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One piece
Original title ONE PIECEワ ン ピ ー ス
transcription Wan Pīsu
genre Shōnen , adventure , fantasy , comedy , drama , tragedy
author Eiichirō Oda
publishing company Shūeisha
magazine Shūkan Shōnen Jump
First publication July 19, 1997 - ...
expenditure 96+
title One piece party
Original title ONE PIECE PARTYワ ン ピ ー ス パ ー テ ィ ー
transcription Wan Pīsu Pātī
author Egg Andō
publishing company Shūeisha
magazine Saikyō Jump
First publication December 5, 2014 - ...
expenditure 3
One Piece:
Taose! Kaizoku Ganzak
One Piece (series) (since 1999)
cinemamovies (since 2000)

One Piece ( jap. ONE PIECEワ ン ピ ー ス, Wan Pīsu ) is an internationally successful manga series of the Japanese mangaka Eiichirō Oda that has been running since 1997 and is also implemented as an anime for television and cinema . It has been published weekly in Shūkan Shōnen Jump since 1997 . The individual chapters are also bundled in collective editions published by Shūeisha , which broke multiple records for publication, including the largest opening edition of a book in Japan and the first book, which has sold over three million copies. With more than 460 million copies shipped worldwide as of December 2019 , including around 390 million in Japan alone, it is the best-selling manga series in history.


In a fictional world, the Straw Hat Gang, a group of pirates led by Monkey D. Luffy , is looking for the legendary treasure One Piece of the pirate king Gol D. Roger alias Gold Roger. In addition, the background stories of individual characters are examined in more detail in flashbacks.

The series is divided into large arcs, which usually end with a fight against a powerful opponent. However, Luffy and his crew do not kill their opponents: Eiichirō Oda justifies this with the fact that the defeated opponents suffer the end of their dreams and convictions anyway through their defeat. Some former opponents return later in the story with often positive motives, sometimes there is then a temporary collaboration due to common interests.

Additional subplots result from cover stories that show further experiences of opponents who have already been defeated or friends and comrades-in-arms who have been left behind and which sometimes introduce new characters. The respective storyline can also lead back to the main story at a later point in time. One example is the buggy cover story, so called by fans: After the pirate buggy was defeated by Luffy, he experiences a little odyssey away from the main events and later returns to take revenge on Luffy.

The world

Globe sketch of the One Piece world (unofficial)

The world in One Piece consists for the most part of the four great oceans Eastblue, Westblue, Northblue, Southblue and the islands located there. The so-called Grandline extends in a west-east direction (偉大 な る 航路グ ラ ン ド ラ イ ン, Gurandorain , "great sea route") around the planet, a stretch of sea ​​with unpredictable currents and constant weather changes. The most powerful pirates and most dangerous islands in the world are located along the Grandline, which is why it is also known as the “pirate grave”. The legendary treasure One Piece should also be found there. The peripheral areas of the Grandline are called the Calm Belt (凪 の 帯カ ー ム ベ ル ト, Kāmuberuto , "Belt of Calm ") because there is always no wind there. Legend has it that the Grandline also has the Allblue, which combines all four blues. The only continent in the world is the redline (赤 い 土 の 大陸レ ッ ド ラ イ ン, Reddorain , "continent of the red earth"), which extends in a north-south direction around the planet in a ring and crosses the grandline twice.

The first access to the Grandline is at the junction of the Grandline and Redline, where currents from the four oceans flow over the Rivers Mountain into the Grandline. The second half of the Grandline, the New World, can only be reached in two ways at the second intersection: On the one hand, via the holy land of Mary Joa on the Redline , which is also the seat of the world government . On the other hand via the fish man island, which lies on the seabed below the redline and can only be reached with a special ship casing. Because of the sea monsters that occur in it, the Calm Belt can only be crossed with the help of sea ​​stone- coated hulls.

The navigation along the Grandline takes place on one of seven possible routes, all of which lead to the last island of Unicon, which the pirate Gold Roger is the only one to have reached so far. Unicon is also the target of all pirates who are looking for Gold Roger's legendary treasure, the One Piece.


Adventure in the East Blue

The young pirate Monkey D. Luffy, who has eaten from a so-called devil fruit, the gum-gum fruit, and can therefore stretch his entire body like rubber, leaves the windmill village in the East Blue at the age of 17. Like countless other pirates, he goes in search of the legendary treasure One Piece in order to keep the promise to his great role model, the Red Shanks : to become king of the pirates.

First he meets the boy Corby , who decides to pursue a career in the Navy, and later vows to take Luffy prisoner one day. In the following years Luffy wins the first members of his straw hat gang with the swordsman and former pirate hunter Lorenor Zorro and the thieving navigator Nami . The three of them make Buggy, the pirate clown, their enemies, who will stay on their heels later on. Usopp , the son of Yasopp, a member of Shanks' pirate gang, joins the group and the straw hat gang receives their first full-fledged ship, the Flying Lamb , from Usop's friend Kaya . Luffy can then secure the support of Sanji , who becomes the helm of the ship. The Straw Hat gang travels to Nami's home island of Konomi, which is being bullied by a group of fish people, the Arlong gang. Because Nami has been forced to work for Arlong , the murderer of her adoptive mother Bellemere, for years , the Straw Hat gang attacks his base in Arlong Park and ultimately defeats him. The Navy then put an initial bounty of 30 million berries on Luffy. Before the straw hat gang set off over the mountain Rivers Mountain on the Grandline, the gang stops in Lougetown, the place of the birth and execution of the pirate king Gold Roger. There the navy captain Smoker , who is able to turn into smoke through a devil fruit , almost succeeds in defeating Luffy. Without knowing it , he is saved by his father Monkey D. Dragon , the leader of the revolutionary army and the most wanted man in the world.

First adventure on the Grandline

Once on the Grandline, the straw hats save the giant whale La Boum from whalers from the nearby island of Whiskey Peak and meet with Crocus , who explains to the straw hat gang the importance of the lock ports for navigating the Grandline. The straw hat gang then arrives at Whiskey Peak and is apparently warmly welcomed. However, Zorro realizes that almost all of the residents are bounty hunters of the Baroque company who are after Luffy's bounty and defeats them single-handedly. Nami promises the Princess of Alabasta, Nefeltari Vivi , to help her fight against the subjugation of her country by the Baroque company. On the way to Alabasta, Vivi and the straw hats arrive at the winter island of Drumm, where they are joined by Tony Chopper , who becomes the ship's doctor for the straw hat gang. When they finally arrive in the desert kingdom of Alabasta, they get caught up in a rebel uprising. Deceived by the intrigues of the Baroque company, the rebels believe that the king is to blame for the drought that has ruled there for years through the use of banned chemicals. The real culprit, however, is the leader of the Baroque company, Sir Crocodile , one of the Seven Samurai of the Seas , who lets himself be celebrated as the Hero of the People. Luffy can only defeat him after being chased across the country. Sir Crocodile's plans to find and use the powerful ancient weapon Pluton are foiled, he is captured by the world government and loses his position as a samurai of the seas. When it starts raining again in Alabasta, the rebellion is over.

From the sky islands to the redline

After leaving Alabasta, the Straw Hat gang discover that Sir Crocodile's former right-hand man, Nico Robin , has snuck on board and wants to be taken away. Luffy agrees to this against the will of the rest of the crew. When a huge galleon falls from the sky shortly afterwards and Nami's lock port points upwards, the gang becomes aware of the existence of a sky island. On the way there, they are almost intercepted by the pirate Blackbeard , a former subordinate of Luffy's brother Puma D. Ace . After arriving in the sea of ​​clouds through a so-called knock-up stream, a huge column of water that shoots into the sky, the sky island Skypia turns out to be a little heavenly. It has been ruled for years by the mighty Enel , who can control all electricity through his devil power and sees himself as God. In addition, there are terrorist attacks by the Shandia tribe who have been driven out by Skypia and are demanding their homeland back. Luffy is able to prevent Enel from destroying the island and manages to defeat him. When the straw hats turn their backs on Skypia, the heavenly inhabitants, formerly oppressed by Enel, and the Shandia have made peace.

Since their ship, the Flying Lamb , has meanwhile been badly damaged, Luffy and his gang make their way to a shipyard on the island of Water Seven after their return to the Grandline . There they learn that the ship can no longer be saved due to a broken keel . Since Luffy wants to give up the Flying Lamb for a new ship, Usopp leaves the crew temporarily in an argument. Nico Robin also steals away and tries to assassinate Eisberg, the popular mayor and shipyard owner. When the Straw Hat gang finds her again, it turns out that she did not act voluntarily: Behind this is a plot by the world government, which is also behind the plans of the mighty ancient weapon Pluton, which are hidden by Eisberg and the scraper Frankie . It turns out that Nico Robin is the only survivor on Ohara Island . Ohara was a stronghold of research 20 years earlier, and researchers managed to uncover the true story from the time of the Forgotten Kingdom . The world government wanted to prevent this under all circumstances and then destroyed the entire island. The straw hats follow the world government agents of the CP9 , who kidnapped Nico Robin and Frankie, to Enie's lobby , the justice island of the world government, with a train traveling on the water . Together with allied scrappers and dock workers, they storm the island and free the prisoners. Nico Robin, who hadn't felt she belonged anywhere since fleeing Ohara, has now finally found a permanent “home” in the Straw Hat gang. Back in Water Seven, Frankie builds a new ship for the Straw Hat gang , the Thousand Sunny , and also joins the gang as a ship carpenter .

In the meantime, Ace has managed to track down his former subordinate Blackbeard on an island called Banaro Island; he had killed one of his former comrades from the Whitebeard gang in order to gain possession of the Darkfruit. Ace wanted to hold him accountable, but Blackbeard's new devil power turns out to be so powerful that Ace is defeated in battle. Blackbeard succeeded in capturing Ace and handing him over to the world government in order to preserve Sir Crocodile's former position as Samurai of the Seas and to start a great war.

The straw hat gang is now on their way through the "Mysterious Triangle", a kind of Bermuda triangle . There they meet the walking skeleton Brook , who is looking for his shadow. To the surprise of the others, Luffy offers him membership in his crew; Brook has to refuse, however, because he cannot leave the mist of the Mysterious Triangle due to its lack of a shadow. When the giant ship Thriller Bark appears, its owner Gecko Moria , another of the Seven Samurai , steals the shadows of the Straw Hat pirates, who could no longer exist in the light of the sun. However, they manage to defeat Moria and his shadow zombie army and they, Brook and many others around the world get their shadows back. Bartholomäus Bear then appears , also one of the Seven Samurai who was sent by the world government to kill all eyewitnesses of Moria's defeat. However, he has his own motives and lets go of the straw hat gang. The skeleton Brook now joins the gang.

From the Dispersion to the Battle of Marineford

The first half of the route has been covered and the straw hat gang wants to get to the second half of the Grandline, the so-called New World. To do this, they would have to dive down to the Fishman Island, which is located deep down on the continental shelf of the Redline, where the passage through the Redline massif is located. The straw hats get to know the mermaid Kamy and also meet Okta again, a former member of the Arlong gang, but now a friend of Kamy. Okta falls into the clutches of human traffickers, the Tobiuo Riders. In the fight against this, Luffy shows the ability Haki for the first time , albeit unconsciously. After rescuing Okta, they learn that their ship can be made submersible in the Sabaody Archipelago . The ship has to be coated with an airtight membrane and you contact the ship coater Silvers Rayleigh . It turns out that Rayleigh is the former vice-captain of Gol D. Rogers pirate gang. In the meantime, however, Kamy is kidnapped and bought at a so-called human auction by a world aristocrat who is attacked by Luffy after he shot the fish man Okta. In the ensuing battle against the navy troops, the pirate teams of rookies Trafalgar D. Water Law and Captain Kid join the straw hats at short notice. But the straw hats finally succumb to the naval admiral Borsalino . However, through the intervention of Bartholomew Bear, they are saved and, thanks to one of his abilities, which enable him to send people he touches anywhere in the world, they are scattered around the world.

Luffy arrives at Amazon Lily, an island of the Amazon people of the Kuja. Their leader Boa Hancock , one of the Seven Samurai, soon falls in love with him. He learns that the world government wants his brother Ace to be executed by the Navy soon and with the help of Hancock's influence he decides to break into the Impel Down submarine prison , which is under Magellan's leadership , and to free Ace. On the way into the depths of Impel Down, he can free old friends and enemies such as Buggy, Sir Crocodile, Mr. 1 and Mr. 3. But he is too late for the liberation of Ace. However, he still frees Emporio Ivankov , a high commander of the revolutionaries, his partners Inazuma and Jimbei , a former samurai of the seas and friend of Ace. With them and the others, Luffy hurries to the site of Ace's execution, the naval headquarters on Marineford. In the meantime, Blackbeard also invades Impel Down to add some powerful, notorious and as unscrupulous as possible inmates of the submarine prison to his team.

It comes to the Great Battle of Marineford , in which the Whitebeard pirate gang and their allies want to save Ace from execution and have to fight the entire forces of the Navy and the Seven Samurai. Shortly before the start of the battle, the naval Grand Admiral Senghok announces that Ace is not Luffy's biological brother, but the son of the pirate king Gold Roger. Undeterred by this fact and with the help of the Whitebeard pirate gang, Luffy succeeds in freeing Ace in the meantime. On the run, however, he is killed in front of Luffy's eyes by Navy Admiral Sakazuki . Shortly afterwards, the Blackbeard pirate gang appear and further injure the already seriously wounded pirate emperor Whitebeard. Shortly before his death, Whitebeard announces that the treasure One Piece actually exists and dies standing. Blackbeard now, covered by a mysterious black cloth, appropriates the quake devil power of Whitebeard and then begins to destroy the naval headquarters. Ultimately, the Red Shanks, one of the Four Emperors, with his threat to intervene in the conflict, forces the withdrawal of the Blackbeard gang and thus the end of the fighting.

Post war and Luffy's past with Ace

Luffy and Jimbei, both unconscious and seriously injured, are taken into the submarine of the pirate Trafalgar D. Water Law. You manage to escape from Marine Ford and the attacks of the admirals. Hancock joins them and offers her island Amazon Lily as a place of refuge so that Luffy can cure there in peace. After two weeks, Luffy wakes up from the coma. Angry, sad and stunned, he has to face the reality that he couldn't save Ace from death.

With tears he remembers the part of his childhood when he, Ace and Sabo met and swore eternal brotherhood with them. Luffy was brought to Dadan's house by his grandfather, a mountain robber who also looks after Ace. In the beginning, Ace and Luffy didn't get off to a good start, as Ace constantly ignored Luffy and didn't want to bother with him. Ace preferred to spend his time with Sabo, a local boy who is actually an escaped nobleman. Luffy discovered the treasure of Ace and Sabo, whereupon the two tied him to a tree. When Luffy was captured and tortured by a pirate, Ace and Sabo decided to free Luffy because he had not betrayed the treasure to the pirate. After the rescue, Ace, Luffy and Sabo became friends after all. The three spend all of their time together and swore eternal brotherhood. Sabo, who is confronted with his past as a nobleman, has to go back to his parents, but he decides to run away and set the sails because he no longer felt comfortable and free in this country. In front of the port, his ship is bombed by the world aristocrats. Luffy and Ace receive news of Sabo's death and both decide to be there for each other and to become pirates at the age of 17.

Luffy continues to despair over Ace's death. With the help of Jimbei, however, Luffy remembers his friends and colleagues and takes courage again. Rayleigh, who finds Luffy's hiding place, advises him not to return to his friends immediately; They should first continue to improve their skills separately from one another and thus unobserved by the Navy in order to be prepared for the times to come. Luffy heads back to Marineford with Rayleigh and Jimbei to strike the bell and get government and press attention. There he can be photographed by the press; with a painted tattoo on his arm which is a secret message to his friends. You should come to the agreed meeting point in two years and not immediately. Luffy is now starting his training with Rayleigh.

Get together and dive to the fish man island

Two years after they were scattered around the world by Bartholomew Bear from the Sabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hat pirates meet there again and tackle the long-planned dive to the Fish Man Island.

As soon as you arrive on the "island" lying on the seabed, the straw hats burst in the middle of a violent overthrow attempt by Hody Jones , the captain of the New Fishmen Pirate Gang. The original fishman pirate gang emerged after the death of the legendary fishman Fisher Tiger from the sun pirate gang, in which Jimbei was appointed captain. The Arlong gang, which had been defeated by the straw hat gang in the East Blue, also emerged from the sun pirate gang. Hody Jones wants to overthrow the peace-seeking government of King Neptune. His hatred is directed not only against the people on the surface, but also against the fish people and sea people who want to live in peace with them. This is mainly due to his childhood: he grew up in an orphanage and had many bad experiences with people. When his great idol Arlong was finally defeated by Luffy, his hatred could no longer be stopped. In order to win the battle for the Fishman Island, Hody finally knows no more boundaries, he even strives to destroy the island: The gigantic Noah's Ark threatens to fall on the Fishman Island and smash it. In order to stop the case, Luffy hits the Noah non-stop with tremendous force. Just before Luffy is at the end of his tether, giant sea ​​kings appear and take the ark in tow. It turns out that like Gold Roger, Luffy can hear the voices of all things, in this case, those of the Sea Kings. The Sea Kings were unconsciously summoned by Princess Shirahoshi, daughter of King Neptune. As it turns out, this ability makes Shirahoshi one of the three ancient weapons: Poseidon .

The Straw Hat gang is later briefed by Jimbei of the two big changes that have occurred in the world during their training over the past two years. On the one hand, there was a heavy fight between the two naval admirals Kuzan and Sakazuki for the post of Grand Admiral, in which the latter won. On the other hand, Blackbeard has succeeded in taking over Whitebeard's former territories and he is unofficially already counted among the Four Emperors.

After Whitebeard's death, Charlotte Linlin , one of the Four Emperors, also known as Big Mom , placed Fishman Island under her protection in exchange for a monthly payment in the form of candy. The candy factory was destroyed at the beginning of the coup attempt by the Hody Jones gang and the remaining candy was eaten by Luffy during the thank-you ceremony, so that the protection money demands cannot be met. When Big Mom threatens the destruction of the Fishman Island, Luffy offers her all of the treasures he received from King Neptune. But she refuses and declares Luffy to be her enemy. Nonetheless, Luffy hands over the entire treasure to Big Moms subordinates and places the Fishman Island under his protection, which amounts to a declaration of war.

The straw hat gang finally says goodbye to Jimbei and Shirahoshi and the cheering residents of the Fishman Island. During the journey through the Redline, the Thousand Sunny gets caught in an underwater vortex, which carries it away and appears on the surface far off the planned course in the New World.

Arrival in the New World: Punk Hazard and Dress Rosa

Immediately after arriving in the New World , the straw hat gang received an emergency call, whereupon Luffy, Zorro, Usopp and Robin set off for the nearby island of Punk Hazard . There were three research institutes of the scientist Dr. Vegapunk , two of which were destroyed in an explosion. The explosion and the release of poison gas on the island were caused by Vegapunk's rival Caesar Crown . Later, as a result of the duel between the admirals Sakazuki (magma devil power) and Kuzan (ice devil power), the island's climate was still divided into a hot and a cold half. Caesar Crown is now again using a weapon of mass destruction in the form of poison gas. He also has kidnapped children brought to his laboratories and gives them sweets with toxic additives that turn them into giants and also make them dependent on the substances. On the island, the Straw Hat gang also meets Law, who offers Luffy an alliance for a fight against Kaido , one of the Four Emperors. Luffy agrees to this despite initial concerns of his crew. It turns out that the mastermind behind the events on Punk Hazard, the "Joker", is actually Don Quixote de Flamingo , one of the Seven Samurai . Together with Law, Smoker , Tashigi and the G5 marines, the Straw Hat gang succeeds in thwarting Caesar's plans and freeing the children. Tashigi and some of the G5 marines bring the children back to their homeland on a ship, and the straw hat gang also leaves the island with Caesar as a prisoner. Law De Flamingo makes the offer to hand over Caesar via a so-called telescope if he resigns from his post as samurai of the seas. De Flamingo then meets Punk Hazard, frees his followers Baby 5 and Buffalo, overpowers Smoker and the G5 marines remaining on the island. Since Smoker does not want to reveal the whereabouts of the Straw Hat gang, De Flamingo is on the verge of killing Smoker, but finally the former naval admiral Kuzan appears and saves him.

De Flamingo then gives in to Law's demand and declares his resignation as samurai of the seas and as king of his home island Dress Rosa, because he needs Caesar to produce artificial devil fruits, for which he owes Kaido a delivery debt. The straw hat gang now travels to Dress Rosa to hand over Caesar as agreed, but also to destroy the factory in which the artificial devil fruits are made. While Law, Robin and Usopp try to hand over Caesar, Luffy becomes aware of a fighting tournament through a member of the De Flamingo gang. The prize for the winner is presented by De Flamingo and is nothing less than the fire fruit and the associated devil power of Luffy's late brother Ace. In order to prevent anyone else from receiving this fruit, Luffy decides to take part in the tournament, camouflaged. Shortly before Caesar's handover, it turns out that De Flamingo has deceived the Straw Hat gang and the world population and continues to hold his positions. De Flamingo tells Law that he used to be a world aristocrat. Caesar is finally brought back to the Thousand Sunny and when a ship Big Moms appears, Sanji, Nami, Brook, Chopper and Momonosuke, in consultation with the rest of the straw hat gang, sail on to Zou with Caesar .

It also turns out that the many live toys on Dress Rosa are actually people (and animals). They were transformed and made docile by the devil fruit user Sugar , a member of De Flamingo's gang, and thanks to this magic they were also forgotten by the rest of the island's population. In the arena, Luffy completely unexpectedly meets his big brother Sabo, whom he thought was dead, but who has meanwhile become Dragon's right-hand man among the revolutionaries. Sabo takes over Luffy's disguise and continues to fight in his place so that no one else receives the Fire Fruit from Ace. While Luffy and his colleagues want to storm the De Flamingos palace, Robin, Usopp, Frankie and the dwarves from the Tontatta kingdom try to incapacitate the devil fruit user Sugar on Dress Rosa, in order to break the effects of her devil fruit and transform people back, which - when everything seems lost - still succeeds through a surprising reaction from Usopp. Sabo finally wins the fight in the Coliseum and eats the fire fruit. De Flamingo is now trying to kill all the inhabitants of the island with his “bird cage” attack: With the help of his devil's powers, he surrounds the entire island with razor-sharp, extremely resistant threads, which eventually contract more and more and the free space continues to decrease. Luffy, Law and some of the other fighters on the island try to incapacitate De Flamingo (and with it the “bird cage” created by his devil's power) while others are trying to prevent the cage from contracting. B. Zorro, Frankie, Bartolomeo and Admiral Issho . After a long struggle, Luffy finally succeeds in defeating De Flamingo, whereby the "bird cage" disappears; The island, freed from his reign of terror, lies in ruins and Admiral Issho asks Riku , the former (and future) King of Dress Rosa, for forgiveness for the world government allowing De Flamingo to do it because he was one of the Seven Samurai of the Seas .

The pirate groups and fighters who originally came to the island for the De Flamingo tournament and then eventually fought De Flamingo with Luffy, and some of the dwarves of the Tontatta Kingdom have come together to form 7 teams. Their captains now want to make Luffy their head, which Luffy rejects, but regardless of this they solemnly assure him of their support.

Confrontation with the pirate emperors Linlin and Kaido

Luffy and his group of the Straw Hat Gang and Law arrive in the Zou area to reunite with the other part of the Straw Hat Gang. It turns out that Zou is not a real island, but rather an area on the back of a gigantic millennial elephant named Zounisha . Zou is home to the minks , who largely look like animals and can speak like humans. Shortly before the first group of straw hats arrived, Zou was attacked and devastated by a gang of pirates led by Jack , a subordinate of the pirate emperor Kaido. Jack was looking for the ninja Raizou , a follower of Kaido's father Momonosuke, Oden Kouzuki , in order to get his secret knowledge of the world: Oden was a daimyō from the island of Wano Kuni and came from the line of stone carvers, who made the porn glyph . He had also been to Unicon , the legendary last island of the Grandline, with the pirate king Gold Roger and, like him, knew the “real story”. Despite massive torture, the residents of Zou managed to deny Jack that his follower Raizou was even on the island. The Mink were also able to successfully defend themselves against the pirates of Kaido and were only defeated when they used the poison gas from Caesar Crown. On hearing that De Flamingo (who is allied with Kaido) was defeated by Luffy and imprisoned by the Navy, Jack first left Zou and attacked the heavily secured prisoner transport, but he was unable to free De Flamingo. After Jack's departure, the Mink were actually doomed to slow death due to the persistent effects of the poison gas, but now the group of straw hats around Sanji arrived at Zou, with Caesar Crown as a prisoner: with Caesar's help, Chopper can get the residents of Zou on time Administer antidotes. After the unsuccessful rescue attempt , Jack steered towards Zou again and this time attacked Zounisha himself, but was beaten by Zounisha because Momonosuke gave him telepathic permission to defend himself. It turns out that Luffy and Momonosuke are the only ones who can hear Zounisha's calls. It can also be seen that Jack is a fish person and can still breathe under water, although he is weakened by the water as a devil's power user.

Luffy finally travels with a part of the Straw Hat gang and some colleagues from the Mink to the territory of Charlotte Linlin (aka Big Mom, one of the "Four Emperors" ) to free Sanji, who is dragged there by Big Mom's new follower Capone Bege has been. Sanji is said to be forced to marry Charlotte Pudding, a daughter of the pirate empress. In order to make Sanji compliant, he is threatened that otherwise his friends in the East Blue, especially "Redfoot" Jeff from the Baratié, would be murdered. Behind this "marriage arrangement" is largely his unscrupulous father Vinsmoke Judge, head of the Germa 66 Army, who once rejected Sanji as a toddler, but now finds him useful for an alliance with Big Mom. After many years he sees his sister Reiju, his brothers Ichiji, Niji, Yonji and his father again, whom the rest of the Straw Hat gang knew nothing about until Sanji's disappearance. Finally, Sanji falls madly in love with Pudding, but just before the marriage he overhears Pudding bragging about the fact that the marriage is a trick to lure the Germa 66 into a murderous trap and thereby take the lead over the Germa 66 . Pudding longs to kill Sanji and wants to frighten him beforehand with her hidden third eye, which is perceived as frightening; But then Sanji feels it is beautiful and pudding is thrown into a rollercoaster of emotions. Capone Bege previously revealed himself to the straw hats as an opponent of Big Mom and submitted a plan to eliminate the powerful pirate empress: At the wedding ceremony she should be so impotent that she lost her natural protection. Luffy can actually enrage her (including by destroying the wedding cake), but the assassination attempt by Bege fails and Big Mom and her followers counterattack. However, the food addicted Empress has an insatiable fit of rage because of the destroyed cake and is about to destroy her whole empire. While Big Mom and her gang chase Luffy and his colleagues, Sanji uses pudding to bake such a delicious cake that Big Mom is relieved of her fit of rage. Sanji, Luffy and their comrades also manage to escape from Big Mom's territory and they come to Wano, which is subjugated by the pirate emperor Kaido. The island of Wano is strongly based on the Japan during the Shogunate .


The straw hat gang

The actual straw hat gang currently consists of ten members. It was initially founded by Luffy and Zorro and while they were still in the East Blue they were joined by Nami, Usopp and Sanji. They were then joined by Chopper, Robin, Frankie and Brook on the first half of the Grandline . And then in the New World, Jimbei joined them too.

Monkey D. Luffy

モ ン キ ー ・D ・ ル フ ィ  Monkī Dī Rufi   19 years old

Luffy, also known as "straw hat" or "straw hat Luffy" after his trademark, is the captain of the straw hat gang. He is the son of the revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon and the grandson of Monkey D. Garp, a Vice-Admiral in the Navy. His big dream is to find the One Piece, a legendary treasure, and thus become king of the pirates. As a child, he ate from the gum-gum fruit and therefore has a flexible rubber body. At first glance, Luffy always appears lively, carefree, aimless and very curious. But if he finds a goal, he never lets it out of sight and never gives up.

Lorenor Zorro

ロ ロ ノ ア ・ ゾ ロ  Roronoa Zoro   21 years

Zorro, also known as the “pirate hunter”, is a former bounty hunter and was the first to join Luffy. His goal is to become the best swordsman in the world. In order to achieve this goal, he trains very hard to be able to defeat the currently best swordsman, the samurai of the seas Mihawk "Hawk Eye" Dulacre . He is the only known swordsman who fights with three swords at the same time. Zorro resembles his captain in some ways and places great emphasis on loyalty. His weakness is his bad sense of direction.


ナ ミ   20 years

Nami, also known as the “thieving cat”, is the team's navigator and cartographer. Nami is very spirited and loves nothing more than oranges and treasures. Your dream is to draw a perfect world map. After initially using a simple wooden stick in fights, she later uses the climatic baton constructed by Usopp, the individual parts of which create special bubbles that release either heat, cold or electricity.


ウ ソ ッ プ  Usoppu   19 years

Usopp, also known as "Sogeking", is the crew's marksman and weapons specialist and, before Frankie's entry into the gang, the ship's carpenter. Usopp is the son of Yasopp, a member of Shank's pirate gang, and Bankina. He's often a coward, storyteller and liar, but he can sometimes be relied on in tricky situations. His goal is to become a brave warrior of the seas and later the best archer in the world.

Vinsmoke Sanji

サ ン ジ   21 years

Sanji, also known as "Black Foot", is the smutje on Luffy's ship. He has a weakness for beautiful women and flirts with every pretty girl, although he often behaves very childishly. To spare the hands he needs for cooking, Sanji only fights with his feet. His main goal is to find the legendary Allblue - an ocean in which all the fish in the world should be found. Sanji also often argues with Zorro, always calling him Marimo ("Mooskugel", but in German often translated as "Spinachkopf", an allusion to Zorro's green hair color).
His full name is Vinsmoke Sanji , as it turns out later. Sanji was born into the infamous Vinsmoke soldier family of the Germa 66 kingdom. However, Sanji was cast out because he was not strong enough for his father and Sanji for his part does not want to have anything to do with these unscrupulous people.

Tony Chopper

ト ニ ー ト ニ ー ・ チ ョ ッ パ ー  Tonī Tonī Choppā   17 years

The cotton candy lover Chopper is a male reindeer who ate from the human-human fruit and thereby became a human reindeer . Chopper is the only known person who can fortify their devil fruit through so-called rumble balls. He is the ship's doctor for the Straw Hat gang. He is very introverted and accordingly shy and finds it difficult to deal with compliments, but he has the ability to talk to animals. Due to his naivety and enthusiasm for trivial little things and events, he often looks like a little boy. Because Chopper has become a human reindeer thanks to the devil fruit, he is able to transform himself, which gives him an individual fighting style.

Nico Robin

ニ コ ・ ロ ビ ン  Niko Robin   30 years

Nico Robin is an archaeologist and the fourth oldest member of the crew. She ate the flora-flora fruit , which gave her the ability to grow parts of her body in all possible places that she can see. Your goal is to put together the Rio porn glyph that is supposed to contain the truth about the real story . Due to her archaeological studies and the destruction of Ohara, she is the only person in the world who can read and decipher this porn glyph.

Cutty "Franky" Framm

カ テ ィ ・ フ ラ ン キ ー ・ フ ラ ム  Kati "Furankī" Furamu   36 years old

Frankie, actually Cutty Framm, is a cyborg and the ship's carpenter of the Straw Hat gang after they saved him and Robin from Enie's lobby, the island of justice. His dream is to build a ship with which he can sail around the world. This ship is said to be the new ship of the straw hat gang, which the gang received as a thank you. In order for the dream ship to do this, he accepted Luffy's offer to join.


ブ ル ッ ク  Burukku   90 years

Brook, also often called the "Soul King", is a living human skeleton and was a member of the Rumba pirate gang. The fact that he is a living skeleton is thanks to the fruit of the kingdom of the dead , which enabled his soul to return to his body after his physical death. However, his soul wandered too long, so that in the meantime his body rotted away . Brooks trademark is his Afro , and it is the musician's dream to end the journey he began with the rumba pirates and to see and tell his friend, the giant whale La Boum, again after more than 50 years. Brook is an exceptionally talented fencer . As a weapon he uses a shikomizue , a blade that is hidden in his walking stick .


ジ ン ベ エ  Jinbee   49 years

Jimbei, also known as “the knight of the seas”, is a fish man, was a member of the sun pirate gang and then became the captain of the fish man pirate gang. He was also one of the 7 samurai of the seas.

He was held captive at Impel Down after refusing to fight Whitebeard and his alliance. During his stay in Impel Down he befriended his former enemy Ace, with whom he also shared the same cell. Jimbei and Ace knew each other before, they have dueled each other in the past. He joined Luffy's alliance and fought at Luffy's side in the Great Battle of Marine Ford. In doing so, he helped Luffy escape the battle alive and helped him through his grief over the loss of Ace. Two years later, after the Fishman pirate gang left the Big Mom Crew, Jim joined the Straw Hat Pirates.

His betrayal of world government and the events of Impel Down and his involvement in the Battle of Marine Ford, where he fought on the side of Luffy and Whitebeard, stripped him of the title of Samurai of the Seas.

Other groups

The world government

世界 政府  Sekai Seifu

The world government consists of the majority of the world's heads of state and the Five Wise Men ( 五 老 星 Gorōsei ), highly respected old men. With the establishment of the world government, a period of several centuries that has been banned from the history books ends. They are also the top commanders of their own agents, the Navy and the Cipherpol, the secret police, which consists of eight known units as well as the top secret CP9 and the CP0, which are directly subordinate to the world aristocrats. They also appoint the Seven Samurai of the Seas and command a number of specially created cyborgs called Pacifista.

The Navy

海軍  Kaigun

The Navy is the naval force of world government. It has a hierarchical structure and, according to its own statements, represents “absolute justice”. Its current head is Sakazuki, also called "Red Dog" ( Akainu ). Subordinate to him are the three admirals Borsalino "Yellow Monkey" ( Kizaru ), Issho "Lilac Tiger" ( Fujitora ) and "Green Bull" ( Ryokugyu ), the Vice-Admirals and numerous officers and sailors. Because the Naval Headquarters at Marineford suffered severe damage during the battle with the Whitebeard gang, the Navy moved its headquarters from Marineford to Naval Base G1 in the New World. But the navy also has bases in other parts of the world. The navy's greatest weapon is the buster call, a gigantic force of ten warships under five vice admirals of incredible destructiveness. Therefore, only the Grand Admiral and Admirals, and those who have received authority from them, have permission to request a buster call. Besides the four emperors and the seven samurai of the seas, the navy forms the so-called three powers that keep the world in balance.

The four emperors

四 皇  Yonkō 

In addition to the world government and the Seven Samurai, these pirates are considered the third part of the so-called three powers that keep the world in balance. The emperors include the Red Shanks , from whom Luffy received his straw hat, Charlotte Linlin alias Big Mom, who declared war on Luffy after the events on Fishman Island, and Kaido, who first appeared in the manga after Don Quixote de Flamingo was defeated by Luffy was shown as well as Marshall D. Teach, also called Blackbeard, who advanced to one of the Four Emperors for the late Edward Newgate alias Whitebeard.

The Seven Samurai of the Seas

七 武 海  Shichibukai 

The Seven Samurai of the Seas are powerful pirates who fight and rob other pirate gangs and cede a share of the booty to the world government, which is why they are officially tolerated by them. When Luffy and his gang reach the Grandline, the Seven Samurai Mihawk “Hawk Eye” Dulacre (the best swordsman in the world), the cyborg Bartholomew Bear, the fish man Jimbei, Don Quixote de Flamingo, Gecko Moria, Sir Crocodile and the pirate empress and ruler from Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock on.

After Sir Crocodile's machinations were exposed in Alabasta, he was released from the group of samurai and locked in the maximum security Impel Down Prison. His place was taken by the hitherto unknown Blackbeard after he surrendered to the Navy Puma D. Ace. However, by declaring war against the whole world during the Battle of Marineford, he quickly lost the title. Jimbei too was stripped of the title after he refused to give orders to assist the Navy in the fight against Whitebeard. Gecko Moria is no longer a samurai either, as he was supposed to be killed by Don Quichotte de Flamingo on the highest orders, but was able to escape thanks to his devilish powers.

After the Battle of Marineford, Buggy, the Clown, and Trafalgar D. Water Law assumed the position of samurai of the seas . Due to Law's alliance with the Straw Hat Gang, this Admiral Issho withdrew the title on the island Dress Rosa. Long-time member Don Quixote de Flamingo was arrested by the Navy after uncovering his crimes and defeat by the Straw Hat gang. So the current samurai of the seas are: Mihawk "Hawk's Eye" Dulacre, Bartholomew Bear, Boa Hancock, Buggy (the clown) and, as the newest member, Edward Weevil, who thinks he is the birth son of Whitebeard.

After the Reverie, the institution of the 7 Samurai of the Seas was dissolved by the world government. It is not yet known what effect this has on the balance of the three powers.

The revolutionaries

革命家  Kakumeika

The revolutionaries are an organized association that has set itself the goal of overthrowing the world government. It is led by Monkey D. Dragon, the son of Navy Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp and his right-hand man, the tactical commander Sabo. Sabo is, like Ace, a stepbrother of Luffy. He was considered dead for a long time, but he survived and reappeared on Dress Rosa when he represented Luffy in the Colosseum and ate the fire fruit. Dragon is also supported by Emporio Ivankov, king of the transvestites of the Kamabakka kingdom on Momoiro Island. A former supporter of the revolutionaries is Bartolomäus Bär, who, for reasons that have not yet been clarified, had himself converted into a Pacifista. The revolutionaries are therefore seen by the world government as the greatest threat, greater than all pirates combined, since pirates do not attack the world government on their own or declare war on it. Therefore, Monkey D. Dragon was declared the greatest enemy in the world and therefore the most wanted felon.

The world aristocrats

世界 貴族  Sekai Kizoku

The world aristocrats, also called sky dragon people ( 天 竜 人 Tenryūbito ), are the inhabitants of the city of Mary Joa and the descendants of those kings who founded the world government 800 years before the beginning of the plot. Her megalomania and unscrupulousness grew during this time due to her great power. If they are outside of their hometown, they wear a breathing bell so as not to breathe the same air as everyone else, which they believe should only exist to amuse them. They aren't even afraid to murder people who they think are in their way. Because of their ancestry, the world government overlooks such acts. The world aristocrats are slave owners and obtain their slaves from the Human Shop on the Sabaody Archipelago. Some of the world aristocrats even collect special slaves, e.g. B. Captured pirate captains. If they are attacked, they are protected by an admiral of the navy because of their position. The world aristocrats have a special mark called "hoof of the rising dragons". Newly acquired slaves are branded with this mark for identification.

The Cipherpol No. 9 (CP9)

サ イ フ ァ ー ポ ー ル No.9  Saifā Pōru Nanbā Nain

The CP9 was the elite unit of the Cipherpol secret service. This unit, founded over 20 years ago, never officially existed and was under the direct direction of the world government. The headquarters were in the justice tower in Enie's lobby. All CP9 agents were required to have superhuman skills, including a. the so-called Formula 6, and were authorized to decide about people's lives without a trial. After the CP9 was defeated by the Straw Hat gang, the agents with the exception of the head of Spandam were cast out . It is not known whether the CP9 is still active and there are replacements for the old agents. However, Rob Lucci reappears in CP0.

The 11 supernovae

11 人 の 超 新星  11-nin no Chōshinsei

Also known as 11 Rookies, this group names eleven young pirates with a bounty of over 100 million berries on their way to the New World. They came together on the Sabaody Archipelago to prepare for their crossing of the Redline. Two pirate gangs are even allowed to have two rookies each: The straw hat gang with Luffy (initially 300 million berries, later 400 million berries, later 500 million berries, currently 1.5 billion berries) and Zorro (120 million . Berry, currently 320 million berries) and the kid pirate gang with Eustass “Captain” Kid (315 million berries, later 470 million berries) and killer (162 million berries, later 200 million berries).

Other rookies are Basil Hawkins (249 million berries, later 320 million berries), X. Drake (222 million berries), Trafalgar D. Water Law (200 million berries, later 440 million berries, currently 500 million berries ), Scratchmen Apoo (198 million berries, later 350 million berries), Jewelry Bonney (140 million berries), Capone “Gang” Bege (138 million berries, currently 300 million berries) and Urouge (108 million berries ). Two years after the Great Battle of Marineford, the rookies made a name for themselves in the New World. Because of their activities, they are referred to by the Navy as the so-called "worst generation".

The rookies receive these titles from the world government and the navy.

Pirate alliances

Some pirate gangs also form alliances under special circumstances in order to assert common interests.

There are currently two well-known alliances in the New World:

The first alliance consists of the Straw Hat pirate gang under their captain Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law. This alliance managed to defeat Don Quixote de Flamingo, but their main goal is to overthrow Kaido, one of the Four Emperors.

The second alliance consisted of the Kid Pirates under Eustass "Captain" Kid, Scratchmen Apoo and Basil Hawkins. They also planned the overthrow of one of the four emperors, the Red Shanks. Due to a meeting of the alliance with Kaido and the fact that they were betrayed by Scratchmen Apoo, who was previously part of Kaido's crew, this alliance broke up.

A new alliance is formed between the emperors Kaido and Charlotte Linlin alias Big Mom, who previously served together on the ship as part of the legendary Rocks pirate gang under Rocks D. Xebec.



ベ リ ー  Berī

Berry is the common unit of payment in the world of One Piece. The value of 1 berry corresponds roughly to the value of 1 yen (approx. € 0.01), because a newspaper there costs 100 berries.

Time calculation

The seafarer Maron Noland landed on the island of Jaya in 1122 of One Piece's calendar and this was (approx.) 400 years before the Straw Hat gang visited Sky Island, so the current story (approx.) In 1524 of One Piece's calendar plays.

Lock port

The lock port

記録 指針ロ グ ポ ー ス Rogu Pōsu

The lock port (literally: “saved compass needle”) is a navigation aid that is similar to a compass. However, it does not align itself with the earth's magnetic field, but points to the next island along a fixed route. Once there, a lock port needs some time to align itself with the new target. This device is only used on the Grandline because the magnetic fields of the islands there are superimposed on the earth's magnetic field and thus make the normal compass unusable. A subtype of the lock port is the eternal port (永久 指針エ タ ー ナ ル ポ ー ス Etānaru Pōsu , literally: "Eternal compass needle"), which only has a certain target island stored forever and points directly to it.

In the New World, however, you need an expanded form of the lock port. It is a lock port with three needles that are arranged in a triangle. With this lock port, three islands are targeted, as the magnetic field of the islands in the New World can spontaneously hide and several possible islands can be controlled for safety. For this purpose, the needles show with restless rashes how dangerous the displayed islands are. The more restless the needle is, the more dangerous the island is.

Devil fruits

悪 魔 の 実  Akuma no Mi

Anyone who eats from a devil fruit acquires certain skills over the long term that depend on the type of devil fruit. The downside, however, is always that the person can no longer swim and usually loses strength quickly when they come into contact with a large amount of seawater or so-called sea stones; the properties of the devil fruit do not disappear in themselves, but can hardly be used and the devil power user is physically very weakened. The devil fruits are still very popular and are traded for around 100 million berries. Trafalgar Law's surgical fruit was even supposed to sell for 5 billion berries.

They can be divided into three groups:

  • Zoan fruits (動物ゾ オ ン , literally: “animal group” from ancient Greek ζῷον zóon , German “animal” ) allow the user to change half or all of himself into a certain animal, but they can also remain in their original form. In very rare cases it can also be an extinct species or mythical creature, in which case it is a cryptid zoan fruit.
  • Logia fruits (自然ロ ギ ア , literally: "nature group") can transform the entire body into certain natural forces such as fire, light or ice and can also secrete them at will.
  • All other devil fruits are called Paramecia fruits (超人パ ラ ミ シ ア , literally: "superman / superman group") summarized.

So far there is only one fruit of each devil fruit type in One Piece, so that there are no two devil fruit users with the same devil power. Usually it is also impossible to have more than one devil power. The only exception so far is the pirate Blackbeard, who has two devil powers. As a result, he also avoids the danger of dying from eating a second devil fruit. But when a devil fruit user dies, the fruit with its former power is transferred into the fruit that is closest to him and transformed into this.

The scientist Dr. Vegapunk has succeeded in transferring the powers of devil fruits to objects such as swords. Don Quixote de Flamingo has succeeded in using the SAD produced by Caesar to produce synthetic devil fruits, so-called smile fruits.


覇 気

The Haki is a psychic ability that only mentally strong people can do. Haki can be released through training, shock, or tremendous will. Often the users are initially unable to control their haki so they have to train it. Haki also intensifies the attacks of the user. There are three different types of haki:

The king shaki ( 覇王 色Haōshoku ) is the rarest form of haki that only every millionth person has. A user of the king shaki causes a gigantic aura wave that only a few, mentally strong people can withstand. The previously known users of the king shaki are Shanks, Monkey D. Luffy, Boa Hancock, Edward Newgate, Puma D. Ace, Silvers Rayleigh, Don Quichotte de Flamingo, Eustass Kid, Charlotte Katakuri, Charlotte Linlin, Don Chinjao and Oden Kouzuki.

The observation haki ( 見聞 色Kenbunshoku ) is another type of haki and allows the user to anticipate and evade attacks or actions by an opponent. For this reason, the users of the observation haki usually have advantages in a fight. The first time this haki is used by Enel in the fight against Luffy. In Skypia this type of haki is called mantora.

The armor haki ( 武装 色Bus ō shoku ) acts as a kind of armor that also enables the user to attack Logia devil power users. Silvers Rayleigh used this technique in battle against Admiral Borsalino. The body becomes enormously resistant due to the armor in which one is enveloped. The armor haki can also be transferred to objects, making them extremely resistant, more powerful and harder. An example of this are the Kuja; they concentrate the aura in their arrows, which make them extremely penetrating. These items can prove to be very useful in the fight against Logia fel power users, because with these weapons they can be attacked directly.

Sea stone

海 楼 石  Kairōseki

Sea stone is a natural mineral in the world of One Piece, but it can only be found in certain places. It has the property of suppressing the ability of the devil power users. The navy therefore uses sea stones to build handcuffs, nets and prisons for devil power users. Ships that are shod on the underside with sea stones can hardly or not at all by the sea kings and so the ships of the navy that are shod with sea stones can sail unhindered through the Calm Belt.

Sea kings

海王 類  Kaiōrui

Sea kings are gigantic sea monsters that mainly appear in the Calm Belt, but also in the four blues. According to legend, in the past there was a mermaid princess who was able to communicate with sea kings. This gift was inherited by Shirahoshi, the daughter of King Neptune, the king of Fishman Island. However, some people seem to be able to at least hear their voices, such as Gold Roger and Monkey D. Luffy.

The forgotten kingdom

Little is known about the forgotten kingdom, and it is one of the greatest mysteries in One Piece. It existed until 800 years ago, but there are no other lore. It was destroyed by an alliance of 20 kings that is now known as the world government. The world government has always done everything possible to erase the "real story" associated with the forgotten kingdom from people's minds. The real story spans a period of about 100 years, about which nothing is known and is therefore also called the "forgotten century". The only tradition that exists is the porn glyphs, which are distributed all over the world. The mysterious D., which some famous people such as Gol D. Roger, Monkey D. Luffy, or Trafalgar D. Law have in their names, could be related to the true story of the forgotten kingdom. In addition, the bearers of the D. are considered opponents of the "sky dragons" , whose ancestors came to power at that time.

Porn Glyph

歴 史 の 本文ポ ー ネ グ リ フ Pōnegurifu

Porneglyphs (literally: "historical texts") are ancient text messages from the time of the forgotten kingdom, carved in dark blue stone blocks. These were created by the Kouzuki clan, a family of stone masons from Wano Kuni. Only the archaeologists of Ohara Island were able to decipher them. Nico Robin is known to be the only survivor of Ohara. She is the only known person who can read the porn glyphs (Prince Oden was executed, he was also able to decipher it).

There are around 30 porn glyphs in total, which contain, among other things, information about the ancient weapons and the true history of the forgotten kingdom. The information from nine specific porn glyphs is said to reveal the true story of the Forgotten Kingdom and together make up the Rio Porn Glyph. In addition to the usually dark blue porn glyphs, there are four red road porn glyphs. With their help, it is possible to locate the island of Unicon on which the One Piece should be found. The minks on Zou, Big Mom and Kaido each have a road porn glyph.

The ancient weapons

古代 兵器  Kodai Heiki

The ancient weapons come from the forgotten kingdom over 800 years ago. The only records of them are on the so-called porn glyphs. One of these weapons is the warship Pluton, whose blueprints Frankie burned. Also the mermaid princess Shirahoshi, who represents the weapon Poseidon and Uranus, about which nothing is known yet. These weapons are said to have the ability to destroy entire islands with a single blow. Hence, different groups strive for their possessions and the power that goes with them. The weapons are called Pluton Uranus and Poseidon.


One Piece has been appearing in individual chapters in the Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump since 1997 , with 983 of these individual chapters already being published there (as of June 22, 2020). The Shūeisha- Verlag regularly combines these individual chapters into anthologies, 96 of which have so far been published. The pilot stories he previously wrote, both titled Romance Dawn , have also been published. While the first story was printed in the special volume One Piece Red after publication in Akamaru Jump , the second, after being published in the regular Jump, finds its place in the short story volume Wanted! , which contains more stories from Eiichirō Oda.

The structure of the plot corresponds roughly to the following chapters in the manga:

One Piece has been published in German by Carlsen Comics since January 2001 , so far there are 94 regular volumes, the five special volumes Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Deep, which contain background information on One Piece, and the special volumes retelling the tenth feature film One Piece Strong World , Volumes 1 and 2 published. New translators have been used since volume 38. In addition to Japan and German-speaking countries, the translations of the manga anthologies are also published for France , Italy , Spain , Singapore , Taiwan , Brazil , Sweden , Denmark , Finland and the USA, among others .

Film adaptations

→ Main article One Piece (Anime)

After the successful start as a manga series, One Piece was also implemented as an anime: First in 1998 as OVA , which was shown on the “Jump Super Anime Tour” and later distributed on VHS. Within a year, the television series started on October 20, 1999 and is still successfully broadcasting new episodes; meanwhile more than 900 episodes have been shown in Japan. So far, 779 episodes have been dubbed in German and broadcast on television (before January 18, 2016, only up to episode 456), the first broadcast of episode one was on April 22, 2003. In 2000, 2003 and 2005, a television film was produced each In 2012 there were two of them. A total of 15 films have been produced since 2000.

The latest One Piece movie is One Piece Stampede .

Background information

According to an interview with Shonen Jump USA magazine, Eiichirō Oda attributes his enthusiasm for pirates to the anime series Wickie and the strong men he saw as a child. For One Piece, he was inspired by the drawing style of the US cartoon series Tom and Jerry , and the manga series Dragonball by the cartoonist Akira Toriyama served as a model for the plot structure .

In 1996, Oda drew a forerunner of One Piece under the title Romance Dawn . The 48-page manga appeared in Shōnen Jump and later in the special issue One Piece Red . In addition, he wrote some short stories in advance, which are part of the short story volume Wanted! and some of them are included in the current manga, such as the samurai Ryuma, who was resurrected as a zombie in the thriller Bark adventure and whose adventure here is a legend.

Gold Roger's last words shortly before his execution ("You want my treasure? You can have it! Look for it, I have hidden the greatest treasure in the world somewhere.") Are originally from the pirate La Buse .

Sanji goes to the character played by Steve Buscemi "Mr. Pink ”from the movie Reservoir Dogs .


パ ン ダ マ ン  

In some chapters of the manga and also in some episodes of the anime, the mysterious "Panda Man" appears. Eiichirō Oda hardly ever mentioned the presence of the panda, but he keeps appearing. Oda once spoke to him. At that time he claimed that something was happening to this panda. Oda left open the question of whether "Panda Man" plays a role, becomes a main character or a secondary character. According to hints, Oda said that one could also expect that "Panda Man" could become the pirate king with his ideas, although this would be rather unlikely. According to Eiichirō Oda, "Panda Man" has a bounty of 3,333,333 Berry, is a wrestler and owes a person named Tomato Gang, who is often seen because of that. His rival is "Unforgivable Mask", although you only know that he is wearing a mask.


Drawing of the pirate Edward Teach

Some of the names in the series are taken from real-life pirates who mostly ravaged the Caribbean in the 17th and 18th centuries . The pirate Edward Teach (in literature he is both Edward Teach and Edward Thatch called), also known as Blackbeard, refers to three characters in the series: Mainly the pirate Marshall D. Teach alias Blackbeard, furthermore Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard and Thatch, former commandant of the 4th Division of the Whitebeard Pirate Gang and murdered by Blackbeard.

Zorro's name "Lorenor" (originally "Roronoa") is derived from the French pirate Jean-David Nau, better known under his pseudonym François l'Olonnais (Japanese Furansowa Roronoa ).

Usoppu , the original Japanese name for Usoppu, is derived from the Greek fable poet Aesop . Since Usoppu is composed of the Japanese word for lie ( = uso ) and the name of the poet, the sentence ore wa usoppu can be translated both as “I am Usopp” and “I am a liar”.

Miss Doublefinger's name is an allusion to the New Year: If you hold both index fingers ("double finger") up, it looks like "1 - 1", ie January 1st.

Some other examples are Eustass "Captain" Kid ( Eustache le Moine and William Kidd ), X. Drake ( Francis Drake ), Basil Hawkins (Basil Ringrose and John Hawkins ), Capone "Gang" Bege ( Al Capone and William Le Sauvage), Trafalgar D. Water Law ( Edward Low ), Jewelry Bonney ( Anne Bonny ), Urouge ( Arudsch "Barbarossa"), Scratchmen Apoo ( Chui A-poo ), Alvida ( Awilda ) and Bellamy ( Samuel Bellamy ). Pirate Prince Cavendish descends from Thomas Cavendish . The character of Emporio Ivankov is based on Dr. Frank N. Furter from the Rocky Horror Show and his former seiyū , Norio Imamura .

The names of various female supporting characters also have a meaning as a bird name in Japanese. The names Kuina ( 水 鶏 , kuina , water rail ) and Tashigi ( 田 鴫 , tashigi , snipe ) underline the external similarity of the two characters, but at the same time make it clear that both are fundamentally different. Other names with a second meaning are Aissa, Hina, Kaya and Nojiko. The names of the Amazon people of the Kuja on Amazon Lily come from botany, such as B. Rindou ( Japanese autumn gentian ), Ran ( orchidedee ), Marguerite ( marguerite ), Enishida ( goat clover ) and Hancock ( crackling pea ).

The names for the seas Eastblue (東 の 海イ ー ス ト ブ ル ー), West Blue (西 の 海ウ エ ス ト ブ ル ー), Northblue (北 の 海ノ ー ス ブ ル ー) or Southblue (南 の 海サ ウ ス ブ ル ー) are also derived from English in the Japanese manga.

Further name borrowings from mythology and literature are z. B. the Greek god names for the three "ancient weapons": Poseidon, Uranus, Pluton. The king of the fish man island has the name "Neptune" of the Roman water god. One of the enemies on Fishman Island, Van der Betten, is nicknamed the Flying Dutchman . Prometheus is a sun awakened by Charlotte Linlin, model is the Titan Prometheus . The "Mysterious Triangle" has a certain resemblance to the Bermuda Triangle . The Corrida Colosseum is built like the Colosseum in Rome.

But other characters also have role models, which, however, originate from a wide variety of sources. a. the boxer Ideo, which is derived from the anime Densetsu Kyojin Ideon and is a childhood memory of Oda - it was "the first plastic model I [Eiichiro Oda] had as a child".


Artbooks and special volumes

In addition to the manga, Eiichirō Oda has published five art books under the title Color Walk and five special volumes One Piece Red, One Piece Blue, One Piece Yellow, One Piece Green and One Piece Blue Deep. All special volumes have also been published in Germany.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, the special volumes One Piece Rainbow! as a bonus to the anime series and One Piece: 10th Treasures, in which well-known Japanese mangaka congratulated the tenth anniversary of the manga - among them Akira Toriyama , Takeshi Obata and Nobuhiro Watsuki - and contributed a drawing of their favorite characters from the series, who each contributed to theirs own style.


Based largely on the anime, Tatsuya Hamazaki wrote several light novels for One Piece. From the 2nd film on, a novel version was published for each film . The individual novels are:

# title year ISBN
01 One Piece: Taose! Kaizoku Ganzack
ONE PIECE 倒 せ! 海賊 ギ ャ ン ザ ッ ク
1999 ISBN 4-08-703084-9
02 One Piece: Logdown-hen
ONE PIECE ロ ー グ タ ウ ン 編
2000 ISBN 4-08-703096-2
03 One Piece: Nejimakijima no Bōken
ONE PIECE ね じ ま き 島 の 冒 険
2001 ISBN 4-08-703102-0
04th One Piece: Sennenryū Densetsu
ONE PIECE 千年 竜 伝 説
2001 ISBN 4-08-703107-1
05 One Piece: Chinjūjima no Choppā Ōkoku
ONE PIECE 珍 獣 島 の チ ョ ッ パ ー 王国
2002 ISBN 4-08-703110-1
06th One Piece: Dead End no Bōken
ONE PIECE THE MOVIE デ ッ ド エ ン ド の 冒 険
2003 ISBN 4-08-703124-1
07th One Piece: Norowareta Seiken
ONE PIECE 呪 わ れ た 聖 剣
2004 ISBN 4-08-703137-3
08th One Piece: Omatsuri-danshaku to Himitsu no Shima
ONE PIECE THE MOVIE オ マ ツ リ 男爵 と 秘密 の 島
2005 ISBN 4-08-703153-5
09 One Piece: Karakuri-jō no Meka Kyohei
ONE PIECE THE MOVIE カ ラ ク リ 城 の メ カ 巨 兵
2006 ISBN 4-08-703168-3
10 One Piece: Episode of Alabasta: Sabaku no Ōjo to Kaizoku-tachi
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2007 ISBN 978-4-08-703178-2
11 One Piece: Episode of Chopper +: Fuyu ni Saku, Kiseki no Sakura
ONE PIECE THE MOVIE エ ピ ソ ー ド オ ブ チ ョ ッ パ ー + 冬 に 咲 く 、 奇跡 の 桜
2008 ISBN 978-4-08-703190-4
12 One Piece: Strong World
2009 ISBN 978-4-08-703219-2
13 Gekijōban One Piece: Mugiwara Chase
劇場版 ONE PIECE 麦 わ ら チ ェ イ ス
2011 ISBN 978-4-08-703241-3
14th One Piece Film Z
2012 ISBN 978-4-08-703285-7

The first novel was also published in German by Carlsen in 2010 under the title Nieder mit Ganzack! ( ISBN 978-3-551-75666-4 ).


In Japan over the years published a whole series of Soundtrack - CDs that contain both the subjects used from the television series and motion pictures. In addition, there are also character songs sung by the seiyū , which are sold as single CDs in addition to the openings and endings of the anime . However, none of the media was published in the German-speaking area. In addition to the possibility of importing these , there is also a soundtrack CD released for Germany, which was licensed by CTM Concept-TV & Merchandising GmbH in 2003 and is distributed by BMG Ariola München GmbH . The production studio is Toyco Studios , and the pieces included were produced by Andy Knote .

Console games

After the continued success of the television series, several console games for the PlayStation ( PS2 , PS3 , PS4 (from 2015) , PSP and PS Vita ), the Game Boy Advance , the GameCube , the Wii , the Wii U , the Nintendo DS / 3DS were released and the Nintendo Switch in Germany. While the list of titles in Japan is varied and long, so far mainly the PlayStation titles have been published in Germany. But titles have also been published in Germany for the Wii and Nintendo DS:

  • One Piece: Grand Battle (2001, PlayStation)
  • One Piece: Grand Battle 2 (2002, PlayStation)
  • One Piece: Grand Battle 3 (2003, PlayStation 2, GameCube)
  • One Piece: Round the Land (2004, PlayStation 2, GameCube)
  • One Piece: Grand Battle 4 (2005, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Game Boy Advance)
  • One Piece: Pirates' Carnival (2005, PlayStation 2, GameCube)
  • One Piece: Grand Adventure (2006, PlayStation 2)
  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 1 - The Treasure Under the Waves (2009, Wii)
  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 2 - A Hero's Awakening (2009, Wii)
    • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Double Pack (2010, Wii)
  • One Piece: Gigant Battle (2011, Nintendo DS)
  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP (2012, Nintendo 3DS)
  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP 2 (2012, Nintendo 3DS)
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors (2012, PlayStation 3)
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 (2013, PlayStation 3, PS Vita)
  • One Piece: Romance Dawn (2013, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo 3DS)
  • One Piece: Unlimited World Red (2014, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS)
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (2015, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PC)
  • One Piece: Burning Blood (2016, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS Vita, PC)
  • One Piece: World Seeker (2019, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 (2020, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC)

The PlayStation titles with the exception of the Pirate Warriors series appeared with an English synchronization. These titles as well as the Wii and Nintendo DS titles and the PS3 version of Unlimited World Red only have Japanese voice output and German subtitles.

More games

Similar to other successful series, a trading card game was designed for the series and initially launched by Bandai in Japan. The German implementation was carried out by AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH .


The replica of the Flying Lamb before the remodel (2003)
The replica of the Thousand Sunny at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Sasebo , Nagasaki

There are replicas of both ships of the straw hat gang : The Going Merry caravel , known as the Flying Lamb in the German version, cruises as a motor-driven ferry in the bay in front of Tokyo . In 2005 the appearance of the replica was adapted to the status in the manga. In April 2011, the replica of the Thousand Sunny was ready to go in the Huis Ten Bosch amusement park in Sasebo , Nagasaki .

On the occasion of the launch of the new ship Thousand Sunny and the tenth anniversary of the Manga, a “One Piece Beach House” was built, to which a scaled-down replica of the bow of the Thousand Sunny is attached.

Economic success and awards

One Piece is currently number 1 on the list of the most successful manga series of all time in Japan: more than 460 million volumes had been sold by December 2019, 390 million of them in Japan alone. In June 2015, the series was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's best-selling comic series by a single author. In 2010 there were 32.3 million volumes and in 2011 38 million volumes (more than places 2–9 of the best-selling series from 2011 put together, namely Naruto , Blue Exorcist , Fairy Tail , Toriko , Gintama , Bakuman , Bleach and Near you ) sold. In addition, One Piece is the manga series that has reached the “magical limit” of 100 million copies sold in Japan alone so far the fastest, and also the first series to sell more than 200 million copies. In November 2011, four million copies of volume 64 were printed in Japan, the highest initial print run ever achieved for a single Manga volume and a single book in Japan. Previously, Volume 57 broke the previous first-edition record of all Harry Potter books with 2.9 million copies of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in February 2010 with an initial print run of 3 million copies .

The new Japanese Tankōbon have also been regularly at number 1 on the Manga sales charts for years. In the week from April 30 to May 6, 2012, over two million copies of Volume 66 were sold within the first week of sales and thus reached number 1 on the Oricon charts. For comparison, the second-placed volume 60 of the Naruto manga series, which appeared in the same week, sold around 850,000 copies in the same period.

One Piece was nominated for the Osamu Tezuka Culture Prize from 2000 to 2002 , but was subject to different manga all three times. In 2005 and 2009 she received the Sondermann Audience Award at the Frankfurt Book Fair in the “Manga / Manhwa international” category. The series won the 41st Japan Cartoonist Awards in April 2012.

The first three One Piece films were among the ten most successful Japanese productions of the year in Japan. The sixth One Piece feature film from 2005, Omatsuri-danshaku to Himitsu no Shima , grossed 1.2 billion yen (about 8.7 million euros) and was in the Japanese top ten for six weeks. The tenth film One Piece Strong World managed to occupy first place in the Japanese box office for two weeks and grossed a total of 4.8 billion yen (about 58 million euros). The twelfth film, One Piece Z, sold 1.14 million tickets for 1.372 billion yen (approx. 12 million euros) when the film opened in Japan on the first weekend, making it the most successful theatrical release of a film in Japan of the year 2012.


According to Tagesspiegel , the manga has managed to fill the originally clear frame with dense narratives, absurdity and depth, and as the reader and the author get older, it addresses increasingly serious socially critical issues such as racism, oppression and torture. The conflict between good and evil is also increasingly mixed up by the navy and its actions. Influences can be found from global cultural history, from US rappers like Eminem , Roman myths like the Aeneid , Arab myths, Japanese art-house actors and also from World War II. His drawings remain relatively simple in the figures, even if the surroundings also make use of global architecture, such as the Italian Renaissance and Neuschwanstein Castle .

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