Just in case, Amy

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Television series
German title Just in case, Amy
Original title Judging Amy
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1999-2005
length 44 minutes
Episodes 138 in 6 seasons
genre Drama , lawyer series
idea Barbara Hall ,
Amy Brenneman ,
Bill D'Elia ,
John Tinker
music Peter Himmelman
First broadcast September 19, 1999 (USA) on CBS
first broadcast
March 26, 2003 on VOX

For all cases Amy (original title: Judging Amy ) is an American television series , which was produced by CBS from 1999 to 2005 and was broadcast in Germany on VOX .

Amy Brenneman ( NYPD Blue , Daylight , Casper , Private Practice ) stars as Amy Gray , a juvenile judge who is moving from New York City to her hometown of Hartford , Connecticut with daughter Lauren ( Karle Warren ) after her divorce . There she lives with her idiosyncratic but nice mother, the social worker Maxine ( Tyne Daly ). The family also includes Amy's older brother Peter ( Marcus Giamatti ), his wife Gillian (Jessica Tuck) and Amy's younger brother Vincent ( Dan Futterman ). Professionally, she is supported by the legal clerk Bruce van Exel ( Richard T. Jones ) and the overzealous secretary Donna Kozlowski-Pant ( Jillian Armenante ).

Amy Brenneman is very familiar with the character of Amy Gray, because the series is based on the life story of her mother. Amy Brenneman received three Emmy and three Golden Globe nominations for her role .

In the USA, the series was canceled after six seasons on May 18, 2005, despite good ratings by CBS.


main characters

Amy Madison Gray ( Amy Brenneman ) - After separating from her husband, Amy Gray and her daughter return to her mother's house to become a family judge. It is not easy for her to reconcile her family, her new job and her love life, but she tries bravely. Her two longest relationships are with lawyer Stuart Collins, whom she leaves in front of the altar, and with David McClaren, whom she leaves after a miscarriage. Amy moves to the criminal court for a short time, but feels uncomfortable there and returns to the family court. At the end of the last season, she quit her job in court and shortly thereafter decides to run for election as a senator.

Maxine McCarty Gray ( Tyne Daly ) - Amy's widowed mother. She was a social worker in Hartford and returns to work in the first episode of the series. She is ready to do anything to help children. She is a very headstrong and strong-willed woman who has no problem being resentful for a very long time (she has not spoken to her brother for over 12 years), but loves her family despite everything. The relationship with her daughter Amy is often not easy because the two are similar. After being in a relationship with wealthy Jared Duff for a long time, he dies 48 hours before their wedding. She later got engaged again to the landscape gardener Ignacio Messina. Last season she had a heart attack and had to undergo open heart surgery.

Vincent Gray ( Dan Futterman , episodes 1-51, 116-138) - Amy's younger brother, whom she is closest to. He is a journalist and an ambitious writer. He lives with Amy's secretary Donna Kozlowski in a rented apartment in Hartford. He marries his girlfriend Carole Tobey, who has breast cancer, and moves with her to San Francisco. Shortly before his departure, he had a falling out with his sister Amy and left without settling the matter; but when he is standing in front of the check-in at the airport, Amy comes and gives him the "surfing monkey" (a family symbol for luck) as a token of her love. At the end of episode 116, he comes back after Carole leaves him for a cancer specialist and makes up with his sister for good. He gets a new job as a social worker.

Kyle McCarty ( Kevin Rahm , episodes 53-118) - Amy's cousin and the son of Maxine's brother Richard. Before his alcohol and drug problems became known, he was an internship doctor. His family turned away from him because of his addiction problems. He desperately seeks help from his aunt Maxine. She gives him a home and gets him a job in a social institution. He later moves into Donna's apartment, in which one room has been vacant since Vincent's move. He also finds a hospital that is willing to give him a chance to finish his internship. After his father dies, he quits his job and finds a new path in his life. He decides to accompany his ex-girlfriend Heather to Minnesota and take care of their son while Heather is at the rehabilitation clinic.

Peter Gray ( Marcus Giamatti ) - Amy's older brother. The owner of the Gray family's small successful insurance company. He is married to Gillian and has been trying to father a child with her for a long time. However, they fail, so they decide to adopt. Shortly after the adoption, Gillian becomes pregnant. Their second baby Walt is born. After his birth there are some problems between Peter and Gillian. Peter even moves back in with his mother for a short time. But in the end, the two get together again.

Gillian Gray ( Jessica Tuck ) - Peter's wife. A controlling, obsessive and sometimes annoying woman, but who has a good heart and loves her husband Peter. After trying unsuccessfully to give birth to a child, the two adopt little Ned. Shortly after the adoption, however, she becomes pregnant for some inexplicable reason. However, she falls into a coma after the birth of Walt. She and Peter have problems after she wakes up, even separating for some time. But in the end everything will be fine.

Lauren Cassidy ( Karle Warren ) - Amy's daughter, 6 years old at the start of the series. A balanced, but at times exhausting child who suffers from the fact that his parents have separated. Still, of course, everyone likes her.

Bruce van Exel ( Richard T. Jones ) - Amy's legal clerk who becomes her confidante. A headstrong man with strong convictions. He has a daughter, Rebecca, whose mother broke up with him after asking her to move in with him.

Donna Kozlowski ( Jillian Armenante ) - Amy's secretary. A fancy woman from a rich family, from whom she has, however, become estranged. Her intellect is above average (she got her license to practice law after a year and a half), but she is clumsy in dealing with other people and sometimes finds it difficult to assess the personal limits of others and the right times. She marries Oscar Ray Pant, convicted of murder, and has a child with him - Ariadne. But when she finds out that Oscar is really guilty, she divorces him. In the end, she becomes a court appointed defense attorney for youth affairs.

Supporting characters

  • Jean Potter (originally Sean Potter , Timothy Omundson ) - Maxine's boss and a good friend of hers. Usually Maxine does what she - and not what her boss - wants. After all, she used to be the head of the Office for Youth and Family.
  • Eric Black ( Blake Bashoff ) - A homosexual youth who has been molested several times. Maxine takes him in temporarily at her home, where he befriends the Gray family. Then Sean Potter adopts him. After he kills a stalker who is chasing after Amy and her daughter, Maxine no longer trusts him. Although he is acquitted in court, he and his friend flee to Canada.
  • Heather ( Sarah Danielle Madison ) - A doctor at Kyle's Hospital with alcohol and drug problems. After she gets a positive drug test, she is released. She keeps having brief relationships with Kyle until she becomes pregnant. Kyle promises to help her but doesn't want to be solid with her. Ultimately, he takes her to Minnesota and takes care of their son while Heather is in the rehab clinic.

Amy's relationship partner

  • Michael Cassidy (# 1 John Slattery , # 2 Richard Burgi ) - Amy's ex-husband. Right after the divorce, Amy and Michael sleep together again. Michael then marries Leisha and tries in vain to get custody of Lauren, Amys and their daughter.
  • Rob Meltzer ( Tom Welling ) - Lauren's karate teacher with whom Amy has a brief affair.
  • Stuart Collins , called Stu ( Reed Diamond ) - A lawyer who was engaged to Amy. When he wants to marry her, Amy lets him sit in front of the altar.
  • David McClaren ( Adrian Pasdar ) - A widowed prosecutor and father of Victor, Lauren's first friend. The relationship with Amy was bad from the beginning. After a miscarriage, she leaves him for good.

Maxine's relationship partner

  • Jared Duff ( Richard Crenna ) - A multibillionaire who falls in love with Maxine and woos her. Although the relationship between the two is not without its difficulties, Jared wants to marry Maxine. But shortly before the planned wedding, he suffers a fatal heart attack during a business trip in China (due to the cancer death of the actor Richard Crenna).
  • Ignacio Messina ( Cheech Marin ) - A landscaper that Maxine hires to put her garden back in order. The two get closer and in the end Ignacio asks if Maxine doesn't want to marry him.


role actor Voice actor Episodes (number)
Amy Madison Gray Amy Brenneman Elisabeth Günther 1.01 to 6.22 (138)
Maxine McCarty Gray Tyne Daly Viktoria Brams 1.01 to 6.22 (138)
Bruce van Exel Richard T. Jones Crock Krumbiegel 1.01 to 6.22 (99)
Lauren Cassidy Karle Warren Sabrina Tafelmaier 1.01 to 6.22 (81)
Sean Potter Timothy Omundson Claus-Peter Damitz 1.21 to 6.22 (77)
Donna Kozlowski (-Pant) Jillian Armenante Inez Günther 1.05 to 6.22 (67)
Peter Gray Marcus Giamatti Stephan Hoffmann 1.01 to 6.22 (62)
Kyle McCarty Kevin Rahm Oliver Mink 3.08 to 6.02 (61)
Gillian Gray Jessica Tuck Ute Brankatsch 1.01 to 6.22 (58)
Vincent Gray Dan Futterman Marcus Off 1.01 to 6.22 (41)

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