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George Timothy Clooney (born May 6, 1961 in Lexington , Kentucky ) is an American actor , screenwriter , film producer and film director . In 2006 he received an Oscar for best supporting actor in the film Syriana , another in 2013 as a producer for Argo (Best Picture).


Clooney is the son of Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Clooney and Nina Bruce Warren. His sister is Adelia "Ada" Zeidler. He had his first experiences with show business at the age of five when he gave his father Nick, a television presenter in Illinois , the text boards for a quiz show . His aunt was the actress and singer Rosemary Clooney , who was married for a while to the film star and Oscar winner José Ferrer . Their son, Miguel Ferrer, was his cousin.

He attended Northern Kentucky University from 1979 to 1981 and studied radio journalism there, albeit without a degree.

Clooney was married to actress Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993 and was in a relationship with actresses Krista Allen , Elisabetta Canalis and Stacy Keibler between 2004 and 2013 . At a young age he was in a relationship with Dedee Pfeiffer for some time .

In April 2014 he became engaged to the British - Lebanese lawyer and human rights attorney Amal Alamuddin . The couple married in Venice on September 27, 2014 . Clooney's wife took his last name. The couple had twins in June 2017.

First film and television roles

Clooney, who came from a family of entertainers , was drawn into the film business in the early 1980s, where, despite the mediation of his aunt, the film actress and singer Rosemary Clooney, he only got roles in second-rate pilot films in American television series , which were limited to one episode due to lack of success. The only longer role during this period was in the sitcom Roseanne . In her he played Booker Brooks, the boss of Roseanne and temporary friend of her sister in the first season.

Clooney made his debut as an extra in front of a motion picture camera in 1982 and appeared - usually in supporting roles - in a few films in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The works in question met with little response and were mostly classified as of inferior quality. Clooney played one of his first roles in 1988 in the low budget horror film parody The Return of the Killer Tomatoes . With none of these appearances did the actor succeed in asserting himself in the film business or attracting a larger audience.

From television actor to film star

In the mid-1990s, Clooney was offered the role of pediatrician Doug Ross in the hospital series Emergency Room . This series, which depicts everyday life in a Chicago teaching hospital in a realistic and dramatic manner and ran from 1994 to 2009, became a great international television success. Clooney, who rose to become one of the most famous television actors, was especially popular with female viewers. He impersonated the role of Doug Ross from 1994 to 1999 in 109 episodes (2009 he made a guest appearance on the series). The Clooney family spirit was also reflected in guest appearances by Rosemary Clooney and his cousin Miguel Ferrer.

Clooney's international fan base had grown so much through Emergency Room that the film producers in Hollywood could no longer ignore it. From 1996 the actor established himself as a film star; he appeared in a variety of different roles. He had great success with the lead role in the film From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) directed by Robert Rodriguez , which soon achieved cult status . In 1996 he starred alongside Michelle Pfeiffer in the romantic comedy Days Like This . His final breakthrough came in the role of Batman in Batman & Robin .

In 1997, Clooney was voted Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine .

George Clooney showed a certain preference for bizarre roles in ( O Brother, Where Art Thou? ) The Coen brothers or his friend Steven Soderbergh . In this way, he avoided the role of the elegant, slightly rascal womanizer, which was primarily intended for him by the media. However, Clooney also took on leading roles in commercial films such as Batman & Robin (1997, as Batman) or Project: Peacemaker (1997), in which he was seen as an action hero. These films received mostly negative reviews, while artistically ambitious films such as the thriller comedy Out of Sight or the war film Der schmale Grat (both 1998) received better ratings.

Screenwriter, producer and director

Clooney made his debut as a screenwriter with the television film Kilroy in 1999. At the same time, it was the first film for which he was responsible as a producer. His directorial debut followed in 2002 with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind . For the award-winning film Good Night, and Good Luck , he directed, acted as a code screenwriter and acted as an actor in front of the camera. From February to May 2007 Clooney turned his next film, Leatherheads (in the original: Leather Heads) , a football comedy that is settled in the 1920s. Clooney is co-writer, director and leading actor in the film, which opened in German cinemas in June 2008. Renée Zellweger can be seen at his side .

In 2000, Clooney and Steven Soderbergh teamed up and founded the production company Section Eight Productions , with which they wanted to produce films from then on. Soderbergh gave Clooney the lead role in 2001 in the thriller comedy Ocean's Eleven , which was cast with numerous stars (including Brad Pitt , Matt Damon , Julia Roberts ) and was a great success. Clooney rose to one of the top earners in Hollywood with this film, he received a fee of 20 million US dollars . Ocean's Eleven had two sequels in 2004 and 2007, in which Clooney also starred. In 2006, the actor was named Sexiest Man Alive for the second time .

2006 left George Clooney Section Eight Productions to work with Grant Heslov the company Smokehouse Pictures to establish that such. B. Produced an enticing game .

In 2011, Clooney's fourth feature film followed with The Ides of March - Tage des Verrats , in which he also worked on the script and took on one of the leading roles. The film version of Beau Willimons play Farragut North is a young idealistic press secretary (played by Ryan Gosling ) at the center, as an employee of a presidential candidate (Clooney) in the primaries in Ohio is confronted with fraud and corruption. The Ides of March was in competition at the 68th Venice International Film Festival in 2011 and opened the festival.

On June 22, 2013, Clooney completed eight months of work in the Babelsberg studio on his film Monuments Men - The Monuments Men , which is based on the true story of a special squad of scientists, museum directors and art historians during World War II . The men had the task of locating and recovering art objects that were stolen and lost under Hitler . Clooney directed his film, which was shot in Berlin and Brandenburg , was a producer and also played a leading role. The castings for the 800 German extras, to which more than 2,000 people appeared, began in January and filming in early May. The co-producer of this British-German co-production was Studio Babelsberg, based in the Brandenburg state capital Potsdam , whose studio halls and outdoor backdrops were mainly used.

Political commitment

The staunch opponent of war takes an open position in his roles (e.g. Three Kings ) and in public appearances, for example in relation to the foreign policy of former US President George W. Bush .

In March 2004, Clooney raised campaign funds. He hosted a fundraising dinner for which guests paid US $ 1,500 to US $ 2,500 per capita to support the election campaign of Clooney's father, Nick, who ran for the House of Representatives with the US $ 250,000 raised .

In January 2008, George Clooney was appointed UN Ambassador for Peace by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon . In April 2014 he resigned from this position for professional and personal reasons.

Clooney said he was a supporter of the Democratic candidate for the 2008 US presidential election , Barack Obama . He also supported Obama in the 2012 presidential election campaign with fundraiser dinners, with a total of more than 15 million euros being donated.

In recent years, Clooney has traveled several times to the crisis region of Darfur in Sudan , which has been shaken by armed conflicts since 2003 , to draw attention to the human rights situation there. In his view, the USA as well as other states and world organizations should do more to find a solution to the crisis. It is the first genocide of the 21st century. You can't look the other way and hope that the problem will solve itself.

Clooney is committed to climate protection and is committed to promoting climate-friendly technologies. In contradiction to this, Clooney was for years the advertising face for the controversial food company Nestlé and its Nespresso capsules. Clooney is a member of the board of directors of Belenos Clean Power Holding , founded by Swiss watch entrepreneur Nicolas Hayek , which develops alternative energy generation systems.

The film star became a member of the Council on Foreign Relations for life in 2010 .

In 2010 and 2011, Clooney was committed to the independence of South Sudan , he initiated the Satellite Sentinel project , which is to serve as an early warning system for new human rights violations with high-resolution real-time satellite images . In 2012 he was temporarily arrested during a protest outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington . In 2013 he was awarded the German Media Prize for his commitment in Darfur .


In 2013, Clooney founded the tequila company Casamigos together with businessmen Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman . In 2017, the company was sold to spirits maker Diageo for $ 700 million and performance bonuses .



Feature films

TV Shows

  • 1984: Trio with four fists ( Riptide , episode 2x01: ominous visit)
  • 1985: Street Hawk (Episode 1x02: The Best Friend)
  • 1985: The Cases of Harry Fox ( Crazy Like a Fox , episode 1x12: The Scapegoat)
  • 1985-1986: Facts of Life
  • 1986: Throb
  • 1986: Hotel (episode 3x13)
  • 1987: Golden Girls (episode 2x24: crime scene Miami)
  • 1987: Murder is her hobby ( Murder, She Wrote , episode 3x19: A murderous reunion)
  • 1987: Hunter (episode 3x15)
  • 1988-1991: Roseanne
  • 1992–1993: Murder Without a Trace (Bodies Of Evidence)
  • 1993–1994: A bouquet of daughters (Sisters)
  • 1994–1999, 2009: Emergency Room - The emergency room ( ER , 107 episodes)
  • 1995: Friends (episode 1x17 - the two-parter - part 2)
  • 2019: Catch-22 (miniseries, three episodes)




Awards (selection)

George Clooney has received a variety of nominations and awards for his extensive work in the film business. Mostly he received this for his acting achievements, but his work as a producer and director was also awarded.


Golden Globe Award

Primetime Emmy Award

  • 1995 : Nominated for Best Actor in a Drama Series for Emergency Room
  • 1996 : Nominated for Best Actor in a Drama Series for Emergency Room
  • 2010 : Nominated in the Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special category for Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief
  • 2010 : Awarded the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award (special prize)

British Academy Film Award

Screen Actors Guild Award

  • 1995 : Nominated in the category Best Acting Ensemble in a TV Series - Drama for Emergency Room - The Emergency Room (together with the rest of the cast)
  • 1996 : Awarded in the category Best Acting Ensemble in a TV Series - Drama for Emergency Room - The Emergency Room (together with the rest of the cast)
  • 1997 : Awarded in the category Best Acting Ensemble in a TV Series - Drama for Emergency Room - The Emergency Room (together with the rest of the cast)
  • 1998 : Awarded in the category Best Acting Ensemble in a TV Series - Drama for Emergency Room - The Emergency Room (together with the rest of the cast)
  • 1999 : Awarded in the category Best Acting Ensemble in a TV Series - Drama for Emergency Room - The Emergency Room (together with the rest of the cast)

Saturn Award

Further honors

Dubbing voice

His German dubbing voice is usually spoken by Detlef Bierstedt ; in the films directed by Steven Soderbergh , Martin Umbach does so . In From Dusk till Dawn he was dubbed by Bernd Rumpf .


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