Out of sight

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German title Out of sight
Original title Out of sight
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1998
length 118 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Steven Soderbergh
script Scott Frank
production Danny DeVito ,
John Hardy ,
Barry Sonnenfeld
music David Holmes
camera Elliot Davis
cut Anne V. Coates

Out of Sight is an American comedy film from 1998. Director was Steven Soderbergh and Scott Frank wrote the screenplay based on the 1996 novel Out of Sight by Elmore Leonard .


Jack Foley, a bank robber who refrains from using force when possible, is serving a long sentence in Glades Prison in Florida . With the support of his friend Buddy Bragg, he manages to break out. The escape happened to be observed by US Marshal Karen Sisco, who was then kidnapped by the two gangsters.

Jack, who is temporarily trapped with Karen in the trunk of a car, finds her attractive and starts flirting with her. Although Karen seems receptive to his advances, she takes the first opportunity to escape her kidnappers. Just as Jack calls her, she visits her friend, FBI agent Ray Nicolette, who leads the search for Jack and is mocked by Karen's father, also a US marshal. Karen hides from Ray who is flirting with her on the phone. Instead, she tries to get on the team that is looking for Jack.

Jack and Buddy want to rob the former prison inmate and multimillionaire Richard Ripley, who has hidden valuable diamonds in his villa , in Detroit . Jack had protected Richard in prison, but after Jack's release he had proven ungrateful and even mocked Jack. Other gangsters around former inmate Maurice Miller, who did not shrink from murder, also learned of the existence of diamonds. Jack and Buddy finally agree to carry out the robbery together with Maurice and his gang.

Before that, however, Jack visits Karen, who is on his trail, at her hotel. Since both feel very drawn to each other, they take a "break", i. That is, they forget for one night that they are the hunter and the hunted and give in to their feelings.

The next evening, Jack and Buddy break into Richard's villa with Maurice and his gang. Jack discovers the diamonds there in an aquarium , but doesn't want to leave Richard's girlfriend alone with the other criminals because he fears they'll be killed. He lets Buddy escape with the diamonds and returns to the house.

A shootout ensues in which Jack shoots a gangster who tried to rape Richard's girlfriend in self-defense and another accidentally kills himself. The arriving Karen shoots the remaining Maurice and overwhelms Jack with a leg shot. A few weeks later she personally accompanies a prisoner transport back to “Glades”, whereby she has made sure that Jack meets a successful escape “expert”.


Roger Ebert claimed in the June 19, 1998 Chicago Sun-Times that the film was Steven Soderbergh's best film since Sex, Lies, and Video , but it didn't look like a typical "impartial, cool, analytical" director's film.

Hans Messias wrote in Filmdienst 19/1998 that the film was a novel adaptation "that cleverly balances action, comedy and romantic love story" and that it is an "entertaining, in the positive sense old-fashioned crime film with surprising twists and turns and without excessive hardship".

Cinema magazine praised the “stylish, sexy, smart” film as “a classic”. Karen Sisco's conflict of interest, “exhausted to the point of adorable resolution”, means that it is “no longer a disgraceful film”, but “more of a two-hour flirt with magnetic moments”. The camerawork ensured "atmosphere and photogenicity", of which there was "rarely" more.


The screenwriter Scott Frank and the film editor Anne V. Coates were nominated for an Oscar . Anne V. Coates was also nominated for the American Cinema Editors Award and the Online Film Critics Society Award . Scott Frank has received the Boston Society of Film Critics Award , the Edgar Allan Poe Award , the National Society of Film Critics Award , the Online Film Critics Society Award , the Southeastern Film Critics Association Award, and the Writers Guild of America Award .

Jennifer Lopez received the American Latino Media Arts Award and was nominated for an MTV Movie Award alongside George Clooney .

The German Film and Media Evaluation FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film the title valuable.

Background and trivia

  • While Clooney received about $ 10 million in gage, Lopez earned about $ 2 million and complained several times that her fee was too low.
  • Michael Keaton impersonates FBI agent Ray Nicolette as he did a year earlier in Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown . However, the character there is a police officer at the ATF, which is also subordinate to the US Department of Justice .
  • Samuel L. Jackson has a cameo in which he plays the "escape king", who is to be transferred to another prison along with the character of George Clooney at the end of the film. Jackson also played Jackie Brown in Tarantinos .
  • Steven Soderbergh cited a scene from the film, do not look now from 1973, which on the story 'm not asking for rotation of Daphne du Maurier based.
  • The German translation of the novel on which the film is based was originally titled Zuckerschnute ; In 2012, however, Suhrkamp published a new edition under the title Out of Sight .


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