South Park

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Television series
German title South Park
Original title South Park
South Park Logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) since 1997
Celluloid Studios,
Braniff Productions,
Parker-Stone Productions,
South Park Studios
length 22 minutes
Episodes 307 in 23+ Seasons ( List )
genre Comedy , sitcom (up to S17), satire , black humor
Theme music Primus
Director Trey Parker ,
Matt Stone (1997-1999),
Eric Stough (1998-2002)
idea Trey Parker,
Matt Stone
script Trey Parker
music Adam Berry (1997–2000),
Scott Nickoley (2001–2007),
Jamie Dunlap (since 2003)
First broadcast August 13, 1997 (USA) on Comedy Central
first broadcast
September 5, 1999 on RTL
South Park creators , Trey Parker and Matt Stone, at the Annual Peabody Awards, New York, 2006

South Park is an American animated series by Trey Parker and Matt Stone with socially critical, humorous content. The series, which is currently in its 23rd season, has been running since its start in 1997 on the US cable broadcaster Comedy Central . In Germany, South Park was broadcast on RTL from 1999 to 2006 , on VIVA from 2003 to 2005 , on MTV from 2006 to 2011 and on Comedy Central Germany since 2008 . Since July 15, 2009, the rights holder has also made almost all German and English episodes available free of charge on the official website. On March 6, 2014 (iOS) and May 27, 2014 (Android), a South Park app was published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which also makes the content of the website available for smartphones and tablets. Since 2019 season 1, as well as 19-22 and so-called "top episodes" from various seasons have been available on Netflix.

South Park is based on the video clip The Spirit of Christmas , which was produced by Stone and Parker on behalf of a television producer as a Christmas card for his friends. The animated clip was sent so often to a wide variety of recipients (including Hollywood ) that the two were soon offered to produce a complete television series based on the characters. Despite very poor grades in test screenings in front of so-called Television Focus Groups , the program was commissioned for six episodes. Further productions were negotiated after the first broadcast.

In September 2019, shortly before the first broadcast of the 23rd season, the extension of the series for a further three seasons until 2022 was announced.

Description, humor and controversy

Parker and Stone, 2007

The series revolves around the lives of four eight- to ten-year-old precocious boys Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. You attend elementary school in the fictional typically idyllic American mountain town of South Park, Colorado . Through their eyes, the viewer experiences confrontations with sometimes sensitive topics that are often treated in a polarizing way. The makers make use of various satirical styles, both classic English black humor , with Monty Python being named as a role model, as well as faecal humor in some episodes . It is therefore only broadcast in the evening and is aimed primarily at an adult audience, but there are also minors among the followers , which is why the program has often come under public criticism. On the other hand, she also received praise for the mediating processing of difficult social problems.

Because of the very aggressive humor and the controversial content, South Park is heavily criticized in places; this led in part to the prohibition of individual episodes. Sun stopped Tom Cruise in January 2006, the result of the Closet (Trapped in the Closet) by a court case in the UK. In this episode, which deals with the controversial Scientology sect, Scientologists initially mistake Stan for the reincarnation of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard . Tom Cruise, a self-confessed Scientology supporter, appears as a character in this episode. Because Stan is not very enthusiastic about Cruise's acting performances, he hides in Stan's closet and refuses to leave him again. This gag alludes to the English idiom to come out of the closet , which means something like “to confess to be homosexual”, and the eponymous “Hip-Hopera” by R. Kelly . Another special feature of the episode closet whispers has the credits. Where else the names of the producers and contributors are to be seen in this episode only the names "John Smith" and "Jane Smith" (comparable to the German "Max Mustermann", a common name). This presumably relates to the closing sequence of the episode in which Scientology supporters threaten to sue Stan Marsh for betraying their sacred doctrine to non-members. Stan reacted cynically to the threat. Shortly after the episodes were broadcast, Isaac Hayes , himself a Scientology member, canceled his contract as the US dubbing voice for the "head chef". According to his own account, Isaac Hayes had suffered a stroke at the time of the termination. These events are covered in a separate South Park episode.

The double episode S10E03 / S10E04 cartoon war was also received very controversially. Here the creators of the series took the heated controversy over the publication of Mohammed cartoons in a Danish newspaper as an opportunity to stage (and caricature ) a similar scenario in the world of South Park ; The fact that Eric Cartman pretends to be an underage boy from Denmark who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt is fitting here . It should be noted that in the episode The League of Super Best Friends Mohammed was shown uncensored and there were no reactions; however, that was before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 . In the later double episode 200 / 201 it was Comedy Central show too delicate, Mohammed, though he was seen once before in the aforementioned sequence. That is why they allegedly gave the creators the choice of censoring it themselves or, failing that, letting the transmitter carry out the interference. But it is also suspected that the argument between the South Park creators and the station was only staged and that Parker and Stone would have voluntarily censored the Prophet in order to increase the satirical value of the episode.

In April 2010, in the 200th episode of the series, a figure in a bear costume appeared, who was supposed to represent the Prophet Mohammed. Parker and Stone received a death threat from an Islamist blogger group, and Comedy Central single-handedly removed the Mohammed allusions from the episode. To this day, the episode is neither on TV nor on the broadcaster's online offering. In the Comedy Central program The Daily Show , in response to the frequent threats from various religious fundamentalists, the focus was on jokes with a religious connection. Muslim Comedy Central employee Aasif Mandvi said he felt uncomfortable when Mohammed was shown, but it was much more annoying when people were threatened for it in the name of religion.

The contents of Southpark often have political backgrounds. As a result, in which Al Gore warns the population about the “ man bear pig” , hints of an assumed scare tactic are made by climate protection organizations, including ex-Vice President Al Gore. In the episode Terrance & Phillip: Behind the Fart , Earth Day is portrayed as brainwashing. In the episode The Greenhouse Effect , too, the fear-mongering of climate change is criticized, while in the episodes Now it's harvest and nobody thinks it's harvest? the lack of willingness to act against the effects of climate change in the form of the "male bear pig" is made an issue. In addition, the stories also repeatedly address military missions abroad by the USA. In the episode, butt away! (Season 7 episode 13) the anti-smoking campaign under Rob Reiner is criticized and mentioned that there is not enough evidence of the harm to health from passive smoking.

A special feature of the program is the aesthetics of the drawing style, which is based on the original lay-up trick stop motion technique, but (with the exception of the pilot episode) is produced with the latest technology. The figures appear flat ( 2D ) and are greatly simplified in their details. According to their own statements, this style emerged during their student days, when Matt Stone and Trey Parker had semester projects to hand in and couldn't help each other due to a lack of drawing talent. From the second episode up to and including the fourth season, they were created on the computer with the Power Animator software , then with Maya . The animations and the level of detail have developed significantly over the years, but without losing the aesthetic of the laying trick. When depicting real people, a real photo was usually used as a face in the first seasons of the series. The mouth of this photo was animated by moving parts of the image, similar to what Monty Python's animations did .

The rapid and resounding success of the sometimes very idiosyncratic perspectives that Matt Stone and Trey Parker presented to the US public is explained not least by the processing of current political and social issues, which is done partly in a caricaturing, exaggerated way, partly by means of subtle metaphors . Filmmaker Michael Moore also became aware of this and brought in an interview with Matt Stone in his film Bowling for Columbine . Stone later criticized Moore for showing a cartoon shot in the South Park style in the same film immediately after the interview, creating the appearance that Stone and Parker produced the film themselves.

The second episode Band in China of the 23rd season was exiled in China. The following is a discussion of how US studios adapt their films so that they can be shown in China. The Chinese authorities apparently went too far, which is why they "in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations" completely deleted all traces of South Park from the country's Internet.


Eric Theodore Cartman

Features: light blue hat, including light brown hair, red jacket, brown trousers and "corpulent physique"

Eric Cartman is fat and is therefore often teased and referred to as a “fatass”. However, he himself - like his family - is convinced that he only has “heavy bones” and is actually slim, or that he still has to “grow into his body” and “only get in shape”, as he did from his mother is persuaded. She spoils him to the highest degree and in some situations is a slave to him. This is another reason why Cartman is warped and full of stereotypical attitudes , especially towards Jews . So Adolf Hitler one of his greatest influences, he often emphasized in great detail and also in social Darwinist and chauvinistic expresses actions and views. Another role model is Mel Gibson , who made himself very popular with him through the film The Passion of the Christ . Cartman is mostly sadistic, calculating, and selfish (traits that become more and more evident in later seasons). His aversion to hippies (translated as “Ökofritzen” in the first few seasons) is obvious. In the early episodes of the series, Kenny is his best friend, but later the good-natured Butters takes this position, who believes everything Eric tells him and supports him in every endeavor. He constantly tries to play badly to his classmates, especially his friends Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters. According to the creators, he is "the filthy little bastard that is inside each of us".

He has poor school grades. Nevertheless, he is an intelligent boy who knows how to fool and manipulate the people around him - very often his supposed friends and his mother - again and again. Occasionally, however, the viewer is also given the opportunity to look behind the facade that Cartman has built for himself. Behind it comes a desperate little boy who lacks a father figure in his life. What crowns this state of affairs is the fact that Mrs. Cartman makes little effort to keep her sexual escapades a secret from her son.

It is only in the 201st episode that it is revealed that Jack Tenorman is his father; Unaware of this, Cartman had previously arranged for his death in order to get revenge on Scott Tenorman (his half-brother). Until then he had been led to believe that his mother was a hermaphrodite and actually his biological father; Since episodes 200 and 201 were never broadcast in Germany, let alone translated, hardly anyone knows.

According to the creators of South Park, Eric Cartman is based on the character Archie Bunker from All in the Family .

In later episodes, Cartman is barely taken seriously by Stan and Kyle when he invents a new conspiracy that mostly targets Kyle.

Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick

Features: orange parka with hood pulled over the head, underneath blonde hair and orange trousers

Kenny is a son of poor parents who live on welfare . His family is a parody of the typical American redneck (see White trash ). This makes Kenny the target of ridicule and derision throughout town, but especially with Eric. Characteristic of Kenny is his daring, which extends to recklessness. Whenever the boys try something new, he enthusiastically takes the first, often fatal, step. He is also the boy who is most enlightened in the areas of sexual and obscene . This knowledge is often returned with disgust by Eric, Kyle, and Stan. Since Kenny's hood covers his mouth, viewers often hear an incomprehensible murmur. For this, Matt Stone speaks the text into a handkerchief. The figure therefore always has a given text, even if it is not always understandable. What is certain is that only the other South Park characters always understand Kenny.

One running gag in South Park is that by the end of season five, Kenny dies in a mostly bizarre way in almost every episode, but reappears in the next episode. When he dies, Stan and Kyle will almost always be followed by this exclamation: “Oh my God! You killed Kenny! ”-“ You pigs! ”(“ Oh my God! They killed Kenny! ”-“ You bastards! ”). In the course of the seasons, even the running gag is targeted: While Kenny's deaths were initially somewhat woven into the plot, they later become more and more absurd and forced. His demise is often seen as a "quota death". It also happens that Kenny dies at the last minute. In Kenny's Karma 52 ( Cartman Joins NAMBLA ) (4th season) an explanation for his constant reappearance is offered for the first time: After Kenny's death, his mother gives birth to a son with the orange parka, who is again named Kenny because of the same appearance. The subject is subsequently Mysterion Rises ( Mysterion Rises ) (14 relay) revisited: Kenny is immortal and monitored thanks to this "super power" each time the next day in his bed, while all other residents of South Park is no longer remember his death. In the episode The Coon vs. the Coon and Friends ( Coon vs. Coon and Friends ) (14th season) the origin of this phenomenon is revealed: Before his first birth, Kenny's parents were exposed to Cthulhus' influence at a sect meeting , so that Kenny's mother gives birth to him again after each of his deaths, and his death is forgotten at the same time.

The episode Kenny's Death ( Kenny Dies ) (season 5) revolves almost exclusively around a serious illness of which Kenny ultimately dies. It is arguably the first episode in which Kenny's death is taken seriously. After this episode, Kenny does not appear alive again in the next episode, as usual, but only after an almost complete season, in the last episode of season 6 Christmas in Iraq: Blood & Miracles ( Red Sleigh Down ). From there on he dies very rarely, and he is now understandable. In a humorously staged interview as the opening credits for the first episodes, the South Park creators answered the question of why Kenny had to keep dying with unanimous agreement: "Because he's poor." The real reason for the frequent film deaths was Trey Parker in one Interview explained: According to this, the character had already been given the name Kenny when, while enjoying beer from the Irish brand Kilkenny with Matt Stone, the running gag "Kill Kenny" developed, which would then lead to frequent film deaths.

Kyle Broflovski

Features: green hat with earmuffs, including red hair, orange jacket and olive trousers

Kyle represents the alter ego of creator Matt Stone , so comes from a Jewish family like him. He and Stan are the two sensible people of the four. Nevertheless, he can be provoked very easily and quickly feels attacked. In particular, Cartman attacks Kyle because of his Jewish faith and sometimes puts him in tricky situations. Cartman's dislike of Jews is reflected in more or less every dialogue between the two.

His father Gerald was once Kenny's father's best friend. His mother becomes hysterical and prone to overreaction. In the episode " So'n Jersey Thing " it turns out that she is from New Jersey ; in this episode, Cartman pests Kyle about his mother's New Jersey origin. Kyle also has a cousin of the same name and a young (adopted, Canadian) brother named Ike. Since Kyle's father is a very successful lawyer, Kyle is the wealthiest of the quartet and therefore has to put up with various swipes from Cartman.

Stanley "Stan" Marsh

Features: blue hat, including black hair, brown jacket and blue trousers

Stan represents the alter ego of creator Trey Parker . He is personable, sensible, intelligent and often acts as a mediator between Cartman, Kyle and Kenny. He is the most emotional of the quartet, which is reflected, for example, in his love for Wendy or in dealing with emotionally touching situations. Another running gag is that Stan vomits every time he is about to kiss Wendy or when she speaks to him. Despite his strong emotional character, Stanley is very calm and deliberate. When he's alone, he usually has his hands in his jacket pockets and his eyes on the floor.

Stan's father Randy is portrayed as being very easy to influence and inspire; often his reactions or his enthusiasm are greatly exaggerated. He works as a geologist. Despite his Ph.D , he behaves differently than the "average doctor". Stan's mother Sharon is calm and often argues with Randy over his irrational behavior. Also in the family are Shelley, Stan's older, aggressive sister, and Stan's grandfather, who is an alcoholic and continually complains about old people being treated like a minority.

In fact, only Stan and Kyle are truly close friends. Cartman is tolerated more than liked, and he usually comes to his friends and not the other way around - unless he is needed. Stan and Kyle are separated from Kenny by a clear social and intellectual gap, but he has better cards than Eric with them.

Leopold "Butters" Stotch

Features: blonde hair, turquoise fleece jacket, green trousers

He is shy, naive, fearful, childlike, and optimistic, which is why he is often exploited by Cartman. He is often afraid of his father, who threatens him with a beating and house arrest. Because of his naivety, Cartman often involves him in his plans, always ending up with the trouble or all the blame. He's not very popular with the other guys and is often a loner who often plays with himself.

Butters is an only child . His father Stephen is portrayed angry and irritable very quickly, who, despite his manner, loves butter above all else. Butter's mother, Linda, is calm and often argues with Stephen about trifles or about butter.

The character Butters appeared as a background character in the first episode. In the course of the third season it became more present and became very popular with both viewers and creators. In the sixth season, he became a main character, where he temporarily took Kenny's place. Because of his great popularity, he is the protagonist in some episodes of almost every season.


The dialogues are synchronized at FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH in Munich, the music processing in the Jamzone Studios, also in Munich. Arne Elsholtz wrote the dialogue book from seasons 1 to 4 and directed the dialogue. His successors were Peter Stein (seasons 5 to 7), Dominik Auer (seasons 8 to 15) and Michael Barthel (seasons 16 and 17). Thomas Amper is responsible for the musical direction.

main characters

role Original speaker German synchronization Season
Eric Cartman Trey Parker Jörg Stuttmann continuous
Stan Marsh Benedikt Weber continuous
Kyle Broflovski Matt Stone Jan Makino continuous
Kenny McCormick Sabine Bohlmann
Ole Pfennig 2
continuous 1
Stefan Günther 3 Episode 253
Leopold "Butters" Stotch 4 Dirk Meyer continuous
1 No speaking role in season 6
2 Kenny as Mysterion in seasons 13-14
3 Kenny writing
4th The character Butters Stotch was officially a main character in the sixth season, and since season 3 she has been more present than any other minor character, which is why she is listed as a main character in this table.

Minor characters

South Park Elementary School students

role Original speaker German synchronization Season
Token Black Adrien Beard Johannes Raspe
Dominik Auer
Patrick Roche
Seasons 5–7
Seasons 8–15
from season 16
Timmy Burch Trey Parker Daniel Krause continuous
Clyde Donovan Trey Parker Sissy Elsholtz
Stefan Günther
Daniel Krause
Season 1–4
Season 5–7
from season 8
Scott Malkinson Matt Stone Dominik Auer
Tim Schwarzmaier
Seasons 12–15
from season 16
Bebe Stevens Jennifer Howell Julia Haacke continuous
Wendy Testaburger Mary Kay Bergman
Eliza Schneider
Mona Marshall
April Stewart
Shandra Schadt
Marieke Oeffinger
Seasons 1–7
from season 8
Craig Tucker Matt Stone Johannes Raspe
Marc Stachel
Patrick Schröder
Seasons 3–4
Seasons 5–16
from season 17
Tweek tweak Matt Stone Dominik Auer
Tim Schwarzmaier
Seasons 2–15
from season 16
Jimmy Valmer Trey Parker Hubertus von Lerchenfeld continuous
Nathan Trey Parker Dominik Auer
Bradley Biggle Matt Stone Dirk Meyer continuous
Kevin Stoley Matt Stone Dirk Meyer
Daniel Schlauch
Dominik Auer
Season 2
Season 6
from Season 7
Heidi Turner April Stewart Sabine Bohlmann
Patricia Strasburger
Season 9
from season 20
Phillip "Pip" Pirrup Matt Stone Hubertus von Lerchenfeld Season 1–14

Teachers and other staff at South Park Elementary School

role Original speaker German synchronization Season
Mrs. Choksondik Trey Parker Ilona Grandke Season 4–6
Mrs. Crabtree Mary Kay Bergman
Eliza Schneider
Dagmar Heller Season 1–8
Mr. / President Herbert Garrison (Seasons 1–9, 12–)
Mrs. Janet Garrison (Seasons 9–12)
Trey Parker Michael Rüth
Hans-Rainer Müller
Seasons 1–16
from season 17
Mr. Mackey Trey Parker Randolf Kronberg
Walter von Hauff
Seasons 1–10 episode 3
from season 10 episode 6
Jerome "Chef" McElroy Isaac Hayes Donald Arthur continuously up to season 10 episode 1
Director Victoria Eliza Schneider
April Stewart
Désirée Nick
Maria Böhme
Season 1–7
Season 8–19
PC principal Trey Parker Oliver Mink from season 19
Vice Director Strong Woman April Stewart Kathrin Gaube from season 21

Parents and other family members

role Original speaker German synchronization Season
Gerald Broflovski Matt Stone Gudo Hoegel continuous
Sheila Broflovski Mary Kay Bergman
Mona Marshall
Katharina Lopinski
Maria Böhme
Seasons 1–14
from season 15
Ike Broflovski Milan Agnone Sabine Bohlmann continuous
Liane Cartman Mary Kay Bergman
Eliza Schneider
April Stewart
Uschi Wolff continuous
Marvin Marsh Trey Parker Klaus Höhne
Norbert Gastell
Hartmut Neugebauer
Michael Schwarzmaier
Season 1
Season 2–18
from season 19–20
from season 21
Randy Marsh Trey Parker Heiner Lauterbach
Achim Geisler
Jakob Riedl
Season 1 Episode 3
Season 1 from Episode 5
from Season 2
Sharon Marsh Mary Kay Bergman
Eliza Schneider
April Stewart
Christine Stichler
Carin C. Tietze
Season 1
from season 2
Shelley Marsh Mary Kay Bergman
Eliza Schneider
April Stewart
Julia Haacke continuous
Jimbo core Matt Stone Arne Elsholtz
Gudo Hoegel
Seasons 1–4
from season 5
Carol McCormick Mary Kay Bergman
Eliza Schneider
April Stewart
Michèle Tichawsky
Claudia Lössl
Angela Wiederhut
Season 1–13
Season 14
Stuart McCormick Matt Stone Jan Odle
Claus Brockmeyer
Linda Stotch Mary Kay Bergman
Mona Marshall
Julia Haacke
Michele Sterr
Stephen Chris Stotch Trey Parker Claus-Peter Damitz continuous

More characters

Towelie and Mr. Hankey
role Original speaker German synchronization Season
Big Gay Al Matt Stone Christian Weygand continuous
Officer Barbrady Trey Parker Thomas Albus
Gerhard Jilka
Seasons 1–7
from season 8
Ned Gerblansky Trey Parker Kai Taschner continuous
God Trey Parker Walter von Hauff continuous
Mr. Hankey Trey Parker Christian Weygand continuous
Jesus Matt Stone Silvan Leirich
Philipp Moog
Seasons 1–7
from season 8
Pastor Maxi Matt Stone Hartmut Neugebauer
Thomas Albus
Gerhard Jilka
Mayor McDaniels Mary Kay Bergman
Eliza Schneider
Dagmar Heller
Dorothea Anzinger
Seasons 1–18
from season 19
Dr. Alphonse Mephisto Trey Parker Michael Habeck Season 1–4
Phillip Trey Parker Hubertus von Lerchenfeld continuous
Terrance Matt Stone Dominik Auer
Patrick Schröder
Seasons 1–15
from season 16
Towelie Vernon Chatman Claus-Peter Damitz continuous
Tuong Lu Kim Trey Parker Claus-Peter Damitz continuous
Sergeant Harrison Yates Trey Parker Andreas Borcherding continuous

Prominent guest speakers and voice actors

Synchronization of the guest actors
role Original speaker German synchronization
Bookworm Matt Stone Tim Sander
Choir director Miss Stevens Jennifer Aniston Lilo Wanders
Fitness Instructor Susan Eliza Schneider Jeanette Biedermann
Nurse Gollum Mary Kay Bergman Dolly Buster
Ms. Ellen Natasha Henstridge Jasmin Tabatabai
Reporter Frank Matt Stone Wigald Boning
Sparky George Clooney
Tom Trey Parker Wigald Boning
Adolf Hitler Matt Stone Willi gentlemen
Al Gore Trey Parker Walter von Hauff
Alec Baldwin Bill Hader Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Barack Obama Trey Parker Philipp Brammer
Barbra Streisand Mary Kay Bergman Jutta Speidel
Bart Simpson Matt Stone Sandra Schwittau
Ben Affleck Matt Stone Peter Flechtner
Bob Saget Trey Parker Ingolf Lück
Bono Kyle McCulloch Philipp Moog
Britney Spears April Stewart Gabrielle Pietermann
David Letterman Trey Parker Kai Taschner
Edgar Allan Poe Trey Parker Axel Malzacher
Gandalf Matt Stone Reinhard Brock
Gene Hackman Trey Parker Hartmut Neugebauer
George Lucas Matt Stone Ulrich Frank
Gudo Hoegel
Indiana Jones Trey Parker Kai Taschner
Jada Pinkett Smith Eliza Schneider Michèle Tichawsky
Janet Reno Matt Stone Ilona Grandke
Jay Leno Trey Parker Gudo Hoegel
Jennifer Lopez Jessica Makinson Natascha Geisler
John McCain Matt Stone Reinhard Brock
John Travolta Trey Parker
John Hansen
Thomas Danneberg
Kanye West Matt Stone Stefan Günther
Kathie Lee Gifford Karri Turner Katharina Lopinski
grain grain
Kurt Russell Trey Parker Gudo Hoegel
Leonard Maltin Trey Parker Sigmar Solbach
Leonardo DiCaprio Vernon Chatman Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Luke Skywalker Trey Parker Hans-Georg Panczak
Martha Stewart Trey Parker Simone Brahmann
Matt Stone Matt Stone Jan Odle
Michael Bay Trey Parker Hans-Georg Panczak
Michael Dorn Matt Stone Raimund Krone
Michelle Obama April Stewart Tatjana Pokorny
Kathrin Simon
Mickey Mouse Trey Parker Kai Taschner
Morgan Freeman Trey Parker Reinhard Brock
Jürgen Kluckert
Natalie Portman Matt Stone Manja Doering
Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Christian Jungwirth
Nicole Kidman April Stewart Petra Barthel
Notorious BIG Eldridge Hudson Kool Savas
Oprah Winfrey Eliza Schneider Dagmar Dempe
Paris Hilton Jessie Thomas Kathrin Gaube
PewDiePie PewDiePie Peter Smits
Rob Schneider Matt Stone Kai Taschner
Robert Smith Robert Smith Guildo Horn
Romper stomper Matt Stone Ingo Schmoll
Rosie O'Donnell Eliza Schneider Ariane summer
Russell Crowe Trey Parker Thomas Fritsch
Sally Struthers Mary Kay Bergman Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen
Sarah Palin April Stewart Claudia Lössl
Selena Gomez April Stewart Gabrielle Pietermann
Steve Jobs Trey Parker Hans-Georg Panczak
Steven Seagal Trey Parker Ekkehardt Belle
Steven Spielberg Trey Parker Thomas Fritsch
Thom Yorke Thom Yorke Ben
Trey Parker Trey Parker Axel Malzacher
Tom Cruise Trey Parker Patrick Winczewski
Will Smith Trey Parker Jan Odle
Diverse characters Norbert Gastell

Seasons and broadcast

Season Episodes First broadcast (USA)
Comedy Central
German-language first broadcast
season 1 13 August 13, 1997 to February 25, 1998 September 5 to November 28, 1999 ( RTL )
season 2 18th April 1, 1998 to January 20, 1999 October 7, 2000 to February 24, 2001 (RTL)
season 3 17th April 7, 1999 to January 12, 2000 November 3, 2001 to March 9, 2002 (RTL)
Season 4 17th April 5 to December 20, 2000 August 31 to December 21, 2002 (RTL)
Season 5 14th June 20 to December 12, 2001 September 27 to December 27, 2003 (RTL)
Season 6 17th March 6 to December 11, 2002 September 11, 2004 to January 8, 2005 (RTL)
Season 7 15th March 19 to December 17, 2003 September 10, 2005 to January 7, 2006 (RTL)
Season 8 14th March 17 to December 15, 2004 January 8 to February 6, 2007 ( MTV )
Season 9 14th March 9 to December 7, 2005 February 7 to March 12, 2007 (MTV)
Season 10 14th March 22 to November 15, 2006 March 13, 2007 to February 7, 2008 (MTV)
Season 11 14th March 7 to November 14, 2007 February 7 to March 27, 2008 (MTV / Comedy Central )
Season 12 14th March 12 to November 19, 2008 February 11 to June 19, 2009 (Comedy Central)
Season 13 14th March 11th to November 18th, 2009 February 9 to May 11, 2010 (Comedy Central)
Season 14 14th March 17 to November 17, 2010 December 17, 2010 to March 4, 2011 (Comedy Central)
Season 15 14th April 27 to November 16, 2011 December 11, 2011 to March 11, 2012 (Comedy Central)
Season 16 14th March 14th to November 7th, 2012 November 4, 2012 to June 23, 2013 (Comedy Central)
Season 17 10 September 25 to December 11, 2013 March 23 to May 11, 2014 (Comedy Central)
Season 18 10 September 24th to December 10th, 2014 April 12 to June 14, 2015 (Comedy Central)
Season 19 10 September 17 to December 9, 2015 February 14 to April 10, 2016 (Comedy Central)
Season 20 10 September 14th to December 7th, 2016 March 12 to May 14, 2017 (Comedy Central)
Season 21 10 September 13th to December 6th, 2017 February 4 to April 8, 2018 (Comedy Central)
Season 22 10 September 26th to December 12th, 2018 February 3 to April 7, 2019 (Comedy Central)
Season 23 10 September 25 to December 11, 2019 February 2 to April 5, 2020 (Comedy Central)

In Germany, the first season was broadcast on Sundays at 11:15 p.m. on RTL from September 5 to November 28, 1999. The second (October 7, 2000 to February 24, 2001), third (November 3, 2001 to March 9, 2002), fourth (August 31 to December 21, 2002), fifth (September 27 to December 27, 2003) The sixth (September 11, 2004 to January 8, 2005) and seventh season (September 10, 2005 to January 7, 2006) was then broadcast on RTL on Saturdays at around midnight. The eighth season was broadcast on January 8th to February 6th, 2007 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. on MTV.

From the eighth episode of the 16th season onwards, Comedy Central Germany began showing the episodes in the original English version and with German subtitles shortly after the US broadcast. The episodes of season 19 were shown one day after the US premiere in the original English version with German subtitles on Comedy Central Germany at 10:00 p.m.

Opening song lyrics

The US-American original sung the theme song by the band Primus .

The German version is:

"I'm looking at South Park here, man, it's really hot there.
(Stan and Kyle) "Nice people everywhere and just smiling faces."
I'm going to South Park, I forget all shit.
(Cartman) “The park is really cracking there day and night!”
Everywhere in South Park there is something going on, as everyone knows.
(Kenny) "Mrph mhm mrm mhp mrph mmph mrph-prh mrph mmh mrmm mrh mpr mph mprh mph!"
Come over here quickly to South Park, because that's your circle of friends! "

The original version is:

“I'm going down to South Park, gonna have myself a time.
(Stan & Kyle) Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation.
Going down to South Park, gonna leave my woes behind.
(Cartman) Ample parking day or night, people spouting, "Howdy neighbor!"
Headin 'on up to South Park, gonna see if I can't unwind.
(Kenny) Mrph mhm mrm mhp mrph mmph mrph-prh mrph mmh mrmm mrh mpr mph mprh mph!
So, come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine. "

In the episodes of the 6th season, in which Kenny does not appear, his incomprehensible parts of the text were replaced by "Timmy Timmy Timmy Timmy Timmy Timmy livin 'a lie Timmy" ("livin' a lie" stands for "living a lie", next to his Names and a few episode-dependent words are the only thing Timmy can say). In the first versions of the opening credits, the first sentence was translated as "I'm going to see South Park ...".


  • 1997: Cable ACE Award "South Park", Animated Programming Special or Series
  • 1997: Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award "The Spirit of Christmas", Best Animation
  • 1997: Producers Guild of America "South Park", Nova Award for Television
  • 1998: Emmy Awards "South Park", nomination for the episode " Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride "
  • 2000: Emmy Awards "South Park", nomination for the episode "Chinpokomon"
  • 2000: 72nd Annual Academy Awards "Blame Canada", Oscar nomination for Best Song
  • 2000: MTV Movie Awards "Uncle Fucka", Movie Award for the best musical performance
  • 2001: Austin Film Festival
  • 2002: Emmy Awards "South Park", nomination for the episode "Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants"
  • 2004: Emmy Awards "South Park", nomination for the episode "Christmas Time in Canada"
  • 2005: Emmy for the episode " Best Friends Forever ", in the category: Best Animated Program (less than an hour)
  • 2006: Emmy Awards "South Park", nomination for the episode "Trapped in the Closet"
  • 2007: Emmy for the episode " Make Love, Not Warcraft " in the category: Best Animated Program (less than an hour)
  • 2008: Emmy for the episode " Imaginationland " in the category: Best Animated Program (less than an hour)
  • 2009: Emmy for the episode “ Margaritaville ” in the category: Best Animated Program (less than an hour)
  • 2010: Emmy Awards "South Park", nomination for episodes " 200 and 201 "
  • 2011: Emmy Awards "South Park", nomination for the episode "Crack Baby Athletic Association"
  • 2013: Emmy for the episode “ Raising The Bar ” in the category: Best Animated Program


In the USA, the first fifteen seasons were released on DVD , the twelfth to fifteenth seasons were also released on BD . The DVDs are in English and have region code 1 and the television standard NTSC . Since March 2008, most episodes of the series have also been made available free of charge as an online stream on the official website.

The following DVDs with regional code 2 and a conversion to PAL were released in German :


Surname publication running time Image format Audio FSK
Southpark - The Movie July 28, 2000 approx. 78 min 4: 3/16: 9 full frame German English From 16 years
Fantasy land June 4, 2009 approx. 68 min 16: 9 full frame German English From 16 years

Relay boxes

Surname publication Episodes running time Image format Audio FSK
The complete first season November 8, 2007 13 episodes approx. 302 min 4: 3 full frame German, English, Spanish From 16 years
The complete 2nd season November 8, 2007 18 episodes approx. 410 min 4: 3 full frame German, English, Spanish From 16 years
The complete 3rd season March 6, 2008 17 episodes approx. 377 min 4: 3 full frame German, English, Spanish From 16 years
The complete 4th season June 5, 2008 17 episodes approx. 380 min 4: 3 full frame German, English, Spanish From 16 years
The complete 5th season November 8, 2007 14 episodes approx. 297 min 4: 3 full frame German, English, Spanish From 16 years
The complete 6th season March 6, 2008 17 episodes approx. 377 min 4: 3 full frame German, English, Spanish From 16 years
The complete 7th season June 5, 2008 15 episodes approx. 329 min 4: 3 full frame German, English, Spanish From 16 years
The complete 8th season November 6, 2008 14 episodes approx. 301 min 4: 3 full frame German, English, Spanish From 16 years
The complete 9th season January 15, 2009 14 episodes approx. 301 min 4: 3 full frame German, English, Spanish From 16 years
The complete 10th season April 9, 2009 14 episodes approx. 311 min 4: 3 full frame German English From 16 years
The complete 11th season July 9, 2009 14 episodes approx. 311 min 4: 3 full frame German English From 16 years
The complete 12th season October 15, 2009 14 episodes approx. 311 min 4: 3 full frame German English From 16 years
The complete 13th season October 7, 2010 14 episodes approx. 312 min 16: 9 German English From 16 years
The complete 14th season September 8, 2011 12 episodes approx. 267 min 16: 9 German English From 16 years
The entire 15th season August 9, 2012 14 episodes approx. 301 min 16: 9 German English From 16 years
The complete 16th season 5th September 2013 14 episodes approx. 301 min 16: 9 German English From 16 years
The complete 17th season 23rd September 2014 10 episodes approx. 214 min 16: 9 German English From 16 years
The complete 18th season 5th November 2015 10 episodes approx. 214 min 16: 9 German English From 16 years
The complete 19th season November 24, 2016 10 episodes approx. 214 min 16: 9 German English From 16 years

These DVDs contain all episodes of the respective season (except season 14; see description, humor and controversy ). So far, all 18 seasons have been released completely as a season box by Paramount Pictures , the 19th season is due to appear on November 24, 2016. In addition to these publications, there is also an older DVD publication from Warner Vision International, which contains four to five episodes per DVD as volumes 1–11 (first to third seasons).

Video games

Surname Year of publication platform developer Publisher genre USK
South Park 1998/1999 PlayStation , Nintendo 64 , Windows Iguana Entertainment Acclaim Entertainment Ego shooter From 12 years
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack 1999 PlayStation , Nintendo 64 , Windows , Dreamcast Acclaim Entertainment Acclaim Entertainment Party game From 0 years
South Park Rally 1999/2000 PlayStation , Nintendo 64 , Windows , Dreamcast Tantalus Interactive Acclaim Entertainment Racing game From 0 years
South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! 2009 Xbox 360 Double Six Microsoft Studios Tower defense From 16 years
South Park: Tenorman's Revenge 2012 Xbox 360 Other Ocean Interactive Microsoft Studios Jump 'n' run From 16 years
South Park: The Stick of Truth 2014 Windows , PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 Obsidian Entertainment Ubisoft role playing game From 16 to 18 years
South Park: The Fractured But Whole 2017 Windows , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One Ubisoft San Francisco Ubisoft role playing game From 16 years

Motion picture

In 1999, the film adaptation of South Park in German as a musical with the title South Park: The Movie - Bigger, Longer, Unedited (in English: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut ) in the cinemas. It received mostly positive reviews, partly because of many prominent voice actors. In 2000 the film was nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Song for Blame Canada . In addition, in 2002 he got an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the most curses in an animated film (a total of 399, including 146 times the word " Fuck ", 79 times " Shit " and 59 times " Bitch ", plus 128 insulting gestures and 221 acts of violence). The makers of South Park have announced that there will never be a second film.


In December 2013 the play Süd Park by director Malte C. Lachmann was premiered in the Ballhof of the Junge Schauspiel Hannover . It received mostly positive reviews, partly because of the adaptation to the current German euphemism debate. The piece refers to the episode “Please an N” ( Season 11, Episode 1 ) and connects it with German topics such as the death of the homosexual actor Dirk Bach or the media-debated gender program of the Pirate Party .

The German-language Internet portal was launched on July 15, 2009 . Just like in the English equivalent, almost all episodes can be viewed for free and - apart from the intro - in full length. In addition, apps for iOS and Android were released in spring 2014, which essentially depict the content of the website. The episodes "Cartoon War (Part 1)", "Cartoon War (Part 2)" (these are available in the South Park App), "The League of Super Best Friends", "200" and "201" are not available; (see also the section on description, humor and controversy ) - all five unavailable episodes contain satirical references to Islam .


  • 2007: Richard Hanley (Ed.): South Park and Philosophy: Bigger, Longer, and More Penetrating , Open Court, ISBN 978-0-8126-9613-4
  • 2013: Robert Arp (Ed.): The Ultimate South Park and Philosophy: Respect My Philosophah! , Wiley, ISBN 978-1-118-38656-9

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