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The characters from One Piece , a Japanese manga series , are primarily members of the Straw Hat pirate gang, other pirates and members of the Navy. Often, however, other characters also play an important role in a certain section of the plot. Some characters do not appear for a long period of time before they become part of the plot again.

Under the German name, the name is given in Japanese characters , the corresponding transcription and, if known, the age of the figure.

The straw hat gang

Monkey D. Luffy

モ ン キ ー ・D ・ ル フ ィ  Monkī Dī Rufi   19 years old

Luffy, also known as "Straw Hat", is the captain of the Straw Hat gang and unofficially an emperor of the seas. His big dream is to find the One Piece, a legendary treasure, and thus become king of the pirates. As a child, he ate from the gum-gum fruit and therefore has a flexible rubber body. This also makes it immune to solid projectile firearms as well as electricity. His greatest role model is the Red Shanks , from whom he received his straw hat as a token of appreciation. For Luffy, this hat is something of a personal treasure, which apart from him can only be touched by close friends. His current bounty is 1.5 billion berries . Luffy comes from the Kingdom of Goa in the East Blue and grew up in Fuusha (in German Windmühlendorf ) and, after receiving his straw hat, was given to mountain robbers by his grandfather Monkey D. Garp on Mount Corvo, where he stayed until he left for Pirate adventure lived.

At first glance, Luffy always appears lively, carefree, aimless and very curious. But if he finds a goal, he never lets it out of sight and never gives up. He got this quality from his grandfather, the ex-marine vice-admiral Monkey D. Garp, who brought him up with a strict hand and even put his life in danger in the hope of making Luffy a particularly strong marine. His family also includes his father Monkey D. Dragon , the leader of the Revolutionary Army and thus also the most wanted man in the world, his foster mother Kali Dadan, leader of a gang of mountain robbers, and his foster brothers Portgas D. Ace , the former commander of the second division the Whitebeard pirate gang and Sabo , tactical commander in the Revolutionary Army. Luffy has a special appetite and loves Sanji meat and food . In addition, he can quickly become enthusiastic about an adventure without thinking too much about the fact that it might be very difficult. If Luffy recognizes a form of injustice or an unjustified fight that he dislikes, he intervenes in the fight and thus helps the oppressed, which is why many of them see Luffy as a hero, even though he does not want to be. Even in the Davy-Back-Fight against the Foxy pirate gang, Luffy does not allow himself to be carried away to injustices, although Foxy does not fight fair and breaks all the rules.

In the two years after the great Battle of Marineford , Luffy trained his skills to face the challenges of the second part of the Grandline, the New World . To do this, he went to the island of Rusukaina with Silvers Rayleigh , the former vice-captain of the pirate gang of Gol D. Roger , to learn the basics of Haki from him . After the two-year jump, Luffy has mastered all three types of hooks (observation hooks, armor hooks and king kis).

Lorenor Zorro

ロ ロ ノ ア ・ ゾ ロ  Roronoa Zoro   21 years

Zorro, also known as the “pirate hunter”, is a former bounty hunter and is the first to swear allegiance to Luffy. His goal is to become the best swordsman in the world, driven by an oath to his late rival Kuina, whom he could never beat in battle. In order to achieve this goal, he trains very hard to be able to defeat the currently best swordsman, the samurai of the seas Mihawk "Hawk Eye" Dulacre . His current bounty is 320 million berries. Zorro comes from the village of Shimotsuki , which is also where the dojo is located, where he learned the art of sword fighting.

He is the only known swordsman who fights with three swords at the same time, which has given him a certain legendary reputation. His most famous sword is the Wado-Ichi-Monji , which he inherited from Kuina. Later he received the third generation Kitetsu in Lougetown , which is cursed, but Zorro still obeys. For a long time he carried the Yubashili with him, which he received like the third generation Kitetsu in Lougetown, but which was destroyed in Enie's lobby and is now buried on the thriller Bark. There Zorro got the Shuusui from Samurai Ryuma as a replacement .

Zorro is in some ways similar to his captain in terms of willpower. However, he is more critical of the individual members of the gang and places great emphasis on loyalty. So he demanded that Usopp, who had since left the gang because of the dispute over the Flying Lamb , first apologize clearly to Luffy for the final resumption. Zorro's biggest problem is his poor sense of direction , which often leads to involuntarily funny situations. He also likes to drink alcohol. In addition, he and Sanji have a rivalry that is sometimes friendly, sometimes challenging and hot-headed.

Zorro landed on Kuraigana Island . There he was trained by his competitor Hawk Eye.

Eiichiro Oda first conceived Zorro as a member of Buggy's gang, but he made a different decision at short notice.


ナ ミ   Nami 20 years

Nami, also known as the “thieving cat” , is the crew's navigator and cartographer, but initially describes herself as a thief who specializes in pirates. The background to this is her agreement with the fish man Arlong, from whom she wanted to buy back her home village. Nami initially sees the trip with the straw hats only as a community of convenience. But when Luffy defeated Arlong, who terrorized her home island Konomi and her place of residence, Kokos , and murdered her adoptive mother Bellemere, she finally joins the Straw Hat gang. Nami also has an adoptive sister named Nojiko. They don't know where they come from. They come from an island that was attacked and destroyed by pirates. Bellemere, then a marine, found both of them when Nami was a baby and adopted them.

Nami is very spirited and loves nothing more than her oranges and treasures. Your dream is to draw a perfect world map one day. She also has a fashionable taste and often dresses very revealingly. Their body measurements are 95–55–85. She also has a tattoo on her left upper arm that is supposed to represent a windmill with an orange. The inspiration came from Genzo, the Kokos policeman, who wore a windmill on his head to make Nami laugh as a baby. This tattoo is over a scar caused by a previous tattoo of the Arlong gang. Her current bounty is 66 million berries.

Nami's weapon is the so-called climate baton , a three-part weapon that Nami wears on her legs when she is not using them. Each of these parts creates a special bubble that releases heat , cold or electricity depending on the part . This weapon and Nami's navigational knowledge of the weather thus form the core of her fighting style, as she is able to significantly influence and control the weather in the area. Thanks to the electricity rod, it can even trigger thunderstorms, the lightning of which is intended to weaken the enemy or even render them incapable of fighting. The climate baton was invented and produced by Usopp, who originally designed it as a gimmick for parties and enhanced it with dials after the adventure on Skypia . For the first time, Nami uses the climate baton on Alabasta in the fight against Miss Doublefinger.

An update are the wind nodes with which Nami wants to strengthen the climate baton and trained for two years on Weatheria .


ウ ソ ッ プ  Usoppu   19 years

Usopp, who likes to call himself the captain, is actually the crew's marksman and weapons specialist, and before Franky's entry into the gang, the ship's carpenter. Usopp is often a coward and a liar, but you can still rely on him in tricky situations. He comes from the village of Syrop in the East Blue , where he grew up partly alone after his father moved out as a pirate and his mother died of an illness. After his mother's death, he began to lie as it made this loss more bearable. His goal is to become a brave warrior of the seas and later the best archer in the world. Usops role models are his father Yasopp, who is a member of the Red Shanks gang, as well as the giants of Elban . Like his father, Usopp has very good eyesight and almost always hits his target. Unlike Yasopp, who uses pistols, Usopp prefers to use his slingshot to incapacitate his opponents, for whom he has a very large collection of different projectiles.

On Water Seven he separates from the crew for a short time because they cannot keep the Flying Lamb , their old ship, which was too badly damaged to be repaired. But after the adventure on Enie's lobby, in which Usopp participated as "Sogeking, the king of the snipers" , he rejoined the group and sailed on with them on their new ship.

Usopp is a very skilled craftsman and artist. It was he who put the Jolly Roger on the Flying Lamb's sail and thus gave the gang a symbol. He also produces his ammunition himself and is also the inventor of Nami's climate baton. Together with Franky he works on further developments of the Thousand Sunny. His current bounty is 200 million berries, as he is considered one of the ringleaders in the overthrow of the regime from Don Quixote de Flamingo to Dress Rosa and was referred to as "God Usopp". Previously he was only searched for as a Sogeking.

Usops two-year training took place in the Bowin Archipelago , where it was brought about by Bartholomew Bear. There he had to prove himself against huge carnivorous plants and animals.

Vinsmoke Sanji

ヴ ィ ン ス モ ー ク ・ サ ン ジ  Vinsumōku Sanji   21 years

Vinsmoke Sanji, also known as "Black Foot " , is the smutje on Luffy's ship. He has a weakness for beautiful women and flirts with every pretty girl, although he often behaves very childishly. Sanji only fights with his feet to protect the hands he needs for cooking. He learned his skills from the cook and pirate "Redfoot" Jeff, under whom Sanji was the head chef at the floating lake restaurant Baratié . Sanji is the third son of Jaiji Vinsmoke, the leader of the mobile kingdom of Germa, which is the home of the Germa 66 underground army. His father carried out genetic manipulations on his children, which did not work with Sanji himself. For this reason, he was cast out by his father, publicly pronounced dead and locked in a dungeon cell. When he escaped, the kingdom was in the East Blue.

His current bounty is 330 million berries. His hairstyle is characteristic of Sanji, where a pony always covered one of the eyes (the left one before the time jump, the right one afterwards). Sanji is a heavy smoker and is seen mostly with a cigarette. He also often argues with Zorro, always calling him Marimo ("spinach head", an allusion to Zorro's green hair color).

His big goal is to find the legendary All Blue - an ocean in which all the fish in the world should be found. Another goal was the search for the devil fruit, which gives invisibility so that he can help people. However, this was only a pretext, since it was really only about being able to stretch with women. He will not be able to do this for the time being, as this devil fruit was eaten by Absalom, one of the commanders of the Moria pirates, and he would have to die for Sanji to have the chance to get it himself.

Sanji's philosophy as a cook is that every person, whether they are a wanted criminal or not, should get something to eat when they are about to starve. The background to this philosophy is a stroke of fate that befell him when he was still a kitchen boy in a galley on a passenger ship. The ship was ambushed by Jeff and his gang shortly afterwards, but a storm destroyed Jeff's ship and the passenger ship. Only Sanji and Jeff survived the disaster and were able to save themselves on an island that was far from any route. However, Jeff had two washed up bags apparently filled with groceries and gave one to Sanji. These are the only source of food, as the island had cliffs that were too high for fishing and nothing edible grows on the island. Both lay in wait for ships on opposite sides of the island, but the only thing that came close to the island Sanji could not see, as it was raining. After 30 days, Sanji's supplies ran out and he decided to steal Jeff's sack of groceries and kill him; but the sack contained only treasure and Jeff ate his severed right foot. During this time, Sanji decided to help Jeff build a floating restaurant. After 85 days, both were saved alive.

Sanji trained for two years on Momoiro Island , which turned out to be Emporio Ivankov's home island . There he was persecuted day and night by transvestites, which increased his skills and got to know the "offensive kitchen", which is food that is able to permanently strengthen the body.

Eiichiro Oda's inspiration for Sanji's appearance, especially on his first appearance, is actor Steve Buscemi . He explained this at the request of a reader in the fan mail pages of Chapter 670, which said Sanji was similar to the actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his role in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet . Originally, Oda Sanji wanted to give the name Naruto. But since at the same time a character of the same name by Oda's colleague Masashi Kishimoto made his debut in Weekly Shonen Jump, after which the manga was also named, he gave the character the name Sanji.

Tony Chopper

ト ニ ー ト ニ ー ・ チ ョ ッ パ ー  Tonī Tonī Choppā   17 years

Chopper is a male reindeer who ate from the human-human fruit and thus became a human reindeer . He is the ship's doctor for the Straw Hat gang. His current bounty is 100 berries as he was only considered a pet by the Navy. He comes from the Grandline winter island of Drumm , today Sakura, and is therefore the only member of the Straw Hat gang born on the Grandline. Chopper was excluded from his herd due to his blue nose and later, when he was rejected because of his devilish powers, he was accepted by Doc Bader and trained as a doctor by a doctor named Doctor Kuleha after his death. He is very introverted and accordingly shy and finds it difficult to deal with compliments, but he has the ability to talk to animals. Due to his naivety and enthusiasm for trivial little things and events, he often looks like a little boy. Since joining the straw hat gang, Sanji has referred to him as emergency provisions and often annoyed him. Chopper joined the Straw Hat gang after he and Luffy drove the tyrannical King Wapol from his home island. His great goal is to develop the perfect medicine that is able to cure all diseases.

Because Chopper has become a human reindeer thanks to the devil fruit, he is able to transform himself, which gives him an individual fighting style. In addition to its original shape on four hooves ( double sprint ), it can transform into two other shapes. On the one hand, he usually uses an intermediate form, with which he is smaller than usual, but only walks on two hooves ( double brainpower ). With this transformation he can recognize the weak points of the opponent. On the other hand, he is able to perform a kind of human transformation ( double weight ), in the process he grows to the size of a man and the hooves become human hands and feet. His other transformations are the core of Chopper's fighting skills and can only be achieved with a so-called Rumble Ball he developed himself . So he has the possibility to increase his antlers ( Double Hornpower ), the jumping power in his legs ( Double Jumppower ), his fur to protect against attacks ( Double Plush ) and his muscle strength ( Double Armstrength ). The Rumble Ball has side effects. So this is only effective for three minutes and multiple ingestions within 6 hours ensure that Chopper can no longer control his transformations. When taking a third rumble ball, Chopper turns into an uncontrolled giant monster.

After landing in the Torino Kingdom and training for two years, he is able to achieve all forms without ingesting a rumble ball. He only needs a rumble ball for his monster shape, but is now able to control this shape. He has also improved his old forms and added a new one, Kung Fu Point .

Nico Robin

ニ コ ・ ロ ビ ン  Niko Robin   30 years

Nico Robin, also known as "the devil's child" , is an archaeologist and the third oldest member of the crew. As a young girl she was already a bookworm and eventually ate the flora-flora fruit , which gave her the ability to grow parts of her body in all possible places around her. When her home, the island of Ohara in the West Blue, was wiped out by the Navy through the Buster Call , she managed to escape, which from then on shaped her youth, as the high bounty (79 million berry) on her was the one with whom she found shelter believed, repeatedly led to betray them to the Navy. Over the years in which she was repeatedly betrayed by others, she lost trust in other people.

Before joining the Straw Hat gang, she was a member and vice president of the Baroque company under the code name Miss Bloody Sunday . Her boss Sir Crocodile , as a samurai of the seas, offered her a certain protection from the navy and the world government, which she despises deeply. After the break-up of the Baroque company on Alabasta, she joined the team of the Straw Hat gang after an initial protest. During the time, however, she became friends with the gang, which is why the team saved her from being captured on Enie's lobby on prison island . Her current bounty is 130 million berries.

Your goal is to put together the Rio porn glyph that is supposed to contain the truth about the real story . Due to her archaeological studies and the destruction of Ohara, she is the only person in the world who can read and decipher these porn glyphs.

In the two years of the absence of the Straw Hat gang, Nico Robin found himself on Tequila Wolf , a slave island that was only used to build a huge bridge, through Bartholomäus Bär . Robin is later freed by the Revolutionary Army and taken to her leader, Monkey D. Dragon.

Cutty "Franky" Framm

カ テ ィ ・ フ ラ ン キ ー ・ フ ラ ム  Kati "Furankī" Furamu   36 years old

Franky is a cyborg and the ship's carpenter for the Straw Hat gang after they saved him and Robin from Enie's lobby on Justice Island . He likes to be the cool guy, but also starts crying when hearing sad stories or singing a blues with his guitar. One of his qualities is his appearances, where he likes to put down poses that he thinks are cool, but the others are rather embarrassed.

As a child, he was abandoned by his parents, then pirates from the South Blue, on the island of Water Seven, where the legendary shipbuilder Tom took him under his wing. His dream is to build a ship with which he can sail around the world. This ship is said to be the new ship of the straw hat gang, which the gang received as a thank you. In order for the dream ship to do this, he accepted Luffy's offer to join. His current bounty is 94 million berries.

Even as a child, Franky liked to tinker with small battle ships, which he called Battle Frankys , to the annoyance of his classmate Eisberg. With one he could even kill a sea king. Through a conspiracy of the world government agent and CP9 head Spandam , who was still head of CP5 at the time , the Battle Frankys were stolen and used for an attack on Water Seven and the world government's justice ship, which would actually have meant the death sentence. But his teacher Tom made amends with the world government by building a sea train, which, however, still wanted to have him executed by the pirate king Gol D. Roger for the construction of the ship. When Tom was finally taken by sea train to Enie's lobby , the island of justice , Franky opposed the sea train, was run over and seriously injured and found dead by the world government. On a ghost ship Franky found enough material to repair his injured body, so he became a cyborg who draws his strength from cola .

Franky landed on Karakuri Island , where Dr. Vegapunk was born. After he accidentally destroyed a Vegapunk laboratory there and had to assemble himself again, he studied Vegapunk's plans in a second, underground laboratory in order to use them for himself.

In the German manga he is called Frankie, while in the original and in the anime adaptation, both in the original and in German, his name is Franky.


ブ ル ッ ク  Burukku   90 years

Brook, also known as the "Soul King", is a living skeleton and was a member of the Rumba pirate gang , whose giant whale La Boum Luffy's gang came across at the Cape of the Twins . The fact that he is a living skeleton is thanks to the fruit of the kingdom of the dead , which enabled his soul to return to his body after his physical death. However, his mind wandered too long about, so his body in the meantime decayed . For decades he wandered around in the Mysterious Triangle near the thriller Bark , the largest pirate ship in the world, on the ship of the Rumba pirates. After the Straw Hat Gang's victory over Gecko Moria , he joined the gang and has been their musician ever since. His current bounty is 83 million berries.

Brook's trademark is his Afro , and it is the musician's dream to end the journey he began with the rumba pirates and to see his friend the giant whale La Boum again after more than 50 years and to tell about it. Brook is an exceptionally talented fencer . As a weapon he uses a shikomizue , a blade that is hidden in his walking stick . As a musician he is able to play any instrument and he can make some of his opponents fall asleep instantly with his music. Before becoming a pirate, Brook was chief of the life guards of a kingdom in the West Blue. Like Sanji, Brook has a weakness for women, but his behavior is much more lustful. So he asks every female acquaintance whether they show him their panties. He also has a very stubborn sense of humor in which he alludes to his missing organs (e.g. his eyes would fall out at one sight if he still had any). He calls this the "Skull Joke".

Brook came to Namakura Island through Bartholomew Bear , where he was able to improve his skills as a fighter and musician through a conflict with long-arm people. Here Brook also recognized the true powers of his fruit, his soul is able to leave his body again and to buzz around freely as well as to be able to walk through walls, which serves the straw hat gang as an educational aid. He can also transfer his skills to weapons and objects that can be used to freeze targets.


ジ ン ベ エ   Jinbē   46 years old

Jimbei is a fish man , was a member of the sun pirate gang and then became the captain of the fish man pirate gang. He accepted the offer of the world government to become one of the Seven Samurai of the Seas in order to increase the protection of the Fishman Island . However, he later refused to the world government to take part in the fight against Whitebeard ( great battle of Marineford ), because the latter had already placed the Fishman Island under his protection for some time. As a result, Jimbei was interned in the notorious Impel Down prison. Luffy came too late with his penetration into Impel Down to free Ace, but could possibly. a. break out with Jimbei. Jimbei stood by Luffy when he regained consciousness from his serious injuries and faced the death of Ace. After Luffy was later reunited with his team, Jimbei met up with Luffy again on Fishman Island and successfully fought with him to save Fishman Island. After the fight, Luffy asks him to join his gang. Jimbei then explains that there are now (previously postponed) obligations waiting for him and that he can therefore not join yet. He agreed with the Straw Hat gang that he would join them later and become a member of the team.


Large straw hat fleet

The large straw hat fleet is an association of seven pirate gangs that formed after Luffy's victory over Don Quichotte de Flamingo on Dress Rosa, who want to thank Luffy even if he didn't want to. At the ceremony in which the captains doused the foundation with sake, Zorro took over this on behalf of Luffy without his knowledge. Luffy promised to call out for help as soon as he needed it.


キ ャ ベ ン デ ィ ッ シ ュ   Kyabendisshu   26 years

Cavendish is the captain of the Beautiful pirate gang and a former rookie.

He is a very extroverted character with great charisma and good looks. He loves nothing more than attention directed towards him. Therefore, he initially harbors a grudge against Luffy and Law because the "worst generation" took this away from him. His bounty is 330 million berries. It is not so much Cavendish who commits the crimes, but rather his second personality, called Hakuba, who takes over Cavendish's body when he sleeps. In contrast to Cavendish's noble character, Hakuba is vulgar and unscrupulous.

Cavendish was one of the participants in the Dress Rosa tournament for fire fruit. He left his block early, however, and was subsequently turned into a toy by Sugar. When Usopp killed Sugar, he was freed and joined Luffy's fight against Don Quixote de Flamingos. After Luffy's victory, he was one of the captains who wanted to sail under his auspices.


バ ル ト ロ メ オ   Barutoromeo   24 years

Bartolomeo, also known as the cannibal, is the captain of the Bartolomeo pirate gang.

He has eaten from the barrier fruit and can use it to create barriers around him when he crosses his fingers. This virtually protects him from any attack, no matter how strong. He can also hurl any attack back at the attacker. His current bounty is 200 million berries.

Bartolomeo is a huge fan of Luffy and his gang. He was in Louge Town when Luffy was about to be executed by buggy and was saved by lightning. He therefore sees Luffy as a kind of messiah, which inspired him to go to sea and become a pirate. He also collected the profiles and newspaper reports about the straw hat gang. As a seafarer, he and his gang are rivets and always need the help of their grandmother, who is connected to the gang with a telescope.

His character is pretty much the opposite of Luffy. He exhibits vulgar and sociopathic behavior and does not shy away from becoming violent. Nevertheless, Bartolomeo regards every opponent of an honorable fight as a sidekick. B. Bellamy, with whom he was on the same block in the Dress Rosa tournament which block he won. He took part in the tournament to secure Luffy the fire fruit, which is the memory of his late foster brother Ace.

He also took part on Luffy's side in the subsequent fight against Flamingo's gang and brought them to Zou after Luffy's victory and the founding of the large straw hat fleet.

The emperors

Together with the Seven Samurai of the Seas and the naval headquarters, the emperors form the so-called three powers. The four emperors rule over the New World , the second part of the Grand Line , the largest sea. The emperors are considered extremely strong and feared.

Current emperor


マ ー シ ャ ル ・ D ・ テ ィ ー チ   Māsharu Dī Tīchi   40 years

Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard ( 黒 ひ げ Kurohige ) is captain of the Blackbeard gang, former member of the 2nd division of the Whitebeard Pirates and, like Luffy, aims to become king of the pirates.

In terms of his approach and especially his values, Blackbeard is often the exact opposite of Luffy. For example, he is very patient and waited 20 years as an inconspicuous crew member Whitebeard for his chance to get a very specific devil fruit, the dark fruit. When Thatch, another member of the Whitebeard Pirates, finally found this fruit, Blackbeard murdered him. Because of the nefarious act against a comrade, his then division commander Ace took up his pursuit. Teach was able to defeat Ace, however, and handed him over to the Navy, whereupon he was named one of the Seven Samurai of the Seas.

The exceptional properties of this fruit enable it to physically attack other Logia devil power users without possessing any haki. As a user of the dark fruit, he can also use gravity like a black hole to absorb everything and let the darkness swallow it up. In contrast to the other fruits of the Logia, he is physically vulnerable and since Teach can soak up everything, he also feels pain much more intensely.

Blackbeard's interest in his new status is focused only on the possibility of penetrating the maximum security prison Impel Down in the turmoil of the great Battle of Marineford to free Ace and reinforcing his crew with some of the most feared prisoners. Only in the last legs of the battle does Blackbeard appear on the battlefield to kill his badly injured old captain Whitebeard and ingest his quake fruit. This makes Blackbeard the only known person who has more than one devil power. He then announced that the name of the just beginning era would be Blackbeard, and after the end of the battle moved out to the New World . There he begins to hunt down other owners of devil powers in order to kill them and steal their powers. Due to his high level of danger to the world, he is already considered to be the successor to Whitebeard as one of the Four Emperors. After the leap in time, Blackbeard has a fleet of at least five divisions.

"Redhead" Shanks

赤 髪 の シ ャ ン ク ス   Akagami no Shankusu   39 years

Shanks, also known as the Red Shanks or the Redhead , is the captain of his own pirate gang, the Redhead Pirate Gang , and the role model of Monkey D. Luffy. He also got the straw hat from him. Shanks was once part of the Gol D. Rogers gang with Buggy, the clown , and spent his first years as a pirate there. After the execution of his captain, he started his own gang, which also includes Usopp's father Yasopp. Shanks is a friendly and very calm person, who is not averse to alcohol and wild parties. His serenity can only be disturbed if you do something to a friend of his, which was revealed when mountain robbers threaten Luffy and he and his gang defeat them. However, the leader of the mountain robbers flees with Luffy on the open sea. When suddenly a sea monster appears, eats the mountain robber and Luffy almost ate too, Shanks rescues him with a Haki and thus drives the monster away. In doing so, Shanks loses his left arm. Upon departure, Luffy Shanks swears that he will become king of the pirates and find the legendary One Piece , whereupon Shanks gives him his beloved straw hat until Luffy has fulfilled this vow. Ten years later, Shanks made a name for himself and became one of the Four Emperors. It was he who tried unsuccessfully to convince Whitebeard to give up the hunt for Blackbeard. In addition, Shanks has had several duels with Mihawk "Hawk Eye" Dulacre, the results of which are unknown. Furthermore, he has a very strong king shaki , which was enough to frighten almost all members of Whitebeard's crew so much when visiting the Moby Dick, Whitebeard's ship, that they fell over and even split part of the railing.

How powerful Shanks is was made clear at the great Battle of Marineford . In this way he not only ended the fight, but also demanded the unconditional surrender of the bodies of Whitebeard and Ace, which Grand Admiral Senghok personally permitted without hesitation. His and Whitebeard's gang bury Whitebeard and Ace with dignity in the New World. Even Blackbeard was of the opinion after Shanks appearance that his strength was not enough to defeat Shanks.

Charlotte "Big Mom" ​​Linlin

シ ャ ー ロ ッ ト ・ リ ン リ ン   Shārotto Rinrin   68 years

Charlotte Linlin, also called Big Mom , is one of the Four Emperors. She is in possession of the soul-fruit and is able to transfer souls from people into objects (e.g. plants, sweets), which are thus brought to life and are subject to their will. These objects are called homies. Her three strongest homies and constant companions are the cloud Zeus, the sun Prometheus and her hat Napoleon.

Even as a child, Linlin was huge and hungry and quickly became enraged. Because of this, she was abandoned by her parents on the island of Elban and taken in by the underworld woman Carmel, who runs an orphanage to sell giant children to the Navy. None of the children were aware of this and so Linlin idolizes Carmel as her mother. That has never changed, not even when Carmel and the other children disappeared from the orphanage without a trace. At tea parties, there's always a picture of Carmel across from Linlin. If something happens to the photo, Linlin falls into a frenzy of rage in which she stops at nothing and no one. In a rampage in which one of the elders of Elban was killed, she was banished and declared the mortal enemy of all giants.

Linlin has a total of 46 sons and 39 daughters. Her goal is to become a pirate queen, which is why she forcibly marries her children in order to enlarge and strengthen her crew. It is in possession of two porn glyphs and one road porn glyph. She has a soft spot for rare people and creatures, which she keeps in books in her library.

After Whitebeard's death, she placed the Fish Man Island under her protection, but in contrast to the latter, asked for something in return in the form of sweets. When the monthly delivery cannot be kept due to Hody Jones' uprising, Luffy offers her all of his treasures as replacements. However, she declines this offer because she cannot eat treasures, whereupon Luffy declares war on her. He explains to her that he will come to the New World to overthrow her. Contrary to all reports, however, she was not defeated by Luffy, who could only escape her access, but she still wants to hunt Luffy and allies herself with the co-emperor Kaido.


カ イ ド ウ   Kaidou

Kaido is the captain of the 100 Beasts Pirate Gang and one of the Four Emperors. Considered the strongest being in the world, he has eaten from a devil fruit that enables him to transform into a dragon or a dragon man. Kaido suffers from mood swings, which are largely influenced by alcohol.

As Whitebeard prepares for the Battle of Marineford , Kaido tries to attack him, but is stopped by Shanks. After the leap in time, Kaido has a trading relationship with De Flamingo, who supplies him with artificially created devil fruits, so-called smiles. In the meantime it has been shown that Kaido cannot be killed, not even by himself. According to his own statement, he survives a jump from a heavenly island at 10,000 meters with a slight headache. Although he was defeated eight times as a pirate, he could not be killed by spears or swords. All executions also failed.

After the Battle of Marineford , the Five Wise Men realized that he was probably one of the few people who were still able to stop Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, after he had also acquired Whitebeard's devil powers.

Since Luffy's victory over Don Flamingo, his thirst for revenge has been directed primarily towards the pirates who destroyed his dream: Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law. His dream was a gang in which every member ate from a devil fruit or from a smile. The fact that Luffy has just defeated his co-empress Charlotte Linlin plays into his cards, as both of them join forces against Luffy. However, he was able to win an argument with Luffy and a few other rookies like Eustass Kid, Scratchman Apoo and Basil Hawkins. Luffy and Kid are currently under his control.

Former emperors

Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate

エ ド ワ ー ド ・ 二 ュ ー ゲ ー ト   Edowādo Nyūgēto   72 years - age at the time of death

Edward Newgate, aka Whitebeard ( 白 ひ げ Shirohige ) was a member of the Four Emperors and was considered the strongest pirate in the world until his death, although he constantly needed the care of several nurses due to his heavy alcohol consumption and age and was once one of the most bitter opponents of Gol D. Roger was. It got its name from its crescent-shaped white mustache.

He had the devil's powers of the quake fruit , with which he could trigger earthquakes and seaquakes as well as shock waves in the air and tsunamis. Besides, he could literally turn the earth upside down. Whitebeard's power went so far that he could place islands under the protection of his name and thus protect them from attacks by other pirates or the navy. An example of this was the fish man island. He always referred to younger and inexperienced pirates as snot noses.

Even if he was rude, he saw each of his crew members as a son and she saw him as her father. This fact is based on Whitebeard's greatest desire to have a family. The pirate code was sacred to him and he did not leave the murder of one of his crew members unpunished. It was particularly exposed when Ace was about to be caught and executed by the Navy, which Whitebeard wanted to prevent at all costs. With Luffy's help, he seemed to succeed in the great Battle of Marineford , but Ace was wounded so badly by Navy Admiral Sakazuki that he died in Luffy's arms. In the later course of the battle, the already seriously wounded Whitebeard was killed by Marshall D. Teach (aka Blackbeard) and his new crew and then robbed of his devil power. Despite massive attacks by the Navy and later the Blackbeard gang, Whitebeard could not be brought down and died standing upright. Shortly before his death, Whitebeard confirmed the existence of the One Piece , Gol D. Roger's fabled treasure.

Whitebeard and Ace were dignifiedly buried by his and Shanks' gang in the "New World".

Whitebeard is one of the few characters that Eiichiro Oda designed based on real models. In One Piece Yellow he told of a bar owner whose bar Oda often visited. This bar owner and his character and statements are the model of Whitebeard. Just like the figure, he called younger bargoers snotty noses, drank sake , which he called medicine, and was connected to medical equipment. He also always told stories from his time in World War II . The man has since passed away, but he knew about his influence on the character of Whitebeard, which made him very happy.

The Seven Samurai of the Seas

Currently known samurai

Mihawk "Hawk Eye" Dulacre

ジ ュ ラ キ ュ ー ル ・ ミ ホ ー ク   Jurakyūru Mihōku   43 years

Hawk Eye is considered the best swordsman in the world. He is the first of the seven samurai that the Straw Hat gang meets in the East Blue, where he is pursuing another pirate whose entire fleet he sunk. When he is challenged by Zorro, he effortlessly manages to defeat him with just a dagger. Its strength is so enormous that it is even able to effortlessly split ships with just one blow of the sword.

In the past he has fought several duels with the Red Shanks , the outcome of which is unknown. Since Shanks lost his arm, he has refused to fight again because he is not fighting with "one-armed cripples". There seems to be a friendship between the two of them. Falcon Eye visits Shanks to tell him about Luffy's first bounty, whereupon Shanks invites him to celebrate. When Shanks intervenes in the Battle of Marineford , Hawk's Eye leaves the battlefield, agreeing to fight Whitebeard but not Shanks.

After the war, he returns to his home island Kuraigana , where Zorro had landed in the meantime, and trains it.

Bartholomew Bear

バ ー ソ ロ ミ ュ ー ・ く ま   Bāsoromyū Kuma   47 years

Bartholomew Bear is a member of the Seven Samurai of the Seas and a former member of the Revolutionary Army. Bear ate the paw fruit. With their power, he can send people to other places when they touch them, reflect attacks and use paw-shaped air either as a projectile or in a compressed state as a bomb. With this devil power he is responsible for the dispersion of the straw hat gang from the Sabaody Archipelago . He had already fought the straw hat gang on the instructions of the world government on the thriller Bark after they had defeated Gecko Moria and Oz.

Bear is a religious being who always carries a Bible with him. He is the only samurai who is subject to world government. From the famous scientist Dr. He had Vegapunk converted into a cyborg without memories and feelings, reasons for this are so far unknown. Other cyborgs called “Pacifistas” were built based on his model.

As a samurai of the seas, he is involved in the Battle of Marineford , in which he fights against his former friend Emporio Ivankov, among others. When the straw hats arrive again in the Sabaody archipelago , it turns out that he has guarded the ship of the straw hat gang during the two years of the time jump. He had learned this from Dr. Let Vegapunk be programmed as the last command before its final conversion to a cyborg.

"Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock

海賊 女 帝 ボ ア ・ ハ ン コ ッ ク   Kaizoku Jotei Boa Hankokku   31 years old

Boa Hancock is ruler of Amazon Lily , captain of the Kuja pirates and is considered the second most beautiful woman in the world after the mermaid princess. She is also called "pirate empress" and "snake princess" and through her devil power she can turn all those who have fallen for her beauty into stone.

Hancock has two other sisters, Marigold and Sandersonia. When Hancock was 12 years old, she and her sisters were kidnapped by human traffickers and sold as slaves to the world aristocrats. There they found themselves exposed to undreamt-of agony from the unscrupulous nobles. To entertain the world aristocrats, they were fed devil fruits, Hancock with the love fruit, Sandersonia and Marigold with two devil fruits of the snake fruit type. Their martyrdom only ended when the fish man Fisher Tiger attacked the home of the world aristocrats, Mary Joa , and freed all slaves. The sisters also fled back to Amazon Lily. The Tenryubito brand reminds all three of that terrible time. In order to cope with the memory and not expose themselves to the shame of a slave life, the three invented the story that they killed a Gorgon and thus drawn her curse on themselves. Anyone who looks at the gorgon eyes on their backs will be petrified.

Luffy, who managed to reach Amazon Lily through Bartholomew Bear, accidentally falls into Hancock's bathroom and discovers her secret. To protect this, Marigold and Sandersonia are supposed to kill him in an arena, but when Sandersonia's bikini burns and thereby threatens to expose the symbol, the rubber man throws himself on her back to protect her and her secret.

Then Hancock falls in love with Luffy, who is immune to her devil powers. To help him, Hancock, contrary to her previous refusal, agrees to take part in the Battle of Marineford . But she sets the condition to see the captured Ace, and smuggles Luffy into Impel Down .

After the battle, Hancock brings Luffy back to Amazon Lily , where he recovers from his injuries. After the two-year jump in time, she takes him to the Sabaody Archipelago to ensure the gathering of the Straw Hat gang and helps them escape to the Fishman Island.

Buggy the clown

道 化 の バ ギ ー   Dōke No Bagī   39 years

Buggy the Clown, also known as the Clown Star , is the captain of the buggy gang and a samurai of the seas. He has eaten from the separating-separating fruit, which enables him to separate his body in any shape up to the thickness of a fillet. This also protects him from cutting and stabbing weapons. As long as his feet touch the ground, the rest of the body can float. With the help of an engine, it can even be transformed into a car.

Although Buggy has these skills, he is not very willing to take risks. He always tries to avoid situations with little prospect of success. Buggy got his nickname because of his appearance, because he uses make-up like a clown and also has a big red nose. He absorbs allusions to this physical characteristic with great aggression, which usually goes beyond what is necessary. Because of this, he has developed a slight form of paranoia, so that he understands an allusion to similar-sounding words. His gang is accordingly organized like a circus.

Buggy was once a cabin boy on the Oro Jackson under the pirate king Gol D. Roger, where he also met Shanks. Both often argued, including whether it was colder at the North or South Pole. During a raid, the gang found the Trenn-Trenn fruit. Buggy then planned to forge the fruit and eat this fake in front of the assembled crew so that he could sell the valuable devil fruit at a profit. When Shanks discovered the fraud almost unconsciously, Buggy swallowed the devil fruit and was no longer able to dive for a certain treasure. This upset Buggy so much that he hates Shanks for it.

Buggy was also Luffy's first opponent with a fel power. At the time, Buggy was terrorizing the village of Orange. Having an object of interest to Luffy, a map to the Grand Line, Luffy took up the fight and defeated the clown when Nami tied parts of Buggy's body so that Buggy without a torso was thrown onto a distant island. During this encounter, Buggy realizes that Luffy's straw hat belongs to Shanks. In order to get revenge on Luffy, he allied himself with the pirate captain Alvida with the iron club, but the only possibility so far that arose in Louge Town was unsuccessful.

When Luffy later breaks into Impel Down , he encounters Buggy again, who was trapped there and is trying to escape. Since the chaos caused by Luffy prevents his unnoticed escape, he joins him. During the escape, Buggy frees a large number of prisoners, who from then on consider him to be very powerful due to a few coincidences and lucky coincidences, while he prefers to remain under cover and unnoticed in the great battle. Because Luffy and Buggy were recognized as the ringleaders of the Impel Down breakout and the attack on the Navy, Buggy was invited to assume the title of Samurai, which he accepted.

After the timeskip, Buggy set up a mercenary company called Buggy's Delivery.

Edward Weevil

エ ド ワ ー ド ・ ウ ィ ー ブ ル   Edowādo Wīburu   35 years

Edward Weevil claims to be the legitimate son of Whitebeard. He wants revenge on Blackbeard for the death of his father. He has already taken out 16 captains from Whitebeard's fleet who do not want to accept him as a legitimate heir.

Former samurai

Sir Crocodile

サ ー ・ ク ロ コ ダ イ ル   Sā Kurokodairu   46 years old

Sir Crocodile, formerly known as Mr. Zero, is a pirate and the former head of the Baroque company that was crushed by the Straw Hat gang. He ate from the sand fruit, a logia fruit with which he himself can become sand, trigger sand storms or produce quicksand. In addition, it is able to extract and dry out the water from all organic materials and living beings. However, this power has the disadvantage that, in addition to the common elements such as sea stones, it loses its effect if Sir Crocodile comes into contact with liquid substances such as water or blood. Crocodile has a scar that runs horizontally across his face.

Crocodile's character is pretty ruthless. He is not afraid to walk over dead bodies or forge intrigues to achieve his goals. At the beginning of the story he was still one of the Seven Samurai of the Seas. This position protected him from attacks by the world government or the navy, which came along to carry out his plans for more power. His goal was, among other things, to acquire the ancient weapon Pluton , whose manufacturing formula he suspected on a porn glyph in the desert state of Alabasta on the Grand Line. To this end, he founded the Baroque company and brought in Nico Robin, who is the only archaeologist able to read the porn glyphs, as Vice President.

While the special agents and subordinates carried out all the tasks underground that were necessary for the hostile takeover of Alabasta, Crocodile himself took advantage of his position as a samurai as camouflage by pretending to the people that he was a folk hero and thus fueled distrust of the government under King Cobra. In truth, Crocodile stole the rain that is so important to Alabasta with the help of the misteline . His plan also consisted of provoking the resulting rebellion into an attack on the capital Arbana , in order to then destroy it together with all the people there with a large bomb.

The plan failed, however, with Vivi's interference and the Straw Hat gang. Nico Robin also recognized the danger that Crocodile posed and lied to him when translating the Porneglyph. Crocodile was then defeated by Luffy and removed from office and arrested by Tashigi. He and his subordinates Jazz Boner (Mr. 1) were taken to the Impel Down underwater prison, where they were locked up in the secret Level 6.

He sat across from the cell where Ace and Jimbei were later imprisoned. In Luffy's attempt to save Ace, Crocodile saw the opportunity to take revenge on Whitebeard for a defeat he had inflicted and asked Luffy for his release. Only on Ivankov's advice, who apparently knows a secret about Crocodile, which he seems to be very embarrassed about, Luffy grants him this wish. Together they can also break out of prison and go to Marineford for the battle , where the battle was already underway.

There he tries to kill Whitebeard, which Luffy prevents. He fights both Whitebeard pirates and marines, and even kills the executioners who want to execute Ace to keep the navy from winning. After the battle, he plans to return to the New World with Jazz Boner .

Crocodile also witnessed the execution of the pirate king Gol D. Roger.

Gecko Moria

ゲ ッ コ ー モ リ ア   Gekkō Moria   50 years

Gecko Moria is the captain of the thriller Bark , the largest ship in the world. He has eaten from the shadow fruit and is therefore able to steal the shadows of others and put them in dead bodies so that they can resurrect as the undead. Moria is very lazy. Just like Luffy, he has the ambition to become king of the pirates, but his laziness should make his commanders Perona, Absalom and Hogback do it for him.

Since he loses his crew in a fight against Kaido in the new world , he begins to build a zombie army with stolen shadows and corpses. When the straw hat gang lands on the thriller Bark in search of Brooks shadow , he steals the shadow from them too, but can ultimately be defeated.

After the Battle of Marineford , Moria is said to be killed by De Flamingo on the orders of the world government, but is able to flee because of his devil fruit.

Gecko Moria, along with other later samurais, was an eyewitness to the execution of Gold Roger.

Trafalgar D. Water Law

ト ラ フ ァ ル ガ ー ・ D ・ ワ ー テ ル ・ ロ ー   Torafarugā D. Wāteru Rō   26 years

Law is the captain of the Heart pirate gang and possesses the devil power of operations. He is nicknamed "Surgeon of Death". This fruit enables him to create a "room" in which he can cut off body parts and move them to any place without injuring or killing these people. In a created room it is also possible for him to cancel gravity, to exchange personalities of people or to teleport himself. He was one of the rookies : He fought with Luffy and Eustass "Captain" Kid on the Sabaody Archipelago in front of the human trafficking auction house against the advancing naval troops, later he saved Luffy's life after the Battle of Marineford and brought him to Women’s Island Amazon Lily. After the leap in time he had acquired the position of samurai of the seas . Previously, his bounty rose to 440 million berries for sending 100 beating hearts of pirates to the world government. Its current one is 500 million berries. It also turned out that Law is a former member of the Don Quixote pirate gang. In addition, thanks to his devil power, he has the ability to make a person immortal. But for this he has to sacrifice his own life. On Punk Hazard he made an alliance with Luffy because Law had a plan: he wanted to destroy the "SAD", which could be used to create artificial devil fruits. After capturing Caesar Clown, Law and the Straw Hat gang made their way to Dress Rosa.

Don Quixote de Flamingo

ド ン キ ホ ー テ ・ ド フ ラ ミ ン ゴ   Donkihōte Dofuramingo   39 years

Don Quixote de Flamingo is one of the samurai of the seas and a former world aristocrat. He has eaten from the thread fruit, with which he can create threads. With these threads he can control people, cut everything like a knife or connect them to the clouds in order to swing through the air. According to his surname Flamingo, he dresses in a cape made of pink feathers. He calls his crew members "family" and does not allow them to be badly talked about. His crew mostly call him “young master” and are ready to do anything for him, even if they give their own life for it. Flamingo is instrumental in the slave trade in the Sabaody Archipelago and supports the human experiments of Caesar Crown.

Flamingo comes from the Don Quixote family, which is one of the world risocrats. However, his father renounced the title so that the family left Mary Joa and was never allowed to return. In terms of his attitude, Flamingo did not change and still wanted to be treated as a ruler. After the death of his mother, he was captured by a mob along with his brother Rocinante and his father who wanted to take revenge for the atrocities of the world aristocrats and tortured the three. But he survived and became a pirate. He became a samurai when he ambushed a transport ship that delivered the tribute payments to the world aristocrats. Another reason for the appointment was that his former position contained knowledge which could be dangerous for the world aristocrats and the world government.

In the underground he uses the code name "Joker" . He supplies various countries with weapons, as well as one of the four emperors, Kaido, with artificial devil fruits. Just like Luffy, he also has the ability of the King Shaki.

Its commanders are Trebol (Spanish for clubs ), Pica (Spanish for spades ) and Diamante (Spanish for diamonds ) which all form a French card face. De Flamingo stands for the wild card. Corazón (Spanish for heart ) used to be one of Flamingo's commanders until he was killed by Flamingo. He ruled the island of Dress Rosa for about a decade , until Luffy and his pirate alliance overthrew him. After the defeat, he was arrested by the Navy and detained in Impel Down.


Gol D. Roger

ゴ ー ル ・ D ・ ロ ジ ャ ー   Gōru Dī Rojā   53 years old - age at the time of death

Known as Gold Roger, was the king of the pirates. After hiding the One Piece , he was executed in his native Loguetown 22 years before the plot began . His death heralded the great age of pirates. Officially, Roger was caught by the Navy, but the truth is that Roger turned himself in because he had an incurable disease and should have died anyway. But he knew that, contrary to the hopes of the world government, his execution would not deter the new pirate era, it would even encourage it. So it happened that many pirates moved out to the Grandline to take his place. He had the ability to hear the voices of all things . He was, besides Nico Robin and the killed inhabitants of Ohara , the only known person who was able to read the ancient porn glyphs. Roger's right-hand man and vice-captain was Silver's Rayleigh. In addition, Roger is the biological father of Ace, but never saw his son because he was born after his execution. So Roger asked Navy Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp to adopt Ace. Gol D. Roger and Silvers Rayleigh are also among the few people who know what happened during the lost century. After this the ancient kingdom disappeared and world government came into being.

Portgas D. Ace

ポ ー ト ガ ス ・ D ・ エ ー ス   Pōtogasu Dī Ēsu   20 years - age at the time of death

Portgas D. Ace (formerly Gol D. Ace and in German Puma D. Ace), formerly known as Feuerfaust , is Luffy's three-year-older foster brother and a former commander of Whitebeard's pirate gang. He owes his nickname to his devil power, which he acquired through fire fruit. With this Logia power, Ace became fire herself. Ace has a muscular body and is able to fight without his devil fruit too. Like Luffy and Garp, Ace has a tendency to fall asleep while eating and in conversation. Ace is self-sacrificing, strong, and would never join a man who is just out for power. As a Whitebeard pirate, he has the Whitebeard mark as a tattoo on his back and considers Whitebeard to be his father.

Ace is the son of the pirate king Gol D. Roger and Portgas D. Rouge. Because of his blood relationship to Roger, Ace should be killed by units of the Navy and the world government, which is why his mother carried him for 20 months to protect him from this fate. The world government did not want to take any chances and had all children who came into question as possible heirs killed. It is not known where Ace was born. When the search was over, Rouge finally gave birth to the child and died of exhaustion after birth. If Ace had become a girl, his name would have been Ann . At Roger's request, the naval hero adopted Garp Ace and left him in the care of mountain robbers under the command of Dadan, who live in the Kingdom of Goa in the East Blue. However, Ace rejects this physical origin. He bears the name Portgas in memory of his mother.

He grew up there, although his parentage gave him doubts about the legitimacy of his existence. Nevertheless, he received condescending remarks about this parentage with great aggression and was not afraid to injure other people so badly that they almost died. During his explorations, he met the noble boy Sabo, with whom he stole money and collected it in a hiding place. When Luffy was also handed over to Dadan's care, Ace made no move to befriend him and tried several times to leave him to his fate. Only when Luffy wanted to protect both Ace and Sabo and their hiding place from pirates did they fraternize. Then they committed a training that consisted mostly of fighting, in which Ace was equal to Sabo and superior to Luffy. After the alleged death of Sabo, they trained alone.

Ace set out from Windmill Village on his adventure trip into the world three years before Luffy . He formed the Spades pirate gang who planned to get Whitebeard's head. This resulted in a ten-day battle against the fish man and then samurai Jimbei, which ended in a draw. Thereupon the world government invited Ace to bear the title of samurai of the seas, which Ace refused. Eventually, Ace got the chance to fight Whitebeard, which Ace lost. Whitebeard then integrated the Spades pirates into his gang. Ace hated Whitebeard for this and tried several times to kill him without success. Ace later accepted his fate and Whitebeard as his father . He eventually became commander of the Whitebeard Pirate Gang's 2nd Division.

His division also included the older pirate Marshall D. Teach. When he murdered the commander of the 4th Division, Thatch, because he found the dark fruit Teach long sought and then fled, Ace insisted on pursuing him and killing him for it, even if Whitebeard was against it despite his code. After a long journey, on which he also saw Luffy again in the desert state of Alabasta, he met Teach on the island of Banaro on the Grand Line and challenged him to the fight that Ace lost. Teach then delivered Ace to the Navy, who locked him up in the Impel Down underwater prison and sentenced him to death. Ace is slated to be executed at Marineford Naval Headquarters because that is the best place for the Navy to gather their entire force, as Whitebeard will do everything in his power to save Ace. This resulted in the Battle of Marineford, where Ace was just saved from execution by Luffy and Mr. 3. But through an insulting statement by Admiral Aka Inu to Whitebeard, Ace attacked him and was badly wounded by him. When Akainu wants to kill Luffy, Ace stands in his way and intercepted the attack that saved Luffy's life, but injured him so badly that he died of these injuries.

Ace was ceremoniously buried next to Whitebeard, who also fell in the battle, of the Shanks gang and the Whitebeard gang on an island in the New World .

Silver's Rayleigh

シ ル バ ー ズ ・ レ イ リ ー   Shirubāzu Reirī   78 years

Silver's Rayleigh, also known as the Dark King , was the vice-captain of Gol D. Rogers during his lifetime and currently works as a jacketing specialist in the Sabaody Archipelago . The straw hat gang see him there to have their ship sheathed. He is a carefree man who even sells himself as a slave to pay off debts. He can always free himself based on his abilities.

Rayleigh met Roger on his former houseboat. The future pirate king immediately called on him to join him in order to cause unrest in the world, which Rayleigh agrees after initial hesitation. Rayleigh often kept order on the ship, e.g. B. when Shanks and Buggy argued about whether it was colder at the North Pole or the South Pole. After the execution of Rogers, he went into hiding in the Sabaody Archipelago and began setting up his jacketing business. Rayleigh is also a good friend of Okta, whom he has known since childhood.

He met Luffy in the Human Shop. He immediately recognized his potential as it reminded him of his former captain because of the straw hat Roger once wore. That's why he agreed to coat the Thousand Sunny for the trip to Fishman Island. He also gave the Straw Hat gang time to escape when they were attacked by Admiral Kizaru. Yet he could not prevent the defeat of the straw hats. During their absence he coats the Thousand Sunny .

After the Battle of Marineford , Rayleigh visits Luffy on Amazon Lily , the Isle of Women. He gets Luffy to visit the former naval headquarters on the island of Marine Ford again in order to send a message to the remaining straw hats with a photo that was then published in the newspaper. He then goes to Rusukaina with Luffy , where he teaches him the basics of the three types of Haki.

Don Quixote Rosinante

ド ン キ ホ ー テ ・ ロ シ ナ ン テ   Donkihōte Roshinante   26 years old - age at the time of death

Rocinante (also called Corazon) was the younger brother of Don Quichotte de Flamingo. He and his brother were the sons of the world aristocrat Don Quixote Homing, who had given up his nobility status. Rocinante was part of Flamingo's gang, but worked in secret with then-Admiral Senghok to thwart his brother's criminal plans. He was killed by his brother while trying to save Law.

Navy personnel

Navy members on active duty


ス モ ー カ ー 准将   Sumōkā Junshou   36 years

When he first came into contact with the Straw Hat gang, Smoker was Captain of the Navy and Commander of the Naval Base in Logue Town , and later he was promoted to Vice Admiral. Thanks to his devil power, he can create smoke or turn into smoke. As a child, he witnessed the execution of Gold Roger, an experience that spurred him on to a career in the Navy. Although he is in the Navy, he sometimes works, albeit involuntarily, with the Straw Hat gang. Despite his achievements, Smoker has a very poor reputation among senior officers.

In Logue Town, he saw it as his job to prevent pirates from reaching the Grand Line . So also Luffy, who was inferior to Smoker's Logia powers , but was saved by Monkey D. Dragon. He then pursued the straw hat gang to Alabasta , where they are finally captured together by Sir Crocodile. When her cell is flooded, Smoker is saved from drowning by Zorro on Luffy's orders. He then withdraws and orders Tashigi to pursue the straw hats.

As a naval officer, Smoker is also involved in the Battle of Marineford . He then lets Kuzan transport him to the new world to await the arrival of the straw hat gang.

Shortly after the straw hats, he meets Punk Hazard . After being outnumbered by Law, he is captured along with him and some of the Straw Hats. After escaping, he joins the Straw Hat gang because they are pursuing the same goals. When the straw hats leave the island, de Flamingo appears and wants to kill Smoker. He is saved by Kuzan.


た し ぎ   Tashigi Shoui   23 years

Tashigi is Smoker's deputy. When she first appeared, she held the rank of lieutenant, and has since been promoted to captain of the navy. She is a swordsman and has made it her business to collect particularly valuable swords from pirates and criminals so that they are not misused by them.

Tashigi looks a lot like Zorro's late friend Kuina. The two first met in Louge Town . While Zorro is very troubled by this fact, Tashigi doesn't understand anything about it.

In Alabasta , she receives an assignment from Smoker to pursue the straw hat gang. He leaves her to decide whether the straw hats should be arrested. After Luffy's crew saved the city of Arbana from destruction, Tashigi lets them go and arrests Sir Crocodile.

On Punk Hazard , she was similarly inferior to Smoker Law and was later captured with this, whereupon Law exchanged their hearts so that Tashigi was in Smoker's body and vice versa. After the escape, like the other marines, she joins the Straw Hat gang in the fight against Caesar Crown.

Sakazuki (Akainu)

サ カ ズ キ (赤 犬) 大将   Sakazuki (Akainu) Taishō   55 years

Sakazuki is Grand Admiral of the Navy and has the devil power of the magma fruit, which allows him to transform into magma and also to control it. He was initially an admiral in the Navy. His nickname "Akainu" means "red dog" and indicates that he is very aggressive and uncompromising against pirates and other opponents of the world government. So he chased the two brothers Ace and Luffy, killed Ace a little later and seriously injured Luffy, which has left Luffy with a large X-shaped scar since then. He also murdered a marine soldier because he refused to participate in the war. From a young age he was considered heartless, he murdered all the ship refugees from Ohara. After the resignation of Grand Admiral Sengoku, he prevailed in a bitter ten-day battle against Admiral Kuzan ( Aokiji ) and is now the Grand Admiral and thus Commander-in-Chief of the Navy.

Like all admirals, Akainu is inspired and drawn from a well-known Japanese actor. In his case it is Bunta Sugawara. Akainu is also the first character in One Piece to kill a major recurring supporting character.

Borsalino (Kizaru)

ボ ル サ リ ー ノ   Borusarīno   58 years

Borsalino is an admiral of the navy and has the devil power of the sparkling fruit, which allows him to transform into light and shoot rays of light. His nickname "Kizaru" means yellow monkey. After Luffy's attack on a world aristocrat, it is Borsalino who answers the call for help to the Sabaody Archipelago . He knocks Zorro to the ground and wants to kill him, but can be stopped by Rayleigh.

Unlike Sakazuki, Borsalino is much more relaxed and calm. Even in combat, he always speaks calmly and has a strange grin on his face. He smiles at most of his opponents and is sometimes very sarcastic. He rarely seems involved, but he shows his ruthless side in the Battle of Marineford, for example.

As an admiral of the navy, Borsalino has enormous strength, like all high-ranking officers within the navy, he has a strong haki and is not only feared for that reason.

Borsalino's appearance is based on the Japanese actor Kunie Tanaka.


コ ビ ー 曹 長   Kobii Souchou   18 years

Corby meets Luffy in the second chapter, even before the other members of the Straw Hat gang. At this point he is a member of the crew of the pirate Alvida, by whom he was captured. He accompanies Luffy to Shellstown after his victory over Alvida . There he joins the Navy as his dream is to become an Admiral in the Navy.

When Garp appears in Water Seven , it is revealed that Corby has been transferred to his unit and that he is now taking over his training.

At the Battle of Marineford , Corby demonstrates the ability of the haki. After both Ace and Whitebeard die, he confronts Akainu to stop the further bloodshed. Akainu then wants to kill him, but Shanks saves him.

After the battle it turns out that Corby has Haki ability, but could not control it. Nevertheless, he was able to work his way up to captain and is considered the hero of the Rocky Port incident, which has not yet been described in detail (as of June 30, 2018).

Issho (Fujitora)

Issho is a Navy Admiral who was inducted into the Navy immediately after the Battle of Marineford (i.e., Admiral). He prevailed in a major application process and because of his skills he also enjoys the trust of Grand Admiral Sakazuki, although he differs markedly from him in character and character: He acts calmly and it is important to him that civilians are not affected during fighting to be pulled. He is a good swordsman and has an extraordinary ability to manipulate gravity and, although he is blind, he can see his surroundings very well. His nickname Fujitora translates as "purple / lilac-colored tiger".

He fought Sabo in Dressrosa, but deliberately half-heartedly and there was no winner. He told De Flamingo that the system of the “Seven Samurai of the Seas” should be abolished. He learned from Smoker what had happened in Alabasta and how the government hushed it up. For this reason, he apologized in public for the fact that the world government allowed De Flamingo to go. Since Issho did not consult with Grand Admiral Sakazuki about this step and allowed both Luffy and Law to escape, he is no longer allowed to enter a naval base as long as he has not captured the two.

Issho's real likeness is the Japanese actor Shintarō Katsu in his role from the Zatōichi film series .


ヘ ル メ ッ ポ 軍曹   Herumeppo Gunsou   22 years

Helmeppo is a Navy officer with the rank of Corvette Captain, Corby's companion and the son of former Navy Captain Morgan.

Originally, Helmeppo was a spoiled child who used his father's position and power to gain advantages. Just like Morgan, he bullied the residents of Shellstown and threatened them with his fox Solo until Zorro killed him. He had Zorro arrested for this and tied to a stake. In order to torture Zorro further, he promised to free him after thirty days if he was still alive without food and water, which ultimately turned out to be a lie. However, Luffy intervened in the fight and defeated Morgan, which disintegrated his power and Helmeppo had no advantage.

He then joined the Navy and became Corby's companion. As sailors, both were used for menial work. On one assignment, they witnessed the handover of Morgan to Navy Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. But Morgan escaped with the help of Helmeppo, whom he took hostage. Helmeppo was released, but he swore to become a naval officer in order to arrest his father. Together with Corby, he was taken under the wing of Garp and had to complete a tough training program. It becomes clear to him that he can only regain his former life if he becomes stronger, in order to receive the same privileges as his father as a naval officer.

Helmeppo is always inferior to Corby when it comes to promotion. In the meantime, however, he rose to become an officer candidate and learned a fighting style for which he uses two kukrian swords . When they saw Luffy and Zorro again on Water Seven, however, he was spurned because he was only remembered as the son of a tyrant. Just like Corby, he was later also present at the Battle of Marineford and mostly hid because he did not feel up to the skills of the Whitebeard pirates. Still, he survived the battle.

Former or emeritus members of the Navy

Kuzan (Aokiji)

ク ザ ン (青 雉) 大将   Kuzan (Aokiji) Taishō   49 years

Kuzan was an admiral in the Navy, his nickname "Aokiji" translates to "Blue Pheasant". He has a calm being and has the Logia devil power of frozen fruit and is therefore able to control ice. He represents the Navy under the motto of sloppy justice . Grand Admiral Senghok wanted him to succeed him, but there was support for Sakazuki ( Akainu ) from among the ranks of the world government . As an admiral, Kuzan represented a much more moderate approach towards opponents of the world government and could therefore not accept Sakazuki as a grand admiral. On the island of Punk Hazard there was finally a duel over the successor. When he lost the duel after ten days, he left the Navy. He later allied with Blackbeard.

Monkey D. Garp

モ ン キ ー ・ D ・ ガ ー プ   Monkī D. Gāpu   78 years old

Monkey D. Garp is a Vice Admiral of the Navy, Luffy's grandfather, Dragon's father and is known as the "Hero of the Navy" who captured the pirate king Gol D. Roger. Even though the two were enemies, Roger saw in Garp a friend whom he asked to look after his son. Garp eventually took Ace in after his mother's death to protect him from the Navy. Garp's character is almost identical to Luffy's. Both are very carefree and stubborn. Garp also seems to have narcolepsy, like Ace and Luffy , which makes them fall asleep at the strangest times. He always refused promotion to admiral because he did not seek more power. He is considered to be very strict with his subordinates and is not afraid to use physical violence.

His plan was to train both Luffy and Ace to be marines. However, since his duties kept him from taking care of their own upbringing, he brought first Ace and later Luffy to the mountain robbers of Dadan. Nevertheless, he seems to agree with the two of them as pirates. For example, he laughs when Senghok points out Luffy's actions and says that he is proud of his grandson.

He is present during the Battle of Marineford , but initially does not take an active part in the fighting. Only when Marco was feeding the Schaffort in his phoenix shape did he hit him in the ground and take part in the war. When Luffy was about to reach Ace, Garp half-heartedly stands in the way of his grandson, but is defeated with just one blow. When Akainu kills Ace, Garp has to be knocked to the ground by Senghok, as he would otherwise kill Akainu according to his own statement. After the Battle of Marineford, he and Senghok announced his resignation, but continued to offer training to the young Marines.


仏 の セ ン ゴ ク 元帥   Hotoke no Sengoku Gensui   79 years

Senghok, also known as Buddha , was Grand Admiral and Commander in Chief of the Navy until the Battle of Marineford . Like many other officers, he strove for "absolute justice". His nickname is derived from his devil power, the human-human-fruit model: Daibutsu "great Buddha ". A goat was always with him.

During the Battle of Marineford, Senghock personally oversaw the scaffold on which Ace was to be executed. From there he also revealed to the marines and the world population that Ace is the son of the pirate king Gold Roger.

After Shank intervenes, he ends the war and unconditionally agrees to his request that the bodies of Ace and Whitebeard be released to the pirate. Following the battle, he submitted his resignation to Kong, but remained in the Navy to train soldiers.

After the incident on Dress Rosa, he was on behalf of Aka Inus as chief inspector and examined them. In doing so, he displayed a behavior similar to that of Garp.

World government

The five wise men

五 老 星   Gorōsei

The Five Wise Men are the highest political power and heads of all world government. From the Holy Land of Mary Joa, they control all government organs , the Navy, the Seven Samurai of the Seas and the Cipher Pol.


コ ン グ   Kongu

Kong was Senghok's predecessor as Grand Admiral in the Navy, but has since been promoted to General Commander. As such, he is commander in chief of all armed forces and part of the world government.


マ ゼ ラ ン   Mazeran   47 years

Magellan was the head of Impel Down Prison , he resigned after Luffy escaped. He ate the poison fruit and has been able to produce poison ever since. Poison is his favorite food, which is why he suffers from severe stomach problems.

Magellan's typical working day during his time as director of Impel Down does not seem entirely understandable at first glance. He sits on the toilet for ten hours because of his stomach problems and sleeps eight hours, which is why he only works four hours a day, excluding breaks and meals. Nevertheless, he enjoys a reputation as a reliable director who can be relied on in an emergency.

Following the breakout of Luffy's Ace alliance, Magellan is demoted to vice-head, while Hannyabal was named his successor.

Dr. Vegapunk

Dr. ベ ガ パ ン ク   Dr. Begapanku

Dr. Vegapunk is the chief scientist of the world government. He has not yet appeared himself, but is often mentioned by others. A lot is also known about his work. Among other things, he succeeded in transferring devil's powers to objects such as a pistol or a sword so that they can turn into animals. It was also Vegapunk who converted Bartholomäus Bear into a cyborg and created other "Pacifistas" based on his model. According to Bartholomäus Bär, Vegapunk's knowledge should correspond to the level that other people would only reach in 500 years.

He had worked with Caesar Crown in the past.

Other opponents

Alvida with the iron club

ア ル ビ ダ   Arubida   27 years

Alvida is Luffy's first opponent in One Piece, captain of her own pirate gang and a commander of the buggy gang. When she first appeared, she did not yet have devil powers, it was only in the cover stories about Buggy that it became apparent that she had eaten the alabaster fruit. With this devil power she became beautiful and her skin invulnerable. Her last known bounty was 5 million berries.

Alvida is also called the Alvida with the iron club because of its preferred weapon . When she first appeared, Alvida was severely overweight and had freckles. With her gang, she terrorized the East Blue and took in the boy Corby, who had accidentally lost his way on their ship, and made him the girl for everything . Everything changed when the gang fished a barrel out of the sea where Luffy was hiding from a storm so as not to drown in the tides. Luffy then defeated Alvida and her gang and was able to free Corby, whereupon Alvida swore revenge.

Shortly afterwards, Alvida ate the alabaster fruit and saved Buggy from a giant crab. They hit it off straight away, especially since Buggy has been defeated by Luffy in the meantime. That's why she allied herself with him, the easier it was to take revenge on the straw hat. The only opportunity arose in Louge Town, but by some coincidence, the plan failed. Even so, Alvida and Buggy Luffy followed on the Grand Line.

When Buggy was arrested by the Navy and locked up in Impel Down, Alvida took command of the buggy gang, preventing them from carrying out a futile plan to liberate Buggies and likely losing their lives.

Captain Morgan

斧 手 の モ ー ガ ン 大佐   Onote No Moogan Taisa   44 years

Morgan, also known as Morgan, with the hatchet is a convict on the run, former navy captain and former commandant of Shellstown naval base in East Blue. He got his nickname from his weapon, an ax that was integrated into his right arm. Morgan has an iron chin, a prosthesis he has to wear after his lower jaw was smashed by the pirate Captain Black. He is the father of Helmeppo, who later becomes a marine himself.

Morgan is cold-blooded and ruthless. He used his position as naval captain and commander of a naval base, which he owed to the fact that he had captured the supposed Captain Black, as a position of power to tyrannize marines and civilians at will and abuse them for his well-being. Morgan punishes him with death if he doubts his orders. It was only with the interference of Zorro and later Luffy and Corby that his power fell apart after Luffy and Zorro defeated him. Morgan was then disempowered, removed from the Navy and arrested by his subordinate, the frigate captain Flawless.

Morgan was later to be transferred to the then Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. His son Helmeppo was present as a sailor, whom Morgan took hostage and was able to make his escape possible. He later released him and fled what happened to him afterwards is unknown.

Originally Morgan was supposed to be called Captain Chop, but Eiichiro Oda decided on Morgan. His appearance was different too, he had no iron chin, smoked cigars and had a different hairstyle.

Captain Black

百計 の ク ロ   Hyakutei No Kuro   35 years

Captain Black, also known as Beauregard, is the captain of the Black Cat pirate gang and the former butler of House Kaya on Gecko Island, Usopp's home island. His gang is cat -themed. He himself fights with four sword blades on his fingers. Black is nearsighted and therefore wearers of glasses. He wears glasses that are too big for him and therefore always slip. In order not to damage them, he aligns them with the balls of his hands, even if he is not wearing blades. His previous bounty was 16 million berries.

Black's fighting style is geared towards speed and foresight. It's lightning fast and can knock out an entire unit in seconds. Its most dangerous attack is the humpback of death .

Black used his calm and intelligent ways to escape the pirate life. For this purpose, he used the services of the hypnotist Jacko to fake his death. When the Navy attacked again, he killed the whole unit and left only the Marine Morgan alive. Jacko hypnotized this and one of Black's subordinates so that the latter would think he was Captain Black and Morgan would have captured him so that Black could be executed, a fate that now awaited the subordinate. Black, on the other hand, ended up on Gecko Island in East Blue, where, as a starving tramp, he asked the Kayas for work and food, which was granted to him.

He then became the Kayas' butler as Beauregard and, after the death of her parents, also took on the responsibility of the daughter of the house, who became increasingly sick and weaker. Attempts to cheer up Usopp, Miss Kaya, with stories, Black took disapprovingly and banned him from the house, which did not stop Usopp from continuing to do so. After three years in the house, the gang should raid the island and kill all residents and witnesses in order to be able to live undisturbed by the navy. Usopp and Luffy, who has just landed on the island, learn of the plan and manage to stop Black, who was then taken away by his followers. Since then, Black has been traveling with his gang across the East Blue again.

Don Creek

首領 ・ ク リ ー ク   Don Kurīku   44 years old

Don Creek, also known as Godfather of the East Blues, is the captain of the Creek Pirate Gang, the largest pirate gang in the East Blues with 50 pirate captains and a crew of 5,000 men. Creek is ambitious and ruthless in its means. His goal was to conquer the Grand Line, which he wants to achieve by all means and weapons and, in his opinion, could only be achieved with an armada and sufficient firepower. Creeks arsenal ranged from swords and guns of all kinds to defensive weapons such as spiked armor and poison gas. His bounty is 17 million berries.

Although Creek had a powerful army, he was quickly defeated on the Grand Line by just one man, the samurai Hawkeye, out of boredom. Creek managed to escape with the flagship and a handful of soldiers from the Grand Line back to the East Blue and, thanks to his first officer Gin, despite being pursued by Hawkeye and the Navy under Navy Captain Fullbody, he came with iron fists to the floating lakeside restaurant Baratié, where Sanji saw him saved from starvation. Still, Don Creek was planning to take over the ship when its flagship was destroyed by Hawk's Eye. Then began the fight between Creeks gang and the crew of the Baratié, which was supported by Luffy. Despite playing off all weapons, Luffy defeated Creek, who still did not give up and was only overwhelmed by gin. Since then, no one has heard from Creek.

Arlong saw shark

ノ コ ギ リ の ア ー ロ ン   Nokogiri no Āron   41 years

Arlong is a former sun pirate gang commander and the former captain of the Arlong gang. He is a fish person in the form of a sawshark, which is why he has a saw nose. He has a racist attitude: The fish people are the top of evolution and the other people are weak and despicable to him, but this did not prevent him from recognizing and appreciating Nami's nautical skills. With his contempt for other people, he inspired younger fish people, especially Hody Jones, who later set up a similar gang after his example and wants to enforce Arlong's worldview. His former bounty is 20 million berries. Arlong has a half-sister named Shirley, who runs a café in their homeland and can tell fortunes.

Like all fish people, he comes from Fish People Island on the Grand Line. At a young age he was an outlaw in the fish man district, where he also met the later samurai Jimbei. Arlong founded the Arlong gang, to which later commanders such as Okta, Kiss and Black Belt belonged. After Fisher Tiger returned to the Fishman Island after his attack on the world capital Mary Joa, he founded the Sun Pirate Gang, which Arlong (with gang) and Jimbei also joined. Together they wanted to put an end to slavery by certain people, where Arlong always intended to kill people and had to be prevented from doing so by Tiger and Jimbei. After the death of Tiger, who was caught in a trap by the Navy, Arlong went crazy and attacked the masterminds, where he was defeated by Vice Admiral Borsalino (later Admiral Ki Zaru) and imprisoned in Impel Down. Only through the appointment of Jimbeis as a samurai was he pardoned and suspended by him in the East Blue.

Arlong, furious about it, stepped out of the fish people gang and reactivated the Arlong gang, who decided to conquer the world from the East Blue and make it their main base. As a base he chose the island of Konomi, where Nami lived. Due to their overwhelming strength and the unpreparedness of the residents, the Arlong gang quickly captured the island. On one of his first forays around the island, he came across Bellemere's house, which Arlong was overwhelmed by. In order to protect her children Nami and Nojiko, she paid the tribute money set by Arlong and was shot by the saw shark because she had no more money for her own life. When Arlong recognizes Nami's navigational talent, he kidnaps her and makes her a member of the gang so that she can draw nautical charts to speed up Arlong's plans. With the tribute money paid by the islanders, Arlong built Arlong Park , its own version of the Sabaody Archipelago, which Arlong always wanted to visit as a child, but fish people were forbidden to do so. He also bribed the corrupt marine captain Ratte, who placed Arlong under his protection.

He gave Nami the promise to buy the village of Kokos for 100 million berries, which made Nami a skilled thief. But Arlong betrayed her and so Luffy intervenes in the fight against Arlong, who wants Nami as a navigator. Luffy managed to defeat Arlong and free the island, which earned him his first bounty of 30 million. Arlong was subsequently arrested and has been in custody since then.

Wapol, the tin man

ブ リ キ の ワ ポ ル   Buriki No Waporu   29 years

Wapol, also known as the Tin Man , is the former king of Drumm (now Sakura), the former captain of the Blinking pirate gang and the most successful toy seller. He ate from the munch munch fruit, which enables him to be able to eat anything, to incorporate certain objects like weapons and to fuse them with his body. It can also eat two people and thus fuse them. During his time as king he was a member of the world government.

Because of his position as king, Wapol is very arrogant, selfish and easily irritable. For his subjects he is a tyrant who does not care about the welfare of his people. Wapol ruled the country with Drumm, which is known for its high quality medical care and its excellently trained doctors. In order to make the people dependent on him, he drove all doctors from Drumm except 22, whereby he put the 20 best doctors under arrest in his castle. Only Doc Kuleha and Doc Bader were the only free doctors left on drumming. When Blackbeard and his gang attack Drumm, Wapol flees with his followers and the doctors and lives as a pirate on the Grand Line for a while.

There he met the Straw Hat gang for the first time, who were looking for a doctor for the seriously ill Nami. The first encounter ends with an easy win for Luffy and light damage for the Flying Lamb. Shortly thereafter, Wapol returns to Drumm, which is now led by Wapol's former commander Dalton, who had turned away from Wapol. Wapol then wants to take his old place as king, but notices that his castle has been taken over by Doc Kuleha and her assistant Chopper. Coincidentally, Luffy and Sanji are also in the castle, who, together with Chopper, take up the fight against the tyrant and finally defeat him and finally drive him away from Drumm.

After that he lived as a homeless person for some time until one of his toys, which he made with the help of his devil's power, enjoyed great popularity. This made him a rich man and the most successful toy dealer in the world.


エ ネ ル   Eneru   39 years

Enel is a former god on Skypia. He has the devil power of the thunder fruit, through which he can generate lightning and transform himself into electricity. He also has the observation haki, which enables him to foresee attacks or read people's minds. He comes from the heavenly island of Birka, which so far is only known to produce strong fighters and was destroyed by Enel on his departure.

Because of his strength and abilities, Enel has a god complex, which is why he forcibly usurps power over the heavenly islands and the rank of god from Gan Fort. Immediately after taking power, he forces the Skyguards of Gan Fort to build him Maxim's Ark, a huge airship made of gold that is powered by electricity. His dream is to get to Fairy Vearth, a distant place that he believes is worthy of its unlimited supplies of Vearth (the name for earth among the people of the Heavenly Isles). Later the reader or the viewer sees that this is the moon .

Then he tyrannized the sky islands. Due to his observation haki, known as mantora on Skypia , he is able to hear the thoughts of the residents. Enel punishes critical thoughts or statements as well as actions that violate the law with a great lightning bolt, which is often fatal. Only the interference of the Straw Hat gang ends this tyranny. To have fun, Enel hosts a big game about the mysterious place Shandora, which was previously responsible for major conflicts between the Shandia and the sky dwellers. The Straw Hat Gang, the Shandia, Gan Fort and Enels Sky Warriors were involved. In the end, Luffy defeated Enel after several unsuccessful attempts, as he was immune to the abilities of the thunder fruit as a rubber person. Nevertheless, Enel manages to escape to Fairy Vearth and settles there again.

Foxy, the silver fox

銀 ギ ツ ネ の フ ォ ク シ ー   Gin-gitsune no Fokushī   38 years

Foxy, also known as the silver fox, is the captain of the Foxy pirate gang. He has eaten the lame fruit, so he can generate a beam with which he can slow down everything hit by it for 30 seconds.

Foxy is easily insulted and depressed when he loses out. Nevertheless, he is very devious and does not shy away from using his devil's power in competitions to manipulate them in his favor. Of his 500 men strong team, besides Foxy, only his direct subordinates are Porsche and Hamburg founding members of the gang, the rest were integrated into the gang through a competition called Davy Back Fight .

The same fate would overtake the Straw Hat gang on Long Ring Long Island . In the Davy Back Fight, fights are fought in the best-of-three mode. After the Foxy gang won the first game and thus Chopper, the second game went to the Straw Hat Gang. When Luffy then selects Chopper, Porsche is devastated. Foxy lost the decisive fight, during a revenge, in a boxing match against Luffy, although he left nothing out to win the fight with his devil power. But Luffy only asked for the Foxy's Jolly Roger and painted them a (ridiculous-looking) new Jolly Roger.


シ ー ピ ー ナ イ ン   Shī Pī Nain

The CP9 is the ninth, top-secret unit of the Cipher Pol , the secret service of the world government. Its members have mastered six special fighting techniques, the so-called "Formula 6", which makes the CP9 the strongest unit.


ス パ ン ダ ム   Supandamu   41 years

Spandam is the director of CP9 but does not have any particular strength of his own. He has a very stubborn, devious and cold-blooded character. He took over his office from his father Spandine. At his side is Funkfried, a sword that ate the elephant fruit, which the technology of the scientist Dr. Vegapunk was possible.

His goal is to acquire the ancient weapon Pluton , which he suspects from the fishman and ship's carpenter Tom on Water Seven. Before his time as CP9 director he tried unsuccessfully as agent of the CP6 to take Tom's plans off the ground. Hope brought Tom's arrest by the world government's justice ship, because Tom had built the ship for the pirate king Gold Roger, which was a serious criminal offense on which death actually stood. Spandam sees this as his opportunity, which is endangered by the fact that the carpenter is given a grace period of ten years to build a lake train. When Tom succeeded in this and he should therefore be pardoned, Spandam was forced to initiate an intrigue to bring Tom to the death penalty. So he and his agents hijacked the Battle Frankys of Tom's student Cutty Framm and attacked the justice ship to direct suspicion on Tom and his students. Tom offered to take the construction of the sea train as reparation for this attack, but renounced his freedom. He was then sentenced to death for building Gol D. Rogers ship. Angry about this, Cutty Framm hit Spandam so badly that he suffered severe facial injuries and has had to wear a brown leather mask ever since.

Spandam continued to suspect that Pluton's plans are on Water Seven. For this purpose he dispatched the CP9 agents Rob Lucci, Ecki Zugluft, Bruno and Kalifa to Water Seven, who were supposed to infiltrate the Galeera Company. After they had fulfilled their mission and blamed the Straw Hat gang for the attacks, they captured Nico Robin, who was the only survivor of Ohara who could decipher the plans. During the storming of Enie's lobby by the Straw Hat gang, the Galeera Company, and the Franky family, Franky himself admits that he owns Pluton's plans and burns them. In order to gain fame, Spandam takes the tied up Nico Robin with him and wants to hand her over to the Navy at the Gate of Justice. He accidentally triggers the buster call, which completely destroys Enie's lobby. The straw hat gang can free Robin, who then seriously injures Spandam with her devil power.

After the fight, he accuses the CP9 agents around Rob Lucci and ostracizes them, so that they had to flee.

Rob Lucci

ロ ブ ・ ル ッ チ   Robu Rucchi   30 years

Rob Lucci is the strongest member of the former CP9. He ate the cat fruit of the model leopard, which is why he can transform into a leopard human. Like all CP9 agents, he masters Formula 6 and, thanks to his devil power, can reinforce any formula.

Lucci is cold-blooded, ruthless, and lustful for murder. Because of this, he was on CP9 because they gave him a permission to kill. Even as a teenager he was notorious for this cold bloodedness. This was particularly evident in a hostage situation in a kingdom of world government. A gang of pirates took several hostages there. To arrest the pirates and take their leverage away from them, he killed all of the hostages before turning to face the pirates.

Since then he has had a scar in the shape of the flag of the world government on his back, which was caused by the use of cannonballs by pirates. Other trademarks are a top hat and a dove named Hattori, which Lucci always accompanies. Lucci uses her as a character for his ventriloquist art, in order to give the impression that he cannot speak.

In order to get information about an ancient weapon for Spandam, he and his colleagues Ecki and Kalifa infiltrated the Galeera Company on Water Seven , as it is suspected that the former ship's carpenter Tom bequeathed the plans for the weapon to his student Eisberg, who is the managing director of Galeera Company is. The arrival of the Straw Hat gang turned out to be a stroke of luck, as they could be blamed for the attacks, especially since Nico Robin was an additional means of pressure on Water Seven. After Rob Lucci, Ecki, Kalifa and their other colleague Bruno were certain that they had carried out their order, they returned to Enie's lobby with the arrested Nico Robin.

There it comes to a fight with Luffy, who wants to free Robin. Luffy showed his gear techniques with which he could defeat Rob Lucci for the first time. After the CP9 was defeated by the Straw Hat gang, the agents were ostracized and have been on the run ever since.

Hody Jones

ホ ー デ ィ ・ ジ ョ ー ン ズ   Hōdi Jōnzu   30 years

Hody Jones is a Fish Man and the New Fish Man Pirates captain. Hody is a racist, he adopted his worldview from Arlong. Like Arlong, he sees the fish men as a superior species who are supposed to rule over all others. In contrast to his role model, his hatred is not limited to people, but also to fish people who want to live in peace with people.

So after his service in the Neptune Army, he began to terrorize and kill fish people who have donated blood to people. Hody and his crew even went so far as to assassinate the Queen of the Fish People, Otohime, who had the reconciliation between humans and the Fish People as a life's work, and burned important documents that almost did it. In order to increase his strength, he took steroids in the form of pills without realizing that they were very harmful to his body.

When the straw hat gang reached the Fish Man Island, a riot he had caused just started. Here Jones allied himself with the fish man pirate Van derdecke IX., Who wants to marry the Princess Shirahoshi and takes King Neptune and his three sons, Shirahoshi and Jimbei prisoner. Before Hody Jones can achieve his goal, however, the Straw Hat gang declares war on him. Although Jones' army consisted of over 100,000 soldiers (consisting of henchmen and human slaves and Van der ceiling IX), Luffy and his crew managed to defeat Jones. You were thrown in jail where steroid abuse took its toll, Jones and his crew have aged very badly.

Caesar Crown

シ ー ザ ー ク ラ ウ ン   Shīzā Kuraun   40 years

Caesar Crown (also translatable as Caesar Clown) is a scientist and a former colleague of Dr. Vegapunk. He has eaten the gas fruit and can completely turn into gas. He has a bounty of 300 million berries.

Caesar Crown's character is sadistic, devious, and ruthless. Four years before the events with the Straw Hat gang, he was working with Vegapunk on weapons of mass destruction, which he and his colleagues thought were too dangerous and they wanted to prevent him, since Caesar's weapons could hit innocent people, which he did not care. He also denied any guilt for the Punk Hazard incident.

When Vegapunk released Caesar Crown from his team, the latter set fire to a device that distributed poison gas across the island and made it uninhabitable. Caesar Crown was arrested but was able to flee. He then returned to Punk Hazard and continued his studies under the protection of the samurai Don Quixote de Flamingo. He collected the exposed poison gas with the help of his devil power and was able to create the gas monster Smiley. He also abducted some children for growth experiments and made them compliant with candy containing the highly addictive stimulant NHC 10 . With his research, Caesar was able to produce the SAD, with which the production of artificial devil fruits is possible. He also allowed Trafalgar D. Water Law an extended stay on Punk Hazard in exchange for his heart.

But when the straw hat gang lands on Punk Hazard and causes chaos, he suspects Law of having infiltrated the straw hat gang. So he had her and the Smoker who had also landed arrested. But these escaped and manage to get into the laboratory, which is why Caesar released the poison gas. When Brownbeard, who was also abused by him as a guinea pig, tried to warn those present in the laboratory about Caesar Crown, he was laughed at because Caesar Crown always presented himself as a hero and visionary. So it was no wonder that the poison gas claimed more victims. In battle, Luffy was able to defeat Caesar Crown. To protect himself and his reputation, two subordinates of De Flamingos should save Caesar, but the plan failed. Caesar Crown was now in the hands of the alliance of Law and Luffy. Law asked De Flamingo to withdraw as a samurai for the surrender of Caesar. The exchange was supposed to take place in Green Bit on Dress Rosa Island, but it was delayed by the resident fish fighting. Caesar Crown's heart was removed from Law so that he would not flee and help the straw hats against the fish. However, since De Flamingo only faked his resignation as a samurai, the agreement fell through. When a fight broke out between Law and De Flamingo, some of the straw hats were able to flee to the island of Zou with Caesar Crown.



カ ヤ   Kaya   19 years

Kaya is a girl from the village of Syrop on Gecko Island in East Blue. She is a medical student and the daughter of wealthy parents who, however, died before the plot began. Because of this, she inherited their assets and possessions.

Due to the death of her parents, Kaya grew sicker and weaker. She was looked after and looked after by her butlers Beauregard and Lammchen. Her only joy in life was the stories Usopp told her. This was viewed with suspicion by Beauregard, who repeatedly chased Usop away and even banned him from the house, which, however, never stopped him from visiting Kaya from time to time and telling her further stories.

When Lammchen lay wounded on the floor one day, however, it became clear that Beauregard was the supposedly dead pirate, Captain Black, who had been pursuing a year-long plan to take over the family's fortune and eliminate all witnesses. During the fight between Black and his gang against the Straw Hat gang, she was even ready to hand over her possessions to Black so that no one would be injured or killed, but this did not prevent Black from killing her and all those who knew. But Luffy defeated Black and was able to save the village. As a thank you, Kaya and Lammchen gave the straw hat gang the Flying Lamb.

After Usopp's departure, Kaya decided to study medicine in order to treat Usopp after his great adventure and to hear more stories from him.

Nefeltari Vivi

ネ フ ェ ル タ リ ・ ビ ビ   Neferutari Bibi   18 years

Vivi is the princess of the desert kingdom of Alabasta . She is a very compassionate and sensitive person, but learned political understanding from her father early on: As a child, she was able to keep a cool head in tense situations, as you could see at the Conference of Kings when she was defeated by King Wapol has been.

She uses a weapon called the Kujacky Slasher , a sharp pendulum on a string that she wears on her pinky finger.

She was once a member of the Baroque company under the name Miss Wednesday with her bodyguard Igaram alias Mister 8 . She did this to spy on the company and thus thwart their plans to conquer Alabasta.

She is a former colleague of the straw hat gang and was able to save Alabasta from the baroque company with her straw hats. She then decided to help rebuild the country and rule it, so that with a heavy heart she could not sail on with the crew. Her loyal racing duck Karuh is always with her.

Bon curry

ベ ン サ ム   Bensamu   32 years

The transvestite Bon Curry was originally a Mister 2 member of the Baroque company. He runs into the straw hat gang and befriends them without them recognizing each other. At this meeting he touches the straw hats, which is why he is able to transform himself into any of them through his devil power, with the exception of Sanjis, who was in the galley of the Flying Lamb at the time. In Alabasta he is defeated by the ship's cook of the straw hat gang, but then helps the straw hat gang to flee from the navy by sacrificing himself for them.

During Luffy's break-in in Impel Down , he meets Bon Corry again, who helps him get further to Ace. After Luffy is poisoned by Magellan, Bon Curry brings him to his role model Emporio Ivankov, who saves Luffy's life.

In the ensuing breakout, Bon Curry sacrifices himself by staying in Impel Down to open the gate of justice and thus enable the others to escape. Two years later he took Emporio Ivankov's place and he is the new leader of the Newkama in level 5.5 of Impel Down.


は っ ち ゃ ん   Hacchan   38 years

Okta is an octopus fish person, a former commander of the Arlong gang and now the owner of a tako-yaki restaurant. By being an octopus fish person, he has six arms and the ability to spit ink. Okta is bumbling and suggestible, but basically a nice being. Only under Arlong was his aggressiveness shown. Okta is a good swordsman and in love with the female octopus fish person, Oktapako, who keeps rejecting him.

As a child, like many other fish people children, he dreamed of a visit to the amusement park district of the Sabaody Archipelago, which fish people are not allowed to enter. During one of his explorations, he rescued former Vice-Captain Silvers Rayleigh and made friends with him. He later joined the Arlong gang, where he was influenced by Arlong's racist worldview. This gang then later joined the sun pirate gang under Fisher Tiger. After Tiger's death, the gang split and Okta went with Arlong to the East Blue, where he supported his plans and acted as commander.

There he was u. a. responsible for the care of the mascot Muh-Kuh and the transport of important guests around the island of Konomi. Despite his friendly character, he tyrannized the local population. When he stormed the Arlong Park by the straw hat gang, he fought against the battered Zorro and lost to him, although he fought with six swords. After the defeat of Arlong, he and his comrades were arrested by the navy.

In contrast to the other commanders, Kiss and Black Belt, Okta managed to escape from the naval ship and began a new life, where his friendly nature reappeared. So he rescued a stranded man and got a ring that was in the possession of a sea princess and was returned by Okta. Okta also saved a panda shark from a fishhook and the mermaid Kamy and the starfish Pappag from a sea king. He exchanged Kamy and Pappag for a treasure map from the Makro gang, who also belonged to the former sun pirate gang. However, the treasure was worthless and so he reversed the exchange. Nevertheless, Okta found the treasure and exchanged it for cooking utensils, with which he prepared tako-yakis for an underwater city. As a thank you, the locals gave him a ship, which made his long-cherished dream come true and opened a tako-yaki restaurant (which is ironic, since tako-yaki are made from octopus meat), where Kamy and Pappag work as waitresses.

Okta's life seemed settled when he was caught by the Macro Gang and sold to slave traders. Kamy and Pappag called for help in the form of the straw hat gang, who did not want to help him due to the incidents on Konomi, but Luffy, in anticipation of Tako-yakis, decided to rescue Okta. In gratitude, he cooked the gang and wanted to take them to a coater on the Sabaody Archipelago so that the Thousand Sunny could be prepared for the trip to Fishman Island. Okta and Kamy had to dress up for it, but before they went to the architect, they visited, in order to make Okta and Kamy's dream come true, to have some fun in the amusement park of the Sabaody Archipelago. In the process, however, Kamy is caught by slave traders. Okta and the straw hat gang went on a search and finally came to the Human Shop, where world aristocrats were also present. Due to Luffy's impatience, Okta lost his disguise and was shot by St. Charlos, one of the world aristocrats who had previously bought Kamy. Okta believes he is dying and regrets his deeds in Konomi, whereupon he asks Nami for forgiveness, which she grants him. As a result, Luffy beats Charlos, triggering the involvement of a naval admiral.

The straw hats can flee with Kamy and Okta to Silver's Rayleigh, who is supposed to coat the Thousand Sunny. Okta spends the recovery period at Silvers Rayleigh and only sees the Straw Hat gang again two years later on Fishman Island, where he was promptly seriously injured again by Hody Jones and Van der Deck IX, which led to another battle in which Luffy saw Fishman Island in front of one Attempted coup by the New Fishmen Gang preserved.


錦 え も ん   Kin'emon   36 years

Kinemon is a samurai from Wa No Kuni Island from 20 years ago. Various members of the straw hats encounter punk hazard on individual parts of his body that had been separated by Trafalgar D. Water Law. After his body is put back together, he works with the Straw Hat gang to rescue the kidnapped children, including his son. Both accompany the straw hat gang to Dress Rosa to save their friend, samurai Kanjuro, who was kidnapped by the Don Quixote pirates .


Monkey D. Dragon

モ ン キ ー ・ D ・ ド ラ ゴ ン   Monkī Dī Doragon   55 years

Monkey D. Dragon is the father of Luffy and the son of Garp. As the leader of the revolutionaries, he is considered the most wanted enemy of the world government and thus became the target of attacks and assassinations by the world government. The left half of his face is decorated with a tattoo.

Dragon appears to be able to control the weather. Its aim is to overthrow the world government. With this idealistic dream he was able to build an army and convince or capture numerous kingdoms. He based his inspiration on a statement by Sabo, an unknown boy from the nobility of his native Goa in the East Blue and a friend of Luffy, who was so ashamed of his parentage that Dragon feared that this decadence could take over the whole world and therefore has decided to change the world.

So far he has hardly been able to develop a relationship with his son. A brief encounter occurred in Lougetown when Dragon was able to save his son from arrest by Navy Captain Smoker. Luffy couldn't see him, however, as Smoker pressed Luffy's face to the street.

Emporio Ivankov

エ ン ポ リ オ ・ イ ワ ン コ フ   Enporio Iwankofu   53 years

Emporio Ivankov is a senior member of the revolutionary army and king of the transvestites. He has the devil power of the hormone fruit, with which he can generate various hormones and inject them into his own or other bodies. This gives him the opportunity to use the hormones to change the sex of people at will, but he can also inject healing or growth hormones. Ivankov is also able to transform back and forth between the male and the female gender.

Ivankov is a very flashy and extroverted person. He loves parties and public appearances, which is in contrast to his position in the revolutionary army. His trademark is to confuse people by complaining about physical damage only to claim the complete opposite afterwards. He puts on a lot of make-up. With his big eyelashes he can perform two powerful attack techniques, the Hell Wink and the Death Wink .

He is trapped in Impel Down, but fled to a secret floor there, where he leads a normal life with other prisoners. Luffy, poisoned by Magellan, is brought to Ivankov by Bentham, as no one else can help him. With his hormones he can save Luffy from death in return for ten years. Ivankov initially rejects the outbreak. Only after he has learned that Luffy is Dragons' son does he think he is Ace's father and expects his intervention in the Battle of Marineford . He therefore supports Luffy in escaping and in the war.

After the battle, he returns to his home island Momoiro Island , which is now Sanji.

Ivankov's appearance is, according to Eiichiro Oda, to the character Dr. Frank N. Furter from the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show , while his behavior is similar to that of the Japanese voice actor Norio Imamura, who was also the voice of Ivankov until his arrest.


イ ナ ズ マ   Inazuma   29 years

Inazuma works for the Revolutionary Army under Emporio Ivankov and, like him, is a transvestite. He ate from the scissor fruit, which is why he can turn his hands into scissors and use them to cut anything like paper, even the hardest materials like wood or metal.

Inazuma's appearance is very contrasting, he wears a coat that, like his hair color, is orange on the left and white on the right, he wears a bow tie that is half red and half yellow, and red and blue sunglasses. He's got a lightning bolt scar above and below his right eye. Inazuma also always carries a full wine glass in her left hand. Like Ivankov, he can switch back and forth between the male and female sex at will. Because of his devil power, Luffy is called Krebs-chan .

At the time Ivankov was imprisoned in the Impel Down underwater prison and hiding in Level 5.5, Inazuma was by his side. It was Inazuma who saved Bentham and Luffy from certain death from Magellan's poison, the extreme cold and the voracious snow wolves in level 5. He also participates in the prison break, in which he was caught and poisoned by Magellan. On the naval ship that the Ace Alliance is supposed to bring to the Battle of Marineford, he receives medical care and survives for the time being. He then takes part in the battle passively and is transported by Ivankov in his lush hair. With his devil's powers he paves the way for Luffy to the scaffold , where Ace is, by cutting up a stone path and throwing it onto the scaffold. After the battle, he follows Ivankov back to the Newkama Kingdom.


サ ボ   Sabo   22 years

Sabo became friends with Luffy and Ace in his childhood days. His family belongs to the nobility of the capital of the Kingdom of Goa and lives in the exclusive upper town. Sabo has a wild and irrepressible character and longs for the freedom that only the life of a pirate could offer him. Because of this, he constantly comes into conflict with his parents, who saw in him only a danger for their high social position and a further rise to higher structures.

How it came that he met Ace and became friends with him is not mentioned. However, together they collect stolen money in the Gray Terminal, the city's big garbage dump. Sabo and Ace are the same age (13) and thus Sabo is three years older than Luffy. Just like Ace, Sabo didn't like Luffy and his tearful manner at first. Only after Luffy had discovered their hiding place and despite days of torture by the pirate Porcemi, who belonged to the Bluejam gang, had not betrayed the two boys or their hiding place, they freed him and then formed blood brotherhood.

The three of them spent a lot of time at Mount Corbo and the Gray Terminal. Their friendship remained untroubled for a while, until Bluejam and the capital city guard brought Sabo back to his parents. In the meantime, his parents adopted another noble child named Shelley, who turned out to be more suitable for life at court. But he told Sabo that the Gray Terminal should be burned due to an upcoming visit by a world aristocrat. To warn Ace and Luffy, he runs away again and tries unsuccessfully to get to the garbage dump. He came across Monkey D. Dragon. Sabo's anger about his parentage impresses Dragon, so he decides to change the world, which points to the later formation of his revolutionary army.

Sabo then decides to go to sea to become a pirate. He chose a fateful point in time, namely the arrival of the world aristocrats in the Kingdom of Goa. Without warning, the angry world aristocrat opens fire on Sabo's little boat and sinks it. Sabo was therefore considered dead.

On Dress Rosa he reveals that Luffy is alive. He is now a member of the revolutionaries. So that Luffy, who is currently in the Coliseum as Ruby in a fight for fire fruit, can support his friends in the fight against the samurai Don Quixote de Flamingo, he takes his place in the tournament finals. During this he succeeds in taking the fire fruit and eating it. Later he stands in his way Fujitora and fights with him, but they stop after a short time without a winner. He later prevents Jesus Barges from the Blackbeard gang from attacking Luffy, who is defenseless for a while due to his very intense haki in the fight against De Flamingo.

Special groups

Fish people and sea people

The home of the fish people and sea people is the so-called fish people island, which is located on the sea floor at the foot of the Redline below the Sabaody archipelago. The fish man island is visited by many pirates, because it lies at a gap in the Redline massif and this gap offers the pirates almost the only way to get from the first to the second half of the grandline.

The fish people and sea people can breathe above water as well as under water. Fish people and sea people differ in shape, but these differences are not fixed, so the children of fish people can have the shape of sea people and vice versa. Both groups have been exposed to discrimination and persecution for a long time and have been victims of kidnapping and enslavement until recently and the world government did not put an end to this activity, but also protected it, since the ruling caste of the sky dragons is committed to slavery. The inhabitants of the Fishman Island got some protection from Whitebeard , one of the pirate emperors.

After his death this protection fell away and at the same time an extremist group under the fish man Hody Jones came to power and influence, which had an irrepressible hatred of other people. Due to the previous suppression and persecution, this group received an influx of numerous inhabitants of the Fish Man Island. However, their hatred was so mad that it was directed against the inhabitants of the Fishman Island and almost led to the destruction of the island. On their way to the New World, the Straw Hat gang came to the Fish Man Island just at that time and played a decisive role in their rescue. Since then, the straw hats and the inhabitants of the fish man island have been closely connected and Luffy, who wants to become king of the pirates, has now placed the fish man island under his protection.

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