths.

Snot, Barry and Toshi

Snot, Barry and Toshi are friends of Steve. Like Steve, they're nerds or geeks ; they speak Klingon , can read Elvish , are role-players and trekkies . Snot is based on Booger from the film Revenge of the Eggheads and is also voiced by Curtis Armstrong , who played Booger in the film. Barry has to regulate his criminal and aggressive behavior with pills, which also make him very slow and stupid. He also begins to lisp through them . He is very overweight, which is why Stan hates him and his parents don't care. Toshi is of Japanese descent . Although he grew up in the USA, he still only speaks Japanese in the series , which is why his statements are always misinterpreted by other characters. Toshi's statements are made understandable to the viewer through subtitles.

Linda and Bob Memari

The couple of Iranian descent live in the neighborhood of the Smiths. Linda is a friend of Francine's. It is variously suggested that she is a lesbian and in love with Francine. Although Bob was born in Cleveland , Ohio , Stan distrusts him very much and considers him a terrorist.


Reginald is a koala who - like Klaus - was implanted with a human brain by the CIA. He used to be a homeless man , which you can still see in his tone. When he's not doing assignments for the CIA, Reginald likes to be at the Smiths pool, and he has a thing for Hayley at times.

Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis is the director of Pearl Bailey High School , which Steve and friends attend. He appears to have an obscure past and his commitment to the school is extremely questionable. He is also very familiar with all kinds of narcotics . He also seems to have a gambling problem , for example he owes the " Chinese Mafia " 22,000 dollars because of blackjack .

Theme song

Original text
Stan: Good morning, USA
I got a feelin 'that it's gonna be a wonderful day
The sun in the sky has a smile on his face
And he's shinin 'a salute to the American race
Oh, boy, it's swell to say
Roger: Good morning, USA


The series is synchronized at FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH in Berlin. The dialogue book for the series was written in the first two seasons by Marcel Collé, from season 3 Kim Hasper took over this role. Marcel Collé directed from the first episode to the episode Roger, my extraterrestrial friend, dubbing, Marius Clarén took over the remaining episodes of the second season and from season 3 he shares them with Stefan Fredrich . The translation of the texts into German has been written by Jérôme Cantu, who also directs the dubbing, since the beginning of the synchronization of the series.

character Original voice German voice
Stan Smith Seth MacFarlane Detlef Bierstedt
Francine Smith Wendy Schaal Silvia Missbach
Hayley Smith Rachael MacFarlane Anja Stadlober
Steve Smith Scott Grimes Hannes Maurer (season 1–10)
Michael Wiesner (from season 11)
Klaus Heissler Dee Bradley Baker Andreas Mueller
Roger Smith Seth MacFarlane Michael Iwannek
Jeff Fischer Jeff Fischer Marcel Collé (season 1–2)
Marius Clarén (season 3–5)
Raúl Richter (season 6-13x4)
Tolga Tavan (season 15x06-15x13)
Florian Clyde (from season 15x14)
CIA director Avery Bullock Patrick Stewart Ernst Meincke (season 1–4, from season 6)
Frank Röth (season 5)
Greg Corbin Seth MacFarlane Dirk Mueller
Terry Bates Mike Barker (seasons 1-11) Jonas Ziegler
Schmuley "Snot" Lonstein Curtis Armstrong Ricardo Richter (season 1, from season 5)
Konrad Bösherz (season 2–3; alternately with Ozan Ünal)
Ozan Ünal (season 3; alternately with Konrad Bösherz)
Tobias Nath (season 4)
Barry Robinson Eddie Kaye Thomas Vanya Gerick
Principal Brian Lewis Kevin Michael Richardson Reinhard Scheunemann (season 1 and 4, from season 6)
Lutz Riedel (season 2)
Dick Reynolds Stephen Root Peter Groeger (season 1–2)
Bodo Wolf (from season 4)
Jackson Mike Henry Tim Moeseritz (season 1–8)
Dirk Petrick (from season 9)
Reginald, the koala Donald Fullilove Bernhard Völger
Mama Ling Amy Hill Luise Lunow
Bàba Ling Tzi Ma Peter Groeger
Lisa Silver Elizabeth Banks Yvonne Greitzke
Akiko Yoshida Gray DeLisle Anita Hopt
Capt'n Monty Matt McKenna Stefan Staudinger
Debbie Hyman Lizzy Caplan Marie-Luise Schramm
Duper Phill Lewis Raimund Krone
God Seth MacFarlane Stefan Staudinger
Gwen Ling Uma Thurman Maja Maneiro
Jack Smith To Norris Christian Rode
Father Donovan Martin Mull (seasons 1-7) Hans-Werner Bussinger (season 1–3)
Lutz Riedel (season 4-7)
President George W. Bush Chris Cox Michael Pan
Sergei Kruglov Steve Hely Waléra Kanishcheff
Sinbad Sinbad Nicolas King
Turlington Forest Whitaker Thomas Schmuckert
Vince Chung John Cho Tommy Morgenstern

Opening credits and headline

The opening credits are designed with singing and music. As a little gag, the headline of a briefly shown morning newspaper changes from episode to episode up to the third season, comparable to the table and couch gag at the Simpsons . The headlines here are word games with a current political or social reference. Some of the headlines were translated incorrectly for the German TV version. From the fourth season the opening credits were changed. It can now be seen as a little gag Roger in Stan's car on the way to work, disguised differently from episode to episode.


  • Democratic Party missing: feared dead ( Democratic Party missed: The fear is that she is dead)
  • Gas prices higher than dude at Weezer concert ( gas prices higher than a guy at a Weezer concert) - pun with the double meaning of high : 1. high, 2. are intoxicated by drugs
  • Israel pulls out of Gaza, Gaza not pregnant ( Israel withdraws from Gaza , Gaza not pregnant) - pun with To pull out : 1. withdraw, pull out, 2. coitus interruptus


Langley Falls

The Smiths live in a fictional town called Langley Falls, Virginia, in the Washington, DC area. The name of the city is a composition. There are two cities in the United States called Langley, Virginia and Great Falls, Virginia. The town of " Langley " also exists in reality; that is where the CIA has its headquarters. Hence, this is also a play on words. "Langley Falls" means not only "The (water) falls of Langley", but also "Langley Falls". In season 4 episode 11 ("Live and Let Fry") you can see on a sign that Langley Falls is the sister city of Haifa in Israel. In season 3, episode 5, we also learn that the Smiths live at 416 Cherry Street.

Roger's ability

As a result, Homeland Insecurity starts a secondary line that is continued across the board. He begins with Roger looking for his special ability as an alien. Roger never finds out this ability, but the viewer does. Two power plant employees find a golden pile of waste in the bushes next to the power plant. It was made by Roger and has similar effects to its surroundings as the ring from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings . Anyone who comes into possession of the golden pile loses control of their life and kills loved ones so that they can keep the pile. This secondary thread runs through the 2nd season (the last time the story was taken up in the 3rd episode of the 3rd season, "The hard tour" ( Failure is not a factory-installed option )). In the 9th episode of the 5th season, Rupture's Delight , Roger needs the pile of waste to activate his spaceship. The story continues in season 10 episode 3 and season 11 episode 3.

Roger's baby

In the episode Deacon Stan, Jesus Man , the viewer learns that Roger has a descendant. In this episode, Steve Smith sucks Rogers an egg out of his body during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation . Steve then becomes pregnant. When Steve kisses a neighbor's daughter, Betsie, however, he passes this egg on. Betsie is sent away by her parents; what becomes of the alien egg has not yet been explained in detail.

The church

The Church in American Dad is part of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America. The sign says "first episcopalian". The Episcopal Church in the United States of America is part of the Anglican Church Fellowship . In the episode Deacon Stan, Jesus Man you can see various inscriptions on a sign in front of the building:

  • Restrooms for Christians Only (toilets only for Christians)
  • Jesus saves ... room for potatoe salad ( Jesus saves ... room for potato salad)
  • The Bible: the real PowerBook (The Bible: the true PowerBook )
  • Church: You're damned if you don't ( Church: You're damned if you don't )


  • Seth Woodbury MacFarlane: Creator / Writer / Executive Producer
  • Mike Barker: Creator / Writer / Executive Producer
  • Matt Weitzman: Creator / Writer / Executive Producer
  • David Zuckerman: Writer / Co-Executive Producer
  • Rick Wiener: Writer / Co-Executive Producer
  • Kenny Schwartz: Writer / Co-Executive Producer
  • Nahnatchka Khan: Writer / Producer
  • Mike Shipley: Writer / Co-Executive Producer
  • Jim Bernstein: Writer / Co-Executive Producer
  • Steve Hely: Writer / Story Editor
  • Brian Boyle: Writer / Producer
  • Chris McKenna : Writer / Story Editor
  • Matt McKenna: Writer / Story Editor
  • Dan Vebber: Writer / Supervising Producer
  • Jon Fener: Writer / Supervising Producer
  • Josh Bycel: Writer / Supervising Producer


  • The last four episodes of the first season were originally the beginning of the second season. Due to the great success of the series in the USA, the first four finished episodes of season 2 were broadcast immediately after the end of season 1.
  • The series is partly inspired by All in the Family (1971).
  • Good Morning USA , the show's theme song, was written by Walter Murphy .
  • In the Family Guy specials "Blue Harvest" and "It's a trap" , which are parodies of the Star Wars episodes IV and VI , Roger and Klaus appear as secondary characters.
  • In the two-part "Family Guy" episode "Lois Kills Stewie" (Season 6, Episode 4/5), Stewie breaks into the CIA headquarters together with Brian. There they are discovered and pursued by Stan and Avery Bullock.
  • In the last episode of the 2nd season - "Clooney's Tears", George Clooney has an appearance, but does not synchronize his character himself. Clooney's regular speaker, Detlef Bierstedt , was not used in German either , as he already speaks the family man Stan Smith . Instead, Erich Räuker speaks the Clooney character.
  • In 2011, appeared American Porn - parody American Dad XXX , which picks up the original in free form elements. The porn industry recognized the quality of the flick in 2012 with nominations for the AVN Award and the XBIZ Award . The actors were u. a. Briana Banks and Andy San Dimas and Evan Stone involved.
  • According to calculations by the media portal , a total of 2,454 broadcasts on German free TV took place from January 1 to December 31, 2017. American Dad took third place in the list of the most frequent broadcasts during this period.

Episode list

German DVDs

Surname publication Brief information Season FSK Season / episode
Volume 1 May 21, 2007 This 3-DVD box contains the first season and the first 6 episodes of the second season. 1/2 From 12 years S01 / E01-E07
S02 / E01-E06
Volume 2 February 11, 2008 The DVD contains the remaining ten episodes of the second season and the first nine of the third. 2/3 From 12 years S02 / E07-E16
S03 / E01-E09
Volume 3 April 9, 2009 This DVD contains the remaining ten episodes of the third season and eight of the fourth season. 3/4 From 12 years S03 / E10-E19
S04 / E01-E08
Volume 4 June 11, 2010 The DVD contains the remaining eight episodes of the fourth season, as well as the first six episodes from the fifth season. 4/5 From 12 years S04 / E09-E16
S05 / E01-E06
Volume 5 July 29, 2011 The DVD contains the remaining 14 episodes of the fifth season. 5 From 12 years S05 / E07-E20
Volume 6 May 25, 2012 The DVD contains all 18 episodes of the sixth season. 6th From 12 years S06 / E01-E18

Further DVD releases of the series are no longer planned, according to Fox.


“'American Dad' feels like one of those tolerable side projects from famous musicians. It feels similar, so you like it, but ultimately, it's too watered-down to ever be as good as the original. "

“American Dad seems like one of those side projects by famous musicians. It feels similar, so you like it, but in the end it's too weak to ever be as good as the original. "

- San Francisco Chronicle

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