Project: Peacemaker

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German title Project: Peacemaker
Original title The Peacemaker
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1997
length 118 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Mimi leather
script Michael Schiffer
production Branko Lustig ,
Walter F. Parkes
music Hans Zimmer
camera Dietrich Lohmann
cut David Rosenbloom

Project: Peacemaker (Original title: The Peacemaker ) is an American action film directed by Mimi Leder from 1997 , in which George Clooney and Nicole Kidman can be seen in the leading roles. It was the first film produced by DreamWorks SKG and at the same time the first feature film by director Mimi Leder.


A nuclear explosion occurs near Chelyabinsk while transporting ten discarded Russian nuclear weapons under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty . By the US Government requested an analysis of the events nuclear weapons expert Dr. Julia Kelly and Army Ranger Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Devoe discover that the train had recently been hijacked and nine nuclear warheads were stolen. The kidnappers then diverted the transport to the platform of a passenger train and collided with it. A short time later, the remaining 500 kT nuclear warhead was detonated to cover up the theft. The US secret service finds out that the Russian General Kodoroff, who should have died on the train, continues to give telephone signs of life.

Devoe's Russian contact and old friend, Colonel Dimitri Vertikoff, invited the two to Vienna to look for information about the transport of the warheads. You can obtain important transport documents from a shipping company controlled by the Russian Mafia . But shortly afterwards they get into an ambush in which Vertikoff is shot. After a car chase through the streets of Vienna, the documents are lost in a car explosion, but Dr. Kelly previously emailed a copy of the data . This enables Kodoroff's transport vehicle, an old TAM military truck, to be found and monitored by satellite on a mountain road in the North Caucasus .

The warheads threaten to disappear in the direction of Iran , so a special command commanded by Devoe has to advance into Russian territory with three helicopters. Since this happens without the knowledge and approval of the Russian border surveillance troops, one of the three helicopters is shot down by the Russian air defense. The remaining two helicopters can bring down the truck , killing Kodoroff. However, only eight of the weapons are found. The last one was branched off by a friend of the radicalized diplomat Gavrić on his behalf and handed over to him.

In Sarajevo , IFOR troops find a video message from the terrorist Dušan Gavrić, who lost his family in the Balkan war and who is condemning and punishing the western states for their arms deliveries to the warring parties. Dr. Kelly and Devoe realize that Gavrić, whose identity they do not know, is on the way to New York with the last atomic bomb . At the direction of Dr. Kelly is declared a national emergency there.

Gavrić travels to New York as part of a UN delegation for peace negotiations and brings the nuclear explosive device, which has been converted into a time bomb, into the city as diplomatic baggage . Devoe and Kelly initiate a large helicopter manhunt. With the help of Geiger counters, the assassin was circled in the streets of New York on the way to the UN headquarters and stopped by police officers. His friend, who has traveled with him, is able to help him escape, but is shot by Devoe shortly afterwards. Gavric fled first to a school and then to a church. Here he is found by Devoe and Kelly, he carries the bomb in a backpack. Kelly tries to persuade him to reveal the function of the ignition mechanism. Instead, Gavrić shoots himself. At the last moment, Dr. Kelly to break open the warhead . The conventional explosive detonates, but without detonating the nuclear explosive device. Devoe and Kelly, who were able to save themselves at the last second, are only slightly injured.


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that the film was neither better nor worse than your average James Bond film . With a tightened script and a correspondingly shorter running time, it could have been much more successful. It is difficult to maintain tension for over two hours; the task had turned out to be too difficult for the director, who is making her debut in a feature film.

The lexicon of the international film praised: "A cinema debut staged with considerable technical skill, which not only skilfully uses set pieces of the action genre, but also tells its story with narrative overview and sophistication."


Nicole Kidman was nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Award in 1998 for her role . The film was nominated for the 1998 Political Film Society Award for Exposé .

The German Film and Media Evaluation FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film the title valuable.


The film was shot in New York City , Los Angeles , Philadelphia , Prague , Bratislava , Croatia , Macedonia , Poland , Russia , Austria and the Czech Republic , among others .

The film premiered in the US on September 26, 1997 and was shown two months later, on November 13, 1997, in German cinemas. With an estimated budget of 50 million dollars , the film played at the box office in the United States 41 million US dollars and generated a worldwide box office earnings of 110 million US dollars. In 1997, 1.13 million people saw the film in German cinemas.

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