The storm (film)

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German title The storm
Original title The Perfect Storm
The perfect storm.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2000
length 130 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Wolfgang Petersen
script Bill Wittliff,
Bo Goldman ( not listed )
production Gail Katz
Wolfgang Petersen,
Paula Weinstein
music James Horner
camera John Seale
cut Richard Francis-Bruce

The storm (original title: The Perfect Storm ) is a disaster film by Wolfgang Petersen from 2000 , the plot of which is based on a true story from 1991. The script is based on the non-fiction book The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger . George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg play the leading roles.


At the beginning of the film, there is a plaque from the city of Gloucester bearing the names of missing fishermen. The Andrea Gail , a ship equipped for swordfish fishing , enters the home port of Gloucester. Captain Billy Tyne is dependent on the greedy businessman and owner of the ship Bob Brown, who not only berates him for his poor fishing results, but also humiliates him. The attractive Linda Greenlaw is also a fisherman and much more successful. She is interested in a relationship with Billy, but he is a fisherman through and through and does not want to retire on land. In a conversation with Linda, he tells her what fishing means to him.

Although the season is actually over, Billy is going back to the Atlantic . He is driven by the hope of a big catch. The team, consisting of day laborers, is largely reluctant to leave the mainland behind. Among them is Bobby Shatford, who rides against the wishes of his friend Christina.

After initially poor results, Billy decides to leave the Newfoundland Bank and head for Flemish Cap to the east . After accidents and heavy seas, the initially quarreled crew form a tight-knit community. The holds on the Flemish Cap can actually be filled later. But since the ice machine fails, the only option is to return to the harbor immediately and straightforwardly so that the catch below deck does not spoil. To the crew decides although the Andrea Gail for use by a now arisen "super storm" of gigantic proportions - are controlled must of already Sailboat for - consisting of a cold front collides with the Hurrican "Grace" and discharges explosively capsizing brought Has. Its crew was brought to safety by a rescue helicopter. This then flies to the last known position of Andrea Gail, which has since lost its radio antenna. However, after several unsuccessful rescue attempts, the helicopter runs out of fuel and fails to refuel . Eventually it crashes, with one crew member unable to be rescued while the rest of the crew is picked up by a rescue ship.

The Andrea Gail is now in the middle of the storm, the crew is fighting for their lives. After he and his crew have given everything to beat the storm, Billy decides to give up the catch and steer back out of the storm. After a risky turning maneuver, the danger seems to have been averted. But a sudden giant wave sinks the Andrea Gail. The crew below deck has no chance of escaping. Since Billy does not want to leave the ship and goes down with him, Bobby alone saves himself to the surface of the water. But even he can no longer be saved. The film ends with a funeral ceremony in the church for the missing sailors and the departure of the sister ship, the Hannah Boden, from the port when the weather is fine. Linda remembers what Billy said when he said there was nothing better than being the captain of a swordfish fishing ship.

The credits show that the film is dedicated to the 10,000 Gloucester fishermen who have given their lives at sea since the 17th century.


This film was shot in Orlando , Gloucester and Burbank . Filming began on July 26, 1999 and ended on December 23, 1999. Three days of filming took place on the edge of Hurricane Floyd . The budget of the film is 140 million US dollars estimated. On June 26, 2000 it celebrated its world premiere in the USA . On July 5, 2000, it was screened at the Filmquart Film Festival in Norway . The film was shown in cinemas in Germany and Switzerland from July 2, 2000. In total, about $ 182.6 million was grossed in the United States, including about 41.3 million on the opening weekend. Between 327 and 328 million US dollars were grossed worldwide.

Originally, Nicolas Cage was slated for the role of Bobby Shatford; he refused them because of other commitments.

Legal Sea Foods, a restaurant from Boston , bought the ship "Lady Grace", which can be seen in the film as Andrea Gail, in order to dedicate it as a floating souvenir to all those sailors who died at sea in Gloucester .

German dubbed version

The German dubbing was done at Interopa Film in Berlin .

actor German speaker role
George Clooney Detlef Bierstedt Capt. Billy Tyne
Michael Ironside Hans-Werner Bussinger Bob Brown
Mark Wahlberg Oliver Mink Bobby Shatford
Diane Lane Arianne Borbach Christina "Chris" Cotter
John C. Reilly Stefan Fredrich Dale "Murph" Murphy
William Fichtner Bernd Vollbrecht David "Sully" Sullivan
Bob Gunton Ernst Meincke Alexander McAnally III.
Josh Hopkins Boris Tessmann Capt. Darryl Ennis
Steven Barr K. Dieter Klebsch Commander Brudnicki
Hayden Tank Fionn Michael Verona Dale Murphy Jr.
Merle Kennedy Ulrike Stürzbecher Debra Murphy
Cherry Jones Almut Zydra Edie Bailey
Janet Wright Kerstin Sanders-Dornseif Ethel Shatford
Rusty float Martina Treger Irene "Big Red" Johnson
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Katharina Koschny Linda Greenlaw
Todd Kimsey Hans Hohlbein Lt. Rob Pettit
Karen Allen Cornelia Meinhardt Melissa Brown
John Hawkes Rainer Doering Michael "Bugsy" Moran
Patrick Stinson Uwe Büschken news reporter
Melissa Samuels Irina von Bentheim Pam
Sandy Ward Horst lamp Quentin
Chris Palermo Frank Schröder Sgt. Borgers
Dash Mihok Johannes Berenz Sgt.Jeremy Mitchell
Christopher McDonald Hans-Jürgen Dittberner Todd Gross


On June 20, 2000, Sony released a soundtrack containing 10 songs.

No. title Duration
1. Coming Home From The Sea (Instrumental) 9:27
2. The Fog's Just Lifting ... (Instrumental) 4:11
3. Let's Go Boys (Instrumental) 8:54
4th To The Flemish Cap (Instrumental) 7:17
5. The Decision To Turn Around (Instrumental) 9:20
6th Small Victories (Instrumental) 8:31
7th Coast Guard Rescue (Instrumental) 9:47
8th. Rogue Wave (Instrumental) 10:03
9. There's No Goodbye… Only Love (Instrumental) 7:33
10. Yours Forever (Voice) 4:02

Towards the end of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio's emotional address at Gloucester Church, her microphone recorded her heartbeat. Director Wolfgang Petersen liked this effect, so it can be heard on the soundtrack.


The lexicon of international films is: “Adventure film in a classic tradition, which takes a lot of time to introduce its characters and at the same time uses the most modern trick technology extremely effectively. While audience expectations are fulfilled over the entire distance, the end breaks with the rules of classic Hollywood film. "

James Berardinelli described the film on ReelViews as "exciting", "engaging" and "majestic". He praised the film for not altering the historical facts in favor of the audience. Berardinelli also particularly praised the portrayals of George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg.

Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times of June 30, 2000 that The Tempest was a well-crafted example of a film aimed at pure sensation. He wouldn't have complex characters or a distinct plot, but he didn't need to either.


The storm was awarded four prizes and nominated for numerous other prizes.

In 2000 the film was awarded the German Bogey Award . In 2001 the film received the BAFTA Award for the best visual effects and the Taurus Award for the best water stunt . James Horner also received the 2001 Film and Television Music Award from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers ( ASCAP ) for Best Film Music .

The film was also nominated for an Oscar in 2001 in the categories of Best Visual Effects and Best Sound . The storm received 18 other nominations, including

  • for the Saturn Award 2001 for the best special effects and as best action film / thriller
  • for the BAFTA Award 2001 in the category Best Sound
  • for the CAS Award of the American Cinema Audio Society 2001 for exceptional performance in sound mixing
  • for the Taurus Award 2001 in another three categories.
  • for the 2000 Sierra Award from the Las Vegas Film Critics Society for Best Visual Effects

George Clooney , Mark Wahlberg and Diane Lane were also nominated for the 2001 Blockbuster Entertainment Award .

The German Film and Media Assessment FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film the rating particularly valuable.


  • Sebastian Junge: The storm - the last journey of Andrea Gail , Diana Verlag, Munich 1998, ISBN 978-3-8284-5008-0

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