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A shillum (often also called chillum ) is a conical, about 10-20 cm long wooden, clay or stone pipe with a likewise conical bore, which measures about 5 mm at the thinnest end, and is used for smoking cannabis products . Because of the usually quite high amount of content, a shillum is rarely smoked alone.



The shillum originally comes from the Indian subcontinent and the Himalayas . For centuries it has been used by the sadhus for ritual consumption primarily of hashish . The Rastafarian religion, which emerged in Jamaica in the first half of the 20th century, also uses the shillum for ritual hashish consumption.

Use in the west

This form of shillum became popular in Europe and the USA in the 1960s as a result of the hippie movement and the associated trips to India and was also popular as a souvenir . Because of the relatively complicated smoking process, the elaborate cleaning procedure and the simple availability of other effective paraphernalia , its use has tended to decline since the 1990s. It is most likely to be widespread among older consumers and in the Goa or hippie trance scene . The only country where it can often still be seen is Italy , where more shillums are now produced than in India.


Fruits or root vegetables (e.g. a carrot) can also be used as a shillum. The object is hollowed out until it meets the requirements of a shillum. These “eco-shillums” are single-use objects, so they can easily break, they are quickly available everywhere and very inexpensive to manufacture. They sometimes give the smoke a sweeter taste. They also prevent the whole serving from burning through, as the cannabis gets a little wetter. It is always necessary to light it up again.

Bong shillum

Today, the shillum is usually the tube of a bong that conducts the smoke through the water. The most common materials for this are glass, aluminum or acrylic.


Glass shillums are usually a unit with the head and a standard cut. Common are z. B. 14.5 mm / 18.8 mm and as the upper class 29.2. Shillums with an inner grind are called a coupling or adapter. In this case, a plug head with the desired shape is inserted into the adapter.

Aluminum shillums are provided with an external thread at one end, to which the head is attached by means of an intermediate piece with an internal thread. The head can be unscrewed for filling and cleaning without having to pull the pipe out of the water.

One variation is the diffuser shillum , which has several small holes on the side of the area in the water. This distributes the smoke into smaller air bubbles and tastes much milder.

Shillums for bongs that do not form an inseparable unit with the head are usually also referred to as downpipes .


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