South Park: The movie - bigger, longer, uncut

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German title South Park: The movie - bigger, longer, uncut
Original title South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1999
length 78 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 12
Director Trey Parker
script Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Pam Brady
production Trey Parker
Matt Stone
music James Hetfield / DVDA , Marc Shaiman
cut John Venzon

South Park: The Movie - Bigger, Longer, Unedited is a feature film based on the television series South Park and was written and produced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone . It was released in 1999.


South Park has been in a bad mood ever since a movie comedy by Canadian comedy duo Terrance & Phillip has undermined the morale of local youth. When Kenny then tries to set his fart on fire for seeing it in the movie, he burns and dies. Without further ado, the “Mothers against Canada” (“Mothers against Canada”, or “MAC” for short) are founded and kidnap the two main culprits in an internment camp . The Canadians then attack the "Baldwin Family" and eventually the United States declares war on Canada . It is now up to the children of South Park to save humanity from total annihilation. They sneak into the show, where Terrance and Phillip are supposed to be executed. During the show, however, an attack by the Canadians suddenly begins, which degenerates into a huge battle.

When Kyle's mother kills Terrance and Phillip and their blood spills onto the floor, Satan and Saddam Hussein appear , who want to usurp world domination. The infernal invasion can only be stopped by Eric Cartman, whose so-called V-Chip (a chip that has been implanted in him that gives him an electric shock if he curses) is short-circuited so badly that it gives a shock to others, when he curses. When he realizes this, he goes after Saddam until Satan, under the influence of Kenny, throws Saddam into hell, where he is impaled by a rock.

In gratitude that Kenny helped him and advised him to leave Saddam, Satan granted him any wish. In the end, Kenny wishes everything was the same as before, before the war. But that would also mean that he had to go back to hell . But Kenny goes to heaven where only female angels are waiting for him.


The FFS Film & TV sync GmbH announced the synchronization in order. Jan Odle , who also played the role of the mole, wrote the dialogue book and directed the dialogue. Andreas Hommelsheim translated the lyrics into German and directed the musical recordings.

main actor

role Original speaker German synchronization
Eric Cartman Trey Parker Jörg Stuttmann
Santiago Ziesmer (vocals)
Kenny McCormick Matt Stone
Mike Judge
Sabine Bohlmann
Kyle Broflovski Matt Stone Jan Makino
Mario von Jascheroff (vocals)
Stan Marsh Trey Parker Dominik Auer
Ralf Vornberger (vocals)

supporting cast

role Original speaker German synchronization
Baldwin brothers Dave Foley Michel Guillaume
Bebe Stevens Jennifer Howell Julia Haacke
Big Gay Al Matt Stone Rufus Beck
Bill Clinton Trey Parker Sigmar Solbach
Bill Gates Matt Stone
Brooke Shields Minnie Driver Elisabeth Günther
Jerome "Chef" McElroy Isaac Hayes Donald Arthur
Conan O'Brien Brent Spiner Andreas Türck
Dr. gouache George Clooney Elmar Wepper
Dr. Vosknocker Eric Idle Peter Fricke
Gerald Broflovski Matt Stone Gudo Hoegel
Gregory Trey Parker
Howard McGillin (vocals)
Philipp Moog
Cusch Jung (vocals)
Herbert Garrison Trey Parker Michael Rüth
Ike Broflovski Francesca Clifford Sabine Bohlmann
Jimbo Kearn Matt Stone Arne Elsholtz
Canadian ambassador Trey Parker Walter von Hauff
Canadian Minister Trey Parker Gudo Hoegel
clitoris Mary Kay Bergman Lilo Wanders
Liane Cartman Mary Kay Bergman Agnes Hoffmann-Radic
Marina Koehler
mole Trey Parker Jan Odle
Santiago Ziesmer (vocals)
Mr. Mackey Trey Parker Rufus Beck
Mr. top hat Trey Parker Michael Rüth,
Heinz Hoenig
Carol McCormick Mary Kay Bergman Michaela Amler

Marion Musiol (vocals)

Ned Gerblansky Trey Parker Kai Taschner
Randy Marsh Trey Parker Heiner Lauterbach
Saddam Hussein Matt Stone Heiner Lauterbach
Bernd Kunzmann (vocals)
Satan Trey Parker Heinz Hoenig
Friedemann Brenner (vocals)
Sharon Marsh Mary Kay Bergman Maria Böhme
Heike Gentsch (vocals)
Sheila Broflovski Mary Kay Bergman Katharina Lopinski
Denise Gorzelanny (vocals)
Terrance Stoot Matt Stone Rick Kavanian
Frank Schaff (vocals)
Philipp Argyle Trey Parker Christian Tramitz
Dieter Winterle (vocals)
Wendy Testaburger Mary Kay Bergman Shandra Schadt
Winona Ryder Toddy E. Walters Jenny Elvers


  • Trey Parker and Marc Shaiman were nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Song for Blame Canada in 2000.
  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone also won the MTV Movie Award in the Best Musical Moment category in 2000 for the song Uncle Fucka
  • In 2002 the film received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the most curses in an animated film (399 curses, including 146 times the word fuck , 79 times shit and 59 times bitch , 128 abusive gestures and 221 acts of violence).

Grossing results

With production costs of around US $ 21 million , the film grossed approximately US $ 83 million worldwide, including US $ 52 million in the United States alone .


“Theatrical version of the popular satirical television cartoon series South Park , whose rough animation deliberately sets itself apart from the perfection of mainstream cartoons. A commentary on the demonization of the entertainment industry, borne by numerous entertaining, at times crude jokes, interspersed with various song numbers; in the end not even free from moralizing approaches. "

... But even the most loyal fans will be surprised at the sick gags the intellectual fathers of the series, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have come up with for their cinema debut. In the main storyline, the United States declares war on Canada because ... well, because Canadians are just plain shit. Even the Canadian government's apology for acne rocker Bryan Adams cannot prevent the US first strike. Canada retaliates by killing as many Hollywood stars as possible. But there is further danger: Saddam Hussein, who died recently, has made himself obedient to Satan with permanent anal intercourse and now wants to take over the world with the help of the hellish armies. And then there is the little "South Park" boy who is desperately looking for that sacred clitoris ... Well, the film is perverted. But, wow !, he's kind of hilarious too! Conclusion: gags from the poison cabinet. "


  1. Mountain Town
  2. Uncle Fucka
  3. It's easy, M'kay
  4. Little boy
  5. Blame Canada
  6. Kyle's Mom's A Bitch
  7. What Would Brian Boitano Do?
  8. Up there
  9. La Resistance
  10. Eyes Of A Child
  11. I can change
  12. I'm great
  13. Mountain Town
  14. Good love
  15. Shut Yo Face (Uncle Fucka)
  16. Riches To Rags (MMMKay)
  17. Kyle's Mom's A Big Fat Bitch
  18. What Would Brian Boitano Do? Pt. II
  19. I Swear It (I Can Change)
  20. great
  21. O Canada


  • The film took about a year to make.
  • According to the filmmakers, the original title was All Hell Breaks Loose . Since “hell” was a thorn in the side of the youth protection groups, the title was changed to Bigger, Longer & Uncut .
  • In front of the UN main building, in addition to country flags, there is also a pirate flag and a gay pride flag, which can only be seen in the 16: 9 version.
  • The song Little Boy you go to Hell! was recorded by Metallica .
  • Dr. Vosknocker is voiced by Monty Python member Eric Idle .
  • Originally, the porn website was supposed to have a man have sex with a horse. Depicting sex with animals was forbidden. In addition, the man in the English-language original is German, but in the German version he is English.
  • A soldier says "Yis some people gonna die?" Like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace .
  • Cartman's fight is a nod to anime like Dragon Ball Z .
  • In the film, Kenny's hooded face was shown for the first time, and he speaks in the voice of Beavis-and-Butt-Head inventor Mike Judge .
  • In the fight between Canada and the USA , Jesus can be seen marching with the American army.
  • According to the credits, the character of Saddam Hussein is spoken by Saddam Hussein himself. In truth, however, he is voiced by Trey Parker .
  • The DVD accompanying the film is readable on both sides - one side is in 4: 3 and the other in 16: 9 .
  • In the film, Stan Marsh is not spoken in German by Benedikt Weber , as is usually the case , but by Dominik Auer .

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