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Claus-Peter Damitz (* 1960 in Essen ) is a German actor and voice actor .


Claus-Peter Damitz grew up in his native Essen. After he had done his community service , he was initially employed as an assistant director at the children's and youth theater in Essen. He then attended the Hanover University of Music and Theater and subsequently became a member of the ensemble at the Grips Theater in Berlin . In 1987 he was given a small supporting role as a football fan in the comedy film Otto - The New Film .

The great success for Damitz came with the musical Linie 1 by Volker Ludwig , which he performed over five hundred times in various cities of the former GDR as well as in Vienna . The success of the musical was so great that the Grips Theater ensemble brought it to cities such as Paris , New York City and Melbourne around the world . In the 1988 film adaptation of the same name, Damitz also worked as an actor.

The time after that, Damitz was again increasingly active as a theater actor and played in plays such as From today is your name Sara , A left story or The Merchant of Venice . Damitz was also awarded the TheaterGemeinde Berlin audience award for his achievements in line 1 and from today on your name is Sara . In addition to his work on the theater stage, the now freelance actor is still active as an active voice actor. He came to this through his colleague Hansi Jochmann , who took him on a tour through the dubbing studios in Berlin in 1988 , where he was then hired as a speaker. Damitz primarily lends his voice to characters in anime and television series . For example, he spoke Timothy Omundson in Just In Case Amy , Brandon Douglas in Dr. Quinn - a passionate doctor and Bryon Mann in the television series Dark Angel . He also dubbed Knuckles in some video games in the Sonic series. In the 2014 first-person shooter MMORPG Destiny , he gives the spirit aka. Small light the distinctive voice. In the series Game of Thrones he is the German voice of Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister . He also spoke to him in 2014 in the role of Dr. Bollivar Trask in X-Men: Future is Past . Since 2016 he has spoken the character Ned Flanders in the series The Simpsons .

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