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The American Cinema Editors (ACE) are an honor society of film editors founded in Universal City, California, in 1950 . The organization has a non-commercial background and has set itself the task of training editors and maintaining quality standards in film editing . The current president of the organization is Stephen Rivkin .


To become a member of the American Cinema Editors and to be allowed to use the suffix ACE , certain conditions must be met. An editor must have worked in film or television for at least 60 months and be able to demonstrate a particular quality in his work. The personality also has an influence on the application. This must be supported by at least two active members, recognized by the Board of Directors and accepted by the members. There are currently around 600 members.

Eddie Awards

Since 1962 the ACE has been giving the so-called Eddie Awards , an award for outstanding work in the field of film editing.

The awards are given in the following categories:

  • Best film editing - drama
  • Best film editing - comedy or musical
  • Best film editing - animated film
  • Best cut in a one-hour TV series (channels without commercial breaks)
  • Best cut in a one-hour TV series (channels with commercial breaks)
  • Best cut of a half-hour TV series
  • Best cut in a mini-series or a TV feature film
  • Best editing of a documentary TV series
  • Best editing of a documentary film (cinema)
  • Best Editing of a Documentary (TV)
  • Student Editing Award (winner of the ACE student competition)

Various honorary prizes are also awarded:

  • ACE Career Achievement Award (award for the best career achievement )
  • ACE Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year Award
  • Robert Wise Award (for journalists who raise awareness of the importance of film editing through their work)

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